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PES and Modding Tools Thread Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:51:49 No.15
USE THIS THREAD IF YOU NEED HELP SETTING SHIT UP Should also note, if you want to download PES and dick around with team strategies and whatnot, the game, the "DLC", and the save file can be found here http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017 Download DP File List Generator at the bottom of here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Other_Major_Tools Then follow the instructions in the last paragraph of this page: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Creating_DLC . That should get PES to load in the files.
https://kickass.to/pro-evolution-soccer-pes-2015-reloaded- t10420436.html PES15 1.03 torrent: magnet:? xt=urn:btih:3BA1CDCF1FB223310D5D4549B316B4153ABB7C05 PES15 1.03 official DLC: https://mega.co.nz/#!yRkwjLbY! key: 4ZqVRd8iq86NVexbyxwSVlMN_NezruqDHG_ZNGirEk0 Adding this info from the older threads, in the event whoever wants to host the cup lacks the computational resources for more modern versions of the game.
>>156 Yes it does. I don't see much reason for using newer versions of the game since they do not add much of interest.
>>158 >>156 That link helps, but I think most of the useful info is located on their PES 2016 page. I'm getting in touch with my one blenderfag from last Cup, and I have another that seems to be onboard as well. I'll see if I can get them to post in here. This will be the default player model thread for now.
Open file (146.71 KB 750x650 15290.png)
>>189 >blenderfags If they've got some good tutorials or tips they can share, it would definitely help get several teams back on track for their own customization. Speaking of which, what are the referees gonna look like?
>>193 Actually, that picture gave me an idea: We could use robed figures as referees, someone could also mod the yellow card to be a 3d flat colored yellow or red loli just to reflect on how silly it has all become.
>>195 >>193 Referees are a bit of a problem actually. They're not stored like player models are, and I've yet to figure out how they get fixed. As of now, the customizations that allow us to remove player models affects the referees by showing them with no midsection. Now normally on a player, this is fixed with one switch on a certain setting, but since the referees are customized differently, it's not that easy as of now. What they do have though is custom ref kits. I have a janny kit, an "I want 2 shitpost" kit, a regular kit with visible bribe money tucked into the front pocket and the classic red anon suit.
Remove referees, rules make games worse!
>>206 It does not necessarily have to be a new model, could just be a retextured face with a void inside.
Open file (626.09 KB 719x719 WAKE ME UP INSIDE.png)
>>216 >[referee] could just be a retextured face with a void inside. I didn't come here to feel.
>>217 It's in honor of the friends we lost along the way
>>220 >icup reffed by the ghosts of anons we've lost I like it but it's a heavy feel.
Creative director/tester for a board here. I got the game set up (works perfectly with wine and firejail on Linux, no steam. As a very casual gamer, I'm amazed by this timeline) For idiots like me wondering how to start an AI only match because the damn controller won't go in the middle, you Play Match, start an Exhibition Match, select the teams and then when the pre-match settings show up, click (Y) for Coach mode (the 'w' key on my keyboard) and a manager's icon appears. This will give you control over your team's formations and subs but the AI play each other on their own. If this is improper advice, please correct me.
>>226 No you have it right, that's how to do it. It is usually better to have two Coach Mode teams playing though, since the AI tends to behave like an actual soccer team, turning its strats on and off throughout the match as it sees fit.
>>236 >It is usually better to have two Coach Mode teams playing though, since the AI tends to behave like an actual soccer team, turning its strats on and off throughout the match as it sees fit. Yeah, I started noticing that. Except it messes up in my tests and put our SS (right forward) into back left corner and messed up the rest. I haven't been able to figure out how to add or fake a second controller (keyboard only)
>>239 Update no-one asked for but one person may find useful: I'm about to wake up soon. I spent upwards of 6 hours trying to hack together a frankensteinian horror of old .exe's, Wine and xbox controller drivers, but then I was told there's an easy way to fake extra controllers in Linux. https://github.com/jehervy/node-virtual-gamepads It's an interactive SNES controller. You can host the server locally (just a javascript web-app) and connect with your browser on localhost:80. If you don't have a touchscreen, open ./public/js/virtual_gamepad_client.js and replace all three 'touchstart' with 'mousedown' and 'touchend' with 'mouseup'.
Just to be certain, are modders waiting for a new ICUP6 save file and DLC?
>>261 No, the save file and final aesthetics come out after the tournament. You can play around with PES in its raw form or with the last Cup's DLC. Anything you build/model/create will end up in the same file structure as the previous DLCs since we're running on PES 17 again.
>>266 What about new teams? Should we just start editing: /otter/ = Placeholder 1 /eris/ = Placeholder 2 /mecha/ = Placeholder 3 /comfy/+/late/ = Placeholder 4 etc? Do we only need to download the 2019 Summer files for a proper setup?
>>267 I managed to fix my install. The 2019 file didn't give me a DpFileList.bin file so it needed to be built (use Baris's generator at the bottom of http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Other_Major_Tools ). Only the 2019 Summer Save and 2019 Summer DLC are needed. Placeholders 1 and 2 are taken already, so in that last post just add 2 to those suggestions.
Open file (1.07 MB 1280x720 sticky.webm)
this is my PES OC (donot steal) their name is Sticky. they like playing divegrass and scoring goals. Sticky is invincible like superman but without the kryptonite and faster than sonic the hegehog. all their stats are 99 and they have all the skills.
Open file (573.29 KB 1632x1009 virtua3.jpg)
>>271 We could use some of them for the post tournament match Think SEGA FC from the Virtua Strikers series, with the devs' self inserts as the final boss
How do I get PES to save after I edit stuff?
>>477 Depends. What are you editing and how are you editing it?
>>478 I'm trying to edit my player's faces using the built-in editor. I tried doing it with ejogs3742642's editor too but that just creates some white abomination for some reason.
>>480 So finish the edit, head back to the top editing menu and make sure you manually save it. Do not trust PES's autosave feature. It does not work.
>>481 I did, it's still not saving
>>483 Have you tried resetting the player's face before editing it? I also believe there's something in-game to stop you from editing licensed players, so if you're trying to edit a Messi, a Ronaldo, what have you, the game might not let you use the in-game editor to do this.
>>486 > Have you tried resetting the player's face before editing it? Yeah I did, it just resets it again afterwards. Oh well, weird stuff.
>>486 Thanks for the help anyway.
>>487 Silly question, but have you tried editing different players or teams? I know editing ones with certain custom changes (e.g. APC) has turned them into white heads for me. Worst case, you can upload a list of the face settings you want and someone running the cup can probably use a save editor to apply it.
>>490 Yeah, never try editing a player who has a custom model in-game. It janks up the Blender model that was set up for them. You can always fix it by resetting the player model in-game, just make sure to adjust the player height afterwards as well.
Open file (207.09 KB 473x594 funny lineup.png)
https://www.buildlineup.com/ Consider using this website to visualize your formation.
Has anyone been able to use a one-sided unlit ("Anime-style") shader? I've been trying for a while now. Useful templates: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Aesthetic_Templates#Templates_for_PES16.2FPES17 https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials#Card.2FBox.2FCube.2FFlatheads https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017/Full_Player_Customization#Templates_for_making_flat_team_players The card head templates combined with the Pony shader (instead of Basic_CNS) just doesn't seem to work with twosided=0. It could be an issue on my end though.
>>595 (Me) Alright, I think it works fine in matches but not in the edit mode. Wow. I'm just glad it's not the other way around.
I've been putting a few hours of work into modifying my copy of the 2019 edit file (roster, appearance, team attributes, uniform colors). You can simply export/import all of my teams changes into the master file, right?
>>627 I believe that's how it works
Is there a way to preview kits without installing the game?
>>744 I don't think so, but you might be able to ask someone who has the game to test it for you.
>>595 The pony shader is 4cc custom made, it won’t work without their DLC
>>744 Not as far as I know. Unless you use a kit creator online that comes with a preview feature. >>756 It's included in the portion of the DLC that makes players disappear. I have it.
>>757 afaik that portion of the DLC also includes their modified EDIT database. >I have it. Will it be used for the cup proper? So full body models will be possible?
>>763 Full body models already were possible. We had players completely replaced by MMD models last Cup.
>>772 >We had players completely replaced by MMD models last Cup. We’re they still able to wear the kits? If so, this is a very encouraging piece of news.
>>773 It is possible, we just didn't do it. The main two that immediately came to mind were Miku, who was on the pitch in her usual outfit, and Aniki, who had a face clearly only meant to be seen from certain angles. Oh and he was wearing a loincloth.
Open file (15.32 KB 319x164 pes-editor.PNG)
So... how do I edit this?
>>918 Honestly, I wouldn't touch it. This is why I'm asking for tactics listed as a text file, that way I can put in advanced instructions like that manually.
>>918 If you want to know for testing, you can mod it easily in-game by selecting edit->team->game plan->advanced instructions It can also be temporarily changed during a game.
Should we sticky this?
>>1971 I'll remind myself later to sticky the thread.
I am making a stadium. Which stadiums may I choose from? Is everything played at night with fine weather?
>>2015 Night with fine weather, yes. As for slots available, you can use st017. I have no one in that slot other than a failed attempt at a /lego/ stadium.
How do I add player images in the wiki?
>>2044 What do you mean?
>>2045 http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//christian//Roster like in here. I want to add player's images but my team's roster page doesn't exists
>>2048 Create the page then. If it ends up being off slightly, it can be corrected. Links and everything can be fixed as well.
For any teams that change formation mid-game (like /fascist/), it may save time to use the Preset option to define the registered positions and locations before and after, and manually switch it during the sub. Just make sure fluid positions and automatic switching or whatever is off so it doesn't change automatically.
>>2087 That feels like a thing I would fuck up constantly. I'll look into it to see how easy it is though.
>>2088 I think it's more like, set it up once (per team), then change one hard-to-accidentally-change, easily-noticable-when-you-change option, which is reversible if you do it by accident. Try it out, for sure.
If possible, I would like to replace one of the selectable player goal celebrations with a special corner flag goal animation (I didn't realize they existed until today, that's how rarely the AI uses them) so that my players can use it. I have successfully done this in my game with a DLC (just overwrites the celebration's animation files and camera angle files with the corner flag celebration's files).
>>2164 If it doesn't break anything else, I'm for it. Send it along.
I am getting back into this again and working off of this page's Full-Body Models tutorial: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials#Full-body_Models And the tutorial video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xyxw-P8ggdCi6zd7guqUfbfTBuRA3wIZ/view And this text tutorial: https://pastebin.com/phPpfW1e The only question I have right now is about the texture format for the models. I know that it is a .dds format and that it needs to have specific parameters and dimensions but I don't know exactly what they are, beyond 512 x 512 (I think) being an acceptable dimension and it being necessary to pack all textures into one file. I can transfer weights and bones just fine, that is not an issue.
Open file (427.27 KB 1858x946 PES_Rumia_Medical_Staff.png)
Working with the first lady of T poses for practice.
>>2284 I can talk more later, the textures for the typical shaders you'll be using (such as Basic CNS or Pony) should be compressed with DTX5 compression and have mipmaps generated. I use GIMP, I can show you the exact export options I use later but this should be enough. One common issue is that GIMP only exports the current layer for DDS (so you need to merge the layers first) and this can accidentally increase the export size to larger then the canvas. It doesn't have to be exactly 512x512, the length and width just have to be powers of two (so 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x4096, 16x128 are all valid. Just stick with 512 square for starters though.) >packing textures into one file I don't know if the exporter allowed multiple materials per .model file. I know its possible but I haven't tried with the mod tools. However a player can have multiple .model files. Take Gondolina as an example, the pants are a separate .model file that have a special Uniform shader. However, for ease, I usually just do one model and one texture for the anime girls.
I used GIMP to export a .dds, one of the attached pictures shows what I picked for export. Another is a cap of the options for when starting a new project in GIMP. I don't know if I need to mess with them, I just left them all at default. If you'd like a copy of the .dds I can upload it.
Open file (281.28 KB 533x873 head-preexport.png)
Open file (629.61 KB 1009x927 head-postexport.png)
>>2298 Yeah, those export settings are perfect. You don't need to mess with the new image settings, sometimes I'm just opening an existing pre-made texture .png and just exporting as a DXT5 .dds with mipmaps so PES can use it. No need to upload the .dds, it should be fine, but definitely upload the player model folder if you have any issues, since the issue can be the .model/s, the XML, the MTLs or the texture. Protip: Always save the model in Blender before exporting. It can crash and it can ruin the UV. I've noticed an issue where if there are multiple islands (I think that is the right term) of faces on the UV map (so one point of the mesh is part of two unconnected faces in the texture, see pic one with head highlighted) the exporter mistakenly distorts one of those faces to stitch them together, to get pic 2. You can see the body pattern mess up in those UV faces that stretch across the entire texture. Here is a script I run in the console to properly separate the faces. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/92127/python-split-mesh-by-uv-islands/92142#92142 Also, I've noticed you are using a newer Blender version, I'm not sure if the PES tools work on those! If not, you can just export and import it into and older version as a .dae or something.
>>2300 I have noticed the 'island' issue working with Rumia. I assumed that it was from her having unnecessary/conflicting vertices. I was working on a newer version of Blender, will keep in mind to stick to the older edition.
Open file (112.63 KB 2048x2048 pes 17 exploitable kits.png)
Open file (47.73 KB 2048x2048 newtemplate base.png)
>>2324 >>2324 Here's a better one to use. I think that picture is from the 15/16 era of PES and they tweaked things slightly for 17. I managed generate this by fudging the kit creator a bit so you can clearly see where the individual parts of the kit begin and end.
>>2325 Perfect, how swell. Thanks.
I got Darth Vader's textures migrated into a single DDS, and I got the model weighed, but I noticed an issue with his cape when I did not move it far away enough during weight transfer. Curious how I should proceed. Should the cape be only slightly weighted to the body by location, or should I weigh the cape to one body part, or some other solution?
His skirt has a similiar issue.
Open file (625.67 KB 1328x1055 AmmitWeights.png)
With another model was wondering about the neck, head and hands.
Made a .model export of Vader and Ammit. Vader's model is not looking great from getting below 15k triangles and Ammit is still nude but I'd like to know if they work as-is or not before I put on finishing touches. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wd272LuZAN08pfWOdBWGUDc7444wKMcG/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wd272LuZAN08pfWOdBWGUDc7444wKMcG/view?usp=sharing
>>2351 - >>2355 Sorry for no response, was AFK for a week. >capes/skirt/dresses I sometimes have a play around with the weights if I have time to trial-and-error, otherwise if there's not enough time I leave them as pure hip-bone as it isn't prone to glitches and moves alright, even if it looks strangely static. Adding touches of left and right leg movement to a dress, for example, will make it move a bit with the legs as they run, but you need to be sure not to add too much so that it isn't wrapped to their legs like pants. I'd treat the cape and skirt similarly. Capes and long hair can look a bit stranger if they flow over many sections of the body (since they can move independently, looking over your shoulder moves the head bone but not the hip). I usually just manually paint parts of them to the closest major body section (head<->chest<->hip) making sure they flow into each other, not abruptly change to another bone. I'm guessing you don't have PES set up yet, so if you see any model in the cup (or even the 4chan cups) that you think has a similar part like a cape and moves well, I can send it to you and you can load it in and see how it's painted. When it comes to the weight painting, a good idea is tho think about how that part of your body moves, how much and when. The head and helmet should be 100% head (as it is attached to a head and moves with it) >>2355 I will try loading these in tomorrow.
Open file (222.04 KB 427x396 A Powerful Sith.png)
Open file (4.48 MB 1920x1080 breathing-noises.mp4)
>>2355 Alright, there are a couple of small export issues. It's far better than my first attempt though; you didn't crash PES! 1) I couldn't find the Arms_0_rig or vertex groups in the Ammit Blender file, only in the Vader file. I can tell you painted them on from the picture you sent. (It only ran in Blender 2.8+ so I'm guessing it was the wrong file) 2) I think you prepared the model for a different export tool than the one we need to use for players. If it nagged you about making that EXPORT parent, that's for a tool that only does simple static objects (like stadium parts), we don't need to do that. My guess is that the unexpected preparation (like EXPORT object and unexpected UVMap names) confused the exporter because the .model file had only one vertex group and was oversized. As a result of this, I could get it straight into the game as pic related lol. I've been able to fix this by reimporting the original medical_staff.model into a blank project, removing all its vertex groups (you've already painted them, so we can just replace the originals) and joining Vader's mesh into it just like you had done before. I got a strange export error which went away by going into the weight paint and normalizing all (not even sure if that was the issue, but a good troubleshooting habit). Now Vader looks like vid related! (ignore the red boots) Like I said, the cape will be hard. It's a trial and error thing, maybe not a good idea to worry about without having PES to test with, I honestly wouldn't bother. At the end of the day though, close-ups are rare. Perfection is a bit of a waste here and there are things that will never sit right. Plus glitches are half the fun! The helmet is surprisingly fine, although I would weight it 100% head anyway just to be safe. https://lainsafe.kalli.st/files/161459260860754.zip
>>2370 The video doesn't load.
Open file (4.11 MB 1920x1066 dark invader.mp4)
>>2413 The upload was interrupted the first time so I doubleposted, but the mod deletion was evidently botched. Vader's looking alright :)
>>2416 >but the mod deletion was evidently botched Please be patient I have autism
Does PES support jigglebones?
>>2583 No. PES was designed with male characters in mind only, who don't really get the jiggle treatment, but even if there were women PES still wouldn't have bothered to add that detail. Do you expect to notice from the far camera? The only option is adding weight from another bone to fake it, like adding 10% thigh bone or something ridiculous that would take so much trial and error I'd rather just not even try.
>>2583 Disregard the above response, I confused it with jjggle physics. The answer is similar though, no they don't have any bone customization. There are only the ones they have for a standard player. You maybe able to find something like an arm bone that moves kind of close to the movement a jigglebone would but it wouldn't be the same.
>>2583 You can mod booba onto a character but they don't jiggle. Far as I know anyway.
>>2598 show booba

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