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Open file (48.29 KB 771x450 1591137356375.png)
/art/ the creative man's sport Supporter 06/02/2020 (Tue) 22:38:01 No.422
So what am I supposed to do? I'm new, plz dont bullie
Open file (311.60 KB 800x800 1592623876547.png)
>>441 Ch5ActionNews (Team Captain or whatever) >>689 #2 Pencil >>690 An Eraser >>691 A Sketch Pad >>692 Tomato "The Human Holocaust" Boy >>693 Hazy Summer >>694 Foggy Morning >>695 The Beach Goer >>696 Hog Ridin' >>697 Gay Camels >>698 Acrylic Paints >>699 Kingdom >>700 Flairs >>701 Brutalism Piece #473 >>702 An Expensive Smartphone Camera >>703 Highschool 4LyfeSchool >>704 The Prettiest Waifu ;3 >>706 Dylan >>705 Hope this helped
>>707 Just to note as well that An Eraser >>690 is the team goalie
>>705 I'm working on the kits now, I'm having trouble figuring out the kit program. Can I just MS Paint the model?
>>709 Yeah paint works fine.
>>711 Oh thank god, I'm not a technical person at all and the wiki was scaring me
>>712 Yeah, I'm trying to get that cleaned up a little, streamline things a bit. There's also this kitmaker if you find paint a little underpowered https://www.pesmaster.com/pes-2017/kit-creator/
Open file (409.09 KB 2048x2048 EasyKitTemplate - ALT.png)
Open file (71.96 KB 2048x2048 EasyKitTemplate - Home.png)
Open file (72.67 KB 2048x2048 EasyKitTemplate - Away.png)
>>713 lmao, well i just finished these. might be the final ones but i wanna play around with that url cuz i feel like i could produce better results. Thanks!
Open file (187.56 KB 2048x2048 ART HOME FINAL.png)
Open file (184.24 KB 2048x2048 ART AWAY FINAL.png)
Open file (198.27 KB 2048x2048 ART ALT FINAL.png)
>>714 Yeah I like these better, much cleaner
EDIT: Team: GK: >>690 An Eraser LB: >>693 Hazy Summer CB: >>694 Foggy Morning CB: >>696 Hog Ridin' RB: >>704 The Prettiest Waifu ;3 DMF: >>701 Brutalism Piece #473 CMF: >>692 Tomato "The Human Holocaust" Boy LWF: >>695 The Beach Goer RWF: >>699 Kingdom CF: >>689 #2 Pencil CF: >>441 Ch5ActionNews (Captain) Bench: >>700 Flairs >>706 Dylan >>702 An Expensive Smartphone Camera >>703 Highschool 4LyfeSchool >>691 A Sketch Pad >>698 Acrylic Paints >>697 Gay Camels Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjT8UhDAVHI[Embed] Goal theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihh-7DoDAEY[Embed] (From the start and for as long as you need to)
>>715 >>714 I like that marker scribble stripe on the original alt kit, shame it didn't make it to the new version. I also take it the alt kit is meant for your Keeper or is there another one coming?
>>723 I couldnt figure out how to transfer the stripe over. I got the files saved so I could play around some more, but no I have no keeper uniform, yet
Open file (164.94 KB 2048x2048 ART KEEPER FINAL.png)
>>725 ten outta ten. I'll see if i can transfer the scribble over on my own and I'll report back. Shouldn't be too hard, I think
>>725 /art/ keeper kit AWAY KIT UPDATE >>723 Glad you said something tbh because i would have let it go. but it does look spiffy and fits the board, so i fixed it up
>>726 Fantastic, thanks! Is there anything else that needs to be done before it's all official?
>>728 Nothing for now. You're good for the July 3rd deadline.
>>729 Huzzah!
>>688 >#75 I did mean 5 of course, but I saw it was up on the wiki so no need to change it. Just clarifying if there is a check up at somepoint or somethin
Open file (34.99 KB 432x452 ClipboardImage.png)
>>971 hope you can read that, every time i copy and pasted it just put it in as a png also how many kickers am i allowed?
easier to read png
>>972 define "kickers." Not sure what you mean by that
>>974 for penalties and free throws, as underlined in the screenshot also, will the players be full body pngs or just bodies with pngs for heads? my understanding was it'll just replace the heads but i dont know if thats something i should have clarified sooner or wut
>>975 Ah. Yeah you name one per line on the strategy sheet. Some of the slots are secondary, like FK Taker 2, he'll take the free kicks if something happens to the other free kick taker (injury, sub, etc.). As for the player models, you have options, I believe we can replace only the head, but we can also go full 2d PNG as well. It's up to you.
>>976 I'll just keep the pngs as heads, but I appreciate the option And wow I completely missed that, I guess I wasn't reading lol. I'll fix that up and give you and updated sheet
>>976 Ok fixed that up
>>978 Noted. I have realized by the way, you didn't give your bench players their positions, and you still need medal players. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//art/#Roster
>>979 Ok, here you go. all nice n' updated. what are medal players again? and how do I indicate whos who
>>980 There's one Gold (99 stats), one Silver (92) and two Bronze (85). When you edit the roster on the wiki, put "gold" "silver" or "bronze" between "sq" and "player".
>>981 tada so that just leaves me with the playercards, right?
>>982 Yep. And you've got a couple weeks to think it over if you want.
Okay, I'm kinda brickwallking on the player cards. I dont know how to turn this: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards into this: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita//Roster and where to edit it. I could use the help of the volunteer mentioned on my board thread, but I will do the bio's
>>1085 According to http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules, you can choose: *2 cards for regular players *3 cards for bronze players *4 cards for silver players *6 cards for gold players You don't need to do any editing, you just choose the cards from the list for each player and post your selection here.
>>1088 Oh so I'm not making a whole list for each player? It's just grouping them? Okay thats a bit easier. Where should I post them?
>>1089 Yeah, it's just a selection for each player. Posting them here should be fine.
>>1090 Okay, I'll get them in tonight
Open file (50.79 KB 432x645 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1115 Can you read that? I did it all up on a word doc and copying and pasting makes and PNG image
>>1116 yeah I can read it, all good
>>1122 as for the roster is that super important? I'm going blind trying to figure out the formatting. If I can give you some blerbs on them through here would that work better?
>>1122 also when are all banners due?
Open file (11.32 KB 500x81 1596048536803.png)
>>1133 Here's one, if the ratio doesn't fully fit please distort and stretch it so it does. I just made a thread, so hopefully some will trickle in, but they'll prob be done on oekaki
>>1133 I'll accept banners up to the day before the Cup starts.
Open file (293.26 KB 1025x233 roster page edit.jpg)
>>1132 It's not super important, but it is nice to have. This image outlines what an individual player reads like on the wiki page. I've placed the basic structure of the tables on your roster page already, you just need to fill it in.
>>1143 Awesome! thank you very much!
Open file (10.18 KB 500x70 1596091866784.png)
Open file (6.78 KB 512x64 1596093840386.png)
>>1137 Banner time.
Open file (72.36 KB 512x64 1596290431362-0.png)
Open file (63.51 KB 512x64 1596290431362-1-1.png)
>>1273 >>1285 ...the fuck?
>>1320 What got removed?

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