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PES and Modding Tools Thread Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:51:49 No.15
USE THIS THREAD IF YOU NEED HELP SETTING SHIT UP Should also note, if you want to download PES and dick around with team strategies and whatnot, the game, the "DLC", and the save file can be found here https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017 Download DP File List Generator at the bottom of here: http://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Other_Major_Tools Then follow the instructions in the last paragraph of this page: http://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Creating_DLC . That should get PES to load in the files. note: I will edit that last paragraph and the wiki to explain the AET system we've moved to. See >>3593
Edited last time by ronaldinho on 04/18/2023 (Tue) 21:02:32.
>>3865 look at this fackin poofta
All of the players are hollow, there's nothing in them. The refs too and even the audience, they're hollow too. The commentators don't even have bodies. The grass also isn't real and neither is the sunlight.
Open file (85.31 KB 400x300 ox.jpg)
>>3870 >The commentators don't even have bodies. leaked photo of Solo
Open file (45.27 KB 577x622 1648360755149.jpg)
>>3871 >leaked photo of Solo >ox.jpg
I found a million billion models here. https://www.models-resource.com/
Open file (278.19 KB 360x360 congratulations.mp4)
>>4235 Oh, that's cool. I've had a thought, do you think we could mod PES and replace a few of the player models with custom ones? I mean Idk, you probably have to know a bit about 3d modelling, but the guys on 4chan are doing it and i'd find it cool if we could do that too.
had been working on a model, it's glitchy as hell and I can't do anything bout it. hopefully the /eris/ guy can sort this out. blender file is in the root folder. texture is in the template folder https://files.catbox.moe/nmyvxk.7z
Open file (927.01 KB 729x871 working.png)
>>4289 finally fixed it earlier tody stop nagging yourself about it, I know you wanted to spend its time fixing it yourself
>>4327 Cool, send over the face folder when you're ready.
>>4383 the entire /v/ export is at >>4357
Open file (31.36 KB 301x358 thinks in retarded.jpg)
>>4385 can you make sure the goalkeeper is set as "defensive"? the two goals /soywars/ scored against us were granted by the goalie being everywhere but where he should be
Open file (595.17 KB 679x960 kakakarrot kake.png)
just making sure you don't forget these models that were laying around in a sea of posts https://files.catbox.moe/o75n7s.7z there are two /ita/ players and one /japan/ player in here
Open file (533.70 KB 1716x2344 megumu.jpg)
>>4554 >and one /japan/ player in here I think that was already included in this pack: https://files.catbox.moe/ak2ykj.7z But as far as I know nobody is willing to add our new models/kit/banner/portraits for us while the cup is running. They got the new music at least.
Open file (37.64 KB 300x429 1427333420202.png)
>>4559 it's a /japan/ model I have formated to be used in the cup as an act of charity. it's the melonGET model. the problem about adding in full body models is that you have to spent a moderate amount of time merging textures, rigging and weight painting the model. i tried to fiddle w three of the MMD models, and as it stands most of the model's textures weren't converted properly into blender 2.79. moreover I would need to use the models' skeleton which I don't know how to operate to put the model into shape I'm a bit new to this and I believe a bubblehead model like the ones you posted would be a nightmare to operate. >nobody is willing to add our new portraits convert your images into 128x128 and I'll convert them into .dds >our new kit where did you post it? other than the modes I believe the issue w the kits/portraits has more to do w a lack of communication than the riggers themselves
>>4564 >convert your images into 128x128 and I'll convert them into .dds I did they are in the thread. >>4276 >where did you post it? see above
i think I've finally found the home kit. https://files.catbox.moe/5i3kha.dds should take a gander at the portraits
Open file (305.49 KB 1440x1080 hmm.jpg)
TO THE RIGGER: Here are some portraits, kits and models that were scattered around some threads this compiles all my latest posts in this thread https://files.catbox.moe/0vkp3t.7z note you still need to rename the files depending on each team >>4565 and you stop littering this thread john, lest the rigger may not notice
Open file (528.50 KB 468x710 ok.png)
Open file (442.41 KB 478x713 not ok.png)
Open file (284.75 KB 372x576 dress 1.png)
Open file (252.04 KB 338x559 dress 2.png)
doing some favor to the /comfy/ guys, finally got the upper body to look nice but can't make the lower half to work. i don't know how to weight paint these longer dresses. help me rigger-sama, how did you manage the capuccino model? https://files.catbox.moe/wq7e6q.7z
Open file (296.61 KB 1440x1080 mmh.jpg)
TO THE RIGGER (again): Here are some portraits, kits and models that were scattered around some threads this compiles all my latest posts in this thread, even these ones: >>4568 >>4574 https://files.catbox.moe/nmbh2x.7z note you STILL need to rename the files depending on each team
I was wondering... Could any intrepid anon jot down and catalogue all custom 3d models/faces currently in use? Would be useful to help with making 3d models for teams with few riggers.
I saw a notch of her dress going silly in edit mode I'm sorry. You know the drill, ignore the posts. https://files.catbox.moe/wk0iyl.7z
Open file (10.89 KB 204x273 assburger monkey.jpg)
Imported a Terry Davis model to use as a referee. If you can't import it as a referee, I'll begrudgingly accept him as a player for /christian/. https://files.catbox.moe/tzw9cl.7z Do not forget these ones: >>4576 >>4580 That would be pretty easy if you had the entire AET at hand. That is, if the rigger were to publicly post it here.
>>4591 Huh why is Terry a referee?
Open file (615.71 KB 526x719 they glow in the dark.png)
>>4592 It's a preference thing. I don't see him as a player neither do I see any referees using custom models.
>>4593 I thought we wanted Wide Putin and the duck.
Open file (971.17 KB 201x206 1509858900056.gif)
>>4594 >I thought we wanted Wide Putin and the duck who will this be for, the /reddit/ team?
>>4591 >>4593 The thing with custom referees is that they have a different configuration from custom players (at least from what I've read). If they're not that different from those then it could be done easily. >>4595 >>4596 Start from this post >>2807. It also has ideas in regards to custom referees if those can be done.
Open file (293.64 KB 1440x1080 mmhmm.jpg)
touched up the terry model a bit more. TO THE RIGGER: last time I promise Here are some portraits, kits and models that were scattered around some threads. This is the final one that contains everything I've done in between this week. You can safely ignore every other post with catbox links in this thread. https://files.catbox.moe/rj2nh6.7z I don't know why it has escaped me to copy down every password for my posts to avoid duplicates
Open file (8.36 KB 173x188 consider this.gif)
>>4599 these submissions have been properly converted and tested in-game. think of them like the /v/ submissions. have you considered adding them? the only work you'll need on them is renaming the portraits and copy+pasting the rest where they belong on the AET
>>4617 Just dropping in now to say yes, added and tested! Thanks a bunch for that.
Open file (21.27 KB 212x212 bub.jpg)
>>4620 i was awaiting the confirmation, so thanks for that. whatever happened to terry? is he a referee or a regular?
Please lift the rigging mood by uploading the new save/DLC to the wiki soon.
>>4710 oh shit that was a week ago. IRL stuff with a touch of burnout kept me from doing anything but the video uploads, I'll pack this up today and put it up.
>>4733 I'll put it on the wiki soon but here are the files: https://archive.org/download/ICUP7-game-files DLC.zip DpFileList.bin EDIT00000000
>>4742 Could you edit the OP with the latest patch, for newcomers who don't want to comb through all the threads?
Open file (251.15 KB 1884x2186 kiryu cirno.jpg)
>>4741 any idea on what game we will play on? PES17 or PES18?
>>4744 Rigger wants to move to PES18.
Open file (26.21 KB 825x421 army mcrib.jpg)
>>4745 I want the word from the rigger himself. He can't leave us hanging like this.
>>4746 He mentioned it in the last match but gave very little explanation as of why. My guess is that the modding tools on implyingrigged are best suited for the newer versions of PES.
>>4746 >>4747 From the To-do on the wiki: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do >This would enable some graphical improvements and newer gameplay patches
>>4746 I think it needs a proper discussion before I can create a concrete announcement. I'm still quite burned out and have 10 other projects that need attention, so the first few weeks of the off-season are a great time to discuss this. The main challenge is that PES 2018 and above (so, for example, PES 2021) uses a different graphics engine to PES 2017. That means we need to re-port models and stadiums. Last cup had about 120 models, so that's not a grind I'm able to do on my own. I suppose if I create super accessible templates for facemasks (simple image texture on face) and flat 2D players, we could get some participation from team organizers and have less boring plain-face players. Additionally, a 4CC organizer (MarcoZ) who visited here last month said it might be possible for one of their aesthetics squad to help port a few models and have small friendly cup (e.g. our favourite 8 teams) against some 4CC teams in PES 2021. I think this is not only fun and novel, but a good demo opportunity. Unless I hear a disagreement, I will hold a vote to see who the popular teams are, and get in touch with 4CC to sort things like resolving rule incompatibilities. I think the main benefits are graphics/rigging improvements, and tactical improvements: you may hear me whining about PES being a bit predictable and not using certain skills. My understanding from watching some games is that this is much improved. I'm going to try and make contact with their chatroom (without giving Discord my damn phone number) so I can get more details on this. So, there are many ways we can go from here. We could even do a transition period where we have two small knockout invitationals (e.g. 16 teams on 2017 in 'winter', other 16 teams on 2021 in 'spring') which prevent us getting burned out by 4 weeks of 6 hour games. But ultimately, I think the benefits of the new versions are worth some effort.
Open file (284.71 KB 666x874 akagi.jpg)
>>4749 speaking for myself I don't believe there is a real graphical improvement in between PES17's internal engine and PES18's Fox Engine. the lightning's a shit, stadiums look unnatural and players look like they're made out of wax. upgrading to the newer version would conflict with the B-side look the ICUP provides compared to the overdone 4cc players and stadium with three gorillion wojaks and frogs where you can't tell head from tails of anything the /n/ team is incredible though in regards to the improved divegrass simulation I genuinely don't know how much entertaining the playstyles will be, but then again we're talking about football here, no one on imageboards gives a shit about football or else they would have been normalfags with a career or at least a family lastly the idea of collaborating with 4chan leaves me a very sour taste in my mouth. i know the spirit of old 8chan would be spinning in its grave from the mere thought of it. PS if you truly want to update to PES18 you'd have to sweettalk all of the two blenderfags here and really sell how much of an improvement upgrading to newer PESes and being in bed with 4chan is. t. /v/ rigger
>>4749 personally I like the idea of switching to a new game for a change since we've been playing 17 for a while but i have no idea what the newer versions of pes are like id try and help with the aesthetics at least for my own team i dont like the idea of mercing our aesthetics more than necessary/we already do i dont have as much of a problem in playing a "friendly" cup with 4cc the only problem i have is the 4cc teams would probably wallop us
>>4752 on the topic of newer versions of PES do all of them feature that awful "cinematic" motion blur on all ingame cutscenes? I know it appears on PES21 from footage I've seen from the newest 4chan cup's finals.
Open file (371.02 KB 1024x512 PES texture.png)
Open file (472.66 KB 1024x541 the other texture.png)
What would be the way to obtain the body model for a PES player? I need to repurpose the skin.dds in the "Custom Skin" folder with a texture from another game and I would like to obtain the UV map to double check how the arms are rendered.
>>4768 One of the import features will let you open the models. There's one import feature that basically loads anything but can't save it, so try that if needed, but I think there are special working ones for things like arms. The models are in the game data files (use a .cpk extractor from the wiki to open them, I forget which so you may have to try all of them until you find the arms and legs models, but the folder structure or a filename search for body/arms/feet/hands should make it easier) >>4751 >PS if you truly want to update to PES18 you'd have to sweettalk all of the two blenderfags here and really sell how much of an improvement upgrading to newer PESes and being in bed with 4chan is. Exactly, and I'm not going to do that. A waste of time and effort considering our conditions. PES18 was a bit of shiny new thing syndrome, and me thinking it would make rigging better. But in our case, we can't really make it 'worth it' even if it was fully totally better, which as you point out it isn't. I didn't come to 8chan from any of the exile/clone boards (/v/ ,GG ,/pol/) so I don't have the same deep-seated integral animosity of 4chan that many post-8chan boards have, more just a general animosity towards the site becoming the antithesis of its pre-2012 self and it becoming monotonous and pathetic. It's a disappointment but it doesn't live rent-free in my head. I wouldn't see games against them as anything but fun competition, like that silly 4chan vs reddit Tribes Ascend match.
>>4768 Actually, some of the player models already add the arms and legs manually, to do something similar to what you're doing, so you can use those. For example, the Erisian Magazine model has fake arms which were copied from the real models, just with the animation removed, so the UV maps would be the same.
>>4927 It seems there's a folder in the ICUP6 export that contains those parts you were mentioning. This folder: ICUP6/8ccPlayerRemove/common/character1/model/character contains torsos, legs, arms and other bits of player. However, I've been unable to locate a pair of hands. Is this the correct location? In any case, let's say I do find a pair of hands to use and pose and I add their respective .mtl file into the Faces folder; who's to say the game won't spawn two pairs of hands, rendering some sort of demonic Goro-human miscegenation? How does the game keep track of what hands to use, and which not to? The save file editor doesn't specify anything about deleting other than the entire body. On the Erisian Magazine guy, I take it he has had both the arms model and the uniform model posed, because the torso contains the sleeves and the arms are, precisely, only the arms; all of this weight painted so it stays at the height of the head I assume. However, if anything I'd like to get this one issue that's been aching me forever porting models. Don't you remember there being a bizarre halo around some facemask models' hair as they were ported? >>4057. Something similar occurs with other models that use an alpha channel to render transparencies: >>4780 >>4921 This issue already has its roots on Blender, and however this is displayed on the game depends on how the player was ported in Blender. Why does this occur I've no idea. There has to be a workaround, right? Some other models that feature alpha transparencies were ported just fine to the game, though those were exceptions rather than the rule. Anyways, thanks a bunch for showing up from time to time. Hopefully some more anons pick up on these posts so that, if when the time comes there's someone to help you out.

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