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Open file (882.00 KB 1366x1120 1366_2000.jpg)
Models, Modeling and Modeling accesories CLERMONT FOOT 63 10/12/2022 (Wed) 16:02:25 No.4772
This thread is dedicated to the most entertaining part of the cups. Post about either what models have you been working on cramming into the cup or asking for submissions or suggestions for models in case someone is willing to work for you for free. This thread may also be used to educate other anons in importing models and disciplining in the ways of weight painting and rigging. Hopefully some discussion will encourage anon to upload his own models into the cup. As they say, the more the merrier.
Open file (510.66 KB 601x686 postal dude closeup.png)
Open file (482.75 KB 528x695 postal dude profile.png)
Open file (360.03 KB 359x709 postal dude.png)
Open file (521.06 KB 569x682 not important closeup.png)
Open file (351.78 KB 349x715 not important.png)
I've been working on some models for a few teams. As for /v/, I've got some more models in the back burner though I won't work for them for the time being as I'm burnt out. Here are Postal Dude and Not Important. They're both made by combining a custom skin template, a facemask with a custom texture for the chest and an FBM for the head and neck.
Open file (347.42 KB 559x692 am2 closeup.png)
Open file (368.98 KB 522x721 am2.png)
Open file (418.69 KB 579x721 am2 profile.png)
Open file (358.79 KB 489x721 am2 back.png)
Open file (15.16 MB 1280x720 am2.webm)
Here's a much more bizarre pick in a similar fashion to some other /v/ players: AM2. It's a palm tree.
Open file (668.57 KB 564x692 bk closeup.png)
Open file (424.76 KB 337x708 bk.png)
Open file (517.17 KB 472x717 bk profile.png)
Open file (499.29 KB 437x698 bk gaze.png)
Open file (17.28 MB 1280x720 burgerking.webm)
The Burger King. I've had to repeat the weight painting on him multiple times and yet you can still see his robes spazing out from time to time. He's a perfect fit for /monarchy/ though I seriously doubt the /monarchy/fag would ever let him in.
Open file (496.41 KB 676x699 batou closeup.png)
Open file (340.54 KB 360x711 batou.png)
Open file (292.88 KB 333x716 batou back.png)
Open file (386.78 KB 475x709 batou profile.png)
Open file (15.42 MB 1280x720 batou.webm)
Here are two more models for any anime board really. Batou from Ghost in the Shell.
Open file (699.88 KB 716x702 zodd closeup.png)
Open file (387.36 KB 355x698 zodd.png)
Open file (372.87 KB 357x685 zodd back.png)
Open file (430.11 KB 439x702 zodd profile.png)
Open file (13.34 MB 1280x720 zodd.webm)
And last but not least, Zodd. This last model was a nightmare to rig since his back muscles used to be assigned to the arm, which in turn got them to distort in really ugly ways.
Open file (53.03 KB 400x580 Nyotengu_C13.jpg)
Open file (111.31 KB 720x1280 Hitomi_-_DLC_04.jpg)
Open file (839.92 KB 1200x964 tengu.png)
Open file (186.92 KB 816x918 super hitomi.png)
Open file (19.52 KB 403x674 broken limbs.jpg)
As for scrapped players, I had both Nyotengu and Hitomi's models from DOA5LR ripped to be used in the /v/ team. Thing is, a character with a slender frame such as a woman is impossible to fit inside the large frame of a man. If I were to cram them into the game I would need to widen their shoulders considerably and shrink their legs to fit within the hip frame. The first spoiler is to attest to this attempt. Weight painting is really touchy when it comes to shoulders. Hence, since the DOA girls are reliant on being eyecandy, I decided to boot them out. The same can be said about the Wing Diver and her broken limbs, who will be replaced for next cup.
Lastly, there are some issues with the alpha channel in textures on Blender. It's been so long and yet I have no idea how to solve this problem. Any tips regarding this problem are welcome. As for the models, here's a zip containing all of the above and a few other older players from /v/ I took some time to correct the weight painting on. Most models are kind of glitchy (BK's face phasing through his robes). If someone has any ideas as to how to solve them or wants to try his hand at it, feel free to post and I'll send you the Blender files. https://anonfiles.com/If2dofC4ya
Those look stunning, anon >>4774 >AM2 Should have used that for /fast/
Open file (17.54 MB 1280x720 bk improved.webm)
>>4781 >Those look stunning Thanks >Should have used that for /fast/ They're no longer around I believe Either way I've decided to paint The King's head as his chest as he's technically a dude in a mascot suit. Does it look better? I think it's much more cleaner now without the head clipping through the robes.
Open file (602.23 KB 582x631 toki closeup.png)
Open file (404.25 KB 341x712 toki.png)
Open file (633.43 KB 558x707 toki profile.png)
Open file (374.59 KB 436x575 toki closeup 2.png)
Open file (15.07 MB 1280x720 toki.webm)
There was one more model I was working on. The wasteland's Jesus: Toki. Other than the front part of the tunic being impossible to manage I'm overall very satisfied with the result. I was expecting some transparency issues on the eyes,so there's that. I'd say I'm going to call it for the time being. I'll try to fiddle with the PS2 emulator and try to extract one more model, though I wouldn't expect any more models from my end until the next tournament approaches. Here's one last zip containing both Toki and the BK from >>4782. https://anonfiles.com/r7C0yeC5y1
>>4775 I would let him in.
Open file (537.68 KB 692x677 patlabor computer.png)
>>4787 You see, I imagine he would be too self aware of a pick for /monarchy/'s manager. Talking from an spectator's perspective the best thing would be to have him in as a medal player. It would be something else to have BK scoring one for the team then celebrating with a dance. Have him rot away with the subs would be almest choice he could come up with and yet the one I'm expecting the most. As for the weeb reps, I sense there's the same issue as with BK in that they all clash with the style of /a/'s team. Moreover I believe they may be reluctant to updating their lineup with already existing models. If ony we had /animu/ around we could use them as a dumping ground. Given that they hadn't had any models to begin with I doubt they have would set any drawback.
Open file (265.73 KB 341x712 toki arm fix.gif)
Open file (529.73 KB 580x707 postal dude fix.png)
Open file (484.13 KB 582x690 mchunter fix.png)
I've been working on some fixes as I was converting a new model that's going to give me a migraine if I intend to rig it into a player. Since I hated Toki's old arm gesture I've tweaked his stance a bit, so now he looks a bit more menacing. Additionally, working on Toki gave me a new perspective on how to work around transparencies. Since the proplem with transparencies was that the alpha channel ate the mesh that was behind it, I can load the transparent textures as a separate model so that the transparency won't have anything to overlap. This fix did help with both Postal Dude and MC McHunter. However, I've been trying with Not Important to no avail. Wonder if I'll haev to tinker with materials on Blender to fix it.
Open file (816.24 KB 719x721 scopedog front.png)
Open file (512.41 KB 375x720 scopedog.png)
Open file (496.71 KB 384x720 scopedog back.png)
Open file (624.98 KB 537x720 scopedog profile.png)
Open file (16.24 MB 1280x720 scopedog.webm)
Taking a giant mecha with the body of a fridge wasn't the greatest idea for a player. Another one for the anime /animu/? team: Scopedog. After rigging and mapping the UV coordiantes of the extracted model I had to take a lot of creative liberties for the model to take the shape of the template model. Very troublesome were the three loose vertices that took me 3 hourse to discover and had me nagging back and forth with a corrupted model. Plenty of blood and sweat went for this niggerfaggot, albeit the result is most pleasant. I'm somewhat proud with the result, though it would be better if it didn't lift its arms, otherwise the pauldrons are shrunk down in strange ways as seen in video. There is one small detail I want feedback on and that's the visor that's very gently moving outside of the rails of the helmet. I genuinely thought the visor would move sideways as it's expected from the robot. One last thing I want to bring attention to is that I didn't rip the gun it had. Should I? He would be waving it across the field like a madman, plus I remember such thing being funny as with Yoshimitsu stabbing himself mid-field. Here's the zip with Scopedog and the previously fixed models from >>4794 https://anonfiles.com/0cC2m8E4y2/Faces_7z All been said, I believe these 4 players, that is Scopedog, Toki, Batou and Zodd already merit a team of their own. How about reviving /animu/ and pitting these in? They didn't have any models of their own and two anime teams would make a fun rivalry.
>>4788 >>4796 It's good that you're deciding to make models but please consider asking the boards first before deciding to change their rosters based on that. Scopedog would've been a good player for /mecha/ but that board is dead.
>>4797 (me) I also think that a better idea would be making models for some of the more active teams (you can start with something like /2hu/ which has only some players remaining without those).
Open file (131.90 KB 554x553 araki & friends.jpg)
>>4797 >>4798 So it's settled that /animu/ is the dumping ground then. >please consider asking the boards first I'm having a very hard time imagining they would resist against it when they didn't renew their team with zero models for the ICUP7. Besides, most of the players they have are most likely spur of the moment and have no more importance than anything else anime related. I might consider making a thread there, but considering the shitshow that was the zzz/v/ thread I would rather stay here and make any relevant updates every now and then. >a better idea would be making models for some of the more active teams Most ideas for players I have aren't based on looking at roster pages and giving certain player a model. I believe it's a better idea to look for models available to be snatched first then make any team entries accordingly. Hopefully the /monarchy/ CEO doesn't disavow the BK. >you can start with something like /2hu/ Someone dropped a model collection for both /japan/ and /2hu/ sometime in mid-August. There was also that /monarchy/-tan model that didn't make it in time. If you may, try to post all scattered models in this thread so that one day someone most likely not me tries to implement them into the game. Besides, >/2hu/ Isn't that the team with the greatest number of models in the cup? Wouldn't that be redundant? If anything I would set my sights on /sp/ that's easily the most deserving of custom models. Note that I'm not promising anything. I'm not a modeling guy, I simply rip shit from games.
>>4799 Do it for the captains of the more popular or successful teams, like /cuckquean/, /christian/, /ita/ and /japan/
Open file (1.54 MB 1018x985 bob page front.png)
Open file (828.46 KB 485x1032 bob page.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 684x1035 bob page profile.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 997x1024 postal dude front.png)
Open file (965.15 KB 550x1019 postal dude.png)
Bob Page's facemask looked like someone drew his face on some dude. Took some time today to port his actual model from DX into the game. Did the same thing for Postal Dude. His model looked like a head on top of a pencil neck. https://anonfiles.com/6fF7k8Fay1
Open file (26.54 KB 376x498 hmn.jpg)
Open file (71.83 KB 492x712 xaviermodel.jpg)
Open file (311.87 KB xavier.mp3)
While scavenging for models I've discovered that apparently AS released the Xavier: RA the very show used. It was apparently meant to be used in a contest to create your own Xavier mini-episode. If I were to port him into the game, what team would he even fit in? There's that mexican cartoon board but the team's centered around CalArts/not-anime western cartoons, so doubt he would fit the bill. >>4804 >do it for the captains of the more popular or successful teams, like /cuckquean/, /christian/, /ita/ and /japan/ >search for models of incredibly niche topics that may not even exist or maybe make it yourself dunno lol >>4774 showcases my artistic strengths in modeling. I can work around with facemask/head replacements templates, not fully-fledged models. There are some models for /monarchy/, /japan/, /2hu/ lying around in this board so porting them would have been the better suggestion. >/cuckquean/ Die in a hole.
>>4811 When will /robowaifu/ get models and a team? Its not that difficult to make models for them.
Open file (412.77 KB 654x1000 DSC06475-1000x1000h.png)
>>4812 Is /robowaifu/ still on the webring? I'm glad to hear they're still around. >when will /robowaifu/ get a team? Go ask them sometime later when the head rigger is around, he might throw a shitfit at the thought of new teams joining.
>>4799 >Isn't that the team with the greatest number of models in the cup? Wouldn't that be redundant? I mentioned them because there are still some players without models and also as a good starting point >/sp/ You're going only to have luck with players like CR and maybe Mahomes or Davis. >>4811 I don't think there's a good team to fit that. >I can work around with facemask/head replacements templates, not fully-fledged models. Didn't you make full models for the /v/ team? Either way, the thread you made in /animu/ had some resources (pics and vid related) that could help you get started. >>4812 >>4813 /robowaifu/ is currently on Julay one of the only two good boards left there but they didn't say anything back when SKF asked them. >spoiler Do you want to have another Autist inviting soyjaks event?
Open file (144.80 KB 999x945 bad1.png)
Open file (174.51 KB 1280x952 bad2.png)
Open file (166.11 KB 1311x951 good1.png)
Open file (212.47 KB 1321x956 good2.png)
Open file (180.05 KB 1323x959 good3.png)
>>4814 >there are still some players without models As of now I'm working on porting some of the assets that didn't make it when they were posted here in late August. Looking at the /2hu/ roster for reference made me realize whoever rigged doesn't know shit. When rigging a model, specially female players you ought to make sure her arms and shoulders fit 1:1 with the reference model. For instance, Chen's arm in the image above falls between the template's shoulders and arms. This means part of her arm is treated as if it was part of the shoulder blades and the rest is treated as her limb. This in turn will make her arms dislocate in strange ways as the 2nd spoiler in >>4779 showcases. However was watching at the time of /2hu/'s matches may not have realized since the weeb artstyle alleviated most of the rigging process' faults, but have a more realistic model like the DoA girls in >>4779 and the result is going to be an absolute eyesore you want to wipe off your screen, which is why I've put on hold all female players I wanted to add into the game. >didn't you make full models for the /v/ team? I have ported fullbody models into the /v/ team. What I can't do is make the model myself, or at the very least make a competent one. >the thread you made in /animu/ had some resources (pics and vid related) that could help you get started Even though I suck shit at modeling, the biggest gripe I have is with texturing, ofr which I haven't found any decent tutorials yet. At most I can fill a selection in GIMP with the bucket tool, kind of like I did with FOE's face, where I traced his face from an image. Doing actual drawfag chores surpasses me. Can you post me some resources on GIMP/Krita autism? >spoiler No.
Open file (1.41 MB 1037x996 hatate closeup.png)
Open file (1020.42 KB 688x1001 hatate profile.png)
Open file (867.67 KB 513x1036 hatate.png)
Open file (899.42 KB 544x1033 hatate back.png)
Open file (9.72 MB 1920x1080 hatate.webm)
One player for /japan/ that was lying around in that .zip. I'd wager she looks better than the rest of 2hu players considering the botch job made. The shoulders look OK in spite of being comically large, but that's a given considering how cartoony animey the model looks. Overall she looks acceptable, a little rough around the edges but I refuse to keep working on her given the models isn't that interesting to begin with. At least I seem to have avoided the triple limbs that the Wing Diver had. I had made a gradient on the skirt so it looked better, but I had to redo the weight painting since some vertices apparently had gone with value 0, and I'm not willing to repeat that. https://anonfiles.com/xe53r9F1y8 >>4814 I've bene giving it some thought. >I don't think there's a good team to fit that Doesn't /japan/ have Bane in it? I've Ctrl+F the board and there are zero results on 'Bane' or anything Baneposting.
>>4814 I am one of the Vol's there. The BO doesn't check their email very much. >>4816 >What I can't do is make the model myself, or at the very least make a competent one. I could make some models for /robowaifu/. Though rigging is something I am still getting better at. I can't speak for any other anons who would want to contribute from there and its really his decision for the board to participate from what I am gathering.
Open file (1.13 MB 781x1027 tenshi closeup.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 784x1028 tenshi profile.png)
Open file (897.79 KB 535x1029 tenshi.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 611x1032 tenshi back.png)
Open file (9.37 MB 1280x720 tenshi.webm)
Tenko, that's another /japan/ model that was lying around. Again, she's far from perfect but ostensibly better rigged than most other toehoes in either /japan/ or /2hu/. https://anonfiles.com/LbE4taFdyc Wouldn't it be better to have a git to commit in order to upload and update all these models? Scavenging threads has to be a big chore.
Open file (59.48 KB 640x472 just a soldiah.jpg)
>>4820 It's nice to hear someone from /robowaifu/ stepping forward. >I could make some models for /robowaifu/ Do you mean to make the custom model yourself? That would be very sweet. /robowaifu/ can be a very creative team, be it with players representing /clang/ or /doll/ fetishism, or perhaps ripped models for the favorite /robowaifu/ picks. For instance, that Nickelodeon game recently featured XJ-9, which should be easy to rip. Ninjaripper recently added support for Xenia, so Fei-Yen from that Virtual-On game on the X360 is another possibility, and I'd wager at least someone has made a model for Chi from Chobits. Has Dolores from Zone of the Enders ever appeared in a game? >I can't speak for any other anons who would want to contribute You see, the thing with the /icup/ is that it's only a handful of anons who ever participate in it. As such, you're most likely to be pushing the team by yourself with no one giving you a helping hand. Either way, whether the team is chosen to participate or not is up to you. The main rigger's decision making is questionable at best when you have boards with 1PPY (post per year) like /egy/ or /sw/ participating; literal who boards like /film/ or /islam/ and even boards that bear no relationship with old 8ch at all (/fscchan/, /inch/); all of this over say a much more popular board like /animu/ or the incredible /lego/ team making it this year. If you want /robowaifu/ to participate go ahead. I honestly doubt anyone with any amount of power here will go against the idea of them joining in.
Open file (1.39 MB 967x1034 megumu closeup.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 710x1043 megumu profile.png)
Open file (678.74 KB 411x1024 megumu.png)
Open file (643.69 KB 401x1040 megumu back.png)
Open file (11.33 MB 1280x720 megumu.webm)
I actually like this model in spite of generally disliking newhus. She's kind of like a nipgirl cosplaying. Looks goofy but she's a keeper, by contrast, with the other 2hu models that /japan/ provided. The hair still leaks through the model, though that's subtle compared to the skirt shenanigans I had to fix. I believe this is the last /japan/ model I'm going to rig. That Sanae looked hideous and I don't give a shit about the dog. https://anonfiles.com/J5i8x8F9y1
Open file (1.79 MB 984x1018 FOE closeup.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 794x1031 FOE side.png)
Open file (1.79 MB 1026x1052 foASS.png)
Open file (969.90 KB 485x1045 FOE.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 536x1044 foe back.png)
>try to update FOE's existing model >make a new head and face >repurpose Lee's body from Tekken 7 >copy the texture in GIMP, make it orange and plaster it over the original with a layer mode >????????? >what you're seeing in screen I'm going to need Anon's opinion on this. On one hand it looks like IOSYS hired this man, yet on the other hand it looks competent enough to pass. In case it really looked like shit I would need to make my own textures since there is no way I know to adapt the original ones into something that's not a shade of uncanny. https://anonfiles.com/HcAcHaF5y0
Open file (805.80 KB 479x1001 nethack guy.png)
Open file (909.52 KB 540x1036 nethack guy back.png)
Open file (763.52 KB 627x879 nethack guy menu.png)
Open file (620.53 KB 478x744 nethack guy running.png)
I've been contemplating at ways to make this guy a bit more interesting. I'm not sure at what to add/place without him looking like some jumbled mess.
Open file (1.88 MB 1021x1012 yoshimitsu closeup.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 507x1030 yoshimitsu.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 648x1039 yoshimitsu profile.png)
Open file (14.03 MB 1920x1080 yoshimitsu.webm)
After a disastrous rip with a warped mesh I couldn't manage to straighthen out and after recreating his helmet from SC, I've managed to finally assemble Yoshimitsu's model into shape. As with his old model from Tekken Tag 1, I've had him be dressed up in the team's uniform, but unlike his old model that was cramped into the uniform's shape, I have been a bit more scrupulous as to where to place his armour. However it seems there's something that's still off about him. I'm not sure if it's the mask, or perhaps his pauldrons are comically large, though I would say it's an improvement over his old model.
Open file (1.26 MB 1009x1035 panzer cop closeup.png)
Open file (1.29 MB 968x1031 panzer cop profile.png)
Open file (688.92 KB 448x1032 panzer cop.png)
Open file (703.66 KB 458x1033 panzer cop back.png)
Open file (15.45 MB 1280x720 panzer cop.webm)
Saw this model lying around so I decided to load it into PES in a hurry. It's another one of my /animu/ players, which would make 5 by now. Given he's one dark edgy asshole I had to use the normal maps that the model came bundled with. I do have to say he looks pretty nifty so normal maps need to be researched. As seen in the video there are some vertices spazzing out in some areas, though it's such a minor issue I'm going to postpone it until I feel like fixing him. Whatever it may be the result's already pretty good. Here's the .zip with this model and the two previous ones I forgot to prepare links for: https://anonfiles.com/6346r8G6ye Had to remake this post since the hands were inverted and the thumbs were facing the opposite direction, you can still see it in the video.
Open file (228.99 KB 537x500 chen-and-ran-4.jpg)
all the anon links 404 except the last one
>>4838 >all the anon links 404 >all the /v/ players are now missing >there are no games I forgot that anonfiles uploads were disposable. Here's a zip with all the models ITT: https://mega.nz/file/0dF1WbIZ#eKq0k3ZwPn1vN18Ib0YoC5FtuPjTw9NE90pe06v2HD8 Had to use Mega even if I didn't want to use it. Doubt you'll get any more 404s now. Either way I'm calling quits here for a while. Hopefully there will be news about the next Infinity Cup in the coming months.
>>4822 Well considering that the head autist removed me as a mod and turned out to be an actual Brony furfag who "doesnt give a damn what happens on other sites" when I just told him about the discord cabal that was forming and coordinating raids on the board, I will not be making any models for Robowaifu. In english, Discord cabal = 4cuck tier boardshitting and no actual discussion will happen about anything ever. But I would be open to making models for other teams.
Open file (374.60 KB 220x232 steve nash what.gif)
Open file (183.33 KB 854x1280 Lupo_Lucio.jpg)
Open file (154.16 KB 1200x900 kyriakos.jpg)
Open file (33.95 KB 414x600 wade davis.jpg)
>>4883 >Well considering that the head autist removed me as a mod and turned out to be an actual Brony furfag who "doesnt give a damn what happens on other sites" when I just told him about the discord cabal that was forming and coordinating raids on the board ..........................................? >the head autist removed me as a mod So the /robowaifu/ BO removed you as a mod, >and turned out to be an actual Brony furfag and he's a furfaggot too. >who "doesnt give a damn what happens on other sites" Surely he does? The second sticky has a subtitle that reads NOTES & FRIENDS and links to other webring sites. >the discord cabal that was forming and coordinating raids on the board I wouldn't be surprised if there's a cabal of sorts given how deliberately shitty posts on zzz and PLW have gotten lately. Can you post proofs? To laugh at them if anything, kind of like those screencaps proving the tranny cult at cuck/r9k/. On modeling, have you ever ported models into the cup? I would suggest watching those blender tutorials on the 4cc wiki (https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials) if you haven't yet. We're still on PES17 for the next cup, I think. If you want to start porting models I'd suggest you take a look at the remaining models lying around on this board: >>4108 for some spare /monarchy/ player and >>4285 two /japan/ players that still haven't got ported (Sanae and Kyouko). /yuri/ was also planning on porting some models from Koikatsu Party over to PES (you'd need to look up that Blender tutorial on the 4CC wiki for this) as you can tell from this thread https://smuglo.li/yuri/res/2121.html if you feel like oding them the favour. If you already know the drill I'd suggest starting on something simple and not get too burnt out. As for players I want to see models for: >Lupo Lucio for /ita/ (dude dressed up as a furfag in children's show for /ita/lianos) >KyriakosGrizzly for /fit/ (swolelord himself, zzz/fit/ BO likes to larp as him; has a jewtube channel) >Wade Davis for /sp/ (once Kansas City's pitcher extraordinaire, was the face of /sp/'s GETs across 8ch.net; there should be a model for him in a baseball game)
Open file (32.19 KB 500x250 dotz with hair.png)
Open file (1.20 MB 1689x1409 wadina_sip.png)
Open file (1.24 MB 1013x1013 CR_becel_evongel.png)
Open file (35.01 KB 330x549 Crikmonkr.jpg)
>>4883 >>4885 If you want simpler suggestions /sp/ has plenty other yeems to choose from: >dotz (purple man that's an avid fan of the New York Yankees, enjoys going to saunas and eating apples; really simple character, just add '3' to some purple ball and you're done) >Wadina Davis (rule 63 caricature of Wade Davis; wears a Kansas City attire and looks like a dumb whore; appears as the crest of the team) >CR (short for Chinky Raccoon; every shiba dog that gets posted on /sp/ is CR; most recognizable wearing a Becel bucket on his head) >Crikmonkr (poorly written Cricket Monkey; every time anything Indian is posted on /sp/ an orangutan gets posted, specially when talking about cricket) If you haven't understood these players correctly just go ask the /sp/ros over at sportschan, they'll make sense out of it.
Open file (75.60 KB 851x1040 wii fit trainer front.jpg)
Open file (491.64 KB 478x1044 wii fit trainer.png)
Open file (11.34 MB 1280x720 wii fit.webm)
Open file (123.75 KB 792x969 starting strength.jpg)
Open file (5.51 MB 1280x720 starting strength.webm)
Some submissions for /fit/ who I believe to not have a new proper team yet. Here's the MEGA folder with all the models up to date: https://mega.nz/folder/oMVRmZjA#oV3Gv-m0N7uQvbRaXOrejw
>>4886 For dotz you don't even need a purple ball, you can just paint the entire face and body in purple and just draw the face on top of the solid color.
Open file (93.46 KB 541x832 doodle.png)
>>4886 I will see what I can do. No promises.
Open file (49.33 KB 706x893 1 gondolina home kit.jpg)
Open file (24.81 KB 525x690 1 gondolina away kit.jpg)
Open file (35.21 KB 421x599 2 magazine guy.jpg)
Open file (93.61 KB 1080x966 3 transparency issue.jpg)
Open file (112.83 KB 1079x959 3 how it should display.jpg)
Since the /eris/fag has decided to grace us with his presence again I'll forward him some questions in regards to modeling tricks and troubleshooting: >loading the kit texture onto a custom model There are a few custom models that utilize the kit texture on themselves, and the texture itself matches the kit that's selected on the team, whether the home kit or the away kit i.e. Gondolina from /late/ & /comfy/. How do you go around making this work? >posing regular PES model while keeping the body This one doesn't appear anywhere on either wiki. How did you manage to do the magazine on that /eris/ guy? Moreover the texture on the arms match that on the kit itself, in a similar way to Gondolina. >alpha channel on texture clashing with the rest of the model It's been forever and yet I haven't been able to fix this successfully. Apparently the Blender internal render appears to not understand how alpha channel transparencies work, creating some bizarre halo where the transparency should be. Problem is, PES inherits the same issue, producing some disgusting looking results. I'm certain Blender can actually display them properly, but I don't know how to consistently make it work. Has this ever happened to you? If you were given a model that had this issue, how would you fix it?
Open file (921.95 KB 845x1045 haruka closeup.png)
Open file (574.09 KB 416x1051 haruka.png)
Open file (754.11 KB 612x1048 haruka profile.png)
Open file (851.81 KB 855x1045 haruka back.png)
Open file (506.00 KB 1915x1052 5.jpg)
New model added to MEGA. This is another player for /animu/.
>>4935 Have they decided to update the roster? If so, what's the new team like?
>>4936 Nothing's been set on stone yet on their behalf. Besides, there's no hard deadline yet, so I doubt there's a reason to hurry. All of the models added so far have been so because I've felt like adding them brainstorming the models first over the players themselves can help you fill out your roster with something other than stock PES dudes if you're not autistic enough to model you entire team from the ground up.

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