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Open file (1013.08 KB 1410x1880 icup 7.png)
CLERMONT FOOT 63 12/15/2022 (Thu) 16:54:43 No.4960
Hello, friends of /icup/, we're currently trying to get the Winter version of the Infinity Cup up and running, but we sorely need your help to make it happen. Currently we're looking for a host, a co-commentator and some 3D assets/someone capable of making some. Even just cleaning up a bit of the wiki would help us out immensely. Stay tuned for more and keep us posted on https://anon.cafe/icup/res/4864.html
Open file (8.69 KB 216x196 you're killing me.png)
I chuckled.
>>4960 Kekkerino soccerino Though I really wish we had an /icup/ team to pit against the winning team of a cup.
Hey Erisbro, can you type QUE MIRAS Bono in the board announcement? Argies just won the World cup.
>>4969 >QUE MIRAS Bono what does that mean
Open file (1.98 MB 1920x1080 this one.png)
>>4973 "¿Qué mirás bobo? Andá pa'yá" (roughly translated: "What are you looking at, you dumb? Go over there!") is an EXTREMELY mild insult uttered to a rival player by Lionel Messi during an interview after the World Cup 2022 match against the Netherlands. The tough instance coupled with some incidents made the anti-climatic response -and how fitting it is for the Argentine captain's usually mild and professional demeanor- into the highlighted meme of the Qatar competition, further exacerbated after Argentina went on to win the whole tournament. This is not an AI post, it was made by me, an Argie.

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