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Open file (106.71 KB 1366x715 og-image.jpg)
Open file (151.47 KB 402x517 PES14_positions.png)
Open file (195.04 KB 2048x2048 Template.png)
Create-a-Team thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 02/28/2022 (Mon) 10:02:55 No.2945
In order to clean up the catalog a bit, you can use this thread to talk about the new teams you want to add to the cup and general management of the rosters. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (PES 2017 rules) >A link to the board for which you want to submit a team >16 (max. 23) Player Names (the first 11 shall be the starting lineup) >Player positions (see second picture), with at least one Goalkeeper >Player medals, which are used to determine which players should be the strongest in the team (1 Gold player, 1 Silver player, 2 Bronze players) >Among the starting 11, you must select one to be the Captain (they get a bonus to their stats) >A team logo (just use gimp or photoshop or paint.net) >A minimum of two Kits, which are the shirts that your main players and your goalkeepers will use (if you're feeling really lazy, you can just make a recolor of the main kit and call it the goalie's), we would also appreciate a third one for the Away games; use the third pic as a base https://archive.fo/oeCdW Used to be necessary, but if you got any problems you can just let us rig it: >Player cards and roles, refer to https://archive.fo/PXgEG >A Team Strategy, refer to https://archive.fo/XZPFS >A set of player heights, refer to the rules >3D models of your players, or at least face edits / photos: https://archive.fo/byqOT Rules for the matches: https://archive.fo/Cw9ji Stay tuned for cup info
>>4331 I just ran an audit ( see >>4340 ) and have considered your team and therefore game invalid due to a broken, disadvantageous strategy due to my mismanagement. Since you have not yet played a game, I will let you submit a basic strategy to fix the team. I believe this does not provide any unfair advantage.
Open file (124.44 KB 480x600 lineup.png)
here's the final /v/ export with its matching lineup. DO NOT attempt to change the player placement unless I tell you otherwise in chat. I may request you sub a few players before the match, just so all of them get at least some screentime during the tournament. https://files.catbox.moe/uky3va.7z 10 CF Kaedocum (Silver) (FBM) 02 LWF Teagan (FBM) 11 RWF Hitler - the Videogame (FBM) 01 SS Jhon Carmack (Gold, Captain)(FBM) 05 LMF MC McHunter Dick (Bronze) (FBM) 07 RMF FOE (Bronze) (head replacement, transparent skin, left collar, standard socks) 03 CB Todd Howard (facemask, Light skin) 06 CB Nethack Guy (Not FBM, transparent skin, Left collar, short socks, keep boots) 08 LB Bob Page (facemask, Light skin) 09 RB Yoshimitsu (not FBM, transparent skin, Left collar, short socks, keep boots, 178 cm height, +7 shoulder width) 04 GK Shambler (Not FMB, transparent skin, Left collar, short socks, no boots, 188 cm height, +7 cm arm length) subs: 12 LWF Wing Diver (FBM) 13 CB Ayy (transparent skin, left collar) 14 CB Cultist (FBM) 15 GK Hackeo Kojimbo (Medium skin) 16 LB Hideous Kojimbo (facemask, medium skin) 17 RB Heinous Kojimbo (facemask, medium skin) 18 LB Honey (FBM) 19 RB Honey (FBM) 20 CB Honey (FBM) 21 CB Honey (FBM) 22 LWB Honey (FBM) 23 RWF Honey (FBM) Player Cards Backs Left/Right Back: <COM playing style: Long ball expert >Long throw >Pinpoint crossing Center Back: <COM playing style: Early cross >One touch pass >Man marking Center fielders Left/Right Midfielders (Bronze: <COM playing style: Long ball expert >Heading >Fighting Spirit >Low lifted pass Second Striker (Gold, Captain): <COM playing style: Speeding bullet >Heading >Trackback >Weighted Pass >Fighting Spirit >Low lifted pass >Low punt trajectory Wing fielders Left/Right Fielders: <COM playing style: Early cross >Low lofted pass >Pinpoint crossing Center Fielder (Silver): <COM playing style: Incisive run >Acrobatic finishing >First time shot >Knuckle shot >Low punt trajectory Honey Cards (cards to use with the Honey players): Left/Right Back: <COM playing style: Long ball expert >Super sub >Pinpoint crossing Center Back: <COM playing style: Early cross >Super sub >Man marking Left/Right Fielders: <COM playing style: Early cross >Low lofted pass >Super sub 'Attacking styles': >Counter attack >Long pass >Center >Maintain formation >Support range: 5 'Defensive styles': >Frontline pressure >Containment: wide >Aggresive >Defensive line: 4 >Compactness: 8 'Advanced instructions': >Hug the touchline >Centring targets <Deep defensive line <Gegenpress 'Sub strategies': Sub off three most tired non-medal players with Honeys at 60'.
>>4355 some anon fixed a portrait for the team. here's the final final export you should use: files.catbox.moe/0qnylr.7z note that I cleary meant Midfielders with the Center fielders category
>>4355 change the main attack advanced instruction with >tiki taka make the 2nd one >centring targets how do these come to play? do I need to specify any specific time you have to change them?
>>4361 I enable them at the start unless you say otherwise.
FINAL FINAL FINAL EXPORT FOR /v/ files.catbox.moe/4n6g6s.7z can you test if all portraits work in-game, please?
>>4355 >DO NOT attempt to change the player placement unless I tell you otherwise in chat. We don't do live management. It's considered unfair to approximately every single other team. I recommend you put details in your substitution strategy if you havespecial pre-game instructions (e.g. sub on top form players before match, don't sub off medal players, etc.). >Honey >Honey >etc.. This is just lazy boring filler, especially when there are already players like Sundowner available. The Kojimbos are variants, that's fine. Adding the same player six times, however, is just not worth my time. I don't even care if the other five replacements don't have models or are flat images, I'm not putting the same player in a team multiple times just out of laziness. Chuck some more names over or they're staying as the old /v/ player names.
Open file (1.65 MB 304x308 come_on.gif)
>>4406 >This is just lazy boring filler No. You see, this is my artistic vision. During the half-time, 3 players get replaced by a small platoon of EASSS, powered by the >super sub card. It's not the same player, hence why each of them has a different portrait. >Chuck some more names over I understand you may not want to see the same player repeated three gorillion times. Do note these 6 players behave like a hivemind, so any kind of differentiation amongst them would ruin the ass experience. As a reference, imagine we had a team that played like a hivemind, similar to the Zerg faction in Starcraft. Wouldn't it make sense to place the same player 11 times on the team? What would the result be if we had to make each player sPecIAl aNd UniQuE? Wouldn't that ruin the identity of the team as a whole? Come on man, this was absolutely intentional and not an act of laziness. Whether it has 6 times it will be much better than blank slate players and 8moe placeholders. Keep the formation as is and don't ruin the funny please.
Open file (213.91 KB 389x411 toddgun.png)
fixed a little weight problem with the honey mdel, now the export should be alright files.catbox.moe/mt4azb.7z run it into PES as is and don't complain. this isn't your team bitch
Open file (26.83 KB 474x595 brent.jpeg)
Open file (396.95 KB 1280x720 mic_wazowski.mp4)
>>4408 >Come on man, this was absolutely intentional and not an act of laziness. Alright, fuck it, I'll run the honeys. I didn't notice the portraits and confused vision for laziness. Your team will be good to go. >>4411 >don't complain I'll bitch all I want.
>>4412 can you show me if all portraits work and how they look in game? might repost in the sleepy bread
>>4413 Yep, the names won't be right yet (updating the roster will take about and hour due to eating) but I'll chuck the pictures in
Open file (92.94 KB 706x1063 kazuya_computer.jpg)
>>4414 ye no need to hurry when will the /sw/ vs /v/ match be played though? I don't mind if you keep the old schedule though I won't be able to watch it live
>>4415 I wasn't thinking about it at the time, you're right, many timezones will start to not be able to watch that. It's just better to move it, for everyone.
Open file (402.08 KB 501x608 Screenshot.png)
lmao forgot to take them out of the folders. let me try again
>>4418 didn't know you had to take them out of the folders. hopefully you are using the >>4411 export
Open file (419.93 KB 510x600 familiar faces.png)
Open file (450.59 KB 479x744 ports.png)
>>4420 Yep, I am. Apart from the Todd and Kojimbo faces I took the seam out of, everything else is that new export. (again, ignore the blatantly wrong names and positions. that will be fixed next)
Open file (20.25 KB 181x276 PPSSPP_EIoJwfED.jpg)
Open file (40.39 KB 341x401 lawl.jpg)
>>4420 actually got it myself to work, so there's no need send me anything really. try to update the team for the next set of matches at the very least
Open file (20.06 KB 240x220 pleased merchant.jpg)
>>4421 thanks dude you truly are my greatest ally
Open file (18.76 KB 680x541 no.jpg)
was looking at the /japan/ thread and there seems to be some butthurt brewing can you convert the jpg named hair_col_parts into a DDS and then use some skin colored hue to fill out the face DDS? I would do it myself, but GIMP is currently sucking dicks I'm afraid John will throw a shitfit on stream if no one pays him any attention I think there has to be a player named GETmelon or Suika in their team, go check it out files.catbox.moe/x2nih3.7z
>>4355 Just realized, you've got COM playing styles instead of normal playing styles. COM ones cost a skill point, normal ones don't. Until further notice, I've ignored them (except defensive GKs as instructed)
>>4427 *oh, and Low Punt is a GK skill (yes it's a misleading name) so I recommend changing that
Open file (394.21 KB 645x807 erect shoulder.png)
and dickhunter has an issue in the arm
>>4427 >you've got COM playing styles does that mean I have to change them all for normal player styles? If I've understood correctly, you can overridde the necessity for the early pass card with an early cross playstyle, right? >Low Punt is a GK skill didn't say so in the old wiki. so it's either long throw or low punt the card that stays I suppose >>4429 that player is a huge asshole, I've had to fix him 20 times and still he has one last thing to say here he is, should be good now. files.catbox.moe/yi2oba.7z
>COM ones cost a skill point you get two of those for each regular player right? what does it mean to not have a playstyle, does it make the player more unlikely to pass as he's said with the COM playstyle? does this mean, if I were to remove the playstyle from a player, he won't be doing short passes as often? I had set that up earlier so now I have no idea what to do
Open file (45.60 KB 674x679 fgsfds.jpg)
I think I've finally understood the spaghetti I had made before. Here are all changes in terms of player cards: LB, RB: >remove long throw, keep COM >playing style: defensive fullback CB: >remove COM early cross >playing style: instigator LMF, RMF: >remove low lofted pass >playing style: box to box SS: >remove low punt >playing style: creative playmaker LWF, RWF: >remove low lofted pass >playing style: prolific winger CF: >remove low punt >playing style: fox in the box Honeys: LB, RB: >remove pinpoint crossing CB: >remove COM early cross LWF, RWF: >remove low lofted pass
Open file (285.23 KB 506x806 angry fgsfds.png)
>>4434 forgot to add: >playstyles for the regular players apply for the Honeys too and >all players that aren't Honey share the same cards as the regular entry for their position
Open file (351.13 KB 1600x1200 160167.jpg)
>>4435 should add: >remove tiki taka >place hug the touch line in its place >centring targets is the secondary strategy
>>4436 should add, again: >replace CF's knuckle shot with heading
here is a minor graphical fix on kaedocum i expect to come in effect next week https://files.catbox.moe/ocdo9q.7z and here's mchunter's model in case you missed it https://files.catbox.moe/yi2oba.7z have you done anything on /v/'s tactics?
>>4453 The tactics are updated with the changes up to and including >>4437 since they are not meant to change after your first (valid) game.
Open file (12.68 KB 97x137 7ikl4n.jpg)
>>4454 >yoshi hasn't got transparent skin I think I saw something through Shambler's model too fix pl0x
>>4457 Can you send a pic of what Shambler is supposed to looks like? I've got wrist taping left, arms enabled (it's the glasses setting on GKs), no boots, and no FBM. Maybe it was that I had gloves not disabled?
Open file (739.38 KB 468x892 4.png)
>>4494 here's a resume on what needs to be corrected in terms on settings: >wing diver has to be 155cm tall >yoshimitsu and shambler need transparent skin other than that it's good I don't want to jump the gun in terms of posts in case I want to send some updated models, most specifically carmack, who was the first model I made and thus is a mess
Open file (720.27 KB 462x889 11.png)
>>4494 >>4496 alright here's a condensed post with everything you need to change. this is the only post you need to pay attention to: >update carmack's model: https://files.catbox.moe/ynlh7d.7z >update kaedocum's model: https://files.catbox.moe/d68fto.7z >change shambler and yoshimitsu's skin to transparent >make wing diver 155cm tall make sure to double check the shambler and yoshimitsu
>>4496 >>4497 Heights can't be adjusted that way, there are competition rules due to it impacting the gameplay. She's already the lowest available height (175cm) The rest I can do before the match.
Open file (392.79 KB 1536x2048 kigurumi koishi.jpg)
>>4501 and please, for the love of God, make both wing fielder honey's celebration number 31. both celebration slots may I add
Open file (183.47 KB 593x629 sad2.png)
Open file (102.79 KB 381x461 Vignette_Queen.jpg)
Prince Charles will now be King Charles III At the request of /monarchy/.
>>4602 F in chat
Requesting God Save the King to be played at the knockout.
Open file (255.20 KB 550x550 mex logo.png)
Open file (134.09 KB 822x679 mexline.png)
Hello, this is our entry for a team for the /mex/ican board on 8chan GK El Grande Padre LB Sureño (captain, silver) CB Pepe Paisa CB Baños Públicos Aztekos RB Norteño (golden) LMF Azteca Culona (bronze) CMF chicanos OUT RMF El Chavo del Ocho (bronze) AMF Taqueria Goku AMF Quetzalcoatl (from Fate series) CF Torta de tamal subs GK Gringo GK chinga a tu madre CB El estado deprimente de la Lucha Libre CB El castizo jalisciense (Canelo Álvarez) CB "Mariachi es cultura" CB hebe indigena CMF >vota por el PRI RMF Latinx [put him in only if El Chavo has a completely low morale, that arrow that points down] AMF mamá luchona AMF Loan (lolcow) AMF Narcocultura CF Puto give all players on the main team (the ones in picture) Knuckle Shot and First Time Shot as skills, give all players on the subs the Pinpoint Crossing and Acrobatic Clear skills Sureño has Knuckle Shot, First Time Shot, Pinpoint Crossing, Acrobatic Clear and Captaincy Norteño has Knuckle Shot, First Time Shot, Pinpoint Crossing, Acrobatic Clear, One Touch Pass and Heel Trick Azteca Culona has Knuckle Shot, First Time Shot and Pinpoint Crossing El Chavo del Ocho has Knuckle Shot, First Time Shot and Acrobatic Clear give Narcocultura the Classic No. 10 card give Canelo Álvarez the Extra Frontman card Make Quetzalcoatl really tall and El Chavo del Ocho short for the tactics: Possession Game, Short-Pass, Flexible Frontline Pressure, Middle, Aggressive Support Range = 9 Defensive Line = 2 Compactness = 5 also Deep Defensive Line and Swarm the Box
>>4754 replace all those names with taco bell menu items and you got a deal
Open file (17.56 KB 552x330 Illegal.jpg)
>>4754 >>4765 I have no idea where the cup is heading with these teams. Soon Spanish will be the main spoken language in chat.
Open file (600.92 KB 2048x2048 mex_1st_kit.jpg)
Open file (833.64 KB 2048x2048 mex_2nd_kit.jpg)
Open file (912.15 KB 2048x2048 mex_gk_kit.jpg)
Open file (139.51 KB 1024x1007 le bakaface.jpg)
>>4802 I believe you have replied to the wrong post, amigo.
Next cup when?
>>4843 Starts on Sunday
>>4844 Where's the announcement
Open file (262.53 KB 771x776 really.jpeg)
>>4845 Come on, he's taking the piss, can you not tell.

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