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Open file (25.17 KB 769x1025 pdfslogo.png)
/pdfs/ CLERMONT FOOT 63 03/08/2021 (Mon) 21:40:31 No.2387
Hello friends please add us to your soccer competition Attacking Styles Counter Attack Build Up Long-Pass Attacking Area Center Positioning Flexible Support Range 7 Defensive Styles Frontline Pressure Containment Area Middle Pressuring Conservative Defensive Line 4 Compactness 3 Advanced tactics: False No. 9 ----- Silver, Captain: Meek Librarian No. 52 : CF Weighted Pass, Low Punt Trajectory, Fighting Spirit, Man Marking, Captaincy; Gold: Johannes Gutenberg No. 14 : LWF Rabona, Long Range Drive, Low Punt Trajectory, Sombrero, Scissors Feint, Long Throw; Huey P. Long No. 4 : RWF Track Back, Scotch Move; borked link No. 30 : LMF Cut Behind Turn, One Touch Pass; Aut History No. 56 : AMF Low Lofted Pass, Rabona; Muh Manuals No. 72 : DMF Marseille Turn, Heading; Stalag Edition No. 92 : RMF Low Punt Trajectory, Track Back; Bronze: Gengis 'didn't read lol' Khan No. 19 : CB Man Marking, Malicia, Outside Curler; Bronze: Ivan Libranovich Genesisov No. 26 : CB Heading, Cut Behind Turn, Malicia; 200 Years Together No. 39 : CB Low Punt Trajectory, Acrobatic Finishing; I WANT TO BELIEVE No. 99 : GK GK Long Throw Substitutes The Eye No. 35 : CF Scissors Feint, Heel Trick; Sort Your Backlog No. 44 : RWF Scotch Move, Low Punt Trajectory; Mr. DJVU No. 87 : RWF Acrobatic Finishing, Rabona; [Political Ideology Primer]™ No. 22 : SS Acrobatic Clear, First Time Shot; STEM No. 15 : LMF Long Range Drive, Malicia; Reading Maid No. 24 : AMF Super Sub, Marseille Turn; Chad Scanner No. 42 : DMF Long Throw, Knuckle Shot; Phone Reader No. 53 : RMF Long Throw, Sombrero; >audible No. 3 : CMF Super Sub, Low Punt Trajectory; The Gentoomen's Library No. 64 : CB Marseille Turn, Heel Trick; The Bibble No. 38 : CB Acrobatic Finishing, Track Back; How to win friends and influence people No. 69 : GK GK Long Throw
>first >>>/lang/ >then >>>/pol/ - Poetry and Lyrics >now >>>/pdfs/ i just wanted to watch me footie and now im being educated! it's a scam i tells you!
>>2388 too bad ya poofta nonce
Open file (1.65 MB 2048x2048 pdfs_first_kit.png)
Open file (51.90 KB 2048x2048 pdfs_gk_kit.png)
Open file (4.55 MB 2048x2048 pdfs_second_kit.png)
>>2387 Here's our kits, hope everything's in order. Can we join now?

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