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Open file (207.79 KB 497x422 majapahit.png)
Open file (596.48 KB 1176x1280 fscchan9.png)
/fscchan/ - AKA feseschan Supporter 11/25/2020 (Wed) 14:09:22 No.1949
Thank you for the invitation, /fscchan/ would love to join the /icup/. The team is still in progress, but i hope it will be done soon enough. Also i'm not the BO, just a random anon, i made this thread because no one made it yet. General team discussion here.
>>1949 >feses More like feces to me.
>>1950 that's kinda the point (sort of)
>>1949 what's this about?
Open file (290.74 KB 2048x2048 Kit.png)
Open file (200.17 KB 663x382 Kostum-klub-Indonesia.jpg)
LIST PEMAIN /fscchan/ EDISI TERBARU: 1. Acan 2. Alif-kun 3. Guru PPKN 4. Aingnama 5. Benrick 6. Bernard Mahfouz 7. Orei 8. Zhang Purnama 9. susilo "based" yudhoyono 10. pengen ngenthu 11. joni 12. Bli gung 13. Pilti prenk 14. Maungnama 15. Anssen 16. Dimas-kun 17. Ortodoksnama 18. Cewe Lumpuh 19. Bapa kaban 20. Yozhman 21. Allah Swt 22. Boneka OPPO 23. Kak Seto [autism]GIMANA, WAN? SETUJU?[autism] the kit is most likely going to change
>>1955 dammit i made a mistake >>1954 i'ts an indonesian imageboard currently residing on endchan
>>1949 Welcome to the tournament! Maybe we should get them in the G-Cup as well since they're a national board.
Open file (223.58 KB 500x500 fsc fc.png)
>>1949 edited the team logo, would probably do the kits later
Open file (298.74 KB 1080x1080 FSCCHAN.png)
Ide logo wan, lebih "bersih" dan simple
>>1956 Don't worry, usually the rigger just picks the last roster or the one on the wiki, if you need a hand with your article just tell us
>>1955 3-3-1-3 ---Benrick (LWF)---Bli gung (CF)---Acan (RWF) --------Zhang Purnama (AMF)-------- ---Allah Swt (CMF)---Anssen (DMF)---Maungnama (CMF) ---Bernard Mahfouz (CB)---Cewe Lumpuh (CB)---Pilti prenk (CB) --------Kak Seto (GK)-------- Anssen = captain dan player-manager
>>1955 Tambahin sarjana koala dan kita setuju
Open file (262.64 KB 2048x2048 download (4).png)
Open file (55.10 KB 2048x2048 download (3) 1.png)
Open file (191.48 KB 2048x2048 download (2).png)
what do you guys think?
>>1994 lmao is that an East Indies Company logo, is this supposed to be self deprecating? Anyhow, they look great. Which one is the home kit, which one is the away kit and which one is the goalkeeper kit?
>>1995 From left to right: Home kit, Away kit, GK kit
>>1996 i think the middle one would be better as a GK kit and the voc one as an away kit
>>1997 Okay then. From left to right: Home kit, GK kit, Away Kit
>>1961 i like this
>>1949 >>1991 Took the liberty of making you a thread on the wiki http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Fscchan Please, when you're done discussing the team and shirts, add information over there. You can change the positions to any one of the available positions from PES17. Add information regarding substitution and heights if you're okay with them.
http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//fscchan/ Sorry I made a mistake, use this one
edit wikinya udah?

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