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CLERMONT FOOT 63 06/02/2023 (Fri) 07:52:06 No.5026
when is the next icup? will there be another icup?
>>5026 When one of us manages to get a setup running for simulating the games I can't do it so someone else must
>>5027 should we ask a /v/ or other anons to volunteer?
>>5028 Sure, it's not like there's some sort of monopoly on it
Open file (52.58 KB 480x359 1683464056835621.jpg)
>highly committed project >on fringe imageboards with 2 people to aid you at most >when these imageboards are bleeding all the good users >with 8chan being a long distant memory >and the internet being shittier than it's never been before I'd say it's dead in the water with no prospect of revival ever again, if you want a realistic approach. It makes you wonder how much time and effort /eris/fag really spent setting everything up considering ICUP7 was a one-man project.
>>5026 I was tossed ownership of the 8ch /icup/ board since the person who made it (possibly the autist?) went AWOL. If you want to organize, you can use that one, just send me a report and I'll mod you there.
>>5026 Infinity Cup 7 can happen, it's just what the other anon said: we don't have someone who might host it. SKF is MIA and the Erisian is not interested after this last one. Maybe one of the commentators could host it but I imagine they want other people too. >>5028 One anon on /v/ asked about possible dates, how about that too? >>5030 >It makes you wonder how much time and effort /eris/fag really spent setting everything up considering ICUP7 was a one-man project. Probably a lot, considering he has to deal with Konami's spaghetti code. He also had help from the guy who ran the /v/ team (mostly just for his team's models). >>5031 >8ch Do you mean 8kun or 8moe? In any case, that board should be treated more like a bunker in case Cafe goes down.
>>5032 >Infinity Cup *8 can happen If you truly want it to happen you'd be reading on how to set up the DLC .cpk for the cup that contains all the custom aesthetics as well as how to create a new EDIT save file to read all the teams' settings, which SKF used to do manually as far as I'm concerned, though there are some tools to edit the file with a UI which is what cuckchanners use. As I'm telling you it's not an easy task, no wonder /eris/fag gave up on it. >one anon on /v/ asked about possible dates How is anyone here going to report a deadline when no one knows how does this game work? Instead of running around about what may or not happen how about you put the money where it's worth and show us there's indeed a cup in the works? I'm not trying to rub shit on you, but rather showing you the immense work the faggots at the helms of /icup/ had to put up with. The guides on implyingrigged aren't particularly bad and much better than whatever resources are available on the ICUP wiki.
I want to help as an anon, but IDK what I can really do to push the project forward... I might consider volunteering as a commentator. We still have 2 months to try getting an /icup/ team together since I think the last icup was around August, right?
>>5036 There's a bunch of different stuff you can do, for example what you said. There's also helping with wiki edits, image editing, 3D modelling, helping your respective team (if you are from one board in particular). Basically any help is appreciated. >We still have 2 months to try getting an /icup/ team together since I think the last icup was around August, right? Late August/early September, yes. As for preparation time I have no idea how much it takes for it. It could be 2 months, it could be even more than that. >>5033 I can work on that, sure, but I won't be able to host it. And last time Erisfag went around asking for potential hosts no one replied. So if you are able to host it go for it. And you could also be working on it too. I just said that because that's what the current situation looks like.
Open file (27.34 KB 500x375 1579369286056.jpg)
>>5037 >you could also be working on it too I've downloaded PES17 on my end, got the ICUP7's files working in-game and acquainted myself enough with the game's tools to be able to edit team stats and player appearance within the save file. This alone makes me the most qualified man on this board given everyone that knew what he was doing's most likely given up on imageboards and/or the Internet altogether. I don't know if you've realized it yet but what we're dealing with here is a power gap where the only two faggots still around lack the spine to pull their shit together and start managing this shitshow. If you want to I can take on the vacancy Grassstains left behind and manage both the game's savefile and the aesthetics export (I know how to port models from blender) though there are some things I don't know how to manage myself or at least haven't done so before, most namely: >is the CRIfilesystem executable what you'd use to pack all folders that aren't managed by the AET (billboards, stadiums, wipes, etc)? >is DPFileListGenerator all you need in order to have the game read all the files that will be used as DLC? >all there is for ICUP7 on the wiki is a .zip containing the .cpks used, in contrast to past seasons where you'd have the entire uncompressed export; would unpacking the files with the CRIfile utility mess up the folder hierarchy and/or filenames, and if so does anyone have the original export? /eris/fag please >can anything other than the teams' aesthetics be reused for a coming cup, for example the stadium .cpk used in ICUP7? Most importantly, and given it'd be up for all fags here to organize this to the best of his intentions, I'd like to hear what's your idea for a cup roster. For instance, I've been pondering myself and after caferul deliberation 10 minutes I've decided on this list: /a/ - /animu/ - /b/ - /christian/ - /fascist/ - /fit/ - /geimu/ - /hgg/ - /japan/ - /k/ - /kind/ - /late/ & /comfy/ - /librejp/ - /monster/ - /robowaifu/ - /sp/ - /tech/ - /tg/ - /v/ - /yuri/ + 4 other fringe boards (see /eris/, /2hu/, etc) I've decided on the boards on this lineup on whether they were an active board with users dedicated to a certain hobby and/or I agree everyone's heard of them before and would get a few laughs if they played on the field (/fit/ vs fa/tg/uys or /fit/ vs /tech/, /hgg/ vs /christian/, /librejp/ vs /japan/, /a/ vs /animu/, /v/ vs /geimu/). Moreover, I believe regional teams should be given the axe given how the last cup turned out. Most importantly, the spics over from their many hispachan bunkers should not be invited. /eris/fag used to argue whether the board should appeal to boards that have nothing to do with old 8chan, but inviting foreign-speaking imageboard users to an event celebrating a cup for English speaking imageboards is beyond retarded and has to be permanently vetoed. I repeat, this is a tentative list, I'm just another anonymous user on an anonymous imageboard and talk is cheap, but unless someone steps forward we won't be seeing any more cups in the foreseeable future.
>>5038 <I'd like to hear what's your idea for a cup roster I will recommend /leftypol/ and /monarchy/ for political boards (both were on 8chan). If you want any more English-speaking boards, I could find another to participate. >what we're dealing with here is a power gap where the only two faggots still around lack the spine to pull their shit together and start managing this shitshow It's awful. IDK where we should begin to look to find other volunteers is the problem. >I've decided on this list I like your list for the most part. We should also engage boards that are potentially interested in participating in the icup since some boards were involved but weren't in the audience. I bet /tkr/ would love to participate in /icup/. They active and a big community and English-speaking, but they're a tickle fetish board on 8moe. (I can see them getting involved, if you want to add another). >whether the board should appeal to boards that have nothing to do with old 8chan I'd volunteer to help find more English-speaking boards, if you'd like. >This alone makes me the most qualified man on this board You would think the /v/ communities would have potential volunteers lurking about, but the /v/s aren't what they used to be, I guess. I'm thinking what boards might have potential volunteers.
Open file (325.56 KB 1332x1580 alunya_graceball.png)
>>5039 +1 on /leftypol/. perhaps CC would be interested? gotta get that femcel representation I work with video, stuff like ffmpeg, so I can maybe help a bit there. plus I'm good with makefiles, scripting and such so maybe automatic conversion of audio, images and 3D stuff
Open file (26.77 KB 354x302 1259585149483.jpg)
>>5038 I'll try and see if I can get at least PES working so I can get you some help with savefiles and some aesthetics. As for 3D models I can only make heads and try and look for some models for certain teams. >CRIfilesystem Yes, that's what it's used to create the cpks. >DPFileListGenerator Also yes, just point it to the icup cpks and it'll create a file that PES can read it as DLC. >hierarchy I don't think they do but I haven't fully done that. If you need the pre-ICUP7 exports (ICUP6 and GCUP) the Shoutwiki page for PES has those. >reusing It's pretty much built upon previous cups so it should be good. As for the list: >/a/ Don't seem that interested. If you want to get in touch with them use the /kohi/ board. >/b/ I assume Sleepy's, right? I think SKF shoot them an invitation but not much progress was done. >/fascist/ The current BO said that anyone with PES knowledge could make it happen. Try asking them. >spoiler Once again, is it necessary to bring two /v/ teams into the cup? If they're willing to work with Sleepy /v/ then sure, but if they're going to be their own team then it's better to leave that space for other teams. >/hgg/ Not a single reply to the ICUP6 invite. >/robowaifu/ I'd rather have confirmation from the guy himself as I've seen him around a couple boards here >/tech/ Which one? >/tg/ Same thing as /a/. The other choices are fine. And yes, let's keep the Hispachan participation to their own stick to /hisparefugio/. >/eris/fag used to argue whether the board should appeal to boards that have nothing to do with old 8chan He wasn't responsible for it, it was mostly the previous BO before Grassstains who decided to open up the competition (and this includes /leftypol/ coming back). >>5039 /monarchy/ is welcome. /leftypol/ I'm not sure, because last time they came we had retards fighting in chat and someone spamming commiecat pictures. If this keeps up for this cup I suggest they get banned again. >>5040 >perhaps CC would be interested? No.
>>5040 >CC Fuck off. If you want femanons in, /cuckquean/ is the only acceptable choice.
Open file (226.73 KB 800x800 cables_it's_fucked.jpg)
>>5039 >I like your list for the most part >most part If you take issues with the roster voice yourself and argue against it, be it that one board I've proposed shouldn't be there and another should be placed in its stead or something else, you name it. Go ahead and argue against it, my list is as good as anyone else's here. The objective here is to reach a common consensus through discussion and achieve a proper board list that's representative of the imageboard as a whole. As a spectator, one of the biggest failures of the cup is the roster, specifically last cup's, considering a third of the boards either I either never heard about or I didn't even know where they were hosted. Small boards should be able to upset larger ones in a competition for shit and giggles. That being said, a competition exclusively staffed with tiny boards only their owners wanted to see here defeats the purpose of the cup. If none of the teams have any stakes to lose what fun is there in watching? Or, at least, that's what I thought. >idk where we should begin to look to find other volunteers If you're talking about those posts that were posted across multiple sites lately and have zero to naught participation then you've got it wrong. Judging by >>5036 there was interest; the problem is that no one knows what to do to help out. For starters, this is all what someone who hasn't got the game running should be looking at: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017 https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/How_to_host https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017/DLC (GCUP DLC and older need to be compiled before running) And as for in-game playermodels most possible scenarios are covered here: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials#PES16/17_2 It's pretty embarassing to hotlink to cuckchan's wiki but given what we're dealing with there's no other choice All in all this talk about tutorials and resources is moot until we've got a proper list on participating teams. We still need a proper draft with boards participating and a rollback list just in case a board doesn't wnat to participate and another one take its place. >/leftypol/ No. In living memory of SKF I will take to heart his words from here >>2489 and veto against their inclusion. Honestly there's no need to write a full-fledged answer considering there isn't even a proper /pol/ team to compete, /fascist/ notwithstanding. >/monarchy/ They're a fairly niche political board that doesn't see much discussion nowadays, similar to /liberty/. I would hold them off though I wouldn't mind them making the cut. >/tkr/ I don't mind fetish boards as long as they don't make up stupid portions of the roster. Currently we'd have two of them (/monster/ and /yuri/). I don't understand how a board about tickling's as big as it is, though if we're talking about bizarre fetishes I'd rather if someone asked /abdl/ instead. >>5040 >crystal.cafe I was considering whether to ask them or not. Consider Grassstains let /leftycup/ compete, gave /soy/ an invitational match and would have most likely given /interracial/ a chance did the retard here >>2536 know where to ask. Unlike those three it'd be hilarious to see /crystal/ compete if only for the lulz, even though I believe they don't fit in with 8ch culture. >>5041 >/geimu/ >is it necessary to bring two /v/ teams into the cup? There are real life examples of this in football, with Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid competing in the Spanish League, and AC Milan and Inter di Milano playing on Italy's Serie A. If anything, they're but redudndant considering all of them are high ranking teams with long running rivalries in between. For once, there's a real feud between /v/ and /geimu/, so an autistic slapfight would hit home considering we're talking about an interboard competition, with /geimu/ being the heel team. Besides, I can imagine a few faggots tuning in only to watch /geimu/ given how infamous that board is. It'd be funny trust me please. >/hgg/ >no replies >/robowaifu/ >no replies >/tg/ >no replies I say we can ask them again right? We don't risk anything asking them again, talk is cheap. Just don't follow the autist's example and litter their entire thread with worthless OPs. In case you're going ahead making threads at least put some effort into the OP: link them to the wiki, the archive and a few guidelines for setting up a team, etc. >/tech/ >which one? I was assuming sleepychan's though I remember /t/ on 8moe had a thread here >>1927. Have no idea whether /tech/ and /t/ would participate under the same banner. >/fascist/ They already partook in the last cup, what's the issue with renewing them? You wouldn't have a cup without Hitler playing footsies would you? >/kohi/ Not a bad idea considering that board's got most of the traffic on smug atm. Consider asking them. >/b/ I was talking about sleepy's again. IIRC 8moe's board was rife with faggots posting prepubescent girls and glew harder than the sun. We can try to ask sleepy's again right? >/eris/fag used to argue whether the board should appeal to boards that have nothing to do with old 8chan >he wasn't responsible for it If you were to read >>2935 >given how low the webring is interconnected compared to the last couple of years, I think it's in our best interests to ignore the "only webrings + 8ch" rule that was previously imposed SKF may have worked on the GCUP but Grassstains doubled down on it. If his party bit held water I wouldn't have minded opnening up, but considering we got /fscchan/ vs /egy/ with none of those boards showing up we got the worst of both worlds.
>>5043 >that's representative of the imageboard as a whole That's representative of the *webring as a whole, my bad.
Open file (1.62 MB 3100x3100 Grace icup ball.png)
>>5043 >If you take issues with the roster voice yourself and argue against it I only desire this: /monarchy/ in icup 8 or /leftypol/ so that I might arrange Grace onto /leftypol/'s team since I also have a thing w/ leftypol. >/leftypol/ <veto against their inclusion That was my backup plan since I anticipated /monarchy/ might not get to play since it's a smol & niche board w/ 6 visitors tops I'll discuss boards and my thoughts on what boards should stay and what boards aren't necessary. I'd wager that some boards participated in the previous icup more than others b/c a few boards didn't show up to the stream.
>>5039 /ita/ here We may be scattered around IBs but we still want in, it's our annual get together
don't forget about /ausneets/ you pooftas watching divegrass is a yearly tradition for us
>>5038 I disagree with the removal of regional boards. Some I can kind of see not putting any effort at all, like the Latin American boards, but removing some historic boards seems disrespectful towards those who contributed to the old iterations of the cup. That being said, I nominate /2hu/ as a competing team, seeing as it was the one I was rooting for in previous cups. Also you might want to ignore /robowaifu/ as last time their BO was against the publicity.
>>5041 >someone spamming commiecat pictures wasn't that someone from /christian/? >>5042 I hadn't even thought of that. a CC vs /cuckquean/ match would be amazing. surely things could be :rigged: in that direction
Open file (168.16 KB 1161x1468 fight.jpg)
>>5045 >I anticipated /monarchy/ might not get to play since it's a smol & niche board Yeah, /monarchy/ discussion has seen better days if we're talking about the 8moe spinoff which I believe to have become into some avatarfag's gay den after lurking for a bit. Again, nothing's set in stone, there's still no one in charge yet and the list may change drastically. If someone else thinks my shit's all retarded he should do it now. >>5046 >>5047 >>5048 >no effort at all Some fags here are getting in a pickle about regional teams so I'll explain why not including them. The cool thing about the cup is that you get to pit a bunch of anonymous Internet communities together and watch their topics and culture duke it out in the most chaotic fashion possible. There's a special stress in anonymous here in that these boards are defined by a topic or a hobby. Lurking is the only requirement to belonging, compared to regional boards that are defined by where the faggots posting are born in. There's a huge semantic difference in cheering for a board that discusses videogames against cheering for a board/site exclusive to people born in a certain country that may discuss videogames amongst other topics. Coming off as a spectator I can picture myself cheering for the former, whereas doing the latter seems illogical to me. I'm not Italian/Australian/Egyptian/Indonesian, so what's the point? It isn't neither a board whose topic I find amusing nor am I interested in posting in a regional board I don't belong to, and in a competition for non-regional boards they stick out like a sore thumb. At the very least, that was my take against these regional teams. If the idea faces a stupid amount of backlash it might as well be scrapped and the teams be kept, but in times where there isn't a guarantee for another cup, catering to small boards composed by a single person that may not even be in the webring shouldn't be the primary focus. I've been considering whether adding in /librejp/ would be pointless considering timezones. Should they be removed from the list? >you might want to ignore /robowaifu/ Can't we ask him nicely again? This is a pretty small event and anyone who may tune up has most likely heard of their board, so exposure shouldn't be a factor. >>5047 >yearly You weren't on the last one.
>>5049 Then you ought not to add the Japanese either.
>>5050 >/monarchy/ discussion has seen better days if we're talking about the 8moe spinoff /monarchy/ went downhill years ago, long ago, but it wasn't much to begin with; the 8chan exodus was a devastating blow, but it was already near-dead beforehand; I inherited the board, but I was a native long enough and might as well use it as a den at this point. The previous BO wasn't even a monarchist (he was a /liberty/ ancap) so idk I think it's better off under my reign. I kept the board on life support for a long time. >regional boards You anons do whatever you want. I would vouch for /ita/ b/c I like /ita/ anon. It depends on if the board will show up for me. I remember a handful of boards didn't show up to the stream for icup 7. If we should restrict categories of boards, like regional or political or fetish boards, you could probably say the same for them all since certain categories only appeal to certain people like certain regions or certain politics or certain fetishes. I think with what you say about regional boards is that they're like picking a human character in MMOs, that they're boring or mundane, compared to all the other board topics if that is your drift. >>5049 >wasn't that someone from /christian/ That guy is a /b/tard (but I have seen him on /christian/ and my board). I doubt he'll visit again so shouldn't be a problem. >/leftypol/ I am biased here b/c my backup plan is /leftypol/, but I find the reasons barring /leftypol/ from /icup/ to be insufficient. >1. /leftypol/ already participated in the last icup 7. >2. A handful of leftypol anons would show up & were invested in icup 7. >3. They're a fairly active board, more active than /fascist/. >4. The commiecat poster is a /b/tard >5. /leftypol/ vs /fascist/ or /monarchy/ sounds like a good match to me. If /fascist/, a political board, should be counted why not another political board to rival them? There aren't many political boards to begin with, so it shouldn't be a problem like regional boards. >6. /leftypol/ is an informal /monarchy/ colony (yes, I am their also colonial overlord too) & it would be another means for /monarchy/ to represent itself if /monarchy/ were barred from icup 8 (if I could transfer Grace to their team). I almost suspect it might be because anons are afraid of their board losing to /leftypol/ if chance it happens. >/tkr/ They are a friend board of /monarchy/. They might also be a backup, backup plan, since their lore is that they kidnapped Grace and tickletortured her with their b-tan Lila. So if /monarchy/ is barred, & then /leftypol/ barred, I could try to get my board represented through /tkr/'s team. /tkr/ is a fairly active fetish board, like I said, and I think they're funny. Plus I bet they would make icup OC. >/abdl/ Another friend of /monarchy/. They could be a backup, backup, backup plan since they love diapering Grace. I heard that their some anons aren't content with the BO, but whatever the case I'm not against /abdl/ being added. Is it bad that I decide my choices on whatever nepotism benefits my board? I guess it's fairly realistic for us. >/fascist/ Were any /fascist/ anons in the stream last icup7? I'm not sure I saw any /fascist/ anon rooting for their team in the icup 7 stream -- if /fascist/ is participating, someone should gauge their interest in icup. But I approve of /fascist/ in icup8, esp. if their BO is invested in this. >crystalcafe This could be funny to let them participate. >/fit/ I saw that /fit/ wanted to sign up for icup8, so I will vouch for them too. I think /fit/ would be a great addition if they are still active and interested. >/japan/ >/yuri/ These boards were fun. >/monster/ They lost hard the last icup7 (I think), so a redemption arc would be nice. Are we looking for new boards to include? Or boards to restrict? I guess both, but my thoughts are staying with older boards would be a safer bet since they have their kits and everything, don't they. My opinion is whichever boards were interested the last icup7 and were active in the stream, we should start with them.
>>5043 >/leftypol/ not allowed Sure, we can agree on that. >/monarchy/ They have OC so I think they can work pretty well. >/tkr/ Not a fan. >CC spoiler >If you were to read >>2935 Yes, it says the original OP. Here's what the thread originally looked like: https://archive.is/8TVLH That link and the following is the last thing I'll talk about in regards to this: AlphabetSoup allowed /leftypol/ invitation, the Autist was responsible for inviting /soy/ and Erisfag did it as a courtesy thing but they are very much not welcomed anymore and CC and /interracial/ are terrible choices. >/hgg/ I saw someone used the QTDDTOT thread for it but there was already an invitation there that could've been bumped. >/robowaifu/ Ask them if you want but I'd rather Chobitsu (BO) actually show interest by himself. >/tg/ I didn't say they didn't reply, I said their interest was low. Ask them in the meta thread but I can't guarantee you they'd be 100% interested. >/t/ and/or /tech/ No idea if the 8moe/zzz animosity that their respective /v/s have applies also to the tech boards. I'd honestly go with 8moe/t/ considering they were contacted first. >/fascist/ Not at all but let's face it, most of their userbase has disappeared. Please have a read of this thread to understand: https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/thread/114.html >/kohi/ That board is more or less a division of /a/ it was IIRC an actual thread in there that turned into a board because of meido discussion. No idea if they want an actual team by themselves. >/b/ Sure, I'll make a thread. >last part GCUP was more of a shitposty cup, that's why they are in here. /fscchan/ joining has nothing to do with Grassstains as the Autist did this when SKF was the host, and he decided to allow other boards there for this specific one. >>5046 >>5047 Sure, you guys are always welcome. Are any of you able to host the cup? Just asking in case we can have a backup. >>5049 I have no clue if the commiecat spammer was a user from a different board. The point is that the /monarchy/ thread had to be locked for a moment because of his retardation. >a CC vs /cuckquean/ match would be amazing I'd rather see the /cuckquean/ vs /v/ rivalry because they had some funny moments yes, the shootout from last cup included :^) >>5053 Not a huge fan of /tkr/ or /abdl/ for possible teams. >Were any /fascist/ anons in the stream last icup7? Sadly no. Like I said, /fascist/ suffered more or less the same problem that /monarchy/ had. And it was just the BO, not any of the other users. He may be interested in another round but chances are that the remaining userbase will not be attending. >CC Already said my opinion on it. >/fit/ Sure, we can go ahead and have them. The BO was enthusiastic about it and even mentioned plans to change the team. They can join. >Are we looking for new boards to include? Or boards to restrict? Maybe. I'd rather not have another Autist spam going around every single board.
Open file (126.04 KB 1280x960 HE_HATES_IT.jpg)
>>5053 >/ita/ A regional board when all other boards competing are nationality-blind feels stupid considering there may be Italians posting on /a/, /b/ or any of the other boards, that was my sole point. We're in no capacity to get finicky considering how dire things are looking for the tournament though. /ita/'s an enthusiastic board with plenty of participation that even saw a separate stream with Italian-only commentary, so I'd put them back there. All in all I was merely bitter all the larger boards either cut ties with the cup or faded away, and the last cup's roster shows. Regional boards should be kept under a bare minimum though, one, if any, at most. >/leftypol/ already participated in the last icup 7 A slippery slope. /eris/fag made a mistake and I doubt anyone else here would want to double down. >/fascist/ We didn't see any participation from their userbase since I remember they were nuked around that time. Are they attending or not I wouldn't risk removing them since I can't picture a cup without Hilter playing for a team, cardboard Hitler notwithstanding. >are we looking for new boards to include? Start suggesting ideas, yes. Alas, beggars can't be choosers and the biggest boards most likely won't want anything to do with the cup. What's there to say, the webring and its consequences have been a disaster for this competition, at the very least. >>5052 The nips are a redundant addition either way, we can safely exclude them. I cast my doubt on any of them showing up considering the 6th cup, for instance, was scheduled to start at 4AM JST. >>5054 >/hgg/ >I saw someone used the QTDDTOT thread for it That was me. Have no idea whether they'll reply or not. >/tg/ >Ask them in the meta thread I've already asked them in their QTDDTOT thread and one dude called me a faggot for milking the cup for e-fame. You can read their response here: https://smuglo.li/tg/res/53159.html#59401 It would be a shame to give them up, since /tg/ has the right kind of autism, though I don't know how to approach them. >/robowaifu/ Apparently board owner gave his approval here: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/2823.html Whether or not his reply means we'll have them participate I'm not too sure yet, his response's fairly vague. >/kohi/ Not too enthusiastic on their inclusion though we can try to approach them. Reminds me that /digi/ on sleepy wanted to participate too, having made a draft of a team half a year ago not too enthusiastic on them either. Speaking of, what are we going to do with /a/? Surely we won't leave them in the dust right? Who's going to let them know there may be a new cup in the making? >/b/ >Sure, I'll make a thread. I've seen it, though that OP feels like something taken out of a spam list. You should have taken more inspiration from zzz/v/'s last year's OP which had a few links to the game's resources and ideas for finding 3D models amongst other things. >/cuckquean/ I still can't understand the appeal behind that board, or whether anyone wants to see it play to begin with. Just to let you know I'd personally remove them for any of the other fringe fetish boards like /abdl/ at a moment's notice. This doesn't mean /v/ and /cuckquean/ shouldn't first settle things in an invitational match beforehand. Additionally, here's an updated version of that one list from earlier with all teams we should make sure want are participating: /2hu/ - /a/ - /animu/ - /b/ - /christian/ - /eris/ they won last cup and should compete as the titleholders - /fascist/ - /fit/ - /geimu/ - /hgg/ - /ita/ I fear backlash - /japan/ - /k/ - /kind/ - /late/ & /comfy/ - /monster/ - /robowaifu/ - /sp/ - /tech/ - /tg/ - /v/ - /yuri/ + 2 other fringe boards
>>5059 >make sure want are participating *make sure are participating, god damnit.
An update on the teams: I tried talking down /hgg/, /robowaifu/ and /tg/. /hgg/ hasn't replied as of yet, /robowaifu/'s BO has given the cup his blessing and /tg/ has begrudgingly accepted the sperg fit invitation. Here are the threads in question, scroll to the bottom: https://prolikewoah.com/hgg/res/26602.html https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/2823.html https://smuglo.li/tg/res/53159.html I'm starting to understand why /eris/fag gave up on advertising. Any ideas?
>>5062 your efforts are appreciated
Open file (163.35 KB 1669x676 b_op.png)
To the guy who made this thread on zzz/b/, do you still have OP's password? I geniunely doubt anyone over there's going to be suddenly invested in the cup if they don't even know what you're talking about. How about you post a new OP and tell them to make a team? Say they've already got an old team here: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//b/ then use something akin to >>2945's OP and maybe add a few highlights from here too >>1454
>download the DLC >unpack the zip <DLC's packed into .cpk files This would've been much easier if the /eris/fag had linked a download to the pre-compiled exports instead of the ready-to-use .cpks. The files on the DLC can still be fancied into the AET though, so it comes off as an inconvenience at most. Speaking of the cup, how are we supposed to get the ball rolling? We've come to an agreement that there may be an eighth cup but the site's as dead as ever. Should we set up a deadline? I doubt any of us here has enough PES modding knowledge to have a say whether we're going to be able to finish the exports at a due time or not. Moreover, invites are frozen as far as I'm concerned and half of the boards on the tentative list haven't been notified about there being a new cup. Should we try to finish a possible board list before coming up with the event's schedule? On a side note, I don't think this sticky is doing anyone here any favor. Does anyone here have mod powers? Is so, can the thread be removed?
>>5065 Post has been unpinned for now. Good luck with the cup efforts.
Open file (408.76 KB 1920x1080 I'm making a note here.webm)
RAPE! is always the answer https://files.catbox.moe/g0ubrg.webm >>5059 Hi guys, checked your multiple new invitations back at home so I came here to confirm our interest and presence in the next Cup, whenever that may be. Sorry for not answering sooner, I was a little banned. Anyways, due to a shortage in staff last year we postponed a lot of things and then updating our /icup/ team was given a very low priority even after we got the staff members back, so we'll be joining with a very minimum amount of changes. Already discussed this with /yuri/BO, so I'll be in charge of managing the team again. Sorry we don't have the numbers or time at hand to help out more, but I think it has to do more with less anons being around in the webring in general, doesn't mean we are any less interested. If I may give a very personal opinion now, if they are interested in joining again and active, I'd like to see the /cuckquean/ fetish board participating this time too. They've been fun to have around ever since they first joined, unlike say, leftypol. If it matters at all, I'll vouch for them, and it's coming from a board that could never possibly share an interest with them. I hope.
Here's an update on the status on most of the boards on the line-up from what I can gather. Potential competing boards >/2hu/ It's a given they're in considering one of the three commentators last cup managed /2hu/. Nonetheless at least one dude on the board's interested in renewing the team. https://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/thread/6.html >/animu/ There used to be a thread dedicated a new team for /animu/ after ICUP7 ended, no doubt they'll say yes once they're asked. They haven't been approached yet https://web.archive.org/web/20230527102350/https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/83068.html >/eris/ The previous head rigger's team, they'll compete regardless as the tournament's titleholders. >/fit/ BO's fairly enthusiastic about the board's inclusion and there's a thread up on /fit/ for the cup. Hasn't replied yet but it's safe to assume he'll say yes. https://zzzchan.xyz/fit/thread/290.html >/ita/ There was an argument whether regional boards are too marginal to be competing with the rest of the boards. Regardless, someone from /ita/ has already approached this therad and it'd be a dick move to ignore them. >/monster/ There's at least one guy that's OK with seeing the board compete again. They count in, right? https://smuglo.li/monster/res/15009.html >/robowaifu/ BO greenlit /robowaifu/'s inclusion and at least another user's on board. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/2823.html >/sp/ Someone made a thread asking if any of them would host himself. They weren't explicitly asked if they'd like to participate in the cup but does anyone expect them to say no? https://sportschan.org/sp/res/1556023.html It's a miracle the thread has managed to stay up for so long >/tech/ zzz/tech/'s BO and at least another user approved of a /tech/ themed team and asked about deadlines. Note that 8moe/t/ has a dedicated ICUP thread from 3 years ago that seems to be dead in the water. If zzz/tech/ isn't too keen on 8moe I'd say let them be the sole /tech/ representative. https://zzzchan.xyz/tech/thread/190.html >/tg/ In spite of some beef there seem to be a few users that are OK with /tg/ partaking in the cup. https://smuglo.li/tg/res/53159.html >/v/ I take it they're already in. >/yuri/ /yuri/'s manager has showed up ITT and expressed his will in /yuri/ participating. Inconclusive team status >/a/ Meidos purge any and all meta-related posts they see up on the /a/ board so the /support/ team was bumped instead. No replies as of yet. https://smuglo.li/support/res/11485.html >/b/ Someone made a thread on zzz/b/ and noone bothered to reply to it. Granted the OP looked like spam and I doubt anyone understood what the thread was about. They could be approached again. https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/146022.html >/fascist/ There's been a post up there for a few days but no one's bothered replying to it as of now. https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/thread/114.html >/geimu/ Haven't been notified yet. >/hgg/ There was a post up on their QTDDTOT thread and no one's replied back. It's safe to assume they're too busy jacking off, so someone could try and approach them again. https://prolikewoah.com/hgg/res/26602.html >/japan/ Haven't been properly approached yet. Doesn't hurt asking them since they've already been asked to host the games themselves. https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/8776.html >/k/ Haven't been approached yet. >/kind/ Haven't been approached yet. >/late/ & /comfy/ Haven't been properly approached yet, disregarding the post regarding them to host the games themselves. https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/5351.html Other boards >/abdl/ This board was mentioned somewhere on this thread. Don't know whether anyone here's keen on them, though they'd certainly be interested in a spot. >/ausneets/ A legacy regional board that's on a website outside the webring. I would hold them up on basis of not having three gorillion reigonal teams competing. >/digi/ Someone on this board made a team somewhere last year after the previous cup ended. From what I can gather the board's a venue of discussion for tripfags. Don't know whether they're still interested or not, have no strong opinion on them either. >/lego/ Fucking incredible team on a dead board whose manager seems to be MIA. No need for them to participate, it's just a shame so much effort has gone under. >/monarchy/ Fairly small board whose manager's very vocal about their inclusion. Don't think anyone here's against their inclusion. >/otter/ Another board lost somewhere outside the webring that pretty much doesn't exist outside the board, and IIRC the board's representative was against their inclusion. >/pro/ A one-man's board that doesn't exist outside the cup. It's got much to owe to the previous rigger who did their aesthetics export outside the kits. >/tkr/ Same as /abdl/, doubt anyone here's got a strong opinion on them. >>5067 Glad to hear the lesbians will compete for another season. >/cuckquean/ Can someone explain this board to me? Speaking for the team legacy-wise they've been a strong contender in all two cups it's participated in, but that's not necessarily a reason for them to be a mainstay considering any other board could be given the chance of putting up a good fight in its stead. What's this team's appeal? Isn't /cuckquean/ based around female NTR? I've seen a few anons here vouching for them but I can't understand why. They're an oddly specific and fucked up fetish board on a fairly small webring site that doesn't see all that much activity, and I'd wager there are plenty other legacy boards with much more immediate appeal that could be added in participation notwithstanding, for instance /bane/ or /lego/ with its amazing team exports. >that replay >/monster/ crossing the ball to the opposite team to score What a fucking spaghetti team. Didn't they come as third in one of these tournaments? How the hell did they stoop so low?
>>5074 >/otter/ Otterchat is alive. They established their own site a while back now. https://otterchan.net/
>>5067 /comfy/ here, >>>/comfy/5908
>>5074 for /japan/ just do everything the same as before except for whatever changes were posted in the official thread and fix our fokin models >>525 no guarantees anyone will watch because i dont even know when it is
Open file (145.47 KB 1000x983 FrJC-FTaMAA2yi_.jpg)
>>5059 >I cast my doubt on any of them showing up considering the 6th cup, for instance, was scheduled to start at 4AM JST. That didn't stop one /librejp/ anon from showing up to the stream and updating the thread with the results. In fact, in the same thread they sat out of the GCUP because they wanted to participate for the 7th one. >/hgg/ Consider them not interested because I checked and no response. >/tg/ From what I've seen they're relunctantly in but I suggest after this one not forcing them to participate unless they genuinely want to join in. >/robowaifu/ Sounds somewhat good, let's try and keep them interested. >/kohi/ The point of /kohi/ is to go into their current thread at the point and ask them if the /a/ team is interested in another round. If not consider them out too. From what I've seen from /digi/ they're fine, I don't have an issue with them. >I still can't understand the appeal behind that board, or whether anyone wants to see it play to begin with. /cuckquean/ is a far better heel team, have a friendly rivalry with /yuri/ (seen in >>5067) and have some funny player names. I'd rather have them as a team than letting /leftypol/ or /abdl/ in. >>5064 That was me, I unfortunately tried to make an OP similar to SKF's but sadly it does look like the Autist spam. Sorry but I don't have the password for this. Better bump the thread instead of making another one (in my opinion at least). >>5067 No worries, the cup is still at the planning stages and we might have some time for helping you with anything, as shown in your team's thread. >>5074 >/2hu/ Sure, I appreciate their autism. >/animu/ I recommend making a new thread just like that one you linked because last time they were invited in their meta thread it got ignored. >/eris/ I'll try and contact Grassstains to see if he can make a thread there and also tell him about the progress. >/fit/ The BO seems to be interested but looks like he needs some help with the team. They can join either as a primary team or as a backup. >/ita/ What backlash are you even talking about? Besides that, they're very much welcome too. And speaking of regional boards, please also consider /ausneets/ as they've shown interest too and even one of them was almost in charge of the Cup. >/sp/ Board got recently wiped so another thread is needed. >/tech/ No clue about 8/t/'s current interest but if they can do something like the /v/ team in ICUP6 it would be good. If not, take zzz/tech/ and any efforts in the team's thread. >/v/ Thread is still very small, with the last post being the anon asking for deadlines. >/fascist/, /k/, /kind/ The first two don't show too much interest (/k/ at least, as for /fascist/ BO said to have someone knowledgeable about the game manage the team but I think their userbase is very small). I would recommend contacting /kind/ because they're a good team even if the last couple of cups have been suffering. >/digi/ They did show interest, even to the point of making the roster and even discussing porting models. >/lego/ The board itself is just dead. Such a shame because they put a lot of effort in their exports. >/monarchy/ They should be welcome. It's the only team from their alliance to be somewhat active. >/otter/ They're under their own site as mentioned here >>5075 but it's true that the owner is very much tribalistic about it (just like otters). I would recommend asking them again but I'm not holding my hopes up. >/pro/ They're free to join in if they want but it's true that the board is very much inactive. >/abdl/, /tkr/ Not a fan of either at least in their fetishes but I won't complain. >>5079 Glad to have you guys up, especially with both boards now in the same site. Still a shame what happened with late.city. >>5080 Sure, we'll try but unfortunately we don't have too many Blenderfags on board aside from the Erisian. Times are not specified because the current host hasn't set up a deadline yet. I'd also want to ask for the BO to either use the old sticky thread >>5065 or the ICUP8 organization thread to keep count of which teams are interested, and also for those boards that haven't said anything here to go to either this thread or >>4864 and make it known.
>>5079 Have you mentioned this to /late/ too?
>>5084 done
Don't we have bigger fish to fry than picking the teams? I heard we still have to assemble volunteers and people to help set up / manage icup8.
>>5086 /thread.
>>5086 ICUP 7 sleepy/v/ermin here, I don't think we're going to have any more volunteers aiding in the cup. Having a list of boards participating and complete teams is half the battle, since otherwise the EDIT file would have to be revised constantly. IIRC Grassstains only announced a proper date for the last cup once he had a nearly complete list of teams participating (30/32, the remaining two were added to the marginal bonus slots to not mess up the team order inside the savefile). I say we try to complete our team list before we try to approach deadlines to complete the aesthetic exports.
>>5059 >no /retro/
>>5086 Any help we can get at this point is very much welcome. What are you good at? >>5088 Sure but we can still take very much any and all efforts by anon even if there are few. Speaking of the teams, how many are we going to be accepting? There was discussion of doing what ICUP 5 did and keep it to 24. >>5089 Feel free to ask them if they're interested in playing again. By the way, it's also a good idea to ask teams who are interested in playing in the cup again to confirm it here. So far the only ones who have done that are /fit/, /late/ & /comfy/, /japan/, /ita/ and /yuri/.
>>5090 (me) I forgot that /ausneets/ was asking to join in too.
>>5090 Add /monster/ to those who want to be in again.
>>5092 Nice, it's always good to see you guys in the cup.
/late/ here >>>/late/670
>>5094 Good to have you guys again. Looking forward to big Chino and Cocoa playing on the field again. Speaking of, where did the supposed host go? Is he still working on this cup?
>>5095 Anon, whether there's a cup or not lies in the boards invited making the teams, and as far as I've seen there's no one here who gives enough a shit to make teams in any of the boards invited. What are we going to organize? I was working on some aesthetics for /v/ and a ahitty ball on /tg/ who presumably was going to join, but given the webring's absolute state and how time consuming this shit is I'm too demoralized to make any progress.
>>5074 /a/ here. I'm not a meido, but I'd watch it if it happened. However, I still don't know anything about football and thus wouldn't be able to change or add to the team in any meaningful way.
>>5097 You're from /a/? Nice, at least someone is interested. >wouldn't be able to change or add to the team in any meaningful way. It's okay, if you want to keep using the same team as before you can.
>>5098 Unless anyone else from /a/ says otherwise, keep the team the same.

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