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On adding /v/ Supporter 06/02/2020 (Tue) 16:37:03 No.413
I kind of avoided the topic up until now because I wanted to wait and see where most people would settle in, but it seems to me that the more time passes, the more divided the vidya community of alt imageboards really gets. I still would love to have a /v/ rep play for us, but I think it's in bad taste having just one of the various /v/ invited over, seeing as they don't seem to cooperate much anyhow. So instead, I have three different propositions and I would like to know what you gents think fits the best with the spirit of the cup: 1) Invite no /v/ representative In order to be fair to both /v/ and all the other participating boards, perhaps it would be best if we just avoided them entirely and focused only on non-vidya boards. 2) Create a single /v/ team, shared by all /v/ or videogames based boards This is a bit trickier to do, I think we could use the old export from the last cup, but rather than having Mark in the team, we could use another /v/ meme that is above all the currently known boards. Basically, stripping away any feature that would make /v/-team coincide with any /v/-board. 3) Invite ALL videogames board, each with their own name This one is the one I'm leaning towards the least: basically, no vidya board can call themselves "/v/" but rather to join they have to have their own monicker. For example, /8moe/ would be 8chan.moe/v/, /zv/ would be Zchan's, /geimu/ would be PLK's etc. To offset possible butthurt, we could allow all /v/ boards to share player names if there's two of the same names. So, what do you guys think?
I can't keep track of all these board splittings. I'd say we should go with the 2nd option.
I would go for the first one
>>415 Maybe we should leave it to them whether they wanna join or not, if a /v/ board wants in we shouldn't refuse them.
Open file (498.01 KB 1800x2700 spaghetti sauce.png)
>>414 Right now we would have: /8kun/ for 8kun.top/v/ /8moe/ for 8chan.moe/v/ /antav/ for antares.oss /zv/ for zchan /julay/ for julay.world/v/ /vg/ for smug /geimu/ for PLK Then I think there's another one but I forgot honestly Also for option 2, how about we use "drawthread" for the missing player?
>>418 Should we count 9chan too? And 08chan as well...
>>418 I honestly doubt all of them would join, maybe one or two. Also >those names A lot of confusion is waiting to happen.
>>418 Go with sportschan /v/.
I'd say add 1 team though maybe adding a /vg/ as well
I feel that the third option would oversaturate the comp with /v/ boards. My first choice is 1) keep the first cup comfy, but the other option is fine too.
>>418 >freckles in armpit, not shoulders sensble_chuckle'd. sauce?
>>413 >>418 Well, so far, here's the results of polling for participation: >8kun N/A and they wouldn't join anyhow >8moe Split between not wanting to participate, wanting to participate only if called /v/ proper, wanting to participate as part of a /v/ agglomerate or wanting to participate with a different name. >antares Probably will not participate, but they would like to be part of a agglomerate /v/ >zchan Would like to join as their own team >Julay They're not interested, at least their mods aren't >/vg/ I do not know if the meidos ate the post or if it just rolled back or got deleted. Will try again I suppose. >/geimu/ Not enough replies yet >/sp/ /v/ Not enough replies yet So it would seem we may have from one to three /v/ teams. If only one of them actually participates, we'll just call them /v/.
Open file (34.65 KB 700x700 VIPER is smart.jpg)
>>568 >>413 >Option 1 Honestly, the safest one, can't go wrong with it. You'd be just saving yourself a lot of trouble, and like that you won't have to bend rules and try to appease everyone. >Option 2 Objectively no go, no one wants to be in the same boat with the cult of personality Mark loyalists at kikechan and, judging by the asshurt replies on the thread you made there, it's clear their delusions of grandeur have melted what was left of their rotten reddit brains, and that they don't want to be with anyone else either. >Option 3 This could be doable but I fear it might be recipe for huge disaster. I don't mind any of the webring boards since none of them have shown animosity towards each other. I personally only browse /geimu/ and I've never seen anyone there shittalk zch/v/, smug/vg/ or anteres/v/, then on the other end of the spectrum you've got 8moe who's been spreading D&C from day 1 when fatchan was still alive with Mark being a pioneer of it, up til the present day, still spouting lies and slander about the webring and every other /v/ alt on it. If you allow any of the webring boards AND 8moe you're just asking for the chat to be filled with a massive fucking shitstorm of anons calling eachother kikes, niggers, pedos, feds, reddit, and whatever from start to the very end of the event without any pause inbetween, shitting each other's site in retaliation to losses or whatever, and constant bickering about who should be crowned The True /v/™ likely sparking further conflicts and drama. All of which is definitely not a fun or comfy prospect. >Nuclear Option >Screw 8moe: they are NOT part of the webring, in fact, they HATE the webring and not only are they very loud about it, they're still making up bullshit about it to this day. However, this, much like option 2, would probably still cause a big ruckus and major butthurt.
>>569 I like to watch 8moe spergs anyhow Also goobergate is part of 8chan culture like it or not
>>570 Doesn't zeech allow goobergape too?
>>571 I preemptively hate zeech because the admin keeps shotgun-spamming not only the webring but every IB they can find. Last time I checked the users were fine but fuck their admin. is goobergate different to gamergate?
>>573 >is goobergate different to gamergate? "Gator" or "goobergate" was Twitter SJW codeword for GamerGate, then got adopted by Julay or /cow/, however you see it, once they started sperging about GamerGate.
>>573 Well, how else is he going to get the word around? Antares didn't do it and they're deader than dead. I guess there's a limit to it or you become like 9chan, which is basically cuckchan with a lower PPH
>>573 He allegedly didn't shill his site, but I hate zeech mostly because of it's rulecuckery.
>>568 It's gonna be pretty confusing when six million different /v/'s join the cup. I certainly can't keep track of them all.
>>569 Most of us cross-post faggot. We just don't feel the need to shill our opinion on it every five seconds unlike the schizo posters who go full-sperg every time the topic is mentioned. >they're still making up bullshit about to this day I've seen a bunch of "they're d&c, they're shilling, they're making up lies", but I've never seen any of that on 8moe, and the posts declaring this are always full of lies and half-truths. >>581 Doesn't surprise me those guys picked up SJW slang. Julay and /cow/ are basically KiwiFarms, which has direct ties to SA, Weird Twitter, and other goon gay ops. They all share a similar, awful sense for what a "good" meme is. 8chan only mattered and built the community it did because of GamerGate. It's autistic that some people are trying to rewrite history and distance themselves from it. In fact, I'd basically consider it the root of actual d&c around the webring. The fact that Julay and /cow/ are also tied to /ggrevolt/ explains an awful fucking lot.
>>600 I should mention, I don't think we should ever allow any -revolt or anti-board-x kind of boards. >8chan only mattered and built the community it did because of GamerGate. It's autistic that some people are trying to rewrite history and distance themselves from it. I'd argue that the reality of it all is that the remnants of banned 4/pol/ posters and Goons who betrayed Something Awful for being too caustic are the backbone of what GG was able to accomplish. Nowadays it's just people circlejerking, but at its origin gaymergoiym had some serious backup from 4/pol/ dissidents that became 8/pol/ users before 2016.
>>600 >I've never seen any of that on 8moe >first thing he does is accuse others of d&c while defending 8moe >muh julay >muh /cow/ >NO U >still trying to d&c way to prove him right fucking retired, kek
>>603 Here we go, it's already starting before the games have even begun.
>>604 >I posted d&c while accusing the boogeyman of the month of d&c >now someone is berating me and this makes me upset >how could this be happening to me? do you have any self awareness? do you even pass the rouge test?
>>605 I don't
>>605 I'm neither the guy you replied to nor am I picking sides, I'm just pointing out what >>569 predicted is already coming true ITT. Also learn to use your shift key.
>>569 >Objectively no go, no one wants to be in the same boat with the cult of personality Mark loyalists at kikechan Why don't we only 2 /v/ teams, have the Mark team called /ea/ and have the other team called /vidya/ or something

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