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CLERMONT FOOT 63 08/20/2022 (Sat) 20:04:53 No.4262
Request to remove /leftypol/ from icup pls.
not your safe place
Open file (759.82 KB 900x1713 shit.png)
>>4290 Commies a shit
A sneak peek at the final
>>4292 >implying redditpol won't get the shit kicked out of it
>>4294 I will accept the commie concession of defeat now pls.
what do you mean OP, /trannypol/ has already been removed from the cup
>>4577 They shouldn't have even competed in the first place tbqh; /trannypol/ must be purged. Like a parasite, they masquerade as an imageboard to disguise their true, malicious form -- an extension of r*ddit and all the stupidity r*ddit represents.
Open file (6.80 KB 200x200 comfy.png)
i seriously find it hilarious how anyone can be this mad over some distant board
>>4621 I just want to remove any signifier of the stain of leftism from the planet; their upper middle class tendencies are destructive to all they touch and I see no reason to placate a class that will be heavily curtailed by natural historical processes in the coming future anyway.
Open file (48.49 KB 791x435 B^U_shadow.jpg)
>>4623 you could at least use a different image >>4298 i know your board tan isn't very popular but still
>>4624 >your board tan It's /leftypol/'s board tan; I just post it because it's a rapeable creature. Will get new OC soon (TM) but currently exceptionally busy.
>>4625 you were the nigger who used to make a new thread on zzz/b/ to repost your same 5 images over and over, right? I think I've seen you in other boards. >it's a rapeable creature catgirls are generally shit but that one is doubly shit, wouldn't waste my time with it.
>>4626 >catgirls are shit Catgirls are the asymptotic ideal of femininity; the perfect form people attempt to aquire but cannot quite achieve no matter how much they try. >that one is doubly shit Why?
Open file (56.80 KB 370x370 1532454502.jpg)
>>4627 >ignoring the question Thanks for confirming your identity. I didn't miss you.
>>4628 And you never answered my question about why commiecat is a uniquely shit catgirl. Looks pretty 10/10 to me tbqh.
>>4629 >you never answered my question ugly face, no good looks or sex appeal, dumb hairstyle, unremarkable attire, ugly hat that's not the funny 2hu kind and retarded character motif (gommunism). Either that or no artist has ever done her true justice ????? I already know the answer to my question so you don't need to answer me.
Open file (13.98 KB 639x326 co has no comics.png)
>>4623 >upper middle class tendencies Have you even been to that place? They call for classicide of liberals and anyone not working class on a regular basis. Pretty sure being a liberal or Democrat supporter is a bannable offense.
>>4630 >ugly face How though? Looks alright to me. >no good looks or sex appeal Did you miss the massive tits? >retarded character motif That just makes raping it more fun. >>4631 They can say whatever they want; they're edgy liberals that realize liberals are cringe and so pretend to hate them. I've known those kinds of people and for all their rants against liberals and the upper middle class they always seem to come from families that have nice high paying white collar professional jobs that pay for them to go to college and aspire to those same upper middle class white collar professional careers. To the extent that they're not upper middle class it's because there simply aren't enough upper middle class professional jobs for the number of upper middle class white collar professionals graduating from college, so a lot of them end up as failsons working as Starbucks baristas. But being an upper middle class kid who fucked up doesn't make you not upper middle class; it makes you an upper middle class failure. In a way, the dynamic between /leftypol/ and liberals is like that between /pol/ and nonwhites. They both rage against these groups and yet 90% of them are members of those same groups.
>>4632 With the main difference being that I've known nonwhites that are nice to be around but spending time with upper middle class people near universally makes me want to drive my head through a brick wall.
>>4630 > Either that or no artist has ever done her true justice > true justice Alunya is originally flat or at least close to it. Only the "commiecat"poster's commissions have her with huge breasts.
>>4641 The implication that I have ever paid for art is insulting tbqh. Also the name is still commiecat and it still must have massive tits.
>>4642 Because young adults, by and large, are naïve, gullible and idealistic, and vulnerable to influence and molding. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ cult has been very good at PR, propaganda and indoctrination, particularly in the public and university school systems. Combined with the world's natural hatred of Christ, the results are sadly not surprising. Christian parents will send their impressionable children to a public school to be catechized in secularism for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 12 years or so, and then further catechized at a typical woke college for 4 more years or so, and are then are shocked when their kids depart from the faith. In short, Christian parents need to stop delivering their offspring to the Devil on a silver platter and need to engage in homeschooling and other alternatives. Also, notice how all of those terms: > Judgmental, Bigoted, Homophobic, Elitist, and Hypocritical Are the world's natural response when confronted with Christ: Judgmental: "How do you point out my sin and faults and the need for a Savior?!?!?" Bigoted: "How dare you say that Christ if the only Way, and all other ways are false?!?!?" Homophobic: "How dare you call their natural born lifestyle a sin!!!! It's just the way they are!!! They don't need to be born again!!!!" Elitist: "Oh, so you think the Way of Christ is soooo much better than any other religion or worldview or way of life? How can you be so arrogant?!?!?" Hypocritical: "Ha! I caught you slipping up! You're entire belief structure is thus completely invalid, and I escape any need to conform to it!"
>>4646 Tbqh most alphabet soup people issues will be "taken care of" as society deindustrializes. For example, there is no realistic way that society maintains a culture of bugchasing propped up by drugs like PReP when there is no PReP because no one can manufacture PReP because no one has industry. Either the bugchasers reform themselves or they die. Many other issues will play out in the same manner.

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