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Open file (93.75 KB 512x512 ita_logo.png)
/ita/ for /icup/ Supporter 05/15/2020 (Fri) 13:54:17 No.245
Just a heads up! We want in on the cup, but we're probably going to change the formation again (and no, this time we aren't doing anything too autistic like last cup). We in?
You ragazzi are always welcome.
OP, c'è un filo ufficiale o è questo?
>>265 Credo quello su julay/spqrchan sia l'ufficiale ma devo modificarne la formazione
Open file (515.40 KB 2024x2024 6ad02.png)
Open file (78.31 KB 558x638 S2_259 rita.png)
>>245 Okay sorry for the long delay. We changed around our formation AGAIN. As far as individual player cards go, I haven't given it much thought yet, but the players on the wiki are exactly those we want to use, with just one change. For reference, here's how it should look like: 12 GK Zuppa Romana 14 LB Zyklon Calcare 22 CB Lupo Disonorato 3 CB Totò Sapore 24 RB Filone [Bronze] 6 LMF Gargiù 25 CMF Taizo Momote 7 CMF Rita Ciano (Captain) [Gold] 19 RMF Gondola 9 CF Lupo Lucio [Silver] 10 CF Dante II [Bronze] No. Position Player 1 GK Matteo Salvini 2 LB Falce & Tornello 15 CB Acciuga 16 CB PERDITE.jpg 29 RB Harrycotter 31 LMF G. Gabusi 26 LMF Duemilaquarantotto 20 CMF Zindagi Afrigani 27 CMF Contenuti Illegali 18 RMF Melevisione 30 CF D.G.G.S. 13 GK Lupa Lucia Jersey numbers are completely irrelevant, so don't worry about it. Also, formation is just a classic 4-4-2.
Open file (2.19 MB 704x480 gondola fall.webm)
>>764 Don't worry about player cards, those aren't due til the end of the month. And congrats, you guys are in!
Open file (31.15 KB 512x64 adsezione-ita-1.png)
Open file (28.88 KB 512x64 adsezione-ita-2.png)
another ad
Open file (15.09 KB 512x64 ad.png)
This one too, please.
Open file (130.05 KB 775x589 italineupbig.jpg)
>>764 ALRIGHT ALRIGHT Here's the strategy and whatnot 4-4-2 FLAT, with the lineup in the first picture (jersey numbers are unimportant) Player Cards, Styles, Foot and Team Strategy in a post later today.
>>1130 Okay so: TEAM STRATEGY Attacking: >Possession Game >Short Pass >Center >Flexible >Support Range: 8 Defending: >All-Out Defence >Middle >Conservative >Defensive Line: 5 >Compactness: 4 Advanced Attack: >Wing Rotation >Tiki Taka Advanced Defense: >Tight Marking >Counter Target
Open file (9.09 KB 512x64 lupoboss.jpg)
Got another ad banner, can we add it?
Player Cards/ Foot GK Zuppa Romana L LB Zyklon Calcare L + Pinpoint Crossing + Man Marking CB Lupo Disonorato L + Heading + Acrobatic Clear CB Totò Sapore R + Heading + Man Marking RB Filone BRONZE R + The Instigator + Pinpoint Crossing + Man Marking + Fighting Spirit LMF Gargiù L + Solid Player + Pinpoint Crossing + Long Throw CMF Taizo Momote L + The Destroyer + One Touch Pass + Track Back CMF Rita Ciano (Captain) [Gold] R + [CAPTAINCY] + One Touch Pass + Weighted Pass + Long Range Drive + Low Lofted Pass + Heel Trick + Man Marking RMF Gondola R + Low Lofted Pass + Fighting Spirit CF Lupo Lucio (Silver) R + Goal Poacher + Acrobatic Finishing + Heading + First Time Shot + Knuckle Shot CF Dante II (Bronze) L + One Touch Pass + Heel Trick + Long Range Drive SUBS GK Matteo Salvini R + Offensive Goalkeeper LB Falce & Tornello L + Offensive Full-back + Low Lofted Pass + Man Marking CB Acciuga L + Super Sub + Heading CB PERDITE.jpg R + Man Marking + Heading RB Harrycotter R + Offensive Full-back + Super Sub + Low Lofted Pass LMF G. Gabusi L + Low Lofted Pass + Weighted Pass LMF Duemilaquarantotto L + Hole Player + Weighted Pass + Long Throw CMF Zindagi Afrigani L + Classic No. 10 + Low Lofted Pass + One Touch Pass CMF Contenuti Illegali R + Super Sub + One Touch Pass RMF Melevisione R + Box-to-Box + Fighting Spirit + One Touch Pass CF D.G.G.S. R + Super Sub + Heading GK Lupa Lucia R + Defensive Goalkeeper
Open file (42.30 KB 455x327 f.jpg)
>>1151 Posso chiedere dove si è riunito il Comitato Tecnico Calcistico che ha deciso tutte le decisioni? Non mi sarebbe dispiaciuto partecipare.
>>1154 Su /ita/ ma ogni volta che scrivo qualcosa praticamente ci ascoltiamo io e Pino Mauro, quindi ho fatto in fretta e furia la squadra La prossima volta rispondi al filone che mi avrebbe fatto piacere avere un contraddittorio, magari se hai idee per la squadra a questo punto scrivile anche qui.
>>1155 Nessun problema, non ha importanza. Più che altro mi interessava perché il computer gioca da solo, quindi l'unica "partecipazione" alle partite è nel fare le strategie.
So, SKF, where exactly did you get that picture of Rita? It's not on the booru nor on their board.
>>1335 That model has been there since the last Cup, and Duet put that model together, so I have no idea. I can upload the PNG to /ita/ if you guys want it.
>>1340 Yes please, that'd be great
Out of shame for the terrible results, I'll have to remove the Stars from the logo for the next export.
Oh yeah also Oxford worry not, we'll change things 'round next cup for Gondola
Open file (102.08 KB 512x512 ita_logo_silver.png)
Yo lad, update our logo so it doesn't have the gold stars anymore, it's not our championship titles.
Open file (3.35 MB 2048x2048 lucccccio.png)
>>245 We just made our third jersey, however we're deciding on the order of our kits. For the time being, assume this one is going to be the primary one while the other two (blue jacket, white tee shirt) are secondary and tertiary kits.
>>1808 Hot damn, that's comfy
We're trying to figure out a new formation, though this is probably going to be the final one. Please understand.
Open file (217.98 KB 474x599 opzione4.png)
Okay so get this, hoss This is our new formation: GK Gondola (This is for you, Oxford!~♥) LB Zyklon Calcare CB Acciuga CB Totò Sapore RB Lupa Lucia (♀, the wolf girl, not the man wolf) CMF Taizo Momote CMF D.G.G.S. (Donna Giunonica Gicantesca che Suda, lit. Chubby Sweating Giantess) AMF Rita Ciano (C) (GOLD) LWF Filone (BRONZE) RWF Dante II (BRONZE) CF Lupo Lucio (SILVER) Subs: GK Zuppa Romana LB Falce & Tornello CB Duemilaquarantotto CB PERDITE.jpg RB Harrycotter CMF Plafonierenbunker CMF Gargiù AMF Zindagi Afrigani LWF G. Gabusi RWF Melevisione CF Lupo Disonorato GK Capitano Punito Strategies Offensive Attacking Styles = Counter Attack Build Up = Long-Pass Attacking Area = Center Positioning = Flexible Support Range = 7 Defensive Defensive Styles = Frontline Pressure Containment Area = Wide Pressuring = Aggressive Defensive Line = 7 Compactness = 4 Special Tactics Centring Targets Hug the Touchline / Counter Target (Dante II) Tight Marking (whichever GOLD player the opponent has, if it's too much of a hassle to choose then just one of their CF in general) Formation Basically a 4-2-1-3 (or 4-3-3 looking one if PES is autistic and doesn't allow that). We don't have any set substitution chart, but do the following: >put all the players with the best condition, except for medal players which always play >if no player with condition higher than low exist and players in other positions with a higher condition exist, please, use those instead, sort of like: One CB is ↓, no other higher condition CBs exist but there is a CF that is ↑ => switch formations to have only one CB and two CF >if we're down by two goals in the second half, remove the CMF with the lowest stamina and replace him with an AMF or a CF, depending on which one has the highest condition, and increase our defensive line to 9 >if by the last substitution of the game the score is still tied or we're losing, change Tight Marking to Gegenpress More info on all the cards later
>>2150 Okay sorry for the delay First of all, could you please use the kit in >>1808 as the main one for this cup? Would be fun if you did. Secondly, here's some cards: [x] indicates the preferred foot, if you don't mind adding it in -GK Gondola (This is for you, Oxford!~♥) [R] GK Long Throw -LB Zyklon Calcare [L] Man-Marking Fighting Spirit -CB Acciuga [L] Heading Man-Marking -CB Totò Sapore [R] Heading Man-Marking -RB Lupa Lucia (♀, the wolf girl, not the man wolf) [R] Man-Marking Fighting Spirit -CMF Taizo Momote [L] Man-Marking Pinpoint Crossing -CMF D.G.G.S. (Donna Giunonica Gicantesca che Suda, lit. Chubby Sweating Giantess) [R] Man-Marking Pinpoint Crossing -AMF Rita Ciano (C) (GOLD) [R] Captaincy One Touch Pass Pinpoint Crossing Low Lofted Pass First Time Shot Long Range Drive Track Back -LWF Filone (BRONZE) [L] Pinpoint Crossing First Time Shot One Touch Pass -RWF Dante II (BRONZE) [R] Pinpoint Crossing First Time Shot One Touch Pass -CF Lupo Lucio (SILVER) [R] First Time Shot Heading Acrobatic Finishing Knuckle Shot ------------------- Subs: -GK Zuppa Romana [L] [Defensive Goalkeeper] GK Long Throw -LB Falce & Tornello [L] Man-Marking Fighting Spirit -CB Duemilaquarantotto [L] Heading Man-Marking CB PERDITE.jpg [R] Heading Man-Marking -RB Harrycotter [R] Man-Marking Fighting Spirit -CMF Plafonierenbunker [L] Man-Marking Pinpoint Crossing -CMF Gargiù [R] Man-Marking Pinpoint Crossing -AMF Zindagi Afrigani [L] Super Sub Low Lofted Pass -LWF G. Gabusi [L] Super Sub Low Lofted Pass -RWF Melevisione [R] Super Sub Low Lofted Pass -CF Lupo Disonorato [L] Super Sub Acrobatic Finish GK Capitano Punito [R] [Offensive Goalkeeper] GK Long Throw
Open file (12.04 KB 474x355 benis di milo.jpeg)
>GK Gondola This will be great!
Ey paizanos, we got a couple of things we'd like to sort out before next cup. Not to worry, this isn't yet another formation change, just a small bunch of things: 1) Please, please, please, make sure that >>1808 works as our first kit, we'd be ever so grateful. 2) We updated a bit of the Substitutions: >>2153 -LB G. Gabusi [L] Super Sub Low Lofted Pass -CB Melevisione [R] Super Sub Low Lofted Pass You can find the updated positions on the wiki page http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita/ 3) We updated our anthems, now we'd only like it if you could play Zuppa Romana for all goals, Siamo Una Squadra Fortissimi for Dante II and that's it. 4) We'd like it if Counter Target could be switched before a match to the Wing that has the best condition. By default we'd like Dante II to be targeted, but if Filone has a higher mood (his arrow is pointing upward compared to Dante's), then we'd like Filone to be the Counter Target, and vice versa. Obviously only if this is not too much of a bother when we play. 5) We'd like to revise our subs strategies: >If we're winning or tying (when it makes no difference to our chances of passing the round), just switch based on form like the usual >if we're losing in the second half by any kind of margin (and our sub AMF or CF have at least okay form), go with the CMF->AMF or lowest-form->CF, depending on the player that has the highest form, but with priority to the AMF Thanks for your patience, bub.
>>2372 Ah yes one final thing 6) Change Capitano Punito/Matteo Salvini/whatever name he currently has to "Lo Stato Assoluto", with the same stats.

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