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Open file (605.91 KB 973x971 Emblem.png)
/fit/ CLERMONT FOOT 63 09/11/2022 (Sun) 16:30:25 No.4675
BEST BOARD COMING THROUGH This will serve as /fit/'s hub for the upcoming 2023 ICUP 8, which will absolutely 100% happen because I believe it will.
Open file (53.95 KB 399x489 ogre warlord.jpg)
>he's going with it what are your plans on players? if /fit/ gets to participate I might consider scavenging for models for the team
>>4682 Here are just a few names I'll throw out there, some new, some from the current roster: >Kyriakos Grizzly (obviously) >Mark Rippetoe (you should know who this is) >Martin Berkhan (Leangains author) >Gigachad >Wii Fit Trainer (token woman) >Arnold Schwarzenegger >>crossfit Found a XNA model of Wii Fit Trainer that imported into Blender pretty well, all the textures, rigs, and bones are there. Unfortunately I don't know how to use Blender beyond that. I do have plenty of time, but if there's someone out there willing to spend their time rigging a vidya grill for virtual divegrass then please let me know.
scooby broteam zxyzz or whatever the fuck his name was i can't remember
Open file (1.01 MB 314x314 crossfit.gif)
>>4690 >female player I would hold onto that idea for the >crossfit player. when I think /fit/ I don't think of women honestly. as for other players, there should be enough /fit/ culture to not resort to hollyjew celebrities like Arnie, and perhaps you could get other /fit/ subjects like martial arts to appear. dunno, swimman, cardio, ??? As for some ideas: >starting strength >protein powder > > > .... I'm not very good ideafagging I'll give you that
>>4693 Consdering /v/ just had a box of Hitler: The Video Game we could probably have Starting Strength: The Book as a player
>>4700 sounds like a good idea
Open file (203.74 KB 220x165 dr light approves.gif)
>>4700 >Starting Strength: The Book I was thinking about a guy with killer thighs as a player, but that's not a bad idea. I haven't got much free time now but should get onto it in a week or so.
>>4690 For other player names, what was the name of that 4chan comic artist who made those pictures making fun of stupid shit said on /fit/? Other than that: >Socks and sandals >Leg Day >Convict Conditioning >Russian Popeye
>>4703 if you're actually a blenderfag with experience and nothing better to do, I got the Wii Fit Trainer ported into blender if you want to fuck around with it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/xszo87a7odxt3jp/WFT.zip/file
>starting strength >not 5/3/1/4noobs shoggy doggy
Open file (16.93 KB 382x382 flexing kyriakos.jpeg)
>>4734 >sage Sage negated, tell us what ideas do you have for players and why do you believe they're worthy of playing in the /fit/league.
>>4736 Who is this handsome guy Also I recall both a buff catholic priest and a buff Mecca goer, maybe they could rep
Open file (26.02 KB 354x404 5-1516969830.jpg)
>>4738 >a buff catholic priest and a buff Mecca goer that would be more of a /christian/ or /islam/ thing respectively. would be neat if we had them as 3d models but I honestly doubt it. if /fit/ BO really cares about his shit he should give priority to finding/creating a proper 3D Kyriakos model, most likely as a submission to a 3D modeler, much like the /monarchy/ guy
>>4739 Lift for the Queen
>>4739 Of course I'm going to find a Grizzly model. Or adapt an existing one in the swole king's likeness.
>>4741 Do you have high quality scans for the cover, backcover, etc of this book? I could do a model for that Starting Strength player in an instant.
Open file (35.92 KB 311x380 extracted cover.jpg)
Open file (203.25 KB 1024x1024 hitler.jpg)
>>4791 The image for the cover has a very low resolution and neither the backcover nor the spine are there. It would be better to look for eBay listings or similar. That's what had been used for the Hitler: the Videogame player.
Open file (24.80 KB 422x612 waiting.jpg)
>>4790 >>4791 zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz
Open file (2.12 MB 1244x1520 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4792 >>4793 i ran the cover through an online upscaler i use, I think it turned out ok, considering nobody is going to be taking a really close look at it anyways. i could also do scans of my physical copy, but I don't know how well they'll turn out.
Open file (315.09 KB 1080x1080 s-l1600 (1).jpg)
Open file (343.92 KB 1080x1080 s-l1600 (2).jpg)
Open file (227.15 KB 1600x1296 s-l1600 (3).jpg)
>>4800 >but I don't know how well they'll turn out Scanning your own copy would be great. What's more, taking photos of it would also look fine enough. What I've said, the textures for the Hitler box were actually taken from eBau listings, which is why it looks so realistic in spite of the model itself being a plain old box made of 8 vertices.
Open file (58.12 KB 629x831 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3z.jpg)
>>4800 >>4801 I'm waiting for the scans. Your turn.
>>4805 Happy Hanukkah.
>>4882 I still need the spine. A photo for the rim of the book (so the pages are seen) from both the top and the side would be welcome too.
Open file (386.54 KB 4470x273 Starting Strength Spine.jpg)
going to be vastly inferior because dumb android camera but here you go
>>4884 also have you touched the Wii Fit Trainer model at all? that'd be my top priority since it'll be the most difficult compared to a book with no animations. here are some side textures you can break down and use, I'm not going to be very picky about it. anymore than six polygons on this and you're doing something wrong.
Open file (759.24 KB 783x935 starting model front.png)
Open file (692.55 KB 772x908 starting model back.png)
Open file (243.35 KB 1268x882 wii fit regular.png)
Open file (243.76 KB 1232x920 wii fit bikini.png)
Open file (234.41 KB 1286x924 wii fit buttnaked.png)
>>4889 Alright here's your model. Will port it soon enough. I was going to pick up a book form the library on Monday because the rim of the book is an eyesore. Could you post a proper picture for the side I could do something to improve it at the moment. >have you touched the Wii Fit Trainer model at all? Do you truly want that model so badly? I was holding onto that idea in case you came up with something else. On the topic of the Wii Fit Trainer, your model comes with either her regular yoga clothes, a one piece swimsuit or a bikini is you body beach ready?, and then there's the possibility to have her butt-naked since your model apparently has a modeled vagina. You choose.
>>4891 It was a model made for smut so yes I know it has full genitals. I'd prefer her in the tank top and yoga pants without the towel.
>>4891 Also great job on the book, I love it.
>>4706 >Leg Day could see it as a regular playermodel with hueg thighs and calves but tiny stick arms and a skele physique otherwise.
>>4892 Alright here's how you guy looks like on PES. please make a proper photo of the book's rim this looks hideous >no towel The towel's a neat little detail, I like it. Why would you want to get rid of it. Moreover you can get rid of the logo on both the towel and the shirt, so you can delete the advertisement. Again, you decide: keep/don't keep advertisement and keep/don't keep towel.
>>4895 Why do the pages turn green in-game? Anyways here, proper photos. I'd like to keep the logo and remove the towel, since I think she's more recognizable without the logo but no such much with the towel. Also shows more skin without going into smut territory.
>>4896 Finally got around to updating the texture on Starting Strength. It looks like a book, for once. >Why do the pages turn green in-game? Shaders are on and the pitch is green. It shouldn't be so obvious on the yellowing pages now. The Wii Fit Trainer is going to take me some time. Women are a bitch to weight paint on PES, read >>4816. Their shoulders are too narrow and their torso much smaller.
>>4904 You can shrink her hips, they're already comically large in the default model so even if they're matched with her shoulders it should still look feminine. If you actually go through with this I will compensate you through BTC, anons that know what they're doing are few and far between these days and I'd like you to feel appreciated beyond just a few "thanks faggot" posts.
Open file (61.90 KB 844x1041 shadeless.jpg)
Open file (75.60 KB 851x1040 shaders and normals.jpg)
Open file (491.64 KB 478x1044 front.png)
Open file (449.09 KB 447x1049 back.png)
>>4905 Alright, done. Tried to make the shoulder slider on PES actually make a difference for once by deforming her body with a few previous skeletons. She's far from perfect but much better than any other female player on the tournament I'd wager. If you want me to I can post a video on how she moves on the models thread. As you can tell I've made a few different versions changing the shading setting in the .mtl file. Tell me which one do you prefer. Note that the shadeless version is impervious to any kind of lightning so she'll look out of place compared to other players. >anons that know what they're doing That's a bit of a stretch. >I will compensate you through BTC That would require me to set up a crypto wallet beforehand and I'm not too knowledgeable on that topic.
Open file (59.10 KB 610x480 Bueno.jpg)
>>4906 I think that shaders and normals look the best. Is there any way you can shrink her hips/butt any more? It looks quite wide in that last pic. If not I don't mind, it's only going to be a few pixels on a crusty JPEG stream anyways. If you have a video of her in-game that'd be great as well. Also at the risk of giving you an aneurysm, do facial animations work? >That would require me to set up a crypto wallet beforehand and I'm not too knowledgeable on that topic. I use Electrum, it's pretty straightforward. https://electrum.org/#home
Open file (2.72 MB 320x240 $599_US_Dollars.mp4)
>>4907 >I think that shaders and normals look the best I remember she did look shadeless on her own game though I too prefer the normals and shaders combination for PES. >Is there any way you can shrink her hips/butt any more? I take it that's the fitness fad among women nowadays. Either way, the junk in the trunk was there in the model itself, I didn't make it any larger. If you explicitly want me to crop her ass you can ask me to but I think it's a non-problem. >do facial animations work? No. Not even the mega autists in the cuckchan cup have achieved it. I'll try to post the vid in the models thread. In the meantime gib moneys to this address. Hopefully I didn't fuck it up: bitcoin:bc1qk9m8wjwkaa9jtkc3gwyas6gaucpfgrlkmjgrah?time=1670171321&exp=86400 bc1qk9m8wjwkaa9jtkc3gwyas6gaucpfgrlkmjgrah
Open file (460.84 KB 1300x1300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4908 Watching that video in the other thread, her thighs/butt/hips are way WAY too fat. if you look at WFT in her game her physique is nowhere near that thick. If it's not too difficult I'd like for her lower region to be shrunk down to realistic proportions.
Open file (451.99 KB 440x1039 wiifit (1).png)
Open file (319.09 KB 312x1042 wiifit (2).png)
Open file (407.08 KB 409x1036 wiifit (3).png)
>>4910 What do you know, perhaps she made up her mind about her career in teaching yoga and decided to become a powerlifter. She needs those legs, you know. Updated the model on MEGA. Hopefully that's all that I need to change from her.

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