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Open file (179.18 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup 7 Preparation Thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:35:41 No.2393
infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_7 Seems only natural to begin a new thread for the next cup. Although SKF gave us no plan on the wheres and whens other than Summer 2021, let's start conversing about what to keep and change in the next cup!
>>2451 Right, I'll address this just so SKF can think of more important stuff, like the wiki movers and all. no I am not him, just the guy with the keys to this place Reviewing what has happened, it's pretty clear to me that it's got nothing to do with the cup or interactions between the webring at large and outside websites. For one thing, this incident is completely isolated to 8moe, had no lasting consequence given that the board hosted backups, was the result of the naivety of 8moe's administration (after all, they did make him a janitor in the first place, according to the /v/ threads about it) and most importantly it has absolutely nothing to do with the /icup/ or any other boards but /v/ and some porn board. Furthermore, /leftypol/ had been banned, as said by >>2468 on an issue related to the cup and because they were causing controversy within the cup itself, whether or not they were sabotaging 8kun, then named 8chan, is another matter entirely and should not concern us. I have locked /japan/'s thread as a precaution to avoid unnecessary spamming or vandalizing by the involved party, but if no other developments happen, I find it reasonable enough to unlock it. Now, with that out of the way, could we possibly, please, resume talking about the cup instead of some unrelated board drama?
>>2484 I do have a question related to the stream: given that Bitwave changed their embed settings halfway through last cup and SKF had to rely on a throwaway Twitch channel, I wanna ask whether Bitwave will have a second chance or they'll be using another streaming site.
Serves me right for not going onto the internet on April 1st. I've read everything that's gone down here in the last little bit and I indeed owe it to you all to chime in, so here goes. >April Fool's Day Prank Missed it completely. 8moe are retarded for letting an outside shitposter get privileges like that on their site. I have no real opinion on it the prank and fallout itself. I understand the animus towards the site: A lot of people feel like they should not have been added to the webring, many feel like their crossposters bring down their home board's quality, and there's the horseshit about the doc that recently, finally, debuted. 8moe anons feel like these slights are unfair towards them. Overall, things have been fine with them in the Cup. The autistic shitflinging has been within the usual bounds of a virtual divegrass tournament, and their crossover with zzz/v/ for the team in the last Cup can at least be described as 'somewhat amicable'. Unless this becomes a constant source of friction for myself, other important figures, and most importantly the fans, I'm leaving it as is. >/japan/ Pretty much ditto. The only issue that has come up with them so far is the couple of faggots that tried to gatecrash Day 1 of the last Cup. That went away pretty quickly (surprise, surprise) when the guys turned off Tor for the Cytube. I don't particularly blame Kime or the anons from /japan/ for those fags showing up. As long as that's the worst it gets, we can handle it. >Does this have anything to do with the guy posting outdated invites to various boards? I have doubts that it's related to what happened today. Just doesn't seem to fit the pattern of how that was happening. I'm no more happy about the invites than I was previously, and I'd prefer we cut that shit out ASAP. Again, as of this post, no invites have been sent out for ICUP 7. >/leftypol/ I really don't want to have to talk about these faggots again. Feel free to cap and save this portion of the post for future reference. As long as I'm commissioner of the Cup, /leftypol/ will not be allowed in. Some people misattribute this to their cheating from ICUP1, and the rumored cheating that lead to their victory in ICUP2. While that behavior is dubious, and they were rightly punished for it when it was proven, it's not the real reason. I am more focused on the fact that they happily and openly assisted in getting our home taken down. The Hapsburgian traitor in the wheelchair and his retarded lefty Discord faggot friends destroyed our hub, and by extension, took direct action against the Cup as well. They are not welcome. >Cancelling the Cup Fat chance right now. It's almost 100% sunk cost fallacy at this point I'd wager, but there's already been so many IRL things that the Cup has unintentionally dipped its hands into. I can't see something like this ever being a bother on par with the headaches I went through personally at times. >>2474 Basically 10/10, but you got my internal monologue wrong. It doesn't speak in that tone of voice, it speaks in this tone of voice. >Boards Outside the Webring My thoughts on that are in the other thread, but it can't hurt to say them again. This Cup was for 8chan and its anons. 8chan was murdered and the userbase is essentially a diaspora. It makes it tough, but the webring is our new home despite being a fluctuating entity. I'm still open to outside boards being let in for exhibition Cups and what not but not the ICUP because it's super srs after all. >Bitwave's shit We'll cross that bridge when we get there. I first need to learn how to mix audio. I know I'll have to edit this because I forgot something or accidentally a whole word, so just brace for the eventual proof it's really me.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/02/2021 (Fri) 03:08:24.
Open file (606.35 KB 855x990 portraits.png)
[haven't read SKF post yet; in a rush] >>2484 I've managed to get player portraits working. We can also put gold/silver/bronze borders in the image or other helpful hints for things like super-subs.
>>2489 Thanks for clarifying. How's the wiki transfer going? >>2490 Great news.
>>2491 Templates are all moved over. Next is files, then the actual content. Slow process, but it is happening. >>2490 Nice. It'll be even easier to utilize this once Player IDs become standardized.
>>2489 I wouldn't really mind having /leftypol/ in as a sort of heel team, if you know what I mean. Maybe even as the joke team to beat at the end.
>>2524 I'd rather have /test/ again if it's done in this cup too.
>>2524 There's a lot of new/renewed boards that deserve that slot long before dead and gay ones do. /hisrol/ is the freest heel ever, if that's all you want.
>>2561 I concur that /hisrol/ would make for an excellent addition to the roster, much more than several other participating or dead boards. 1) Highly autistic, thus highly likely to produce customized stuff for the cup; 2) High activity for the short term that they've been up on 8chan; 3) Very specific in the kind of interest their board deals with, so it'll be hard for another similar board to take their place as the top dog. I say we ask them but SKF needs to tell us first.
Open file (176.72 KB 1505x978 a.png)
Could you guys not post your ad or whatever to boards like /meta/ and /test/ (they're even hidden from the webring), and not create two threads on the same board within one minute FFS?
>>2566 This. I'm sick of people just spamming advertisements for us. It's bad reputation and brings us teams that we often need to rejects. No-one wins.
>>2566 Thirding this also thirding for /hisrol/
Tell me what to provide for my home board I can doodle it all on paper and phone pics currently but I want them in unless that disqualifies us for me taking charge without a current pc
>>2570 - Asking SKF for permission, apparently - Kits (1st, 2nd, goalie) which you can edit with any kind of program, you may be able to find them in the stickied threads - 16 to 23 players, complete with their medals, player cards, positions, height if you wanna be fancy and other customization stuff - a page on the wiki and a thread on this board to say that you want in
>>2570 you just need the player names, though editing the models would be really nice too
So how does it work? What do I need to do as a BO to sign up (we already have a team from 2019)?
>>2573 which board do you wish to sign in/want to take over?
>>2574 /shirtironing/
>>2578 based and ironpilled
>>2571 >Asking SKF for permission, apparently Skimmed this thread and lul >Kits (1st, 2nd, goalie) which you can edit with any kind of program, you may be able to find them in the stickied threads I gotta edit my own kits? I guess I'll lurk the other sticked thread and see whats the deal with this >16 to 23 players That I can do >complete with their medals, player cards, positions, height if you wanna be fancy and other customization stuff Where do I learn how to assign what? I guess the other thread explains it or? >a page on the wiki Link? >and a thread on this board to say that you want in I'll make a thread after figuring out the bare requirements to compete which hopefully isn't too much work >>2572 >you just need the player names This seems a lot simpler.
Open file (74.44 KB 583x680 IMG_20210319_112935.jpg)
>>2580 >I gotta edit my own kits? I guess I'll lurk the other sticked thread and see whats the deal with this You don't really need to be fancy, just use one of the templates and/or look at how other teams have made their own kits. Being fancy is the icing on the cake. An emblem would also be required. Follow these >>2324 >>2325 Also http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards
>>2581 Thanks I'll look into it and start working on mine.
>>2405 >refreshing PES meaning? also, during the gcup some anon said to add the feds team. clearly it's not a board, but maybe it could be something just for the keks...
>>2574 /retro/
>>2588 I thought that retro/y2k were already a team http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//retro/ I think you can use this as long as the /retro/ boys agree to it
>>2590 I know, thats what i want to do. But our team only participated once in 2019, so how do I sign up the board for the next cup?
>>2592 Just make a new thread on this board where you show your intent in running the team again for the next cup and use it as a place to discuss or post any edits to the current team that you want to make. I.E. changing the logo to reflect the fact that the team is now called /retro/ rather than /y2k/. When SKF or whomever wants to host before he does asks if anyone wants to participate, come here and say that /retro/ wants in.
>>2566 Again, I have no idea who is going around and doing that. Since it isn't me, it's not official, and it can be ignored. I'm going to repeat this for the 10th time now: NO INVITES HAVE BEEN SENT OUT FOR THE NEXT CUP >>2587 Meaning I want to try and refresh the DLC I've made so it feels less like a hastily scrapped together mess, and something both more competent and easier to tinker with moving forward. >>2588 >>2590 >>2592 If you want /retro/ to be in for the next one, start working on what the other anons have outlined. You can use your old roster as a base to start. Once I actually announce the dates for the next Cup, I'll open things up and see what boards want to return/join.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/25/2021 (Sun) 01:17:43.
How do the medals work 1 gold 1 silver 2 bronze right?
Also what are the size/file requirements for the kits?
>>2566 its a mexico doing this, admin on another board boxxed him because of beaner spam I bet theres only one(1) mexico on this board, we could very easily stop this beaner spam by just banning mexicos
>>2602 >>2601 Correct, and I'd prefer a PNG for the kits.
>>2605 >its a mexico doing this, admin on another board boxxed him because of beaner spam Based. Link, pls.
>>2605 >>>/lang/ flag says Czech.
>>2605 I think it's a guy using a VPN though, I distinctively remember a different flag on a different board
>>2611 >WHEN ARE YOU SENDING THE INVITES? They haven't even started organizing the cup lol. My guess is June. Out of curiosity, which board?
>>2611 >>2612 Feel free to work on it at your own pace on your board. The issue is that if boards actually submit work here too early, it can cause headaches. If infighting starts and I have to start pouring over threads to figure out what was intended, it's a pain. Unnecessary added work. Some early work could have mistakes, and if I catch it two months from now when it's finally time to put PES together, I might not be able to track down anyone to fix it. For faster boards, their work could disappear by sliding off the catalog. If you get a bunch of anons hype then make them wait three months, the effort gets wasted. It's all just much easier to say at a given point "Okay, we're open, give us what you have", and handle the info then. There's also the whole thing of someone running around and hitting other boards with low quality threads. It tanks the reputation of the event, especially with the more uptight boards. By saying "Hey nothing official yet", we don't have to explain any more than that. It's not us, just fucking ignore it.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/28/2021 (Wed) 01:02:05.
How do the player cards work like how do I decide and figure out on picking them for my players?
>>2622 COM playing styles are quite self explanatory, just ways the AI can make your players act that go outside the usual programming for players of the same kind. Player cards instead highly depend on your strategy, if you even have one. For example, players that stay in the opponent's box benefit a lot from something like Acrobatic Finish, because it lets them shoot even off of a bad pass or a rebounce. Conversely, players who stay in their own box, like LB/RB with the defensive fullback card or center backs can benefit from Acrobatic Clear for the opposite reason. Part of it is random number generation and part of it is your intended strategy. If you're unsure you could just give everyone but the medal players the same two general purpose cards. You can even go full memester and give players cards that make sense for their character, like how /fast/ gave Robotnik the Malicia card (basically enables the player to cheat and dive, looking to be fouled).
Hey, check out reinchan.net/int We need international fags too.
>>2624 Never heard of these fellas, how are they?
>>2623 Starting 11: > (GK) >(silver) (CB) > (RMF) >(LMF) >(CMF) >(RB) >(AMF) >(gold) (SS) >(bronze) (DMF) >(bronze) (CF) >(LB) (CAPTAINCY CARD) Bench: >(GK) >(RMF) >(LB) >(CMF) >(RB) Is this a decent roster? So I can start working on player cards or no?
>>2629 I'd add more bench players, you can have a total of up to 23 players. Your formation appears to be a 3-5-2, a team with a strong midfield. Medal players have more stamina and there are only 3 backs, so I think your left and right backs would be getting tired the quickest and worth having extra substitutes for. By the way, have you watched any of the previous games? It may be slightly helpful to see how games often progress. https://pt.neko.bar/video-channels/icuparchive/video-playlists
>>2630 >By the way, have you watched any of the previous games Have not but will do so. Would you reccomend I swap around the medals btw?
So SKF, in regards to 8chan being removed from the Webring, are teams from that place still considered legal ones?
>>2632 So spinning through their directory, it seems like we'd be losing /co/ and /ck/ as there are no equivalents of those boards on the Webring. (There's a ded /ck/ on Gunt or whatever, but it is ded) They have /v/ who had half claim to the team during the last Cup though sleepy /v/ can take full control. There's also /gts/ but they have been a ded team for a bit anyway.
shit it'd be hilarious if they got cancelled here too >>2484 can you unlock it now I don't think they got that mad

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