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/icup/: Infinity Cup 6 Day 3, Sun August 15th, matches start 11:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM CDT / 2:00 PM EDT / 18:00 UTC

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Open file (1.11 MB 1913x2289 013.jpg)
General Discussion on the next Cup Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:34:14 No.9
Use this thread to ask questions about the cups or tournaments. PES 2017 I reckon was the last version we used in the cup. But as I said, while PES is the go-to since we take inspiration from the 4CC, other games with customization are more than accepted as suggestions for future cups. I myself wanted to create an NBA 2K1X cup given that the modding tools for that game are quite expansive, see: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=1CVFcSSNGGI[Embed]
>>9 Should we make a dicksord group for cup and cup editors?
>>639 No.
Open file (65.29 KB 231x218 hahaha oh wow.png)
>>639 No.
>>639 No. We're moving away from shitcord.
>>639 No. On a federated network of anonymous imageboards, there is strong dislike of: >closed-source proprietary centralized social platform (like Facebook, it's difficult to trust they wont abuse users in the future and hard to escape once in. see their privacy policy, even if they currently claim to be benevolent) >requires javascript or a desktop app that snoops your processes >requires Google reCaptcha signup (purpose-built deanonymizer) >requires phone number if you use vpn/etc. (annoying to buy a working fake) ...and for what benefit? We won't benefit from having multiple live video or audio channels. These threads act as well as their text channels (and allow larger attachments!) and can be made by anyone. There is also a benefit to have conversations all in one spot unless there is a serious benefit in using another platform. Keep in mind, I suspect imageboards have an inherent overrepresentation of both /tech/ nerds and people who dont trust governments&profit-corporations. Both hate dicksword.
Just to confirm, are there no pre-game changes allowed, only the 3 (+1) substitutions?
>>647 Last year we had the host change players on the go based on form, I think he could allow for managers
>>460 Any updates on that? Or maybe we could use the suggestion from >>96
>>857 >>96 >Currently this instance doesn't allow for user registration, but you can find an instance that gives you the possibility to sign up for an account and upload your videos there. I picked a different instance for now. I'll let you know how uploading goes.
>>887 Which instance? Some are better than others and some have file quotas.
>>888 (checking those digits) us.tv No quota on that instance.
>>890 Yeah, that looks like a good pick to me.
Open file (3.90 MB 1920x1080 output2.webm)
Time to get back into modding so here's a fresh animation for the replays n shit.
>>894 Could use some polish but otherwise pretty good.
>>894 Cheeky server allows uploading disallowed file types and then removes them from your post. Here's the cpk: https://files.catbox.moe/521vds.cpk
>>894 That looks awesome. I also forgot how harsh that old /genesis/ pitch can look, damn my eyes.
>>894 Can you make it so the camera freeze and fade is hidden?
>>894 Does PES allow for custom goal celebrations? As in, user made.
>>901 Not sure. Might be possible, if you can find the celebration files just like anything else, I'd assume.
Open file (1.75 MB 1962x2048 neko.jpg)
VIDEO UPDATE us.tv is an instance hosted by epik, so fuck them I don't trust em. New instance is pt.neko.bar, so feel free to run with the idea that our matches are viewable from a sports bar staffed entirely by catgirls. Also, I've made an adjustment to the format of match summary boxes, there's now room for the direct link to the video of the match, as seen here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/2019_Summer_Infinity_Cup#Group_A . I'm working on getting the entirety of ICUP5 on there. I have more matches to rip, but once they're ripped, it takes maybe five minutes to upload, so we're mostly just waiting for ffmpeg to do its job. >>891 >>890 >>888
>>903 Great! But some of them seem to be missing sound.
>>907 Works on my machineā„¢. The first five minutes or so of /ausneets/ vs. /kind/ has no audio, but the rest of the match is there. I'll check my local copy of the file and see if there's anything that can be done.
Open file (1.67 MB 350x340 Liru Thumbs Up.gif)
>>903 Thank you! This is a lot of work and I appreciate you for doing it.
>>903 neko.bar seems to be down
>>931 Looks like something on their end. Can't get to any of the neko sites, not just the peertube.
>>931 >>932 It's back again
Open file (87.27 KB 750x746 triangle.jpg)
Can MMD models be used in-game?
>>963 Yes
The test stream looked fine and the shitpo- commentating was better than I expected based on the size of the audience. The wiki could use an update now that the test stream is over, the pot draw date is known and the logo for the cup has been revealed.
>>996 Updated. Also, every friendly should be up on NekoBar tomorrow, as I've been able to splice them from the stream yesterday.
Open file (938.91 KB 480x270 footballHug.gif)
>>998 Hey, could you please upload the finals too or can someone provide links to them? That would be great! I'm refining some tactics right now, its a bit hard to do that without material to study.
Open file (525.36 KB 150x150 godisagirl.gif)
What size is best for cytu.be emotes?
>>1035 Just an anon here. Try to have an horizontal aspect ratio if possible, to eat up the least amount of chat lines. Also, the final pic gets eventually resized by the "admin", so the bigger is the original, the more details it loses.
Quick update on the video progress. I'm still waiting for the videos from the second day of matches. I've got the third day uploaded and the fourth day is ready for upload. I'll do the knockout stages next. They'll be in a temporary playlist since NekoBar is a little fucky with ordering videos in playlists. Once I get those Day 2 videos, I'll be able to put everything where it belongs. >>1028 I can start with the finals first then.
In the 2015 Cup every single match had a truck load of goals but now it's as if they're all either 1-1 or 1-0. What happened?
Open file (27.91 KB 526x404 4chn cup boris.jpg)
Nice "Cup" you got there, faggots I bet it even breaks 100 viewers, when 2 "big" teams play chuckles in texas
Open file (139.40 KB 663x498 otts.jpg)
>>1097 We may not have viewers but we do have otters
>>1092 PES differs from most modern sportsball games in that the AI plays differently from year to year. Some years the AI is quite tuned for scoring, while others, they play to the true spirit of divegrass and every game is a 0-0 win for nobody. PES 17 is somewhere in the middle, but it leans a bit more to the true-to-life side. Also, the goalie are allotted more skill points in these Cups than they were in the first two, so that helps(hurts).
>>1102 invitationals are comfy. I liked /pol/league and /vr/ league myself(even leftypol participated, in the last two of the former)
>>1100 Very impottant
Open file (2.90 MB 300x300 rebound.gif)
>>1112 Thanks! Very appreciated.
Do player icons appear in the game plan menu, or only on the wiki roster?
>>1144 For now, only on the wiki. I'm aiming to have the game organized enough to do that in the next Cup.
>>1145 All good, that just means I don't have to crop them to 1:1
Question: Why are we doing penalty kicks (boring) instead of extra time (fun) for tied games?
>>1315 For group stages (this week and the next two) there are neither, draws are allowed. After that, the knockout stages can't have drawn games, there must be a winner. If the regular 90 minutes ends in a draw, extra time is played for and extra 30 in-game minutes and then if it is still a draw after that, penalty shootout is a last resort to break the tie. Penalties are the only guaranteed tie-breaker in PES and are a normal feature in cups. The only in-game alternative I can think of is setting up a golden goal rematch but that would most likely take longer to finish and be less reliable (imagine a 0-0 match being prolonged until someone scores, it could easily be another 90 minutes)
Since most games will be played at Konami Stadium and I assume the billboards are constant per stadium, can you cycle the textures around every game day?

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