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Open file (535.77 KB 1200x938 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Team for /lang/ Supporter 06/08/2020 (Mon) 09:57:17 No.507
GK: YOU CAN'T LB: Esperanto CB: Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınız RB: Moonrunes DMF: Do not want DMF: My hovercraft is full of eels! LMF: Ooga Booga CMF: LangFocus RMF: Ellen Baker CF: Big Muzzy SS: Duo Bench William Shakespeare Entero Somewhere Elso Noam Chomsky Gustav Langenscheidt Mi papa tiene 47 anos What language are you learning? 我是外国人 Eliezer Ben-Yehuda La plume de ma tante Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTUfg9gbRSE&t=17s Goal horn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8OzxmPKgRE
Open file (76.96 KB 2048x2048 langkit1.png)
Open file (92.48 KB 2048x2048 langkit2.png)
Open file (133.13 KB 2048x2048 langgkkit.png)
Open file (105.21 KB 480x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (348.41 KB 1200x938 langlogo_transparent.png)
Transparent logo
Open file (23.44 KB 640x480 best_english_sensei.jpg)
>>507 >RMF: Ellen Baker <baste /lang/ is baste
Welcome aboard! Benvenuto Bienvenue Villkommen uh.... Benvenido?
>>507 That's a fantastic lineup, I don't know who made it, but I love it. Wish I could spare some more time for my board management... t. owner of /lang/
>>521 I hope you can least join us as a spectator /lang/anon.
>>507 What about "Grumio est in culina" instead of What language are you learning?
>>507 >>523 You can have 23 players, so you could fit both. How's about: SPICIE MEATBALLA How do you say "fuck"?
>>524 > How do you say "fuck"? I prefer "neuken in de keuken"
>>528 That's actually more clever, I'll probably make a wiki entry for it.
>>507 What are our medal players and who's our captain?
>>533 Someone suggested Duo gold Fuzz silver Ellen and Ooga bronze But it depends on what the host will choose for cards and medals
>>538 >Ellen and Ooga bronze <Blonde White woman + nigger Yea, no. """Someone""" suggested it huh?
I updated the roster on the wiki with the new suggestions >>539 Must have been the JUICE
>>539 go away
>>539 Don't know who suggested the roster but there's literally three jews on the team.
>>542 And?
>>540 We can always switch. I think it's fitting though. The least sought after language and the most one being the pillars of /lang/.
>>542 >Don't know who suggested the roster Yeah we don't have usernames here. Can be a bit hard to get used to at first.
>>533 Duo should be captain since he's such a good motivator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wc83qX6oNM
Open file (116.84 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.jpg)
can we use this >>>/lang/224 model for Duo's head?
>>546 >>542 I honestly think they're not misplaced at all. One codified Hebrew, another created the most popular conlang and the third one is just there for memes.
>>856 Repost it here and bug SKF to do so
>>864 We don't have to justify ourselves, we could make the whole team out of Jews if we wanted to and nobody could stop us. It would be pretty funny to have a /jew/ team tbh, even though that's not a real board.
>>867 >>856 >>865 Saw it. Speaking with one of the Blenderfags now.
>>866 You joke about it but back on 8chan there was an /israel/ board and, whether the guy running it was a troll or not, he seemed like such a nice person.
OH, and give Do not want a Darth Vader head please.
Open file (415.70 KB 593x863 ellenbaker.png)
>somebody made an MMD model for Ellen Baker >never uploaded it I guess we'll go for the ol' 2d panel
>>856 If we do that, can we make his skin green too?
Open file (102.47 KB 480x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>509 Slightly fixed
found a better version of the anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcnM4gM9a4s
Open file (759.89 KB 2048x2048 langkit-international.png)
Having a kit like this would be cool, I think
Open file (150.49 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>950 Or one with a design like this
>>950 I like it a lot, submit it as a third kit to SKF
>>950 >>953 I can look at putting it in-game. How about >>951 design on the shorts?
Open file (288.57 KB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>955 Maybe like this, as an edit of the second kit in >>508.
>>960 Oh and copying messed up the transparency. Oh well.
>>961 All good, the final texture can't have transparency anyway so nothing is lost.
>>929 Don't do a flat PNG, just put her on a cone.
Open file (28.21 KB 512x64 langad.png)
Open file (16.46 KB 512x64 langad2.png)
Open file (47.51 KB 512x64 langad3.png)
Player Cards: 6 Pos-GK.png YOU CAN'T R 17 Pos-LB.png Esperanto L + Man Marking + One Touch Pass 74 Pos-CB.png Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmışsınız L + Heading + One Touch Pass 38 Pos-RB.png Moonrunes R + Low Lofted Pass + Fighting Spirit 23 Pos-DMF.png My hovercraft is full of eels! L + Heading + Man Marking 43 Pos-DMF.png Do not want R + Low Lofted Pass + Man Marking 1 Pos-LMF.png Ooga Booga BRONZE L + Low Lofted Pass + Fighting Spirit + Outside Curler 41 Pos-CMF.png LangFocus R Classic No. 10 + Pinpoint Crossing + One Touch Pass 73 Pos-RMF.png Ellen Baker BRONZE R + Pinpoint Crossing + Long Range Drive + Outside Curler 62 Pos-SS.png Duo (C) SILVER R, Captaincy, Dummy Runner + Heel Trick + Long Range Drive + One Touch Pass + First Time Shot 89 Pos-CF.png Big Muzzy GOLD L Goal Poacher + Heading + Acrobatic Finishing + Heel Trick + Low Punt Trajectory + Long Range Drive + Cut Behind Turn ----------------------------------------- 10 Pos-GK.png Entero Somewhere Elso L 15 Pos-LB.png William Shakespeare L Offensive Full-back + Heading + Outside Curler 36 Pos-CB.png Noam Chomsky L + Heading + Man Marking 92 Pos-CB.png SPICY MEATBALL R Extra Frontman + Man Marking + Heel Trick 16 Pos-RB.png Gustav Langenscheidt R Offensive Full-back + Pinpoint Crossing + Track Back 28 Pos-DMF.png Mi papa tiene 47 anos L The Instigator + Track Back + Low Lofted Pass 57 Pos-DMF.png Grumio est in culina R The Instigator + Track Back + Low Lofted Pass 20 Pos-LMF.png What language are you learning? L + Pinpoint Crossing + Low Lofted Pass 66 Pos-CMF.png 我是外国人 L + COM Long Ranger + Man Marking 59 Pos-RMF.png Eliezer Ben-Yehuda R + Pinpoint Crossing + Low Lofted Pass 51 Pos-CF.png La plume de ma tante L + Heading + Super Sub 93 Pos-CF.png Neuken in de Keuken R Fox in the Box + Super Sub + Heel Trick Team strategy for lang: Counter Attack, Short Pass, Wide Attacking Area, Flexible Positioning, Support Range 6 ---------- Frontline Pressure, Wide Containment Area, Aggressive Pressuring, Defensive Line 10, Compactness 7 ---------- Advanced: Centring Targets, Attacking Fullbacks; Counter Target, Tight Marking
>>1152 Good effort, but we already had a strategy here: >>>/lang/257 >>>/lang/258 We could use those cards for the bench players though. Are you the guy who made the /ita/ game plan? >>873 What's the situation?
>>1191 >Are you the guy who made the /ita/ game plan? Nope, I just copied the style I saw from another team in here. I could ask the mods to edit those out of my post or to consolidate the strategy with the ones in the thread.
>>1209 Now that I know the first strategy is the one /lang/ intends to go with, that's what I'll follow. Stuff that didn't contradict, for example footedness, I'll carry over, because might as well not waste that portion of the work at least.
Open file (61.67 KB 1066x939 langlogo new.png)
Alright, so for the next Cup we're gonna be using the exact opposite of our previous strategy. Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Possession Game Build Up: Short Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Maintain Formation Support Range: 2 Defensive Instructions Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment: Wide Pressuring: Conservative Defensive Line: 2 Compactness: 4 Advanced Instructions Attack 1: Tiki-Taka Attack 2: False No. 9 Defence 1: Deep Defensive Line
>>1650 Wow, this logo looks fucking awesome. Wish we could keep the old one too though, maybe we could use it on some banners? Like, I feel the new one is stylistically much better, but the old one was more in line with the board's message.
>>950 >>960 These should be our main kits next year
>>1650 > Defensive Line: 2 8*
>>1654 We can have up to like six I think we can just add them in for the time being
Here at L.A.N.G. we value diversity and are committed to doing everything we can to oppose racism and discrimination. The team's management has become aware that Ooga Booga, one of our former players, is a racist caricature making fun of POC. This is deeply offensive and problematic, and we have therefore decided to replace him with a new Mystery Player who is still to be announced.
>>1953 Very cool
>>1905 I don't remember ever agreeing to this. Oogabooga is a reference to Google Translator.

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