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Open file (179.18 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup 7 Preparation Thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:35:41 No.2393
infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_7 Seems only natural to begin a new thread for the next cup. Although SKF gave us no plan on the wheres and whens other than Summer 2021, let's start conversing about what to keep and change in the next cup!
>>2393 Personally, I'd vote on putting participation status on hold for all the teams associated with 8chan/8kun until the dust has settled on Cake Kike's newest journalistic escapades.
>>2395 you know you don't have to discuss mark in EVERY SINGLE THREAD right?
>>2395 I'm mixed about this. On the one hand, I don't think we're such a valuable target and Acid himself has done absolutely nothing, it's all Mark's fault. On the other, I don't think that having a mixed /v/ team brought us any more viewers than if we had both. In fact, dare I say it? Sleepychan/v/ did much more for the nu/v/ team than Mark. I vouch for letting them in but either making two /v/s or allowing Zzzchan's /v/ only.
Open file (34.69 KB 397x829 Fast Mario.jpg)
>>2396 Yeah. I just choose to. I like talking about Mark.
AAAAAA AAAAAAA okay this was epic
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 03/15/2021 (Mon) 18:41:34.
Alright quick words: Zero invitations have been sent out for Cup 7 so far, so I don't know who invited /pdf/ or /kong/. I am working on both moving the wiki to the new site and refreshing PES. Both are taking longer than anticipated for multiple reasons. Save all banter for the chat on game days. Don't clog threads with bullshit. I'll reveal dates for the Cup once I know what the hell my summer is going to look like. Edited to prove it's me.
Edited last time by SKF on 03/16/2021 (Tue) 00:33:59.
>>2405 Would you mind if someone made unofficial tournaments in between cups?
>>2411 If you think you can figure out PES enough on your own, be my guest, host any exhibition thing you want.
>>2411 I'm happy to help out with organization or aesthetics if I find the unofficial tournament interesting enough, so I'd recommend announcing your plan well in advance, to gauge interest before putting effort in.
>let's start conversing about what to keep and change in the next cup! Once the new wiki is up and the game files are cleaned up, I would like to make a dedicated wiki page of proposed changes for the next cup, an ongoing to-do list. That way, anyone can easily add to it and they know whether or not we've forgotten about a suggestion made half-way through the second game.
>>2433 >I would like to make a dedicated wiki page of proposed changes for the next cup, an ongoing to-do list. Good thinking. Would also be good if we had a list of hostfags at the ready so we don't have to overload SKF every six months.
>>2393 Following the Nigger Fools Day prank, I'm forwarding a request to temporarily ban /japan/ from all future cups.
>>2451 what?
>>2451 Seconding this motion. >>2452 /japan/ 's BO somehow got janitor privileges on 8moe and wiped out two boards "as a joke".
>>2453 only 2?
>>2454 Apparently that's as far as he was able to go before being stripped of his privileges
>>2451 Veto. That's pretty based.
>>2451 I refuse to submit my own board to the cup nor advertise it in any capacity if /japan/ is allowed in further competitions. It's not as if we miss on anything, as it's just the personal army of one person, as opposed to some place where people share some sort of hobby.
>>2457 >I refuse to submit my own board to the cup nor advertise it in any capacity if /japan/ is allowed in further competitions. If you refuse to submit your board, I will create a /leftypol/ board to take its place. You're pulling some lame ass cancel culture bullshit right now.
>>2458 >Cancel culture >When one guy was literally cancelling boards I mean >>2457 was kind of a faggot for pulling this "well I'll take my ball and none of you can play!" shtick but holy shit anon
>>2458 I wouldn't mind /leftypol/ coming back. They should remove a star from their logo but other than that it's been so long since they were gone that their ban should be lifted. I wouldn't know WHICH /leftypol/ should join though, as like all good leftists they kind of fractured their asses their board into multiple instances, with Bunkerchan still the biggest and two other smaller IBs dedicated to their topics. Other than that there's also /leftpol/ as a shitpost board.
Open file (176.60 KB 1720x384 Max "12-inch" Stirner.png)
>>2451 ICUP is SRSBSNS! go read stirner you poser
Open file (20.96 KB 400x400 tired principal.jpeg)
>it took the fuckups of two autists from two completely different Imageboards to get some activity on this board W E W
Open file (82.45 KB 640x853 cuteness stops.jpg)
At any rate, I wonder what is SKF's opinion on this whole thing, as he's the one most involved with hosting and organizing this shit. Also, could this mess possibly be connected with that one guy who kept posting outdated invites to various boards?
>>2462 >I wouldn't mind /leftypol/ coming back. I don't see the issue either (would make for great matches against /fascist/) but I think SKF has very hard feelings about something from 5+ years ago. They've changed site twice since then lol. >with Bunkerchan still the biggest Pretty sure it isn't. Bunkerchan basically died due to negligence and leftover jannies wiping it, word on the street is that even the camwhore and dedicated /pol/ trolls moved over to .ogre >as like all good leftists they kind of fractured At least they practice what they preach and revolt against shitty leaders, I can respect that at least :^) have fun with the fractures lol. >>2464 anon.cafe /server/ /meta/ and /icup/ live a cursed life...
>>2465 >pic and he would have gotten away with it if it werent for you meddlin' footie hooligans!
>>2466 >but I think SKF has very hard feelings about something from 5+ years ago While they did have something to do with then-8chan becoming infamous and being deplatformed, the reason why they were barred from the cup is the fact they gave an export with an unfairly powerful goalkeeper and no one noticed until the last legs of the competition. The first cup though they won it fair and square. >.ogre This one comes as a surprise to me, as I recall they had a GETchan and a leftychan. Could you give me a link please?
>>2465 He'll probably just cancel it if it gets out of hand like this.
>>2472 he's too chill for that, he hosted one when we had no home whatsoever afterall
>>2465 >>2472 It's easy >be SFK >open anon.cafe >yay new posts! >fuck its just twenty posts of manufactured drama about other boards that has nothing to do with the actual ICUP >who cares but i have to write an official statement i guess >"I'm not going to kick a team out over moderation drama." SKF please rate my impression of your brain
>>2474 Sounds accurate. Although at that point if drama regarding outside boards should be ignored when hosting the tournaments, then even more reason to let /leftypol/ back if they want to, in some sort of capacity.
>>2475 I would argue though that /leftypol/ was permanently removed because they left the entirety of the Webring project and are thus unaffiliated with us. In a similar vein, SKF expressed disdain for adding boards outside of the current Webring's ones and has explained multiple times that the Infinity Cup is a competition for ex 8chan and webring boards exclusively, with the few guys who joined us from outside boards being convenient exceptions when numbers were not on our side. I find it hard to believe that /leftypol/ will ever be reintegrated in the Webring, let alone in the cup. 8moe was added in based on the positive feedback from some users and because several important boards (/v/. /co/, /pol/) migrated there, originally.
Open file (318.92 KB 477x530 repeating digits.png)
>>2475 I would argue though that /leftypol/ was permanently removed because they left the entirety of the Webring project and are thus unaffiliated with us. In a similar vein, SKF expressed disdain for adding boards outside of the current Webring's ones and has explained multiple times that the Infinity Cup is a competition for ex 8chan and webring boards exclusively, with the few guys who joined us from outside boards being convenient exceptions when numbers were not on our side. I find it hard to believe that /leftypol/ will ever be reintegrated in the Webring, let alone in the cup. 8moe was added in based on the positive feedback from some users and because several important boards (/v/. /co/, /pol/) migrated there, originally.
>>2451 >>2457 cakegag mad, webring bros glad
>finally some fresh posts nope, it's still dead.
>>2451 Right, I'll address this just so SKF can think of more important stuff, like the wiki movers and all. no I am not him, just the guy with the keys to this place Reviewing what has happened, it's pretty clear to me that it's got nothing to do with the cup or interactions between the webring at large and outside websites. For one thing, this incident is completely isolated to 8moe, had no lasting consequence given that the board hosted backups, was the result of the naivety of 8moe's administration (after all, they did make him a janitor in the first place, according to the /v/ threads about it) and most importantly it has absolutely nothing to do with the /icup/ or any other boards but /v/ and some porn board. Furthermore, /leftypol/ had been banned, as said by >>2468 on an issue related to the cup and because they were causing controversy within the cup itself, whether or not they were sabotaging 8kun, then named 8chan, is another matter entirely and should not concern us. I have locked /japan/'s thread as a precaution to avoid unnecessary spamming or vandalizing by the involved party, but if no other developments happen, I find it reasonable enough to unlock it. Now, with that out of the way, could we possibly, please, resume talking about the cup instead of some unrelated board drama?
>>2484 I do have a question related to the stream: given that Bitwave changed their embed settings halfway through last cup and SKF had to rely on a throwaway Twitch channel, I wanna ask whether Bitwave will have a second chance or they'll be using another streaming site.
Serves me right for not going onto the internet on April 1st. I've read everything that's gone down here in the last little bit and I indeed owe it to you all to chime in, so here goes. >April Fool's Day Prank Missed it completely. 8moe are retarded for letting an outside shitposter get privileges like that on their site. I have no real opinion on it the prank and fallout itself. I understand the animus towards the site: A lot of people feel like they should not have been added to the webring, many feel like their crossposters bring down their home board's quality, and there's the horseshit about the doc that recently, finally, debuted. 8moe anons feel like these slights are unfair towards them. Overall, things have been fine with them in the Cup. The autistic shitflinging has been within the usual bounds of a virtual divegrass tournament, and their crossover with zzz/v/ for the team in the last Cup can at least be described as 'somewhat amicable'. Unless this becomes a constant source of friction for myself, other important figures, and most importantly the fans, I'm leaving it as is. >/japan/ Pretty much ditto. The only issue that has come up with them so far is the couple of faggots that tried to gatecrash Day 1 of the last Cup. That went away pretty quickly (surprise, surprise) when the guys turned off Tor for the Cytube. I don't particularly blame Kime or the anons from /japan/ for those fags showing up. As long as that's the worst it gets, we can handle it. >Does this have anything to do with the guy posting outdated invites to various boards? I have doubts that it's related to what happened today. Just doesn't seem to fit the pattern of how that was happening. I'm no more happy about the invites than I was previously, and I'd prefer we cut that shit out ASAP. Again, as of this post, no invites have been sent out for ICUP 7. >/leftypol/ I really don't want to have to talk about these faggots again. Feel free to cap and save this portion of the post for future reference. As long as I'm commissioner of the Cup, /leftypol/ will not be allowed in. Some people misattribute this to their cheating from ICUP1, and the rumored cheating that lead to their victory in ICUP2. While that behavior is dubious, and they were rightly punished for it when it was proven, it's not the real reason. I am more focused on the fact that they happily and openly assisted in getting our home taken down. The Hapsburgian traitor in the wheelchair and his retarded lefty Discord faggot friends destroyed our hub, and by extension, took direct action against the Cup as well. They are not welcome. >Cancelling the Cup Fat chance right now. It's almost 100% sunk cost fallacy at this point I'd wager, but there's already been so many IRL things that the Cup has unintentionally dipped its hands into. I can't see something like this ever being a bother on par with the headaches I went through personally at times. >>2474 Basically 10/10, but you got my internal monologue wrong. It doesn't speak in that tone of voice, it speaks in this tone of voice. >Boards Outside the Webring My thoughts on that are in the other thread, but it can't hurt to say them again. This Cup was for 8chan and its anons. 8chan was murdered and the userbase is essentially a diaspora. It makes it tough, but the webring is our new home despite being a fluctuating entity. I'm still open to outside boards being let in for exhibition Cups and what not but not the ICUP because it's super srs after all. >Bitwave's shit We'll cross that bridge when we get there. I first need to learn how to mix audio. I know I'll have to edit this because I forgot something or accidentally a whole word, so just brace for the eventual proof it's really me.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/02/2021 (Fri) 03:08:24.
Open file (606.35 KB 855x990 portraits.png)
[haven't read SKF post yet; in a rush] >>2484 I've managed to get player portraits working. We can also put gold/silver/bronze borders in the image or other helpful hints for things like super-subs.
>>2489 Thanks for clarifying. How's the wiki transfer going? >>2490 Great news.
>>2491 Templates are all moved over. Next is files, then the actual content. Slow process, but it is happening. >>2490 Nice. It'll be even easier to utilize this once Player IDs become standardized.
>>2489 I wouldn't really mind having /leftypol/ in as a sort of heel team, if you know what I mean. Maybe even as the joke team to beat at the end.
>>2524 I'd rather have /test/ again if it's done in this cup too.
>>2524 There's a lot of new/renewed boards that deserve that slot long before dead and gay ones do. /hisrol/ is the freest heel ever, if that's all you want.
>>2561 I concur that /hisrol/ would make for an excellent addition to the roster, much more than several other participating or dead boards. 1) Highly autistic, thus highly likely to produce customized stuff for the cup; 2) High activity for the short term that they've been up on 8chan; 3) Very specific in the kind of interest their board deals with, so it'll be hard for another similar board to take their place as the top dog. I say we ask them but SKF needs to tell us first.
Open file (176.72 KB 1505x978 a.png)
Could you guys not post your ad or whatever to boards like /meta/ and /test/ (they're even hidden from the webring), and not create two threads on the same board within one minute FFS?
>>2566 This. I'm sick of people just spamming advertisements for us. It's bad reputation and brings us teams that we often need to rejects. No-one wins.
>>2566 Thirding this also thirding for /hisrol/
Tell me what to provide for my home board I can doodle it all on paper and phone pics currently but I want them in unless that disqualifies us for me taking charge without a current pc
>>2570 - Asking SKF for permission, apparently - Kits (1st, 2nd, goalie) which you can edit with any kind of program, you may be able to find them in the stickied threads - 16 to 23 players, complete with their medals, player cards, positions, height if you wanna be fancy and other customization stuff - a page on the wiki and a thread on this board to say that you want in
>>2570 you just need the player names, though editing the models would be really nice too
So how does it work? What do I need to do as a BO to sign up (we already have a team from 2019)?
>>2573 which board do you wish to sign in/want to take over?
>>2574 /shirtironing/
>>2578 based and ironpilled
>>2571 >Asking SKF for permission, apparently Skimmed this thread and lul >Kits (1st, 2nd, goalie) which you can edit with any kind of program, you may be able to find them in the stickied threads I gotta edit my own kits? I guess I'll lurk the other sticked thread and see whats the deal with this >16 to 23 players That I can do >complete with their medals, player cards, positions, height if you wanna be fancy and other customization stuff Where do I learn how to assign what? I guess the other thread explains it or? >a page on the wiki Link? >and a thread on this board to say that you want in I'll make a thread after figuring out the bare requirements to compete which hopefully isn't too much work >>2572 >you just need the player names This seems a lot simpler.
Open file (74.44 KB 583x680 IMG_20210319_112935.jpg)
>>2580 >I gotta edit my own kits? I guess I'll lurk the other sticked thread and see whats the deal with this You don't really need to be fancy, just use one of the templates and/or look at how other teams have made their own kits. Being fancy is the icing on the cake. An emblem would also be required. Follow these >>2324 >>2325 Also http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards
>>2581 Thanks I'll look into it and start working on mine.
>>2405 >refreshing PES meaning? also, during the gcup some anon said to add the feds team. clearly it's not a board, but maybe it could be something just for the keks...
>>2574 /retro/
>>2588 I thought that retro/y2k were already a team http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//retro/ I think you can use this as long as the /retro/ boys agree to it
>>2590 I know, thats what i want to do. But our team only participated once in 2019, so how do I sign up the board for the next cup?
>>2592 Just make a new thread on this board where you show your intent in running the team again for the next cup and use it as a place to discuss or post any edits to the current team that you want to make. I.E. changing the logo to reflect the fact that the team is now called /retro/ rather than /y2k/. When SKF or whomever wants to host before he does asks if anyone wants to participate, come here and say that /retro/ wants in.
>>2566 Again, I have no idea who is going around and doing that. Since it isn't me, it's not official, and it can be ignored. I'm going to repeat this for the 10th time now: NO INVITES HAVE BEEN SENT OUT FOR THE NEXT CUP >>2587 Meaning I want to try and refresh the DLC I've made so it feels less like a hastily scrapped together mess, and something both more competent and easier to tinker with moving forward. >>2588 >>2590 >>2592 If you want /retro/ to be in for the next one, start working on what the other anons have outlined. You can use your old roster as a base to start. Once I actually announce the dates for the next Cup, I'll open things up and see what boards want to return/join.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/25/2021 (Sun) 01:17:43.
How do the medals work 1 gold 1 silver 2 bronze right?
Also what are the size/file requirements for the kits?
>>2566 its a mexico doing this, admin on another board boxxed him because of beaner spam I bet theres only one(1) mexico on this board, we could very easily stop this beaner spam by just banning mexicos
>>2602 >>2601 Correct, and I'd prefer a PNG for the kits.
>>2605 >its a mexico doing this, admin on another board boxxed him because of beaner spam Based. Link, pls.
>>2605 >>>/lang/ flag says Czech.
>>2605 I think it's a guy using a VPN though, I distinctively remember a different flag on a different board
>>2611 >WHEN ARE YOU SENDING THE INVITES? They haven't even started organizing the cup lol. My guess is June. Out of curiosity, which board?
>>2611 >>2612 Feel free to work on it at your own pace on your board. The issue is that if boards actually submit work here too early, it can cause headaches. If infighting starts and I have to start pouring over threads to figure out what was intended, it's a pain. Unnecessary added work. Some early work could have mistakes, and if I catch it two months from now when it's finally time to put PES together, I might not be able to track down anyone to fix it. For faster boards, their work could disappear by sliding off the catalog. If you get a bunch of anons hype then make them wait three months, the effort gets wasted. It's all just much easier to say at a given point "Okay, we're open, give us what you have", and handle the info then. There's also the whole thing of someone running around and hitting other boards with low quality threads. It tanks the reputation of the event, especially with the more uptight boards. By saying "Hey nothing official yet", we don't have to explain any more than that. It's not us, just fucking ignore it.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/28/2021 (Wed) 01:02:05.
How do the player cards work like how do I decide and figure out on picking them for my players?
>>2622 COM playing styles are quite self explanatory, just ways the AI can make your players act that go outside the usual programming for players of the same kind. Player cards instead highly depend on your strategy, if you even have one. For example, players that stay in the opponent's box benefit a lot from something like Acrobatic Finish, because it lets them shoot even off of a bad pass or a rebounce. Conversely, players who stay in their own box, like LB/RB with the defensive fullback card or center backs can benefit from Acrobatic Clear for the opposite reason. Part of it is random number generation and part of it is your intended strategy. If you're unsure you could just give everyone but the medal players the same two general purpose cards. You can even go full memester and give players cards that make sense for their character, like how /fast/ gave Robotnik the Malicia card (basically enables the player to cheat and dive, looking to be fouled).
Hey, check out reinchan.net/int We need international fags too.
>>2624 Never heard of these fellas, how are they?
>>2623 Starting 11: > (GK) >(silver) (CB) > (RMF) >(LMF) >(CMF) >(RB) >(AMF) >(gold) (SS) >(bronze) (DMF) >(bronze) (CF) >(LB) (CAPTAINCY CARD) Bench: >(GK) >(RMF) >(LB) >(CMF) >(RB) Is this a decent roster? So I can start working on player cards or no?
>>2629 I'd add more bench players, you can have a total of up to 23 players. Your formation appears to be a 3-5-2, a team with a strong midfield. Medal players have more stamina and there are only 3 backs, so I think your left and right backs would be getting tired the quickest and worth having extra substitutes for. By the way, have you watched any of the previous games? It may be slightly helpful to see how games often progress. https://pt.neko.bar/video-channels/icuparchive/video-playlists
>>2630 >By the way, have you watched any of the previous games Have not but will do so. Would you reccomend I swap around the medals btw?
So SKF, in regards to 8chan being removed from the Webring, are teams from that place still considered legal ones?
>>2632 So spinning through their directory, it seems like we'd be losing /co/ and /ck/ as there are no equivalents of those boards on the Webring. (There's a ded /ck/ on Gunt or whatever, but it is ded) They have /v/ who had half claim to the team during the last Cup though sleepy /v/ can take full control. There's also /gts/ but they have been a ded team for a bit anyway.
shit it'd be hilarious if they got cancelled here too >>2484 can you unlock it now I don't think they got that mad
>>2633 Don't forget about /hyper/ and a non dead /loomis/ Although I am in favor of stripping 8/v/'s claim ot the team, if only because it will always be Mark's personal board in my eyes rather than a place to talk about vidya.
>>2634 Fo' sure, later today
>>2634 all done
I think that a good compromise would be allowing all 8chan boards that don't have a webring equivalent, meaning that 8/v/ should not be able to dictate /v/'s team, but only either/both z/v/, sp/v/ and/or fat/v/. At best /gamergatehq/ could participate if they really want to...
You don't gotta be a part of the webring to qualify right?
>>2642 For the /icup/ yes but for other tournaments nah you can just make up your team
>>2643 Damn it, my home board isn't in the webring. But I'll keep working on it. So then I guess I don't gotta make a page on the wiki?
>>2644 Which board is it?
>>2644 I don't think there's a rule that prevents you from making a page on the wiki, the problem we have right now is that if SKF isn't up for hosting, no one will, and he doesn't allow certain boards for several reasons.
>>2645 I don't wanna shill for my board, but its hosted on 9chan. I think I got myself up to 14 votes on the joke poll you guys had. So we do want in. >>2646 So I'll keep at it til I'm satisfied with my team before attempting to join the wiki.
>>2647 I'm going to assume it's /baaa2/? I find it strange it reached you guys, but we have had a schizo spammer roaming the board so it's possible. If it has some effort behind it, I don't see why not. But once again, it'll probably be used for friendlies or non-Webring tournaments, unless 9chan joined the Webring, which I doubt they want to I'm all for more teams, especially since we need to replace those from 8chan.
>>2648 >I'm going to assume it's /baaa2/? Called me out, and no endchan owns 9chan now so I doubt we'll ever join the webring. But I am taking my time on this and if we don't get into the /icup/ its fine by me we would do others like gcup maybe? And yes, some autist spammed all around and it reached our end, so we rolled with it. Reinchan just reached out and said they don't wanna join the webring so is this suppose to be a dealbreaker type thing?
>>2649 >we would do others like gcup maybe? Sure, you can have Niger >so is this suppose to be a dealbreaker type thing? Don't think so, we allowed Indonesians and Indians to play early on
>>2650 Ok cool, reinchan got discouraged and quit, but I'll keep at it at my /baaa2/ roster. I just need three kits and an emblem right?
>>2651 That's the gist of it, yep. Ideally you'll need positions, medals and player cards, but take your time.
>>2652 I'm >>2629 But I really wanna double check my player card set up before I ask my board. Can we do a really shitty emblem on purpose or do you want it looking with effort?
>>2653 >Can we do a really shitty emblem on purpose or do you want it looking with effort? Either is okay. The one thing we'd like though is 3D models, even though those are completely optional.
>>2653 by the way you can have up to 23 players
>>2654 I'll ask my board before doing anything, do you recommend 23? I can fill up my roster, but I left it at 16 for now
I think having webring only boards is a silly rule at this point. I mean, I really like it when we branch out like with /fsschan/, plus teams like /fascist/ and /ausneets/ are no longer on the webring yet would still be able to play. I say we give this a shot with a rule-of-most-effort-put-into-the-team kind of deal. Anyone who can produce an export should be able to play, so that we can filter those who make low effort teams for boards with the grand total of 3 users.
>>2656 I suggest you go with 23. More options for subbing people in. Can you make a thread here to discuss it too?
Open file (63.58 KB 828x813 CAMPEAO DU MUNDO.jpg)
>>2624 >We could add Brazil to the G-Cup Let's do this shit
>>2658 Is it not too early to make threads for boards? But sure give me a sec.
>>2657 Seconding this, regardless of website. Though I'm struggling to see what's the definition of "effort teams". The only ones that come to my mind are: >2hu >japan >eris >otter >ausneets >islam >ita >lego >monster >a Am I missing any more of them? I'm assuming by effort you mean teams that had 3D models as well as their team setup.
>used to PES 17 >play new PES overall the AI is amazingly better (they actually use most of the skills unlike 17) but headers have been nerfed to shit. or maybe I'm too violently feeding them with bad crosses :)
Hey all, been a little caught up in a lot of stuff recently. Wiki work has slowed, but the main Cup pages are there as are all of the templates. I'll have to see if things open up in my schedule a bit to finish up that nonsense and get back to polishing PES. >>2635 /hyper/ is dead, /loomis/, yeah ours is quite quiet, but we'll see I guess. >>2646 >>2648 >>2657 >>2664 The whole point of webring only is mainly twofold: Keep the Cup for the group of people it was originally started for, and to make things a lot more contained/easy to take care of. /fascist/ will still be welcome because they were booted off for nonsense reasons. /ausneets/ I have to grant an exception because they're an active participant (history dates back to pre-collapse), with a wide fanbase, but most importantly, the previous commissioner of the Cup is from /ausneets/ and he's still around, helping out on the board and the Cup. It'd be wrong to keep 'em out. I still have been considering opening things up, but I guess we'll see. There's just a lot going on at the moment. FEEL FREE TO WORK IN A THREAD ON YOUR BOARD, RE: YOUR TEAM FOR THE NEXT CUP. DON'T SUBMIT ANYTHING OFFICIALLY AS OF YET. IF YOU ARE A PRE-EXISTING TEAM, START DISCUSSING ANY CHANGES YOU'D LIKE TO MAKE TO ROSTER, LOGO, AND KITS. LOOK FOR 3D MODELS OF YOUR PLAYERS AS WELL. FOR ANY PROSPECTIVE TEAMS, START DISCUSSIONS BY CREATING THOSE THINGS. BY THE TIME YOU SEE THIS, THE GCUP SAVE AND DLC SHOULD BE UP ON THE NEW WIKI.
Edited last time by SKF on 05/17/2021 (Mon) 02:52:15.
>>2669 >the previous commissioner of the Cup is from /ausneets/ I thought he was a canuck?
>>2671 Are you talking about TNA?
>>2671 That was Cotton. >>2675 TNA is not an aussie, it was the guy after TNA.
Open file (45.46 KB 444x395 :D.jpg)
>>2678 I'll always be oh so grateful that I managed to connect Eris to the Webring, if only because we got some premium shitposting out of them. Godspeed, fellas.
Open file (42.81 KB 608x645 dedede hmmm.jpg)
>>2680 Well shit, that certainly is something...
Open file (73.76 KB 598x338 84jkguw3nc0jdfy2nklg.jpg)
>>2680 holy ...! brings back memories. i did a similar program, like 20 years ago, for grand prix legends. even a race driving school in france contacted me for it. sorry for the autisms and the braggings.
are otters allowed in the icup?
>>2686 I would think so, since you guys are a preexisting team.
Open file (510.10 KB 1280x720 Anime_ara_Laugh.mp4)
>blacked gets booted from the webring >suddenly very organic posts saying "we" should accept boards from outside the webring agreeing with eachother I'm convinced, /hebe/ team for the next cup, ain't that right fellow pedos?
Open file (223.88 KB 500x579 shilled.png)
>>2691 >tfw the Pedos orchestrated everything from the fall of 8chan prime to their fallout with the Webring solely to own the football competition I want to believe
>>2684 Do you still hold the files? This could be a real nice intermission for the cup. >France You one of the fch anons? From that extra ib that gets no posts?
>>2686 But of course, though why aren't you listed in the webring? >>2691 >suddenly very organic posts saying "we" should accept boards from outside the webring agreeing with eachother Well, if you look at the entire meta thread, there seems to be a lot of disagreement among cup watchers on what constitutes an /icup/-allowed board anymore. If you ask me, the only board I'd ban is 8/v/, or rather I'd give sole ownership to zzz/v/. We had them play together because 8/v/ could have very easily killed off any other /v/ splinter board, whereas teams like /a/ and /animu/ have a distinct name and userbase, so favoring either wouldn't kill the other. If they really want to, they can just field a Gamergate board, which basically is all they have on 8/v/ at this point.
>>2695 >>2694 >If you ask me, the only board I'd ban is 8/v/, or rather I'd give sole ownership to zzz/v/. Fuck off zigger pedo, you guys ruined the webring with your fucking spamming raiding and D&C. 8chan will be added to the webring again soon and then our /v/ will take part in the cup.
>>2696 Look at this jerk Hey mister, tell Acid to stop support pedo-baiting boards and then we can talk
>>2684 An interesting idea. We could have like, textured cars crashing into each other or something as an extra tournament. Heck, I really wanted the Little League that other anon was proposing. >>2696 >>2697 Please, ladies, this is off topic, take it to /b/
Open file (223.39 KB 256x256 Epsteins Performs.mp4)
>>2695 >0 team names Literally v& from the cup lol I'd let them in but only if they make Jeffrey Epstein the captain
>>2698 >Little League If you mean the baseball experiment, I'll try and get back to that this week.
>>2700 >I'd let them in but only if they make Jeffrey Epstein the captain You mean Mark Mann.
>>2701 Cool! >>2702 Acknowledging Mark in any way means that he has won, he thrives upon being a Primadonna.
>>2694 >though why aren't you listed in the webring? We got our own website, so we’re not on the cafe anymore. I don’t know why the new one isn’t listed, but it’s just otterchan.net
>>2669 >webring only That's a shame, I was going to ask if /pone/ could enter so I can pretend the board is still alive but that's fair.
>>2720 Where are you guys at?
>>2723 Still stuck on 8kunt. I suggested moving to zchan back when they were taking board applications but the BO didn't want to move.
Open file (14.19 MB 960x540 base.mp4)
Update: A brief thing I've been working on, trying to get a clean base of PES going. I have a roster of over 100 placeholder teams with clean, placeholder rosters that are waiting to be written over. With this, we should have an easy starting point for each Cup, a base to layer over Cup-specific saves and DLCs, AND we can let prospective contributors dick around in what is basically a sandbox.
>>2724 >zchan Zzzchan has been taking board applications forever and ever though.
>>2724 Eh, zchan is a shithole. No offense.
>>2724 Why not just make your own site and get people to come with you? You don’t have to be burdened by a faggot BO
>>2693 Nope to both :)
/agdg/ here 1) Could it be fine if we joined, in one of the future cups? 2) If so, could we use the same team as the 4cc anons?
Open file (61.62 KB 1142x384 roster.png)
Is any of you guys doing this?
>>2742 What site are you guys from again? >>2744 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Edited last time by SKF on 06/21/2021 (Mon) 00:28:29.
Bigger update coming a little later this week, but I have irrefutable proof that PES is developed by Ayys. I knew there was something fucking off about the game, why it's so fucked. This is a cap from some of the internals of the save file. It's littered with this shit. Look at it.
Edited last time by SKF on 06/21/2021 (Mon) 00:28:40.
Open file (4.14 KB 211x69 Ayy.png)
>>2747 Well thar's yer problem, sir. That C0 FF FF needs to be lookin more like C0 FF EE. >>2744 Known schizo falseflagging.
Open file (33.54 KB 600x450 rest-in-pes.png)
>>2749 >>2749 Fuckin' hell that's clever
>>2746 >What site are you guys from again? Scattered to the wind, I'm afraid, but we have a board on the Cafe. I guess 8/v/'s thread also counts.
>>2744 Likely the same schizo from the survey thing. Which actually was not made by a schizo but propagated by one. However, I also think that the wiki is rather barren for some teams.
>>2746 >>2748 >>2753 Oh joy, that fucker is still going at it.
>>2753 The problem is he's linking the old one and again, board spamming is an easy way to get anons to not give two fucks about the Cup.
>>2756 >the old one and again There's a new wiki? If so, could you link it?
Open file (12.56 KB 264x320 Big_Dog.jpg)
>>2744 On the topic of the spamming schizo, how exactly should we go about advertising the cup? Sending random flyers to other boards seems kind of a useless endeavor if it ends up angering the residents. Should we just contact the site admins and ask permission first?
whats this cup about
>>2762 foot
>>2761 Just don't be spammy and use existing threads
>>2763 i dont get it
grass foot kick ball goal fun foot sunny ball grass field go kick goal fun ball fun
>>2764 >>2761 That's pretty much the main idea. Use any existing meta on the board, if not create a thread. Make sure the post is succinct and professional, and don't schizo-post. As an aside, anyone know of an alternative to cock.li? I'm tired of not being able to log in 80% of the time.
>>2776 >Make sure the post is succinct and professional What do you mean by this? Just "hey, you guys still interested in this?"
Open file (31.57 KB 430x350 fast.jpg)
>>2776 >As an aside, anyone know of an alternative to cock.li? I just ended up using protonmail for all my temp mail necessities since they either request captcha or an alternative mail (and at that point I just make a mail.com account and cross reference them). It's not the most secure thing but at least it fucking works.
Open file (35.23 KB 427x218 early 7 work.jpg)
Alright, I promised a bit of a longer update so here goes: I have been slowly working on stabilizing PES and making the game less of a rickety piece of shit held together by duct tape. As funny as Clermont Foot 63 was, I'd prefer to not see it happen again. Looks bad on me as a commissioner, and as a semi-literate human being. It's a KONAMI game after all, just because they're shit, doesn't mean I have to be. I have been meaning to try save file editing from raw for a while, and as you saw with the AYY screencap, there was minor progress. After fiddling with the damn crypter for about 3 days, I finally managed to get a proper save patched together. As I believe I've mentioned previous, I can dick around with the different .bins of PES as much as I want, but after a certain point, the game will refuse to create a save file around the edits. So, by manually dicking around with a save file and the crypter, I can force PES to read a save that matches the edits I've made to the .bins. I'm at a near perfect match, so a little more tinkering is required, but we're a few simple steps away from having a clean, base ICUP version of PES to use going forward. That means cleaner editing, as we'll always have the default save file to restart with. That means more organized file structure: No more Team IDs that skip from 180 to 1020 and 4024 or whatever. The game now starts teams at 801 and moves up one by one. Players are organized in the same fashion. Players 80101 to 80123 are on team 801, 80201 to 80223 are on team 802, and so on. Also, players by default have the correct settings to be visible, so unless someone goes in and actually fucks with the player, they're always able to be seen on the pitch. The game will now, by default be ready to carry as many custom stadiums as possible, same for custom balls as well. With a little luck and some support, it also means that any anon willing to step up and compile their board's efforts will know what parts of the game are specifically for their team, and can create an export that can simply be plugged in to the work for that specific Cup. There's still other steps I'd like to take; the refs still need their guts back (if not we can try custom refs), many custom stadiums need some tweaking, and apparently there's a debate on what color anon we are now (I still favor red). That will be sorted in due time. As for the actual 7th Cup, I am worried that I may not have a consistent enough schedule to get it running in August when I want it to. August is a busy season for me, and if meatspace things keep trending in the "open" direction, that'll only get worse. I am open to any suggestions on how to proceed. I would love to have more anons volunteer to stream and whatnot, but if the current limited fanbase can't support that for now, again, I'm all ears for other ideas. The wiki progress has slowed, though I'm getting help in the transporting of info. I'll shift gears into working on meta pages and tutorials while my help continues to transcribe information pages. So that about does it on my end, it's small steps forward, but I'm hoping this stuff pays off big dividends for the Cup long-term. We'll see. >>2777 Sort of. Just post what needs to be said, don't be too wordy about it, but remember that you're still talking to people. I've tried to do a cut and paste approach to things in the past, and it generally fits the mold, but then other times you forget to change a thing and you address a post to /wooo/ as "Hey /otter/...". It's the personalization that makes it feel like an active thing, and trying to balance all of that can be tough.
>>2779 All clear, SKF. I can't really stream much but I'd like to give you a bigger hand.
>>2779 >(I still favor red) Would Lavender be a nice color to use? After all, Anon Cafe uses it as the default css and so do most of the webring websites.
>>2779 1) Do you have a tentative number of teams for the next cup? On that point, would a tournament with all the available/interested boards be even a possibility, maybe through a double-elimination sort of format or even a direct knock out format? 2) Will it be strictly Webring-based or will some teams be excluded as their board no longer exists (especially those who have participated and/or won in the past, like /fascist/)? 3) Without being too specific, what percentage of the teams you currently have are in working conditions? Like, working kits and correct player names.
>>2780 Let me know what you can do and I'll let you do it. >>2781 Lavender is an interesting call. I actually just had a thought that I think might be possible: Different colored anons for each stadium. So any sleepychan board stadiums can have their orange anons etc etc etc. >>2782 1) The ideal is always 32. Any more or less is a different level of headache. 32 is the pure sweet spot. 2) Strictly webring, outside of a couple of exceptions [/fascist/ as a past winner, and /ausneets/ as I've mentioned above are the immediate examples that come to my head] 3) Theoretically, any board from the last Cup or two. If a board elects to change nothing, I can fuck with the save and add the old aesthetics in a relatively short period of time.
>>2783 Quick question: I've installed PES/DLCs, how do I load the latest save file with all the available models and shirts?
If the Eris rep sees this, please check your email. New update about the save/save editor.
>>2393 I hate to say this, but I think the 4CC guys blow us out of the water. We need something big if we want to put on a nice show.
>>2797 I don't know what you're talking about, the models are great don't get me wrong but they're a bunch of humorless fucks At least we had our autistic little thing with the Indonesians
A couple of takes from the recent 4CC: - I think the idea of putting custom refs with markers beneath them is a really smart move, as it allows us to see which team is which without getting confused by the refs - Custom stadiums add soooo much more to the experience, but we sorely need the biggest boards to contribute/join us - Having snippets of music tracks play during the matches makes them a bit more bearable when no action is taking place Other than that, can I stress out how much funnier SKF and Oxford AND the chat are compared to cuckchanners?
>>2801 >Other than that, can I stress out how much funnier SKF and Oxford AND the chat are compared to cuckchanners?
>>2804 What?
Open file (4.61 KB 550x48 refs models.png)
>>2779 >>2801 I second the idea of having custom refs, as the default ones will always be missing their bottom half. In fact, I think and suggested the idea of custom refs to the /ita/ guy and he was on board with it.
>>2804 >Join 4CC stream >the commentators start screaming the instant you connect >it's four unbearable faggots telling reddit memes to each other and snorting while ignoring the match except for token "hype" when there's a shot, making no attempt to read play by play or comment on performances >the chat may as well not exist as it's just people ignoring the match and repeating cuckchan slogans >half the teams have a Wojak player character, including 2 wojak refs >80% of the boards participating are dead and haven't been updated with new players >there's five teams whose players consist solely of V-Tubers Need I go on? Literally only good thing about their cup is the 3D exports.
>>2805 >>2808 I think he's giving you shit for watching it in the first place. >>2807 Custom refs, is something I tried to piece together, but have come up just short. As far as I can tell, the referee appearances are stored the same way player appearances are, but you can't edit them like players in-game. I have to figure out how parse through the specific ref file. It shouldn't be too hard to edit once I figure it out though.
>>2809 >I think he's giving you shit for watching it in the first place. You need to know the biz if you want to perform the biz I mean, I don't quite get this "better than thou" mentality, studying a side you're ideologically opposed to can lead to interesting discoveries. It also means we have a framework for what works and what doesn't without having to experiment ourselves. About the refs... I'd like to point out something else: the 4cc has several ref player models, but they cannot choose which is going to be the main ref and which the linesmen. I think it's sort of randomized each time, meaning there's a set amount of players that will be picked up as referees. We could have the refs themselves be representatives of the various boards/imageboard in a first come first serve sort of way. It could make things interesting as if a team fails to qualify they may still get represented by an impartial referee picked at random by the game, meaning that the supporters don't have to ignore the finals if their team fails to qualify.
Seconding the idea of custom refs. The Tyrolean 8chan/a/ design was fine when they worked but now I keep getting annoyed by their disappearing pants. Put an Orthodox Jew as a ref
>/co/ Ref: Marvin the Martian >/2hu/ Ref: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu >/pol/ Ref: JIDF >/christian/ Pope Francis >/dup/ Im Peach (like, a man in a big peach) Then for /icup/ itself we could just use some big duck 3D model, as well as some assorted Janitors
Open file (24.97 KB 89x141 StartWithTheGreeks.png)
>>2797 >a community with a dedicated team of dozens to program, produce and model, running for about a decade, blows a competition with less than 10 total staff and maybe 2 modellers, out of the water :0 >>2801 This. >>2810 One possible (but probably unwanted) solution is intermissions, where you close the game, set all the refs to what you want, then start. >>2819 >>/pol/ Ref >JIDF Veto. I vote for /lit/'s Start With The Greeks if anything.
>>2822 >dedicated 90% of the teams were done before 2016 and are unmanned, comparatively IC's are brand new >intermissions Heavens no, match days take so long already
We're gonna need some animal control refs.
>>2823 >>2822 Only point I'll cede to the pro-intermission crowd is that it allows for start times to be managed. Playing a few ads after a really quick 0-0 or 1-0 game means we can start when we say we will, and fans don't have to come in to a game that's already 15' deep at the original start time.
>>2727 >>2779 Good work.
>>2393 An update on the wiki: I've sent a request for adoption. I hope they'll get around to review it ASAP so at least we're not at risk of losing our edits. Stay strong, gamers.
Open file (87.51 KB 1903x494 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2867 It worked. Nice job anon
>>2870 Now we just have to get the archives back.
>>2871 For that you have to e-mail the guy in charge.
>>2872 What archives might you be referring to?
>>2873 https://neko.bar Where the match archives were hosted

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