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Open file (3.76 MB 3840x2160 8Mania_S3_33_Final.png)
8chanmania Series Finale (S3-B33) Thread (and other shit) Supporter 07/23/2020 (Thu) 00:04:35 No.1029
Special anon.cafe invitation EVERYTHING HAS COME TO THIS! THE FINAL BOUT OF SEASON 3, THE SERIES FINALE OF A 3 YEAR WRESTLING FEDERATION GOING STRONG, STARTS AT SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND TO AN AUTISTIC BOARD NEAR YOU! Season 3 Finale starts at August 2nd SPOILER STREAMS START ON THURSDAY, JULY 23 AT 10 PM EST THROUGH SUNDAY, JULY 26, NO BREAKS! Where to watch https://cytu.be/r/8chanmania YOUR SEASON 3 FINALE FIGHTERS Lego Skeleton, from the tropical Lego Island Not Important, Hatred’s ultimate serial killer Umihara Kawase, the speedy fisher girl with huge… bait. Alis Landale, Phantasy Star’s hero of the first millenium MR. X, Resident Evil’s local Tyrant Piro, Grezzo Due’s Italian, satanic mass murderer Yusei Fudo, summoner of Yu-Gi-Oh’s Stardust Dragon Matthew Stevens, a caring father’s spirit brought to you by the Elite Beat Agents Badmella, assistant of the God of Destruction, ensuring that there’s No Heroes Allowed Zero, the infamous Reploid from Megaman X Yukari Yakumo, Touhou’s famed portal fanatic Default-chan, the Mania’s own commentator since the very beginning White Mage, getting under her dress would probably be your Final Fantasy EVOLVER, a constantly upgrading robot from one of /bmn/’s more popular movies (You) but with Corona. Fucking dead faggot. Donkey Kong, the banana slamma Remila Scarlet, Touhou’s own (supposed) daughter of Dracula Punished Galcia, a Streets of Rage mook denied his fellows Majima Goro, Yakuza’s own Mad Dog Rolf, the foreigner from Ed, Edd ‘N Eddy Doctor Morbis, the expiremental doctor from The Cheetahmen Zombie Femdom Hitler, the revived corpse of the fucking Shadman nigger that ruined Hitlermania Lil’ Vi, one of the mania’s big helpers in a little package Max Payne, the rhetorical question Yeti Girl, loving wife of the Ski Free Yeti and a mother, but is also a monstergirl La Madremonte, totally a friend of /x/, Mother Mountain of nature itself Major Chip Hazard, a Little Soldier made and sold to wipe out the Gorgonite scum Kain, from Legacy of Kain, the cunning and relentless vampire Gundam Rose, piloted by none other than top frenchie Jeanne de Arc Doris the Lord, local hentai vampire, but she ain’t gonna suck you down there Teagan, the only good thing about Uncommon Time Dunpan, prooooooooh :-DDDDD Stuff here for those who need it GAME AS OF JULY 5 2020, WITH GUIDES AND EVERYTHING! PARTS CRAFT, MOVE CRAFT, IT’S ALL HERE! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k24EmvipwShhgvzj0AM46iviz7jVcaWt/view?usp=sharing Drop that .editexp here, we'll update the site soonish (never) https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbwDpaTTG9Su9ca6GKcHRcbTi4Qey83aJrFQY__ZE3H6oyIYNMpc/exec THE OLD WAY OF DOING CUSTOM PARTS https://archive.is/6MlsT MANIA OC ARCHIVE https://mega.nz/folder/iuBFXKSQ#Dr7s-ycmPfsFcU3HqSBuzg Last Tag Team Mania Archive https://archive.is/oTfG8
based and dunpan pilled
And so begins, the start of me losing my sanity over the next 72 hours, or however long this fucking shit takes to get done.
Open file (117.52 KB 1024x576 DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY.png)
Open file (365.39 KB 500x353 morbis.png)
DOCTOR MORBIS IS YOUR SEASON 3 WINNER! YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER? THINK AGAIN, FAGS ALL OF YOUR DREAM MATCHUPS, EVENTS, RUMBLE, ETC COME TRUE IN MANIA 100! All you have to do is say who you want vs. who, and if it’s good, it’ll be featured as a match in Mania 100. No limits, except for if there are so many it ends up taking way, way too much time, but don’t be a shy nigger. Rumbles, any events, anything goes. STAY TUNED TO THE THREAD FOR TIMES OF MANIA 100 (est. August 30) & THE FINAL 24 HOUR STREAM

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