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Infinity Cup #8 - Dead Qatari Worker edition CLERMONT FOOT 63 11/26/2022 (Sat) 00:38:29 No.4864
We still have no information on the whereabouts of /eris/-fag, which I assume is completely intentional given the kind of religion they follow, but I thought it would be a nice idea to at the very least start a new thread detailing the organization of the next (winter?) cup. As usual: 32 TEAMS LIMIT (may vary) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE NO INVITATIONS HAVE BEEN SENT Only teams allowed are those representing a board/imageboard OR those that are historic within the cup (i.e. /test/, /bane/ etc.)' For the time being, I'll shamelessly self plug the team I root for: /animu/
Open file (467.85 KB 957x618 scopedog houraisan.png)
It's been a bit more than two months since the last cup ended yet it's been long overdue for a confirmation. Considering the /eris/ rigger's remarks by the end of the cup it seems most likely that he'll come back by the first three months of 2023 to start organizing the next cup, so the next cup will most likely end up taking place somewhere in August next year presumably. All in all it's a shame we'd have to wait for 10 more months for ICUP8 to take place, but a long timeframe is a given considering it's just one guy at the helm of the project. >next (winter?) cup My most preferable timeframe would be sometime in between late April and mid May, which would be a decent amount of time for anything new to be submitted yet not the long wait that entails the cup being held in August. On teams, some common sense needs to apply. For historic teams, I'd love to see /bane/ (currently a dead board on tvch) and /just/ (no idea where they went) make a comeback, though that might just be a pipe dream. >/animu/ You're talking about those 5 models on the models thread, right? I'd love to have the dynamic of seeing two anime boards fighting back to back in the cup. As for new teams, speaking on fun inclusions I'd love seeing either /robowaifu/ or /geimu/ I don't think the head rigger would take kindly to a self deprecating team but still it's a funny idea.
>>4864 Whatever you do don't forget about us /ita/lianons
>>4864 We of /mex/ made a team at some point, please include us
>>4864 Add /cuckquean/
>>4864 I know the board is kinda dead, but I wish /co/ would be able to join. 8chan/co/ that is. Ah and of course we need /eris/ as the winners of the last cup.
>>4865 >robowaifu I think I read once that one of the AUTIST invitational messages got rejected by the board owners, so I am not so sure they'll ever participate. >geimu Just ask for the team to be made into a friendly-matches-only one. Anyhow, representing /serer/ here
>>4870 >/robowaifu/ I don't think an admin or mod needs to step up for the team to be created. As long as there's a semblance of genuine interest I can see many teams going through. >/geimu/ >friendly-only I want to see Eden's reign of terror throughout the brackets. Are you afraid? Speaking of impersonating board users to create a semblance of interest, I would samefag hard on /lego/ if we got to see them back in the main tourney again. Granted all we're doing here is speculate, but here's a list on what teams the /eris/fag should consider the most. Essential teams >/2hu/ >/a/ >/christian/ >/fascist/ >/ita/ >/monster/ Recognizable teams >/sp/ >/kind/ >/late/ & /comfy/ >/v/ >/japan/ >/yuri/ >/monarchy/ >/k/ >/otter/ >/eris/ >/pro/ The rest of the teams from ICUP7 are more or less expendable to a certain degree note that this is my opinion. On teams that weren't on the previous cup: Teams that are due to resurrection >/animu/ >/lego/ Teams that would be nice having around again albeit unlikely >/ausneets/ >/bane/ >/co/ >/just/ >/mecha/ >/test/ >/wooo/ This is purely speculation though. On anything related to the cup /eris/fag will always have the final say given he's the only one managing the game itself, so read this post or anything that's not from him with a pinch of salt.
Open file (155.58 KB 500x701 57671174_p36.png)
I see that this thread has been created but let's address some things first: >/robowaifu/ I think this situation was explained before, but let's recap: SKF asked them back in ICUP6, no reply. Mostly recently someone claiming to be a vol said he was on board, but nothing else has been said. >/co/ They haven't shown that much interest honestly even back in 2020 and the Autist doing his shit hasn't helped that much so if they want to come back they should show some consistent interest. And I think this has to apply to any other board that wants to participate on the cup (because otherwise we have what happened in this last one). >/geimu/ During ICUP6 SKF went and asked the different /v/ boards that were available, and according to him there weren't enough replies: https://archive.ph/GTujJ#568 There's no archive of the invitation thread because it was then lost due to the scat spam And considering the actual state of the /v/alkans, the only one that is on the Webring is the one on Sleepy (unless they team up again with Markchan but it's not really considered). Another thing to consider before continuing on with planning ICUP 8 are two things that the Erisian asked a while back: >Continue using PES17 or upgrading to PES18 >If moving to PES18, how things change in regards to everything? And also the idea of changing the numbers of teams (maybe reduce the number to 16 for the main cup and keep it to 24 or 32 for the GCUP or similar, especially now that another regional board decided to join). >>4865 There are two /bane/ boards, one on tvch and other on 8moe (neither of those very active honestly). As for /just/ it seems to have died with the original 8chan and Frasier finally got unjusted >>4872 For the teams that'd be nice to have around again and could be resurrected at some point I want to include /librejp/. The nips enjoyed playing and wanted to join in 7 but couldn't due to all the slots being filled. If plans for the 8th cup are moving forward it'd be nice to ask them again.
Open file (5.28 MB 320x240 GooooaaaAAAALLLL.mp4)
>>4880 >/librejp/ I forgot about the nips. Having moonspeak on chat would certainly be fun, yes. Maybe someone could remind them in the following months since their thread is still halfway through the catalog. If you want to I may make a thread on /geimu/ in the following months to talk about a possible team. Interest's at least on me and I believe all three crossposters on there would take kindly to it. Besides, it's about time, in a competition about dead boards, to have on board the deadest team of them all. zzz/fit/'s got cards too lest you forget them: >>4675 About upgrading to Fox Engine PES (PES18+) there were some new models being made at the moment for PES17 >>4772 and perhaps more to come. Furthermore the rigger himself said that porting all the preexisting models was a herculean task in and out of itself. I'd let the idea of upgrading on hold since the riches of upgrading are not that great. In fact, one could argue that the graphical changes are actually a downgrade over PES17's graphics in terms of shading, lightning, etc; or, at least, I hold that opinion. >If moving to PES18, how things change in regards to everything? Once everything's ported? Not much. Other than hands now work properly I don't think there's much of a reason to upgrade. The rigger's said something about being able to port your models' weights onto PES, though I'm certain it's nothing else other than renaming the weights on the original model to its matching PES template model's weight. I have never tried to work around a model this way so I'm not certain if this already works on previous PES games such as PES17. If the decision was on me I'd say PES17, not so much for the fags watching but for all three dudes working on the /icup/. It's a lot of work porting models and someone's got to do it.
For those that didn't see it, the Erisian replied with feedback in regards to this next and other future editions of the cup >>4914
Open file (109.88 KB 978x720 GTFO.jpg)
>>4865 >I don't think the head rigger would take kindly to a self deprecating team but still it's a funny idea. This cup ain't big enough for two of us, so, OFF YOU GO if you didn't notice, this post is self-deprecating and while I haven't looked at that board yet I have absolutely no issue with self-deprecation, and I'm confused as to why anyone would assume an erisian of all people would be
Open file (90.66 KB 192x148 parrot.gif)
Open file (90.66 KB 192x148 parrot.gif)
Open file (90.66 KB 192x148 parrot.gif)
Open file (90.66 KB 192x148 parrot.gif)
Open file (90.66 KB 192x148 parrot.gif)
Does the ICUP commitee have any sort of guidance as to how teams are added and maybe pruned off to make way for others? Something written on paper on priorities for teams and decision making or similar? Who's pulling the strings? >>4929 I take it you want me to explain /geimu/: >I haven't looked at that board yet /geimu/ is one of the multiple vidya centric boards on the webring. Most notably, there was a time where it could have become THE vidya board of the webring. After Zchan whose site admin was unbeknowst to be harvesting user data was nuked, /geimu/ used to be a serious contender to be its successor in the family tree of post 8ch /v/s. I don't remember the exact details but from what I can gather the board owner (Eden) sperged out very hard on his userbase and now the entirety of the board became a ghost town of sorts. The worst part of all, since most of his users made the switch to sleepy/v/, he started to post there in bad faith to rile up against the admins, mods and general userbase, all while making it very clear it was him that was making those posts. Making it very clear as in someone would call a shot in the dark, call the poster Eden then that same ID would read why yes it's me. It's unclear whether Eden keeps posting like that or if he's still posting there honestly it's hard to tell anything on current sleepy/v/ since it's gone to shit and there's only ADHD one liner posts now this is the only board I still lurk from time to time, but it was a good time while it lasted. My suggestion for /geimu/ to take up arms in the Infinity Cup would be as an in-joke team. The idea is that, since /geimu/ lost its entire userbase, it would feature a player named Eden, then the rest of the team will be entirely composed of unloaded player models; to put it bluntly, Eden would be playing by himself. I've got a visual representation on my head on how it would play out, and I know most viewers would lose their marbles at the sight. Even Eden himself could have a chuckle at it. Whether or not someone actually commits and makes a model for Eden some drawfag drew some R63 of him once it'd be funny regardless, and the cup should be about having a fun time I'd say. So, I've cast my vote for /geimu/. There are a few other teams I'd like to see represented in a future cup that have been discussed here already, so if the head rigger has anything to add himself now it's the time.
Open file (376.11 KB 342x342 god bless ameriga.gif)
>>4922 >The modelling pages on the wiki would require someone to dump the entire process from the 4cc wiki into those Directly copying 4cc's entries into our wiki would result in plagiarism. In any case, we need to be clever around it and make our own version. Besides, there's room for improvement on their end, for example short videos on troubleshooting common issues regarding porting and such (UV islands merging or textures not showing up amongst other problems). We could try to one-up them, improve on them so we're distinct enough. All being said, I wonder how many fags lurking this site decided to glance over 4cc's tutorial pages themselves. On porting to PES18+, the rigger has made it clear we won't gladfully. >cafe getting more boards It's not really a conspiracy theory since it has a very simple explanation. Boards here keep up with the tournament because they share the site with /icup/, and sooner or later they would check this board out of curiosity. On the contrary, I tried to talk to the fags at /animu/ about the tournament and they didn't even know it was still going on. This pretty much sums up how the last cup played out in terms of participation. >In terms of boards participating in the cup out of all of the ones on the site only Smug fits Sparts is as big as it gets, so /sp/ should always get a free pass ALWAYS and so should /librejp/. >I can talk about it more if you want I wouldn't mind arguing some more about it. After all, we're both anonymous users on imageboards and we both have our preferences on regards to whether or not a team should participate. For the record, I'll try as hard as I can to sweettalk the riggers to include as many teams I enjoy watching myself for the next cup, so I can't see why you shouldn't do it. >Are you referring to the PES save file? Speaking of, I'd say it's a good idea if all teams partaking in had to write down their strategies in some sort of git so that the riggers don't need to be constantly checking posts here and there amidst a match on how the team strategy works. I still recall /yuri/ vs /japan/, which had to be repeated three times before the rigger knew how /japan/'s strategy worked. With a git which can be contributed to and modified by each of the teams' manager, at least the rigger can safely ignore anything that's not already written there. Same thing could be said about the models, though I doubt Gitgud or any other site allows copyrighted material to be hosted without permission. >please feel free God bless.
Open file (18.05 KB 1389x138 guess who's back.png)
Spotted on /2hu/ Please be on the lookout if any other boards receive a message similar to this
>>4939 I bet the Autist is the Erisian in disguise
>>4939 >winter The post seems well intentioned, if dismissable and unlikely to get anyone working on the wiki. Surely we can gain some presence without turning to a spamming strategy, right?
>>4941 >Surely we can gain some presence without turning to a spamming strategy, right? Yes, but he is not helping.
>>4942 (me) BTW he's also posted on /retro/ and /k/.
>>4942 Organically speaking there are some ways to drive up attention to the cup. Considering that fags will only show up if they've heard of it, we need to put up a big show. >teams that someone would bother showing up to >lively commentatorship >decent arrangement of custom models and stadiums >matches that are fun to watch Then make some image edits and webms from the event and hopefully more than 40 dudes and one woman will show up. Wiki edits help too. Rivalries, team history and match descriptions should help consolidate cup autism.
>>4943 on /ita/ as well >>4941 >Surely we can gain some presence without turning to a spamming strategy, right? I honestly don't know, on the one hand it doesn't seem like there's actual malicious intent behind him going around trying to rabblerouse, on the other hand it may lead to antipathy by boards getting spammed if he's making threads explicitly to advertise shit. How would you go about advertising the cup anyhow? I've seen people on 8ch trying to use the biggest boards as a launchpad for their own niche ones.
>>4944 >some image edits and webms I like this idea a lot, the z/v/ guys are pretty good at that
Open file (61.82 KB 1289x299 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (46.13 KB 1122x309 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4939 /ac/ here, we got this message, from what I'm reading from this thread you are not actually setting up the icup and that guy is just an annoying spammer. He also posted the same copypasta on /co/
>>4948 It's more that this is a thread for the discussion of how the next could go, but as mentioned in the OP no invitations have been sent yet. And yes, he's the same guy that spammed a different Spanish-speaking board after the teams for ICUP7 had been selected. For now I'd say you guys tread with caution.
>>4948 I'll give the autist this, when he gets this shit going, at least we get a bunch of activity from people getting confused. I'm not sure if it's a good idea though.
Open file (1.32 MB 1024x768 GNU.png)
>>4956 At the very least he could be spamming boards that have already been invited; but like it's been said, no one's been invited yet. There's absolutely no reason for there to be any activity on this board yet.
>>4864 Add /argentina/ please t. /hispachan/
>>4864 /sw/ here, standing by please add this as our theme for a hattrick or a win or something https://yewtu.be/watch?v=lg_FoEy8T_A
Open file (165.96 KB 530x548 1583289692873.jpg)
>>4864 G'day cunts, sounds the autistic kid came to our board as well. I'm using this opportunity to ask for /ausneets/ to be part of the cup, but we all know it's him.
Open file (9.95 KB 455x455 oi.png)
>>4977 Why was /auscunts/ gone from the previous cup either way? Was there no interest on renewing the team or did you not know about the upcoming cup? >the autistic kid came to our board Nothing formal yet. The head rigger's still taking it easy and he's reducing the roster size once he comes back. None of these (1) and done posts should get too uppity if their teams don't make it since we're getting the low budget treatment.
>>4979 My guess is that since they're on endchan, not even part of the webring, not many anons from there know of this shit unless someone was really dedicated to crosspost like that.
>>4864 /film/ here, second time's the charm.
>>4864 Hey niggers, /japan/ graces you with our presence at the next Festivus-inspired soccer tournament
It's self evident the rigger's not going to let your teams in just because you're posting in this thread first, why do you keep doing this.
>>4970 Hello /hispachan/, I understand why you decided to do it but it's better if an actual anon from there decides to ask for it. That said, congrats to the argies for winning over the frenchies. >>4977 Good to have you on board again. Just to be clear, SKF is MIA and this last one was made by the /eris/ manager. He could give you mod rights to the Cytube channel but it's best to wait until he checks this board again. >>4979 >>4980 That didn't stop the autist from spamming other Endchan boards like /fscchan/. As to why they didn't reply, either they didn't receive the message or they ignored it because they thought it was spam. >>4974 Are you guys still active?
Open file (83.56 KB 960x960 Birthday.jpg)
>>4996 >wait until he checks this board again Call me crazy but I think he's given up on it. Must be imageboard fatigue, same as what most likely happened to SKF who only signed up to the wiki a few weeks ago to relegate his mod powers. Unless something big's happening and someone steps up to do the hard work we might as well consider ICUP to be dead in the water.
>>4997 Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure either but he also said that he'd be helping others to run it. I'd still like to think that he's taking a break. >SKF Not really, he was originally going to host this recent cup but unfortunately the issue is that real life stuff stopped him from hosting it. Whether he's up for it again I can't say. >Unless something big's happening and someone steps up to do the hard work we might as well consider ICUP to be dead in the water. How about (You) start working on it then?
Open file (183.54 KB 1024x1016 slav_zoo.jpg)
>>4998 >I'd still like to think that he's taking a break Yes, I'm not against him taking the break. Imageboards leave a very sour taste on one's mouth if used excessively and we're technically asking for some stranger to entertain us for free. Only way to get him from lurking here perennially in case he hasn't made up his mind is to spice up this board and get some more participation. Problem is if there's no sign of anything going on in the foreseeable future there's no reason to astroturf any kind of activity here. >he was originally going to host this recent cup Do you have an archive on it? Doubt his opinions back then are going to reflect how he would behave nowadays or if he'll host or not, but still. >How about (You) start working on it then? I'm the autist that was >making players on the other thread. On why the thread's currently dead, on porting from other games I don't understand how to solve the transparency issue and was looking forward to a way to make the shoulders not look as manly on women; and on making my own plaayers I can't model for shit and should spent some serious amomunts of time learning. For once, I've got a very primitive understanding on how the EDIT file works. I was already thinking whether to commentate next cup but I suppose I'd add the possibility of hosting it too. Honestly doubt I'm going to see the day I'm hosting this shit, I'll add it to my bucket list either way.
Hi all, this is overdue. I have been swamped with IRL stuff, and various productive projects, resulting in me generally drifting away from regularly using imageboards or being able to work on any project like this (don't worry, you're not the only project I'm neglecting). As a result, I cannot guarantee any activity on my end for at least a few months. I basically haven't touched anything this year. Someone else should host the cup. I'm more than happy to give advice (you can get the setup working on either Windows or Linux+Wine) and facilitate handing over any keys (send me email for anything important!). And the game files are public and in working order, the only main thing is to update the teams and their assets for a new cup. If necessary, demand new teams to open PES and submit it themselves. The move to AET infrastructure makes it far, far, far more easy than the torture SKF and previous had to manage, so basically anyone who can run PES, host a stream and move files into folders is able to prepare and host matches, especially if there are still board-members like /v/'s manager who are happy to handle assets and team stats. My only advice is that 32 teams, especially when doing one round per weekend, is torture or at least for me, due to timezones. It's probably good that I don't host this cup as I'd be too tempted to kick out all the boards that have toxic or argumentative users and just run a comfy 8 or 16 team cup. Assuming we do 4 team groups (because getting kicked after only 1-2 games kinda sucks) 32 team cup is (16x3)+8+4+2+1 = 63 games OH GODDESS HOW HORRIFYING 16 team cup is (8*3)+8+4+2+1 = 39 games, with only 4 per day instead of 8 [4+ hour session] Else a 32 team tournament is 16+8+4+2+1 = 31 games, but half the teams only get one game. Which would be ok if they ran more often, which is possible as it would require shorter sessions and hopefully multiple people actually volunteer to host.
Open file (234.59 KB 1000x1000 FjDTcDBUcAA410v.jpg)
>>4999 >Do you have an archive on it? No need for it, it's this post >>2834 If you're up for hosting that's fine, hopefully things go smoother. As for technical stuff I don't know how to model from scratch or do full models. I only had luck porting heads so if you're not picky I can do that I can also try and help with finding models but we don't need more threads about it considering there are two >>5007 >I'd be too tempted to kick out all the boards that have toxic or argumentative users I think the only problems related to that were a couple of retards turning chat into /pol/ but the rest seemed fine I motion for the /leftypol/ ban to be reinstated though >8 or 16 team I still think 24 teams might be a better idea but whoever hosts this one can decide better.
>>4997 >same as what most likely happened to SKF who only signed up to the wiki a few weeks ago to relegate his mod powers Speaking of which, I'm happy to promote any reputable editor. I remember how bad it was not being able to edit the front page. I've made a couple of new edits on the wiki, but truthfully it was just to get rid of that automantic 'inactive' notice after 45 days inactivity. I've now made a request to Miraheze staff to be exempt (we fit the criteria).
>>5009 I forgot the account name for /v/'s manager but he and Icupanon are the ones who come to mind.
Open file (245.92 KB 960x720 herehavethis.webm)
This post is to notify that I am transferring ownership of this to board staff member OneAnon. They have been (by far) the most active staff to assist me during ICUP 7, especially with the wiki, and the previous cup may not have even run without them. All I ask from anyone reading this is to not expect one person to do all the work. That's how you get burnout and no cup. Ask what you can do, and do what you can.
>>5013 Will you still be around, eris anon?
>>5014 I imagine he will be.
>>5014 I just started using an RSS feed reader again so I'll keep an eye out for the cup and tune in when it comes along.

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