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Open file (40.48 KB 460x453 potteryteam.png)
/pol/ - Poetry and Lyrics Supporter 09/02/2020 (Wed) 17:40:01 No.1662
We might be joining this thing, we still need players, kits, and basically everything.
Hm, there might be a problem with /pol/'s political team. How about finding an alternative name on the wiki? Like /poly/ or /pol//lyr/ or something like that.
>>1663 That's not the board's name though. Why can't we use /pol/s page? Their team is dead anyway.
>>1664 Sorry, I think I worded that wrong. You can name yourself /pol/, but we'd rather keep the legacy team as well. So for example: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//pol/ Is right wing /pol/'s page, while yours could be: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//pol//
>>1665 Why can't the /pol/ page be renamed to /fascist/ since they hired all the old /pol/ players anyway? Then we could use the name.
>>1668 Hmm Try asking SKF for permission
>>1669 Ok Can we do it, SKF?
Open file (26.95 KB 460x453 ClipboardImage.png)
Logo design variant Possible list of players: William Butler Yeats Edgar Allan Poe T. S. Eliot Jalal ad Din Rumi Robert Burns Kahlil Gibran Beowulf
I'd suggest naming our stadium "Flower Garden" after Saadi's poetry collection because it's a nice name.
>>1675 I'd instead recommend using his email: SKF@cock.li (the old @8chan.co address seems to be having problems)
>>1670 I can find a way to make it work, I think. I'd have to do something to differentiate the old /pol/ references and calls in the wiki from your new /pol/. I don't believe merging them with /fascist/ is necessarily the right call, just from an outsider point of view, *and* I don't know if /fascist/ would even be okay with that.
Alright, how about this team? It's a mix of poets and heroes of poetry. Starters Defence Robert Burns (GK) JW Goethe Rudyard Kipling Vergil Valmiki Midfield Jalaluddin Rumi TS Eliot Beowulf (Bronze) Ulysses (Bronze) Attack Väinämöinen (Silver) Rostam (Gold) Bench Defence Shota Rustaveli (GK) Charles Baudelaire (GK) Fujiwara no Kinto Saadi Shirazi Adolf Hitler, the poet Friedrich Schiller Midfield Klopstock Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky HP Lovecraft Martín Fierro Attack Jangar Manas Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6XBopc8ydU Goal horn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEunVObSnVM&t=6s Player specific goal horns: Rostam https://www.aparat.com/v/4q5Ic Ulysses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdyXlUmD3v4&t=8s Väinämöinen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGIaNJe1TYg Beowulf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH-_GwoO4xI ^(also make these victory anthems in case of MotM)
Requesting Adolf, the poet, be replaced with Ron Hitler-Barassi an English teacher
>poi lmfao 10/10 typosquat
What formation should we use? I propose a poetically structured, poetically unconventional 3-2-3-2.
>>2058 I like it!
>>2052 That Shahnameh recitation is really beautiful. How do the Persians always nail it like that?
Gonna need some kits from you guys soon.
Open file (606.95 KB 2048x2048 kit_pol1.png)
Open file (2.07 MB 2048x2048 kit_pol2.png)
>>2202 1. a nice leather bound book 2. the texture of old paper Any other ideas?
I have no idea about strategies to be honest.
>>2206 Nice work! >>2207 I am happy to help out with a strategy if you give me some thematic advice. Different strategies are better against different teams so don't worry so much about picking a 'perfect strategy' and instead have some fun while keeping it sane (or not). What kind of core strategy is more suitable: conservatively trying to pass the ball to team-mates to build up an attack, or making risky dramatic plays? Do you want to try and keep formation, or should players be more fluid? >Disclaimer: I am the strategist for /eris/.
>>2207 >>2211 I second the erisian's opinion on your kits. There's something about that shade of red, very stately. Historic. He's also on the nose about strategy. It can be developed from simple statements about how you want the team to play. Whether you actually trust an opponent's manager to draw it up for you though... I leave that up to you Proof it's me below.
Edited last time by SKF on 02/04/2021 (Thu) 21:54:54.
Open file (24.07 KB 255x404 polformation.png)
>>2052 We should refer to some stylistic devices used in poetry, instead of just poets and figures from poetic literature. I wanna replace Valmiki, Rumi, and Burns with these players: >Woof! Pow! Bazoing! >She sells sea shells by the sea shore >I am bus (They're referring to onomatopoeia, alliteration, and metre, respectively) Also I'd prefer a different anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5C6X9vOEkU >>2058 Here's a formation in 3-2-3-2 It's got defenders, attackers, and midfielders too. How shall we use them, my poetic friends? What tactics will make us win in the end? How do we defend and how do we attack? How to pass the ball and how to win it back? So many choices, so many questions! Fellow fans, do share your conceptions. Let's deliver games of turns and twists, and put our board on top of the list.
>>2223 >>She sells sea shells by the sea shore How many times do we have to say that one aloud? I prefer your techniqual player names, especially since they're more accessible and a fresh contrast to the dry list of important names. Requesting a second opinion on >>2056
>>2224 >>2223 Since Hitler proper is already on /fascist/ can't see why making the switch would be bad.
>>2223 Poetry is an art form, its beauty lies in finding creative ways of using language to evoke meanings beyond the literal. Similarly our game plan shall transcend the rigid ins and outs of divegrass tactics to deliver something greater. We should treat our strategy as an expression of what we represent: Art. We want to be fluid, dangerous and unpredictable. We also want to be guarded and choose our plays very carefully. Based on that, here's my idea of our strategy: >Counter Attack >Long Pass >Center >Flexible >Support range: 7 >All-out Defence >Wide >Conservative >Defensive Line: 5 >Compactness: 3 >False No. 9 >Wing Rotation >Tight Marking
>>2227 Actually would rather have short pass and support range around 4. Otherwise we're just gonna kick the ball into the aether on offense. Other than that this is good. I'll be thinking about the cards and styles of our poets.
>>2227 Poetry is doing extraordinary things with ordinary means. Translating that concept into our playing style is a challenge, but can be done in a certain way. >>2225 Yeah we can do that. >>2230 Here's some cards: >Rostam (g) Position: Center Forward Style: Goal Poacher Cards: Long Ranger, Heading, Acrotabic Finishing, Low Punt Trajectory, First Time Shot, Long Range Drive >Väinämöinen (s) Position: Second Striker Style: Creative Playmaker Cards: Trickster, Scissors Feint, Flip Flap, Rabona >Ulysses (b) Position: Attacking Midfielder Style: Dummy Runner Cards: Early Cross, Low Lofted Pass, Fighting Spirit >Beowulf (b) Position: Right Midfielder Style: Box-to-Box Cards: Long Ball Expert, Low Lofted Pass, Fighting Spirit >TS Eliot Position: Left Midfielder Style: Hole Player Cards: Incisive Run, Acrobatic Finishing >She sells sea shells by the sea shore Position: Defensive Midfielder Style: The Destroyer Cards: Man Marking, Track Back >Woof! Pow! Bazoing! Position: Defensive Midfielder Style: The Instigator Cards: Speeding Bullet, Outside Curler >Vergil Position: Left back Style: Defensive Fullback Cards: Acrobatic Clear, Heel Trick >Rudyard Kipling Position: Right back Style: Defensive Fullback Cards: Acrobatic Clear, Heading >JW Goethe Position: Center back Style: Extra Frontman Cards: Speeding Bullet, Fighting Spirit >I am bus Position: Goalkeeper Style: Defensive Goalkeeper Cards: GK Long Throw These should look the same on the bench, except for the medals: >Manas Position: Centre Forward Style: Fox in the Box Cards: First Time Shot, Acrobatic Finishing >Jangar Position: Second Striker Style: Creative Playmaker Cards: Heading, Knuckle Shot >Martín Fierro Position: Attacking Midfielder Style: Hole Player Cards: Long Ranger, Low Punt Trajectory >HP Lovecraft Position: Right Midfielder Style: Hole Player Cards: Long Ranger, Low Punt Trajectory And that's it. Oh man, really looking forward to how this is gonna play out.
>>2223 I also had the idea of adding "The Curtains Were Blue" as a player, based on that meme of english class text interpretations. Maybe we can replace TS Eliot with it.
>>1672 Pitch texture's here. What stadium is the most pot-shaped?
>>2234 No wait, this one's better since it's actually shot from above. Also fits our team colors well.
>>2234 Maracanã seems to be up there. It's certainly very round.
We should name it "Flower Pot" instead
>>2206 We still need a third one, right?
>>2227 >>2231 This is good stuff. >>2244 Correct.
Open file (16.72 KB 303x516 lit.png)
Open file (351.27 KB 1285x1600 haiku.jpeg)
Open file (225.51 KB 1600x1162 haitwo.jpeg)
>>2244 I looked to /lit/ for inspiration but they just had a nice suit for their GK. Worst case, we can steal it. How about a haiku-inspired kit? The white would contrast with the other two kits.
>>2253 >we can steal it Booring. I like the haiku idea. But is that gonna look too different from the paper one? Maybe we could just add a little bit of haiku to that one. how about the minecraft bookshelf texture?
Well, /pol/ is about to be deleted. That's it for this team, I guess.
>>2854 protest really hard about it and maybe it won't happen

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