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Open file (10.44 KB 150x150 wiki logo.png)
Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:14:59 No.3
In order to start breathing some life into this board, I'll start posting updates from my efforts at editing the wiki. This will also serve as a thread to handle any suggestions/complaints/requests regarding the wiki.
The page for the most recent cup can be found here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/2019_Summer_Infinity_Cup Currently, half of the teams that participated in the latest Cup (from /2hu/ to /kind/) have had their team pages updated to account for stats accrued in the 5th Infinity Cup.
>>4 >>3 As a quick update, all teams who participated in the 2019 Summer Cup/Infinity Cup 5 have had their team pages properly updated. This was completed a while back, so I've moved on to QoL and next cup edits as well.
>>119 Thanks lad, you're a life saver I saw how diligently you put together the wiki over time, it was some inspirational stuff
Awesome, thank you OP. I think an equivalent to this page would be useful for teams on the edge of whether to participate: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Requirements [note to readers: that's the 4CC wiki, not our one!]
>>129 You can look here http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules It's not been updated for the next Cup, but the medal rules and roster rules are staying the same.
Bumping this thread up to the top because there's been a lot of posts about things on the wiki being unclear, needing a polish, or even straight up not being there. Reply to this post with what needs adding/changing/improving and either myself, or someone who can volunteer their time, will be able to at least have a list to work off of.
>>482 What's missing is the History section on most teams, I know most of the lore must have been lost to the ages by now but it'd be great if someone could still fill some of it in.
>>484 From a storytelling standpoint, yes you're right, we're gonna be lacking there. We do have the match results though, so we can still at least do a surface level retelling of what happened.
>>484 I'd rather see descriptions for all the in-jokes to be honest
>>489 This. All the 4CC teams had a roster page explaining (or exemplifying) what player names referenced. I noticed little to none of of that here. I can do my own team and little bits of others. (Or are you talking more about PES in-jokes? implyingrigged has a fun glossary for those)
>>491 >>489 I'll be asking teams to fill in their roster pages in the lead up to the Cup. It makes the commentators' jobs easier.
>>492 Just did some work on /otter/, can't really do it for the other teams though.
>>485 We should at least have some introductory text for each team I think. Looking at numbers is boring.
>>482 I think inactive teams should have their own separate section on the homepage.
>>495 There's different team categories already.
>>497 I'm thinking of the Teams box on http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Template:MP-featured It could be split vertically into two sections, with current teams in the first section and legacy teams below.
>>484 I added all I could for /ausneets/ if that helps
Updated the Cup page with the 28 teams that will play for the Cup: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6
>>889 nice when's the logo gonna be revealed?
>>898 I'm planning a small update stream in about two weeks, I'll reveal it then. It'll be a test stream with a few friendlies, also to see the viability of other streaming sites in case Cytube and Twitch don't hold hands and make up.
>>3 Who exactly owns/runs the wiki?
>>1901 It's hosted on shoutwiki, and I'm an admin of it. The first admin, shoutwikinamefag I think still has privileges as he's the one who created it.
>>1904 Will there be any plans to migrate the wiki to Miraheze?
Winter cup? What is this?
>>1907 I'll be doing something in the form of a Cup during Winter. Likely aiming for January/February, but details are still foggy.
>>1906 Currently reading up on migrating a wiki. Miraheze seems viable.
Alright here's the update on the wiki like i promised. I tested pulling pages using my admin role over the wiki, which ended up being insanely easy and can be done over and over with minimal fuss. As for the images, that's a problem. I'll need to contact an admin of Shoutwiki itself to get access to everything, and I do want EVERYTHING. The history of things is tracked through the images so I'd prefer to have everything in front of me to reupload to Miraheze rather than the now-more-probable process of running scripts to grab everything and reuploading it to the new wiki. So the images are the current hang up since no one at Shoutwiki is getting back to me. And since I'm a moron, I must take the time to learn how to pull shit via a script, or bug someone who knows how to already. So that's the current status of the wiki. Oh there's also been requests to put OC and shit onto the booru, so I've somewhat started to do that as well.
Miraheze has declined my request to create a wiki there in the preliminary. They're requesting more details, like scope and purpose of the wiki before granting it. They're also requesting a link to the current iteration of the wiki. If I provide those things, then they will reconsider. I can only forsee this going badly.
Open file (47.78 KB 299x565 THAT'S IT.jpg)
Update: WE'RE IN
I can see that edit on /otter/'s page on the wiki. I still read and edit it dammit. Shoutwiki a shit
>>2216 huh?
>>2219 Someone edited in "Does anyone read this?" on /otter/'s page.
Open file (46.05 KB 767x852 handling pol.png)
Update: Most team logos are transferred over, missing a few historic logos and one-off teams. I was also able to solve the issue of /late/ & /comfy/'s name. They will properly show now, instead of their previous workaround of /latecomfy/. Only thing I'm going back and forth on for the moment is handling old /pol/ and new /pol/ and keeping them separate. Not sure whether to go with some capitalization or the name squatting with the I instead of the l like before.
>>2531 Name squatting + different colors and logos seems good enough.
>>2531 >>2532 The logos and colors are certainly enough to differentiate. It's the presentation of the text that ends up being the problem. I'll go name squatting because the more I look at it, the more the capital letters look out of place.
Open file (6.82 KB 301x127 hatnote.png)
>>2531 I agree, typosquatting looks much better, even if technically incorrect. I'd add a sneaky 'hatnote' for Not to be confused with /poI/ - Poetry and Lyrics / ''Not to be confused with /pol/ - Politically Incorrect', just for fun.
>>2531 political /pol/ came first as a team, so I think they get dibs on the wiki name on the other hand poetry pol was the one to participate in the last cup, while the political one sat out I think we should let the people decide on that
Hello, I'd like to create a new team for /interracial/ from 8chan moe. However I noticed that there seems to be some sort of vetting process to get a new team in. What should I do to get it added?
>>2536 Well, you need a board culture first. You can't just have seven players called WN cuck or /pol/ and five players named extinction hypno. (srsly though, this is the wiki thread. look at the threads where teams have proposed themselves like >>2407 and copy their template into a new thread. you need player names and uniforms at least. uniform template is >>2325 , image above has labels. then await comments by the committee)
>>2535 >>2534 Typosquat wins out. Old pol has claim to the old name, but you wouldn't even notice if I didn't tell you.
>>2538 No, I knew of it from the thread where they insisted they deserved the /pol/ monicker.
>>2539 what thread is that?
>>2540 You know what, I was SURE I had that thread in mind but now I can't find it anymore. Huh. Goes to show that hearsay is just not a valid way to raise a complaint. Regardless, if /pol/ proper wants to join and they end up bringing people over, I'd prefer it over /poetry/, but as long as they don't care or don't put nearly as much effort as /poetry/ I think that we can let them have it and just I dunno call the political one /POL/ on the wiki who cares.
>>2541 but we already have a solution with calling one /pol/ and the other /poI/.
>>2541 It's not like I won't audibly call them "pol" during games and such, it's just making it fit in with the structure of the wiki and making sure you know where to go. Everything is well linked, you'll never be in a situation where you click on /pol/ and end up on the wrong team.

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