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Open file (12.09 KB 259x194 HOLDS IT.jpg)
Commentators Supporter 05/07/2020 (Thu) 21:00:27 No.59
One thing that we keep on lacking is some good color commentators and analyzers. If you think you've got the guts to be one (or know someone who may be into it), please report it here.
I hate my voice, but you might not! Certified funny person, surface level soccer experience. There's a 10-30% chance I'll do it (timezones, live with others so will have to self-censor and not yell, or talk a laptop out into the forest and do it off my phone). If no-one shows up, I'll do it. (PS: do managers get voice role in their own games?)
>>63 >surface level soccer experience. It's fine, about 1% of the people watching the cup have any knowledge of it outside of the fact you take a ball and put it in a net. You don't really need to be in on the soccer lingo, just be entertaining and/or with a good selection of music and sound effects to play and/or bring some good banter like we used to have. Action-to-action commentary may be a bit too high class for us. >PS: do managers get voice role in their own games? If they're online, I don't see why not. It's not even guaranteed it's going to be strictly PES related.
>>63 >>59 Maybe we could have some tests with clips like these. Upload some vocaroo links with your play-by-play commentary (doesn't need to be play by play, even if it's just you being humorous it'd be fine). I don't think syncing them matters much since we're still relying on a twitch's patented laggy streams.
I probably can commentate especially as it seems like I won't be going back to work for ages and you lot probably need me to explain the /ausneets/ team
>>243 I'll get gooned if you do. 22##
>>185 That's a good idea, we could also steal 4CC clips or use practice clips if we want something longer to practice on.
>>185 >twitch's patented laggy streams Mixer promises low-latency streams so that may be worth investigating. >>185 Do note that commentary relevant to the divegrass game is only a small part of commentating. Most of the time footie is boring as fuck, so most of the time a commentator will be relentlessly bullying talking about the playing boards with co-commentator(s) and just making conversation. A recording like this can be used as a broad filter for who needs a better mic and who's definitely in because they're made for it, but we also need a day for the would-be commentators to get familiar with each other and check out how well they play off of each other. I'm up for organising such an event, so if you're interested as commentator or spectator, pls post your availability: https://whenisgood.net/icup/dmjek5x Details about what platform, probably a public jitsi/matrix, we're using and whether I'll have a PES instance ready for streaming will follow.
I have it on good authority that known shitposter kimeemaru is probably willing to provide below average commentary. ;^)
I realize it got postponed, but how many people responded? I-It wasn't just me, r-right?
>>548 Shoot me an email.
>>578 Any time 12 or more hours after this post should be fine. I'm saying that because cockmail is down and hopefully it isn't staying down for a whole day again.
>>618 >Cockmail is down Well thank fuck it wasn't just me. I was aiming for something this afternoon though. I'll see if I can do something late this evening as well to try and get you in.
>>620 Shits still fucked but ready from now on.
Open file (29.94 KB 439x600 1495920345994.jpg)
Leaked picture of Oxford
Open file (25.94 KB 300x449 K.jpg)
>>1330 That's not the Oxford i hear
>>1332 I don't hear it but sure
>>1330 No you dolt, here's what he looks like
Are there going to be trials for new commentators? Do you have a discord?
>>1970 Jitsi Meet is easier for people who don't have a Discord, is it possible to use that instead? https://meet.jit.si/
Ditto for this thread
Post your guesses >Smashing Keyboard Ferociously >Secret Kimchi Feeder >Seventy Kilos of Fluoride >Smelly Ketchup Fart >Sepp Knows Football >Skilled Karate Fighter >Superconducting Kindergartener Frenchification >Sweet Kit-kat Flavor >Supreme King of Football >Shaggy Koala Fur
>>2767 >secret kunny fucker >sup, kunt face >superb kino film-maker >sassy kool-aid frostbite >smelly koon friend
>>59 Hey guys, do you accept applications?
>>2798 Definitely, always looking for more who can take on the responsibility.
>>2803 Neat. Do you have a referral?
Open file (121.86 KB 181x402 bb8.png)
Did the commentators ever reply?
>>59 Considering the high number of Spanish board added to 8chan, would it be possible to get a Latin American commentator? It'd make things funnier imo.
Open file (9.68 KB 578x87 POSADISMOOOOO.png)
>>3461 /pol/eague tried that in our /leftypol/ vs /esp/ game (same with /vg/ league 14). It was ok, although admittedly it needs more than just novelty to sustain the entire match. Only one of the Spanish boards is actually participating. But maybe it will prompt a bit of /ac/ hype if it's done on game 1, then see if it should be continued? Looking at this thread ICUP needs all the commentators it can get, especially after one or more are missing. Might as well find someone bilingual to do English for the day who can switch to Spanish or Italian when excited during the /ita/ and /ac/ matches.
>>3462 >Looking at this thread ICUP needs all the commentators it can get, especially after one or more are missing. Might as well find someone bilingual to do English for the day who can switch to Spanish or Italian when excited during the /ita/ and /ac/ matches. Pretty much this. It looks like we've gone from 5 potential commentators to 3, which is viable but not ideal.
>>3462 Well, we had an Indonesian last year for the Feces Chan matches no? We could ask if they want to join just for theirs.
>>3467 Honestly, every team should just try and bring their own manager/guest-commentator, and if they are willing to stay longer then excellent. You just join a Jitsi Meet room and speak into a microphone (no account or downloads needed). Official instance: https://meet.jit.si/ Community-run instances: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/community/community-instances/ . Includes https://talk.snopyta.org , https://vc.autistici.org and https://jitsi.riot.im (the instance used by Element.io chat for Matrix) Not sure which we'll use yet, speed and quality will probably be determining factors.
I think the first icup used skype to stream desktop to other commentators for the quickest response time for commentating. no idea what the fastest/easiest thing is now. Have you guys considered Violet tools to add some text injections like how 8chanmania and one of the old icups used to use? I know the developer of it is still around and probably has it available if someone asks nice.
>>3661 I hope no one is thinking of using discucks
>>3663 Discord and skype/teams are off the table and out the door, no chance. Our cytubes' use of cloudflare is even regrettable but admittedly a useful anti-spam measure. >>3661 I haven't (well, briefly as a bait-and-switch joke) since we have real commentators and not imaginary ones. Cool tool, but not sure if I'd have the time (as in, while streaming) to make any valuable use of it.
>>2767 Športový Klub Futbalu
How many commentators do we have now?
>>3918 Good question. These are the people who have expressed interest from memory: >Pope Grassstains the Divin' I >Ox >Solo >Ziegel >Ch 5 (I'm assuming SKF will be too busy, but they're more than welcome) This may seem like a lot, until you realize these are people scattered around the world who could have something more important come up at any moment, and then you realize half of us can't pronounce half the names, let alone make relevant jokes i told u about the roster pages!
>>3918 Rooting for more commentators, if not too late!
>>3920 >Ox The famous Mike Oxmells from I.C.U.P.?
>>3920 Ziegels secretary here Big Z would prob have time on sunday. Any way to communicate to make some semi knowledgeable tactics commentary possible?
>>4234 Now I want an imageboard secretary. The standard for commentary is just direct-messaging the host on gameday and joining a voice chat, but even if voice can't be done there is nothing wrong with posting insightful commentary in chat. (Does that answer the question?)

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