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The Webring Supporter 09/14/2020 (Mon) 02:00:49 No.1741
Tell me more about it, Anons. Considering implementing it on my imageboard.
But what IS your imageboard?
>>1742 chanroast.me. Feel free to give it a whirl.
Where's Slothchan? i liked that one
>>1744 Slothchan was caught automatically stealing posts from other sites and suddenly shut down, from what I heard.
>>1743 I would have if I weren't banned on arrival.
>>1746 no one banned you?
>>1747 Nope, the site uses an external blocklist (rbl.efnet.org) that includes many things like VPNs/proxies/TOR nodes that some anons use for extra privacy. I understand some people abuse proxies for shitposting but it's pretty rare and requires a motive.
>>1742 Will disable for the time being.
>>1741 I suggest you check out smuglo.li to get a better explanation of how the plugin works, basically it just lists friendly imageboards all together.
>>1746 Update: admin has disabled the feature that cause this. Snide remark retracted.

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