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/icup/ Drawthread Supporter 05/05/2020 (Tue) 22:59:26 No.20
Post OC and edits you may make of cups, former, current and future.
>>22 >That goalie pic >All those boards lost in time like tears in rain Fuck
>>29 I think most of them are still around
Open file (69.42 KB 508x720 1425787411273.jpg)
>>23 Always liked the Redanon grill tbh They should make more art of her
>>58 You're in luck: there's more of her.
>>94 Well, she's obviously gotta have a different logo on her shirt this time around.
>>104 Does the webring have any "official" logo yet?
>>105 Not to my knowledge. I guess it's harder to come up with a symbol that unites such a diverse group, and the infinity symbol was indicative of the infinitely expandable framework of 8chan. Still though I'd like to change it as well, mostly because I don't want to make it look I'm associated with 8chan.moe.
Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
>>110 >>105 Worse comes to worst, just use the new Infinity Cup, or even just the ball portion of it, if you need something more compact.
Open file (293.25 KB 440x582 Grudgement01.jpg)
Open file (313.73 KB 440x582 Grudgement02.jpg)
Open file (52.05 KB 1000x1000 ball.png)
>>110 I don't think there ever will be an official logo but it would be nice for the cup to create something. I just made this as an idea sketch, maybe it might inspire a drawfriend or at least some discussion.
Open file (1.11 MB 1727x972 Gondolina.png)
>>105 I'd say the infinity works well enough to show linage whilst being separate especially if it's stylized differently
>>1462 Is that a constellation?
>>1493 Similar, it's just a group of connected nodes. Networks are sometimes represented as graphs, so the symbol is a loose reference to a group of sites. It wasn't an inspiration but Syncthing logo comes to mind.
Open file (33.92 KB 560x551 capriball.jpg)
>>1498 Just a mockup
>>1526 That's bretty gud
>>1526 Stellar, absolutely stellar
Open file (30.21 KB 579x536 1cc.png)
Open file (19.66 KB 579x536 christnorf.png)
Open file (15.61 KB 579x536 norfbase.png)
Open file (20.68 KB 579x536 unnanorf.png)
I mentioned in the last match that I was making some Norferinos to spice up the chat but because I had work all through the Summer I wasn't able to attend many games. Here's what I've made, plus an exploitable one facing the video feed. Give me some ideas for future ones or make them with the base.
Open file (13.74 KB 579x536 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (18.60 KB 579x536 norfbase.png)
>>1534 'ate Mega Bloks luv Lego simple as
>>1577 >A bloke jus dipped his arse into the Thames in London City
Open file (35.76 KB 579x536 fnorf f.c.png)
cam on fnorf save sum farken goals
Open file (15.61 KB 559x536 ClipboardImage.png)
'ate kayakers luv me clams
Open file (18.98 KB 579x536 ClipboardImage.png)
Crush my cock with a rock, I must
Open file (273.31 KB 648x1152 AnonMOC.jpg)
This was uploaded to the wiki but got no attention. Can't seem to find it on /lego/ either but it's nice.
>>1634 It was posted either in the /lego/ icup thread or the /icup/ lego thread, I forget which. I really liked it. The wiki is not a good place for attention (for all I know I'm the only person who has seen my teams roster page)
>>1634 >>1636 It received some attention over on /lego/ too >>>/lego/539
Open file (278.74 KB 1608x812 NekoBar.png)
>>1728 nice!
>>1728 Put it on the booru, fam
Open file (65.26 KB 500x325 arigatsuo.png)
>>1754 Speaking of the booru, found this on there
Open file (11.57 KB 300x100 synthesis.png)
Yo lad where's our banner?
I gave the BO a heads up about the banner. I haven't seen it yet either, and I haven't figured out how to change the banners for the board.
>>1778 >>1763 >>1757 Actually, I added both of them, but for some reason they appear and disappear at random.
>>1778 Actually, SKF, I thought you could manage banners as well. I'll shoot the admins a request.
Open file (127.45 KB 1000x750 logoic.png)
>>2021 https://ourobooru.booru.org/ Put them in the booru
Open file (145.02 KB 640x607 spell it.png)
SKF just made this edit
>>2106 Cute!
Open file (632.75 KB 945x639 ottervsita.png)
made using GIMP
>>2283 11/10
new emote
>>2335 faggy
Open file (592.12 KB 1350x900 anonyellow.png)
Open file (590.87 KB 1350x900 anonred.png)
>>2736 Cool, new emotes
>>2736 Could you make the first redanon yellow, with a red shirt? For the memes.

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