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Open file (46.19 KB 668x702 latecomfy.png)
/late/+/comfy/ Supporter 05/15/2020 (Fri) 17:59:13 No.249
These greatest allies of imageboards will be assembling a team together. We still need ideas for our roster though.
>>249 Oh damn, I wasn't expecting you guys to reply. Glad to have you in! That is one heck of an emblem, the color coordination is sublime!
What should the team even be called? Just "/late/+/comfy/" sounds a little boring.
I've got the perfect anthem already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWKEJzfNDbk
I tried assembling a nice team of /late/ and /comfy/ stuff, what do you think? Main: >Nightwalk >City Lights >Gondola >Minecraft >Take it easy! >Nap Time >Tea Time >Blankets >Sweet Dreams >Hot Chocolate >Good Morning! Bench: >Sleeping Bag >Home >Rainclouds >Stargazing >Comfy Dog >Sunset >...?
>>251 I think naming it /late/ & /comfy/ would be fine, we don't need anything complicated.
What should our kits be? Comfy pyjamas?
The team's wiki page has been created. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//late/_and_/comfy/
The name structure of this team is kind of fucking with how the templates on the Wiki call images and whatnot, do you mind if I just call you guys /RELAX/ and just mention that both /late/ and /comfy/ are behind this team?
>>295 Either that or /chill/ would be nice. t. rarely use either board
>>295 (It'd be more comfy in lowercase)
>>299 good point
>>295 Idk about this, shouldn't the wiki accomodate teams and not teams accomodate the wiki? Anyway, i think /late+comfy/ or even /latecomfy/would be better than /relax/.
>>303 That's a good point... What if their page is just called /latecomfy/ or /late&comfy/?
>>304 That would be better, imo.
>>305 >>304 /latecomfy/ works. I'll do the switch.
>>307 Thanks, lad
Open file (192.18 KB 768x1024 1559591280669.jpg)
>still no official team
>>321 Relax, man

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