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Open file (10.44 KB 150x150 wiki logo.png)
Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:14:59 No.3
In order to start breathing some life into this board, I'll start posting updates from my efforts at editing the wiki. This will also serve as a thread to handle any suggestions/complaints/requests regarding the wiki.
Open file (133.90 KB 867x893 infinity cup 7 page.png)
>>4634 forgot to mention this was on the infinity cup 7 page
>>4634 >>4635 Will get to it when I get to your group or you could always do it yourself
>>4636 Done
Can anyone edit the front page?
>>4729 The problem is that SKF set the editing permissions to Admins only. If grassstains can take over the ownership then he should be able to.
Open file (29.57 KB 340x834 header.png)
been taking a gander at the /v/ page. you can't edit the header as a regular user, right? about the roster page, can you add both the .dds portrait image and a PES view of the model in an entry? in spite of preferring the portraits I still want to show off the models kind of like implyingrigged.info/wiki//a/_Roster does
>>4756 >header It's possible to do. Click on the Edit tab and you'll be able to change it. >can you add both the .dds portrait image and a PES view of the model in an entry? If you want to do like in your link then go into the Edit mode in PES and take a screenshot of your models.
>>4756 Do what the italians did, put it on anonfiles or catbox and add a link to them. Maybe a screenshot too since they're so cool.
>>4767 For what purpose? Just upload it to the wiki.
Apparently the panchitos have made their home in the wiki. https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//mex/ Are these guys invited? Seems too early to let in a fringe board full of illegals when we have no idea of the continuity of most teams that are already in the cup.
>>4770 I decided to check their thread, and from what I'm seeing I don't see any trace of the Autist. There's also something in the OP about the post that the Erisian has about not letting new teams for now saying that even mods don't follow it
Wiki is at risk of being closed. I tried making minor edits, but the message still seems to be there. https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
>>4850 I once obtained some sort of modding powers on the wiki, I'll see what I can do. In the mean time if anyone could contact Grassroots I'd greatly appreciate it.
>>4850 I've also made some small edits on the wiki to see if it would disappear. I believe I'd take some time for the header to update though. Same thing as with files uploaded to the wiki, they only update well after they're submitted to the wiki.
Open file (108.44 KB 915x663 edits.png)
Open file (419.46 KB 600x600 surely you jestin.png)
>This wiki has had no edits or log actions made within the last 45 days surely you jestin
>>4851 I can message him but he's not the owner of the wiki, maybe he can try and claim it.
>>4854 I received a reply from him, says he could do it but he prefers Icupanon to claim it himself.
>>4855 How is the wiki claimed either way? Do we need SKF to return from the dead for the ownership to be effective?
Open file (44.40 KB 1111x140 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4856 The message header says it in there as much but I'll answer either way: >How is the wiki claimed either way? When the wiki is considered inactive any user from there can go to a page where he can request the ownership to be transfered to him. >Do we need SKF to return from the dead for the ownership to be effective? Not necessary but it could be more effective and faster because all he has to do is just uncheck one thing and done. For now I'll continue working on it (I need to update the match details for the group stages and same for the knockouts as well as upload some matches remaining to the archive and probably update the video links from previous cups).
I've been looking at the recent changes and I want to ask: do you have any particular method of updating the match details of the group stages? It seems like quite a lot of menial work to check what's said on the wiki, double check with the archive's video then type them on the template. >attendance How did you figure this one out? Is there an archive for the cytube as well?
>>4859 The way I do it for the match details is to use the beginning of the video for the main eleven and then skip to the last minute or so for the match stats and the events. For stuff like substitutions I'll skim to a point where substitutions happen (this also helps with the player arrows and their positions). It's a bit of menial work but it's the best way I can do it. >>attendance I actually got those from Grassstains himself (and only those three matches AFAIA) but I imagine it's based on how many people are in the room at the moment.
Open file (56.14 KB 477x643 ape_escape.jpg)
>>4860 >attendance I remember the dude managing the stream said he was recording over the chat window with FFMPEG. Did you have any idea of this? Note that I don't know whether he has archived it or not.
>>4861 >I remember the dude managing the stream said he was recording over the chat window with FFMPEG. Did you have any idea of this? I hadn't, actually. Let me ask Grassstains if he has any way to get in touch with him.
>>4861 >>4862 I have that guy's email now so I'll ask for the links.
Have all matches been archived somewhere?
Open file (76.70 KB 800x1212 hehehe.jpg)
>>4871 All of the matches that are counted as official are archived here: https://archive.org/details/ICUP7 If you were to check the uploader's account you can also see most of the previous cups were archived too. From memory, both ICUP 4-7 and the very first one are available on the archive. There's also this link that's been worked on that contains individual matches instead of the entire day's worth of stream: https://archive.org/details/ic7_20220825_20220825 As for the entire raws, the entirety of the stream was not archived. Extra matches and this cup's friendlies were not archived and can't be retrieved. This last part I figured out while I was trying to check out that soyjak vs whatever shitfest out of curiosity. Made me chuckle.
>>4871 As >>4874 pointed out, most of the cups are available in the user page: https://archive.org/details/@icuparchive The only exception (at least to my knowledge) being ICUP2 because, according to SKF, there wasn't any archives and the closest thing to it are cached images of the after-match results. >Extra matches and this cup's friendlies were not archived But that's not true, the /lego/ v /lang/ was in there as well as the shit extra match that I didn't bother with because fuck those two sites appear in the raws.
Open file (13.46 KB 240x320 juden morisa.jpg)
>>4875 >The only exception being ICUP2 I don't think The 8chan Cup was archived either, or at least it doesn't show up on the archive. >spoiler /eris/fag please come to the models thread and lend me a hand with the transparencies >>4780
>>4878 Unfortunately you're right, that one is not archived either. I don't know if SKF or TNAanon still have the raws.
>>4879 Speaking of, Infinity Cup 5's friendlies were not archived, right? Is this lost forever in time?
>>4887 Unless someone still has the WEBM for it then that's gone too.
>>4863 Did you get the links?
>>4963 Not yet. Let me try again and (hopefully) he sees this thread too.
Open file (7.83 KB 1592x71 bug.png)
A few days ago I decided to open a request for the staff to give me ownership of the wiki and apparently the reason for the message appearing still is a bug (according to this person at least).
>>4965 I thought about as much about the notice, that it needn't display anymore. How about the ownership? Will they concede it without the previous owner's permission?
>>4966 It's still "In Progress".
Open file (73.97 KB 496x661 hot dog dinner.jpg)
>>4968 Thanks for that, anon. Now I can relive how subpar a chat window is as a means of communication. Didn't know emotes could be that annoying. Makes typing out actual messages meaningless when they can be drowned in an instant by pointless reaction images.
>>4972 To be fair, the recording quality is not that good due to the settings and the fact that my internet kept sometimes shitting itself which is why there are cuts in some of them.
Open file (214.48 KB 890x736 nice hitler.jpg)
>>4975 Don't think the quality is an issue here, the webms look great. Good job recording the chat window too. The attendance data might come in handy in order to complete wiki entries.
>>4968 Amazing, comrade I wish we could reup this shit on youtube though at some point, no matter if unlisted or otherwise
Open file (13.52 KB 1501x176 SKF did it.png)
The notice is gone.
Open file (26.16 KB 1250x173 edits_wiki.png)
>>4982 Might as well have given administrator rights to the guy that's actively editing the site and will notice right away if the wiki's marked as inactive. Specially bizarre considering that Ass the Poopstains wanted a long break form having to babysit the entire event.
>>4983 Icupanon here I don't mind either way, having pseudo mod powers would allow me to occasionally log in and dispel those stupid messages about inactivity, but as long as someone else does it I guess it still works. I don't write much as of late because very little action has been taking place lately. If I may, could anyone with mod powers change the home page to be a little more in line with what we had on the other wiki?
>>3 Took me a while but I've finally got around to updating all the teams on the wiki with the correct (or as correct as possible) board they're meant to represent, minus obvious joke or dead boards. Please do help out with adding a bit of flair to the wiki by adding pictures of the players if you're from one of the boards that could potentially play.
>>4987 Jast day I was trying to figure out where /ausneets/ was meant to be. Only by chance did I remember endchan exists, so clever move. Updating /soy/ as a team that might participate again is quite a stretch.
>>4989 They've proven to be pretty steadfast in model making, but even if they won't play my ocd forces me to categorize everything. At some point in the next few days I'll upload all the audio to a non files
The pages for ICUP 6 and 7 have now all the links to the individual matches. Same for the GCup, except for the Finals because that recording is missing from the archive.

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