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WELCOME TO I-C-U-P Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 23:08:07 No.1
STREAM AT https://cytu.be/r/8cup MATCH SCHEDULE ON >>1233 AND >>1234 This board is a the new home to the /icup/ and /8cc/ boards over 8kun.top. Our objective at /icup/ is to provide sports oriented competitions for all boards of the Webring (as well as any other IB who's willing to pitch in) of various sports. Our most well known tournament is of course the 8chan Cup or Inter-Board Cup, hosted...sometimes by our tireless rigger SKF. For more information about the 8chan Cup/Inter-board Cup and all teams competing in it you can visit http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page RULES 1. Global rules apply (don't post illegal stuff) 2. Threads should be about creating new teams for the upcoming Inter-board Cups, as well as discussing new formats (Racing Wars, Handegg, Majoritycrimerateball, Wrestling in collab with 8chanmania) and suggesting new tools to mod and host better tournaments 3. Organizing sponsored and friendly matches among teams; 4. Organizing your own board's team and roster. Match replays: https://bitwave.tv/SKF/replay/T7HkWyNbSmmHNvSQQ8li https://bitwave.tv/SKF/replay/qoqKfQfWPkCbxC5mzt2O https://bitwave.tv/SKF/replay/BXwke00eSkIrvGiqCC2d
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Open file (105.92 KB 650x433 PA-587522.jpg)
>>1627 >I mean, advocating for the genocide of players they don't like is unsportsmanlike. Is it though? Ultras have the best culture and they keep asking to destroy neighboring cities. >>1628 I like it. Reminds m of The Room flash game. >>1630 >In the description for the Golden Screw, I do point out that two teams deserve recognition for getting screwed in Cups 3 & 4. Consider it an unofficial awarding to them, given that they inspired the trophy. My thought for Golden Screw was actually going to be /late/ & /comfy/'s GK. He got that own goal tagged on him and the result ended up eliminating his team, which I thought was ridiculously harsh. As for Platinum Lube, it's difficult, because some of the more successful teams play more games which is an opportunity to give up more goals. The way the award is written, it's meant to recognize the worst defensive team, and simply looking at most GA may not actually find that worst team. Ultimately all awards not counting goal tally are subjective and must be set by the rigging team, as per the rules. >I don't want to use the Wooden Spoon name. It should be recognized but with a different title. How about the Mark Mann Award for Excellence on the Pitch? Or the Good Guys Award, since they finish last?
>>1633 >>1631 I think we should rather have more competitions and let more hosts in, but they should still use the same export as the main riggers.
how do I become a rigger?
>>1652 You gotta be able to stream the game and to host a cup. So you gotta have a pc that can run PES and have the blessings of the rigging committee, which is super hard and it involves the arduous task of creating a thread and asking them. Also, you have to update the wiki with stats and record footage for safekeeping.
Updates from SKF: Round of 16 matches are up on NekoBar as of this post. Before the night is done, the links will be in the match summaries on the Cup 6 wiki page. I'm retiring my old "@ 8chan dot co" email in favor of the cock.li address. It's just been frustrating to use, I assume because "cock.li" trips fewer alarms on other email hosts compared to the other address. So contact me there if you can't get me via the board. All work towards the next Cup, as of now, is on pause. I'm still working on cleanup, Awards, and record-keeping from this Cup. Once all that is done, I will be taking a break from things. For the boards that are lobbying to enter for the next one, please do not let this dampen your enthusiasm. Keep working on your team's logos, players, OC etc. and keep your respective boards involved. I won't be gone for long, and I'll still be shitposting in my various haunts around the webring.
>>1680 Update to the update: NekoBar doesn't like my cut of the /2hu/ /yuri/ match, so I'll need to re-encode it. Moving on to the Quarterfinals in the meantime so you'll start to see those in the playlist as well.
Does anyone know why all these boards are suddenly entering? It's not a complaint, I just don't understand why there is suddenly a widespread spike in interest once it ended.
>>1684 Obviously they saw how much fun we were having and want in on it. Too bad they're all gonna have to wait a year now.
>>1685 >a year Not necessarily, AFAIK all you need is someone who gets the blessings of the head riggers and we could have an Infinity Cup a day for all we know. Also we got a lot more viewers than usual, at least for the initial phases of the cup. Of note is that we invited like six different imageboards, so people were inclined to check it out.
>>1684 Probably this >>1685 but also there were some teams that wanted to join but couldn't meet the first deadline.
>>1684 >Does anyone know why all these boards are suddenly entering? For /dup/ it seems there was a single guy trying to hype it up, the other ones not so sure. I'm happy to see some extra participation though. Could use a helping hand or two.
>>1687 It'd be nice if it could at least be a half-yearly rhythm, I feel like the hype engine doesn't like being parked for long periods. Maybe this cafe could even host its own little championship. If my computer were good enough...
>>1691 That being said, I wouldn't want to be demanding too much from the riggers. I mean, it's not like they get paid or anything.
>>1691 Well, if you look at the earlier cups, you'll notice that the biggest issue had to do with the site, not the board dwellers. Now that we no longer use a centralized system but are rather spread all around the web (and might I add, us at /icup/ HQ have our own bunkers as well), we are much more secure, so even if an entire imageboard dies, its users can just mosey on over the bunker's cup.
>>1691 >Maybe this cafe could even host its own little championship. If my computer were good enough... If the riggers wanted to wait a whole year, I was proposing a friendly match near Christmas. If my internet were good enough. (<1mbps upload)
I think the ideal would be to have a system like UEFA & Conmebol, the only leagues that matter. With an annual /icup/ as main and most important event, and a secondary friendly/lesser annual Cup with a separate history and stats. This one could be a test field for veteran teams, new teams, other riggers, other commentators, another trophy. There are not enough teams yet for us to need a classification system, but it could be useful for that too, in the future. The important thing is that 2 recognizable competitions per year sound like a realistic schedule, capable of maintaining the hype. With a 3-sides mini-tournament between both last teams and /reddit/, and a friendly between the 2 champions. Also plenty of test streams with random managers signing up their teams for friendlies. Having the distinction in importance means that the main board of the Cup only needs to manage one tournament per year, and provide random assistance like they always do anyways. It doesn't matter (so much) if the lesser tournament is a little fucked-up. >>1695 >1mbps up Yeah, you're gonna need more than that.
>>1697 That's a good idea actually. Maybe the lesser cup could just be all the teams that didn't make it to the knockouts in the main cup.
>>1697 I like this idea. The /icup/ is the main event but we could still have some fun, even if it's not categorized as Infinity Cup. One idea I had was to have Imageboard specific leagues, where IBs with enough boards/teams could play among themselves and those who don't have as many could play in a manner similar to what the USA and Canada do with their sports.
>>1698 I like this idea, as it gives more games to those who could have been screwed by luck.
I like the idea, but I wonder what would the streaming schedule be if the racing idea gets finally implemented (or any other game ideas related to the Cup)
The idea up there would leave a 3 months gap between the preparations for each tournament, even with setting a whole month aside for general deadlines (which I think is generous enough). I was planning on filling that gap with random friendly tournaments that everyone is suggesting, apart from the two main competitions (which have a difference between them, too). Since the schedule for those tests and friendlies has no need to be strict, I believe you could fit all the other sports tournaments in the gaps, don't you think?
>>1707 Yesss do itttt
>>1707 That's perfect then
Open file (10.82 KB 168x200 sr.jpg)
>>1707 I think the side tournament should be different from the main one, in the way it plays out. It should not have the same kind of rounds and points, etc. Otherwise it's just the same thing. What I mean is that neither tournament should diminish the uniqueness of the other. Maybe the side tournament can be more experimental or even more rigged :)
>>1708 Well, the first thing to do would be to form the first edition of the alternative team of riggers & commentators as soon as possible (basically when the people who wanna do it figure out their general capabilities & bandwidth). That way they can decide if we should have the first lesser tournament this year or later, the rest of the schedules can be figured out then. >>1709 >perfect The reason it looks that way is because those leagues I mentioned have a shit ton of history, so they've already tested out all kinds of formats and schedules, and we know the results they had in different situations. At different points in history, and in different levels of growth, which is the most useful thing for us. That way, we have plenty of examples at how we should manage a lot of the things that may come up. >>1710 That would be up to the various riggers, having many of them we should be able to see some variety of things. I'm expecting a lot of experimenting at first, until we figure out the most fun formats, while the volunteers gain some experience and have their fair share of fuck-ups. Personally, I'd rather the two main competitions keep similar formats, with the lesser one having a bit more leeway, and all the other minicups being completely free and up to whatever the circumstantial organizers feel like. But what do I know. I'm just happy to see that there's a lot of people (including me) ready to throw ideas at whatever rigger does the job, obviously we'll be very thankful to organizers, as usual. Also, RIP neko bar?
>>1713 NekoBar is up again as of right now
>>1713 >I'd rather the two main competitions keep similar formats Of course, they could just be the summer cup and the winter cup.
>>1713 What about a double elimination tournament, sort of what fighting games do? It's much faster to set up, allows for way more teams to participate without having to worry about league standings and every match counts, unlike some bouts among already eliminated teams.
>>1716 Those could be fun for friendly tournaments, but I wouldn't like that for the cups. I put a lot of effort into my team and some others, so I'd be disappointed if they only played one game every six months, half the time.
>>1720 It could lead to multiple tournaments, though. You're guaranteed 2 matches per tournament per team, but if there's like 2-3 tournaments per season you get a minimum of 6 matches per season.
>>1716 Well I didn't know much about this, but sure enough, those leagues have precedents for that too. The reason I insist so much with them is because you don't just need to choose what teams get to participate in a tournament, you also need a whole set of rules and instructions on how to handle special situations, like home teams and yellow cards and tie-breakers and such. Having professional precedents means that we only have to go and check those every time a special situation comes up, making it quite easier to organize things. As for the suggestion, I don't think it could be used for the two main cups, but it sounds like a very neat way to choose teams from them for pre-established friendly tournaments. And we'll be needing a lot of those between intervals in my opinion. Alternative tournaments where random managers just sign up their teams, or with whatever set of rules for classification you can think of, all of them are welcomed. The important things are to have fun and to have /test/s. I'll say this again: the first thing we need is for volunteer riggers to actually figure out if they can start setting up stuff and prepare the first set of alternative organizers. Now, as for /yuri/... Thanks rigger for finally putting up our match with /2hu/, I needed that!! We have a little problem now, our staff is still quite busy irl, and we currently lack many of the assets we need to prepare our team for the next time. Could you please post our Player Cards in our thread back at smug/yuri/, together with a list of the available models we already have and who are they assigned to? Pretty please, we don't have that info right now, and we need it to update the roster a little and find more models for the next Cup. I don't know if there are still some models being worked on by blenderfags, but we're not even sure which are already done, yet.
UPDATE All match videos are now viewable on NekoBar. I am slowly (slowly) posting game stats on the stage pages of the Cup (e.g. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6_Group_A ) I should have the awards counted and well, awarded before those stats all go up on the wiki.
Will both the save file and the aesthetics for this Cup be uploaded to the wiki?
>>1748 >>1748 Seconded, give us the models, SKF
Slowly but surely getting those stats done. Things are coming up pretty regularly at the last minute that limit my time to put things on the wiki. I feel like starting to rewrite some guide pages once the stats are totaled. >>1755 >>1748 Save file and aesthetics are now up on the wiki. They're on the PES 2017 page.
>>1756 >Save file and aesthetics are now up on the wiki. They're on the PES 2017 page. Sweet, thanks a lot. Been meaning to mod a team or two.
Open file (1.55 MB 1894x1014 implyingrigged.png)
>>1756 thanks
Open file (15.16 KB 350x400 raajp4v18unuq9mlcne6.jpg)
hey maties, I have come to make an announcement /toddcollins/ has been purchased by Microsoft for 6 trillion sheckles, now go and buy some fukn xboxs go- I mean loyal fan
>>1707 >>1710 maybe have a shitpost cup full of shitpost teams where the winner qualifies for the main tournament
Can this board be marked SFW? Not to make people be careful about what they post, but to add it to the SFW Overboard.
>>1771 I do not feel it's necessary, but sure, if you think we'd have higher visibility than go for it and ask the web owners on their Meta threads.
>>1772 I'm not sure about visibility, but it does make it easier to get updates for those who feel the non SFW-overboard is too fast and uncomfy it can't just be me, r-right?.
>>1773 >>1771 I agree, we need it to be SFW if we wanna have more visibility.
Open file (592.13 KB 626x571 serious_hope.png)
>>1771 My problem with it is that some teams are pornographic in nature, or have pornographic imagery to go with their players. If we imposed a spoiler rule for stuff that is waaaaaay too raunchy, then I'd be up for it, but most peopple wouldn't I'm assuming.
>>1765 That is beautiful >>1777 (Jackpot) That's the direction I'm leaning with this. We're probably gonna have some lewd shit every now and again, but I don't believe it will be constant enough to push us into the NSFW territory. A spoiler rule would be the best bet. >>1770 No comment as of now. I'm mulling over options re: a secondary Cup.
>>1779 I was really hoping we could have had a G-CUP to complement the I-CUP, as in Global Cup, with all the regional boards. In our case, it'd be something like this: /librejp/ /ita/ /ausneets/ /dup/ (for the USA) /britfeel/ (if they finish their export in time) /christian/ (vatican city) /islam/ (Middle East) And possibly any sort of extra regional team that'd be willing to join us, if we could link up with an /argentina/ board or get the /hisparefugio/ guys back in it'd be grand.
Open file (221.50 KB 1848x1674 Modern_bra_fullcup.jpg)
>>1784 Sorry forgot my pic (obviously it's going to be a golden G-cup bra with the world beneath it or something)
>>1784 The /hisparefugio/ seem to be MIA, but there's an active /argentina/ board on endchan https://endchan.net/argentina/
>>1784 /lego/ represents the Danes
>>1787 Sounds like a great idea. Gotta try asking them. >>1788 Heh. Could work actually.

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