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CLERMONT FOOT 63 04/27/2021 (Tue) 15:18:26 No.2613
Sup /icup/, I'm from the other memeball competition on halfchan and I've had an idea for a little while: organizing a Meme World Cup in which each participating international image board sends a team representing their culture. This would still be a ways off because our 2021 schedule is stupid amounts of full, but just letting you know in advance that this may happen. Would /icup/ be interested in sending an all-star team for a possible meme world cup?
Open file (24.44 KB 340x212 wiki.png)
Potential issues worth knowing in advance: >we just had the GCUP which is basically what you described (picrel) >we use PES 2017 >we have different roster rules, especially regarding gold/silver/bronze >we have no live management at the moment Is this a solo proposal by a fan or on behalf of 4CCC? If the later, I will ask for proof. What do you know about the ICUP so far?
>>2613 That'd be swell. Do we have a deadline to think this over?
>>2613 I'd be delighted to have a cross-imageboard competition of some sort, even a meme one. We would accept it, but do you have proof to back up your words? We're in a bit of a sticky situation right now due to some schizo spamming the whole Webring with a copypasta pointing to us, so we're kind of on edge when it comes to these things. I'd also vouch for a Webring team representing all sister IBs as our reps.
No hard deadlines at all for now, this is just an elevator pitch, and this is NOT an "official" 4CC thing, although the 4CC is also OK with sending an All-Star team (if someone can manage it). >>2614 Solo proposal. It's a thing I've been mulling over for a number of years (since I also have ties with some italian *chans) but never acted upon until now. I did see the GCUP but I think your concept is more like Dag's Multinational Bowl than an inter-chan tournament like I've been wanting to do. Anyway, that cup is part of the reason the ball got rolling in the first place; during it I talked about the meme world cup to someone from Kraut who expressed interest, and then someone from ylilauta caught wind of it and mailed me so they're now in the process of building their own team, so I thought I'd ask here and at the 4CC's commissioner as well too. As for being on 17, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Porting aes to 18 to 21 format is not exactly automatic, but it can be done.
>>2619 >since I also have ties with some italian *chans Are you familiar with /ita/ at all? Actually, what kind of imageboards are you talking about, DC, Vecchiochan etc.?
>>2620 Yeah I keep an eye on /ita/, DC, Niuchan and very occasionally Vecchiochan as well.

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