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Open file (36.68 KB 800x600 DUP LOGO.png)
/dup/ Supporter 09/04/2020 (Fri) 13:30:51 No.1683
temp thread for our team PLAYERS Dup [Captain] Bidup Hilldup Coronadup Qdup Rapdup Ocasiodup Jebdup Tulsidup Berniedup Bannondup kinopounder Based Department btfo Duphoole USA #1 interracial child tarrantdup
Open file (528.32 KB 2048x2048 dup kit 1.jpg)
Open file (139.98 KB 2048x2048 dup kit 2.jpg)
Open file (720.32 KB 2048x2048 dup gk kit.jpg)
Finalized team: 5-4-1 with: Strategies Counter Attack Short-Pass Wide Attacking Area Flexible Positioning Support Range 8 Frontline Pressure Containment from the Middle Conservative Pressuring Defensive line at 3 Compactness at 4 Advanced Tactics' Wing Rotation False Fullbacks Gegenpress Kits These
Open file (29.90 KB 342x384 DUP LOGO finalized.png)
>>1736 Meant to say 4-5-1 my bad >>1683 PLAYERS GK tarrantdup LB Ocasiodup CB Jebdup CB Tulsidup RB Bannondup LMF Hilldup (BRONZE) CMF Coronadup DMF Bidup (SILVER) CMF Rapdup RMF Qdup (BRONZE) CF Dup (CAPTAIN) GOLD subs: GK Berniedup LB Bannondup CB kinopounder CB USA #1 RB Based Department CMF btfo CMF Duphoole RMF interracial child Skills All players: Malicia + Man Marking Hilldup and Qdup: also One Touch Pass Bidup: also One Touch Pass and Weighted Pass Dup: also Captaincy, One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass, Low Punt Trajectory and Sombrero (lmao) Cards tarrantdup has Offensive Goalkeeper Hilldup and Qdup have Box-to-Box btfo and Duphoole have Hole Player Logo This one
>>1737 Adding players LMF amerimutt CF Powerful to the subs
>>1683 oh say can't you see

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