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/gamergate/ team Supporter 08/24/2020 (Mon) 21:13:50 No.1512
Going by what https://8chan.moe/v/res/89450.html#q89758 said, we'd like to book a spot for the next cup or any of the following friendlies. For the time being we could use the same export as the Gamergate prime team, but maybe we could touch up the logo to look like the Gamergatehq one?
This really still exists?
>>1513 Gamergate had a team in the very first cup. Actually they had three (one was a /cow/ plant) because they had two boards. If SKF is okay with it, I don't see why we shouldn't get you boys in.
>visit linked thread >less than half of the posts are about video games or vidya-related politics, some are just straight up off-topic /pol/ spamming In my experience so far the worst anons of a board don't bother to watch the cup so I'm hoping that will be the case here. Like any high-politics board, I believe you should be allowed to enter just like /v/ did. They turned out better than we had feared and the cultured anons responding to you seem alright. Welcome! Here's your old wiki page: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//gamergatehq/
>>1515 And another: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//gamergate/ Should they be merged like /u/ and /yuri/? ps im a random fan, not a staff
>>1516 I think so. Maybe we could keep the pages to the two teams linked from a single /gamergate/ page.
>>1512 Anyone got some 3d models?
>>1512 >>104951 I had these ideas for cards, assuming the formation stays the same as previous years: 88 Pos-GK.png Uncle /pol/ 99 Pos-LB.png Anime Avatars 10 Pos-CB.png Ten Bux 5 Pos-CB.png Danielle BRONZE 8 Pos-RB.png Full McIntosh 69 Pos-DMF.png Rape Colors 29 Pos-CMF.png 29 YEARS 3 Pos-CMF.png Gilda Mars BRONZE 4 Pos-AMF.png Freya SILVER 7 Pos-CF.png Sockpuppets 2 Pos-SS.png Vivian James (Captain) GOLD 14 Pos-GK.png And N 16 Pos-LB.png Right Wing Harassment Campaign 39 Pos-RB.png Aposematism 11 Pos-CB.png >(1) 12 Pos-CB.png Digging Autist 15 Pos-CMF.png Localization Apologist 19 Pos-CMF.png Based Gamer Jesus 42 Pos-DMF.png Betanodder 28 Pos-AMF.png Drawfag OC 23 Pos-CMF.png Gallantly Fapping 6 Pos-CF.png Basement Misogynerd - All players have Fighting Spirit (except for Vivian James) - All Forwards (players with a red colored position) have Knuckle Shot - All Midfielders (players with a green colored position) have Weighted Pass - All Defenders (players with a blue colored position) have Acrobatic Clear > Uncle /pol/ has the Offensive Goalkeeper card > Danielle (BRONZE) also has Man Marking > Gilda Mars (BRONZE) also has Track Back > Freya (SILVER) also has Pinpoint Crossing and Heading > Vivian James (Captain) GOLD also has CAPTAINCY (free), Cut Behind Turn, Weighted Pass, Sombrero, Track Back and Low Punt Trajectory What do you guys think? also SKF can the trick cards be used even without the trickster card?
>>1733 >>104988 Also, for team strategies: Possession Game Long-Pass Center Maintain Formation Support at 6 Frontline Pressure Wide Aggressive Defensive Line at 7 Compactness at 4 no (or default) advanced instructions
we're using the first logo anyhow, the one for f gghq since we also have a board there

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