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WELCOME TO I-C-U-P Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 23:08:07 No.1
This board is a bunker (or alternative, given how shit 8kun is) to the /icup/ and /8cc/ boards over 8kun.top and julay.world. Our objective at /icup/ is to provide sports oriented competitions for all boards of the Webring (as well as any other IB who's willing to pitch in) of various sports. Our most well known tournament is of course the 8chan Cup or Inter-Board Cup, hosted...sometimes by our tireless rigger SKF. For more information about the 8chan Cup/Inter-board Cup and all teams competing in it you can visit http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page RULES 1. Global rules apply (don't post illegal stuff) 2. Threads should be about creating new teams for the upcoming Inter-board Cups, as well as discussing new formats (Racing Wars, Handegg, Majoritycrimerateball, Wrestling in collab with 8chanmania) and suggesting new tools to mod and host better tournaments 3. Organizing sponsored and friendly matches among teams; 4. Organizing your own board's team and roster. Stay tuned for the next cup!
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>>567 Nah, you can submit them for the secondary deadline and its fine. Medals are a key piece of the team strategy so I'm flexible on that front.
>>576 Then what about the player cards and roles? Are we still doing those or are we just simplifying it with medals only?
>>430 Updating this list: /2hu/ /a/ /animu/ /ausneets/ /bane/ /bmn/ /christian/ /co/ /cyber/ /eris/ /fascist/ /ita/ /k/ /kind/ /lang/ /latecomfy/ /lego/ /mecha/ /mecha/ /monster/ /otter/ /sp/ /test/ /tg/ /toy/ /wooo/ /yuri/ /zchan-v/ These are all the boards that, more or less, answered the call and provided the bare minimum of the required items. Am I missing anyone else?
>>588 Errata Corrige /2hu/ /a/ /animu/ /ausneets/ /bane/ /bmn/ /christian/ /co/ /cyber/ /eris/ /fascist/ /ita/ /k/ /kind/ /lang/ /latecomfy/ /lego/ /loomis/ /mecha/ /monster/ /otter/ /sp/ /test/ /tg/ /toy/ /wooo/ /yuri/ /zchan-v/ Which gives us a total of 28 teams currently available to play. We need at least another 4 for a proper tournament. Hypothetically, if we don't get enough boards in, we can use the extra boards: >/todd/ >/genesis/ >/just/ >/b/ Though in the case of /b/ I'd rather see if some website's /b/ wanted to join as a team rather than using the outdated team.
>>597 Apparently /cuckquean/ is halfway through, I'll count them in if they give me the okay.
>>597 You forgot /japan/ seems to be in: >>525
>>599 Ah, shoot, you're right. This means there's about 3 spots available before we can wrap up at 32. Obviously even with more people we could find some solution, but I don't foresee many more teams joining.
Open file (70.46 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1 Somebody suggested we gave you a heads up that we're interested, so just letting you know PLW /toy/ is slowly getting there. There's only 2 of us working on it so if we don't get it done in time we'll wait till the next cup, but hopefully we get everything sorted before then.
>>608 Thanks buddy
>>597 >>588 Just when I think I have everything caught up these posts happen. Alright just some commentary on specific teams on the list: >/2hu/ Possibly involved in a Voltron super-team with /japan/ and /bane/ I wanna see how that plays out. >/bane/ See /2hu/ >/co/ I don't know where their board is still, and last I heard they were still a little cold to the idea >/cyber/ Haven't heard from the anon who started that thread since. Not a big deal since they do have everything they need for now though. >/fascist/ Still need to put together kits >/k/ Still need two more kits from them >/japan/ See /2hu/ >/kind/ Currently in board limbo, as their spot was taken down by the admin. Stuck in their bunker but they do have everything needed. (Note I do not want to run this without the defending champs, so I really hope things get stable on their end) >/loomis/ Need their kits >/tg/ The one anon in this thread said he'd be willing to run /tg/ but the board was lukewarm. Feels like a situation where someone just needs to up and do it. >/v/ Currently figuring out their board clusterfuck. I'm fine with them just running as /v/ but there's a ton of moving parts. >/yuri/ Again I think they're good, the board response just wasn't as enthusiastic. The anons who were in charge previously are quite busy I've heard. I checked out /cuckquean/ and they're progressing well, so they should be ready by the first deadline. There's also /sw/ who has their team from previous and they're becoming active again, so I'll see what they're up to.
>>612 >/kind/ Hello, I'm the old and new BO of /kind/. We don't have many people on our board, but I would still like to participate. Can we just use our old kit? Honestly, I think it would be unlucky to change anything about it after a win.
>>614 Of course! Glad to have you on board.
>>614 Where exactly are you guys at? Still on julay? Anyhow, talking about the dormant teams: >/argentina/ There are several places where argies are hanging out. It's either their own imageboards, or some places over 8kun/9chan. >/b/ Obviously there's no individual /b/, but several of them all over the place. We could just single out one of them, but they'll probably want to create their own team. >/baphomet/ No idea where they're at or if they're even going to care, not touching this. >/ck/ /oven/ could supply a team for them, other than that don't know where they're at. >/cow/ I don't see them joining any time soon, they responded half heartedly to the thread and I suppose they'll be a burden more than a help. >/cuteboys/ No idea where they are. >/fit/ Very small and on Julay, but we could give it a go. >/furry/ I remember them being on Julay, can't see any furry activity though and don't know where they went. >/gamergate/ boards Some people at 8moe asked to have GG as a separate team from /v/ proper. While this is unconventional, since they do not have their own board, we could still seek their aid to make another team.
>>617 >>>/kind/ is here on cafe
>>597 It seems /librejp/ might finally be starting to prepare something. https://sportschan.org/librejp/res/26538.html
>>617 We're pretty close to 32 teams, so it might be best to hold off and let the boards currently working just play things out organically.
Open file (117.54 KB 1820x420 webring b.png)
Open file (47.18 KB 1294x188 8moe b.png)
Open file (37.19 KB 1874x194 9chan b.png)
>>617 >/b/ Without counting 9chan's /b/ (which probably nobody wants here) it seems that the most active iteration that board is Zchan's /b/. You could ask them first.
Open file (730.37 KB 850x638 smugger.png)
>>624 technically (and only technically) speaking, Erischan was invited on their /b/ board, never /eris/.
>>624 I'm feeling like not inviting any /b/ right now, /b/ is meant to represent the spirit of its host board and currently I wouldn't know which one to pick. /eris/ was invited from their /b/ because it was their most active board, same with the Frenchies
>>617 I mean /gamergate/ has been it's own team without a proper board before but honestly if we're having a gamergate team I'd much rather the return of /dose/
Reminder: /librejp/ has completed their basic requirements
>>638 Make sure someone makes a thread here
>>551 By unanimous decision (1 voted for, 0 voted against) /eris/ is naming its stadium 'None'.
>>597 Not sure what part of /tg/ ignoring you thought you should run us. Sounds like you have lots of people, think we're sitting this one out.
>>653 Make up your mind, guys. Some told me /tg/ wanted in, some told me they didn't.
>>655 Well sure don't see anyone else here. That will be a big fat , out. Thanks.
Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
There is one week left to submit your board's entry to the Infinity Cup! The teams that are currently entered are as follows: /2hu/ /a/ /animu/ /art/ /ausneets/ /bane/ /bmn/ /christian/ /cuckquean/ /eris/ /fascist/ /ita/ /japan/ /kind/ /lang/ /latecomfy/ /lego/ /librejp/ /loomis/ /mecha/ /monster/ /otter/ /sp/ /sw/ /test/ /v/ /wooo/ /yuri/ Other teams that still need to complete their entries (and what they need to complete the entries) are as follows: /k/ (Two more kits and their medal players) /toy/ (Roster, One more kit) If you don't see your board name here it means I had no idea you were working on an entry. Post in this thread ASAP
Edited last time by SKF on 07/04/2020 (Sat) 17:13:18.
>>682 Are all the teams at the bottom getting kicked from the cup if they don't have the rest of their entry stuff finished in a week?
>>683 Not necessarily. We've had teams fail to submit required pieces before the final deadline, so other teams who had kept working and were waiting in the wings got in instead. There's also the issue of numbers not being nice and even so we'll see how it all stacks up.
I made a couple of quick amendments in >>>/comfy/ which I believe will allow us to qualify. They are of course subject to change.
What's the policy on helping multiple teams? I'm the rep for my homeboard and made our roster and strategy, is it still alright for me to help other boards develop their teams?
>>686 Which two teams? Is this the /japan/-/bane/ situation?
>>687 Nah, I'm rep for /eris/ and occasionally browse a few of the boards on that list that don't really know what they're doing.
>>686 The more you can help and contribute, the better. Not every board has someone who knows/cares enough to make stuff for their team.
>>716 If you feel like lending a hand, go ahead and reach out, just make sure you let them know that you're a rep from another team. Basically what >>719 said
Hello, I’m new to this thing so could anyone give me a basic rundown on this competition?
>>733 Create a team full of players based on board culture for a tournament. Create a logo, uniforms, and strategies for your team to play virtual divegrass in PES 2017 against other boards and their teams. That's the quick and dirty explanation.
>>734 Interesting, I’ll see what I can do for a few boards
>>682 /loomis/ has just made a kit, a roster and a logo Cooking up the second one shouldn't be too hard
>>682 So it's 20 teams ready, plus /cuckquean/ and /sw/ totals 22. How many more do we need?
>>759 24 is a safe number. It's easily broken down and manageable, things would run like they did the last Cup. 32 is the next safe number after that though. Anything in-between will leave a certain number of boards in a sort of limbo.
>>761 Looks like /co/, /ita/ and /loomis/ bring us past 24.
>>785 I think it was mentioned already within the thread that /todd/ and /genesis/ can be used as backup teams if we need more. Also, we should wait for other places to join in too.
>>789 We could always use those two and wait for one of the teams mentioned beforehand to join as the 28th. We could have just 7 groups.
>>790 Either that, or remove some teams with literally no fan interest from their board.
>>823 like who?
>>836 I don't know yet and don't want to accuse without proof, although IIRC there were a few teams that had rosters and kits from last year but little-to-no enthusiasm. Like /kind/, but they are the host so it's different. It's may not be a good idea though because one real fan is enough to warrant a team imo.
Alright, so I'll be going around to the various boards that are participating and updating them with the schedule and what not. I've been a bit busy lately, so I can usually only check in on things at night, but hopefully things calm down as we get closer to kickoff, which is currently slated for August 7th. Edit for signature
Edited last time by SKF on 07/04/2020 (Sat) 17:04:11.
>>852 Nice. Thank you!

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