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Other Sports Supporter 05/05/2020 (Tue) 21:14:06 No.16
Thread for suggesting and discussing alternate sports to use for the cup. So far, ideas include: >Wrestling (WWE 2K1X) - we could even ask 8chanmania to be an integral part of /icup/ >Basketball (NBA 2K1X games, we could edit sprites for NBA JAM >Golf (has been widely suggested in the past but I do not know how it would make for an interesting game unless the game had course editors) >Tennis (virtua tennis and wii sports have both been suggested) >Racing (similar situation with Golf, it would be kind of awkward to spectate but if the game allowed for track customization it'd be pretty cool, otherwise it's always possible to get a sprite edit in games like Mk64) Thoughts, opinions, complaints?
Open file (8.32 KB 242x525 cafe roster.png)
Open file (9.27 KB 240x526 plw roster.png)
Open file (8.52 KB 183x524 smug roster.png)
>>2492 >>2493 Guess I should've said/shown it earlier, my bad. Yes, the rosters are being made using mostly the medal players of the participant boards, as exemplified by the rosters of PLW and Smug. These two have that case of not having enough players, but in the case of Cafe I had the opposite. Cafe had 8 boards participating (not counting /fascist/, /otter/ or /latecomfy/ because it's a shared one; same case as /v/) and that meant that there were 28 people. So I went and selected medal players based on performance in either or both of the events. I hope that the /lego/ anon is happy. If there's a consensus to put /latecomfy/ into the Cafe roster I'll update it accordingly.
Apologies for the double post, my Internet fucked up there.
>>2496 What would cafe be without comfy?
>>2496 I would argue that if a board put some actual effort in their players, they should be selected over faceless goons. So characters like Aniki, Gondola or the otters should take precedence.
>>2500 Don't know what you mean by that, or who gets to decide that.
>>2500 If you mean to just put the medal players, I tested that early on, even going as far as modifying the players value in the roster. Unfortunately that crashed the game. There might be a possibility but I'm not fully certain of it. >>2499 I'll try adding /comfy/ then and see how it turns out.
>>2500 If you mean to just put the medal players, I tested that early on, even going as far as modifying the players value in the roster. Unfortunately that crashed the game. There might be a possibility but I'm not fully certain of it. >>2499 I'll try adding /comfy/ then and see how it turns out.
>>2501 I meant it as, if a team created or used a 3d model for one of their players, especially if it's a medal player, it should be ported over with some higher priority.
Open file (6.92 KB 201x526 cafe roster v2.png)
>>2504 Porting is a whole other can of worms. According to what I found, the only version that works with the scripts for this game is 2.49b, a really old version. And it appears to only be able to export heads, so players like Gondola and Gondolina I have no idea what to do with them. I do want to offer a second version of the Cafe roster with /comfy/ added.
>>1809 >American football too many players, need 11 players for the offense and another separate 11 players for defense plus all the specialty positions for kicking. It would be better just to play rugby because there are only 15 players on the field and no specialty positions just for kicking
>>2595 Can you put models in those? >>2599 Do you know what rugby game can be used?
Open file (603.48 KB 1366x768 baker.png)
Open file (619.21 KB 1366x768 cafe vs smug_1.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1366x768 roster_1.png)
Open file (1.70 MB 1366x768 roster_3.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 1366x768 rubble.png)
Here's some progress on the Cafe team.
Open file (1.11 MB 1366x768 city lights.png)
Open file (1.71 MB 1366x768 deano home run.png)
Open file (849.90 KB 1366x768 deano.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1366x768 pitcher_catcher.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 1366x768 retail lad.png)
>>2710 Looks cool, but >no /otter/ or /islam/ players?
>>2712 >/otter/ By the time I started working on it the otters had moved to their own bunker. That's why they aren't there. >/islam/ There are 3 players in the roster. See >>2506. As for why they don't appear in this particular game, RNG that's why.
>>2711 This is really fucking cool, anon. Any way we can help you out? Also those clothing textures look comfy af
>>2714 So far I only need to find portraits for some of the players on all of the 3 teams so far, and also go and try to see how custom models work for this game. Maybe something else that I haven't touched still, but if you have any other questions go ahead.
Quick question: If I couldn't find a way to make custom models work, would you guys be still on board with this game?
>>2716 Sure, so long as the shirts are as garish as possible
>>2717 He said "Couldn't," anon. >>2716 I really wouldn't mind if you kept going ahead with it regardless. If you want a bit of a workaround, move the rosters to the All-Star teams. Those uniforms are consistently ugly year-in year-out.
>>2718 I'll continue on with the game, then. >move the rosters to the All-Star teams I need to look if there's an option for that because as far as I'm aware, the only category separating teams is by affiliates. As in, the game has a one big list and the All-Stars team is counted as such.
>>2722 Yeah, it would basically just pull a team from each half of the league. You can spread players out a bit that way, and pick the best of the best. And give them the shittiest shirts you can think of.
>>2726 Sorry if I'm not getting your point across, but do you mean the game picking players from different teams and putting them into the All-Star team?
>>2731 Yeah that's how the all-star teams work.
>>2735 From what I've seen, the game has a duplicate entry for the players in the All-Stars/Greatest teams. I want to check if any of the players from any of the teams created is in there but I want to finish the rest of the rosters first.
Open file (9.35 KB 246x525 julay roster.png)
Here's the roster for the upcoming Julay team.
>>2745 Great! Can hardly wait for an exhibition match.
>>2745 Gonna love to see it. Did you perhaps make some webm to share with us so that we can see what the games will look like?
>>2765 I'll try and get OBS working within this week.
>>2765 >>2773 I tried messing around with OBS but all I got was either high quality but very choppy or less choppy but less quality. Serves me right for using a 6-year-old shit laptop.
>>2785 Have you tried running it windowed? Very interested in seeing how this goes.
>>2785 The game does not offer an option to run it windowed, but I can try and test windowing programs. In the meantime, I'll be trying to use one of the decent-ish recordings and make some clips so you can see how it looks in action.
>>2795 Unregistered Hypercam 2 Cup HYPE
Ice hockey would be nice if there are any good sims since its fast and fun to watch
>>2862 Is the backyard series moddable?
>>2863 I don't think so. The last NHL game for PC is NHL 09 but it seems like NHL 04 has a stronger fanbase and modding scene.
Open file (1.84 MB 853x480 quality ea game.webm)
Open file (4.88 MB 853x480 quality.gif)
Open file (15.32 KB 213x896 ClipboardImage.png)
Updates in regards to the baseball thing: >Recordings Choppy. No matter if it's OBS or ffmpeg. WEBM related. GIF has been ran through ffmpeg to speed it up. >Models Tried again. Better luck this time, but the game is very autistic about the number of vertices so custom models are probably (definitely) a no. >Roster I’m considering redoing some of the rosters based on current events (/pol/ purged, /bmn/ moving to Snooze), so here’s where the current distribution is. Some boards appear twice because they have bunkers in one site and another. But the main thing that I want to deal with now is whether to replace the /pol/ players from the Cafe team with those from /sw/, and if that means that the Julay team will be scrapped. And once again, shit like the /v/ team or even 8moe appearing. And should /inch/ be included in the Bunker team? If you guys have any ideas about what to do with any of those feel free to tell me.
>>2865 it's sad that robowaifu refuses to participate otherwise julay would have at least two teams not counting cow at all cause they don't care
>>2865 >/pol/ purged Such a shame. That team had a lot of soul and the board was very nice.
Open file (14.77 KB 345x526 ClipboardImage.png)
/2hu/ has moved to zzzchan and therefore the PLW roster needs to be retooled (pic related). This also means that the zzzchan will now have four teams in it: /2hu/, /bmn/, /japan/ and /v/. Yes, /v/. For simplicity's sake I've decided to put the team in Sleepy's side. If by any chance very minimal at this point there's a Markchan anon in here who disagrees with this then go ahead and speak, otherwise I'm making this change definitive. >>2868 It does. /robowaifu/ is the only good board (outside of maybe /ita/) left on Julay. >/cow/ They don't care and I'm not including them because of the incident in ICUP 6 and how they are in general. >>2869 Sucks that they got purged by the admins but what can you do. If you want any consolation I think there's a /pol/ thread on /server/.
>>2880 Oh yeah how about having a /server/ team too?
>>2881 The thing with /server/ is that they didn't reply to SKF's invitation. See >>>/server/768 And even if they joined, the Cafe roster is already crammed as is. For now I'll replace the /pol/ section with /sw/ medal players.
I fucked up the link. It's >>>/server/678
>>2883 I mean, who's gonna respond? Nobody just uses /server/, they use the different generals. If somebody's gonna put together a team, it has to be someone representing the entire board.
>>2880 >I'm not including them because of the incident in ICUP 6 What was that again?
>>2888 (checked) Basically they went to the ICUP cytube and started being a pain in the ass dolphin included
>>2889 when is ICUP7?
>>2890 Ask SKF
>>2890 After the other tournament... What was it called... Oh yes! WW3.

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