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Open file (387.57 KB 750x650 29320.png)
Adding a bit of flair to the teams CLERMONT FOOT 63 04/03/2021 (Sat) 11:22:53 No.2505
I think it would really make the matches stand out more from the older Infinity Cup if we somehow managed to recreate some 3D players, at least for the medals of the mainline teams that don't really have them, like /christian/ or /co/. To that end, I was wondering if anyone knew or had the time to look up and monitor which players have already had a customized model or face. I say this as we could very easily solve many more "generic" names by using pre-existing assets.
>>2505 This is an excellent idea. Though I don't really know many places where you could take free 3d models, at least for vidya you got the models resources site.
Yep, this is the dream. Like >>2507 said, it's about find places we can rip em for free, otherwise we make them from scratch. For human characters, it's actually a bit easier. If all we need to edit is the face, that's stored separately from the model. It's actually the easiest thing to simply pop off the default PES head and put on newly modelled one. It gets complicated when you get to replacing the body.
>>2507 >Though I don't really know many places where you could take free 3d models Sketchfab has many, but make sure they are free and downloadable before linking. Blendswap has a smaller collection but everything is free and downloadable. Good resource: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials#Finding_Models
>>2509 I'll look up these. But still, it would be a great help if someone was to document the ones already being used.
>>2505 Assuming one would like to try out these models, what version of PES should we use? Also is there a link already up for a download?
>>2512 This is the version the ICUP runs on currently. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017
>>2512 This is the exact version we use. Install as instructed. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017
>>2514 Thanks lad.
>>2514 Are the GCUP exports available anywhere?
>>2517 Not yet. SKF is currently busy moving the wiki. If he manages to find some free time for it, then it should be available soon.
>>2518 aight cheers
>>2505 Lads, you're going about this the wrong way. /lego/ achieved peak 3d model perfection so all future models should be recoloured /lego/ models. Think about seeing anime lego figures take on otter lego figures or bane lego figures against a /hyper/ themed lego team.
>>2520 I know that LEGO porn is a thing, and I don't judge
>>2520 you're making me want to see a fully reskinned Lego Soccer
Open file (283.63 KB 474x500 47.png)
Found some really great 3D models, will work on the export in the weekend. Wish me luck boys.
>>2523 based, good luck
>>2522 If /lego/ ever wins a cup the next joke cup should be with entriely lego models
>>2523 How did this go anon?
Open file (90.10 KB 480x640 britfeel.png)
Open file (39.86 KB 910x512 lang.jpg)
Open file (669.68 KB 1024x708 gamergatehq.png)
>>2719 sorry for the late reply, anon I was having some fun with it but my laptop got fried, I'm still waiting for a replacement to come in but I've got a small list of models I wanted to add (mostly medal players where I don't need to do too much work on).
I really want to help out too. Are there good tutorials for 3D modeling? Even at its most base form.
>>2505 where's the blenderfag at
>>3420 sup?

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