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Open file (216.93 KB 510x374 FAST.png)
/fast/ Supporter 09/20/2020 (Sun) 08:18:36 No.1764 [Reply]
Temporary thread for /fast/'s Infinity Cup pledge, more info to come.
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>>1764 >>1870 Very nice. On that note, would it be possible to use 3D models from the various games, at least for the medal players? I don't really care if it's just the heads and the skin color, I'd love to see the actual characters in.
>>1872 Check out the /lego/ thread as it's pretty informative
>>1872 If you have download links to the models, we can try to add them using Blender.
>>1880 >>1878 >>1875 Also, we wanted to incorporate some elements from a 3D world from the available 3d models for our custom field. Even if it's just a straight rip of the 3D model with the football pitch imposed over it, it'd still be cool.

Open file (78.97 KB 671x873 Gamergatehq_logo.png)
Open file (524.01 KB 1000x1000 Gamergate_logo.png)
/gamergate/ team Supporter 08/24/2020 (Mon) 21:13:50 No.1512 [Reply]
Going by what https://8chan.moe/v/res/89450.html#q89758 said, we'd like to book a spot for the next cup or any of the following friendlies. For the time being we could use the same export as the Gamergate prime team, but maybe we could touch up the logo to look like the Gamergatehq one?
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>>1512 Anyone got some 3d models?
>>1512 >>104951 I had these ideas for cards, assuming the formation stays the same as previous years: 88 Pos-GK.png Uncle /pol/ 99 Pos-LB.png Anime Avatars 10 Pos-CB.png Ten Bux 5 Pos-CB.png Danielle BRONZE 8 Pos-RB.png Full McIntosh 69 Pos-DMF.png Rape Colors 29 Pos-CMF.png 29 YEARS 3 Pos-CMF.png Gilda Mars BRONZE 4 Pos-AMF.png Freya SILVER 7 Pos-CF.png Sockpuppets 2 Pos-SS.png Vivian James (Captain) GOLD 14 Pos-GK.png And N 16 Pos-LB.png Right Wing Harassment Campaign

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1733 >>104988 Also, for team strategies: Possession Game Long-Pass Center Maintain Formation Support at 6 Frontline Pressure Wide Aggressive Defensive Line at 7 Compactness at 4 no (or default) advanced instructions
we're using the first logo anyhow, the one for f gghq since we also have a board there
>>1512 Can't wait for this to get back in

Open file (321.39 KB 579x782 toddcollins.png)
/toddcollins/ Supporter 08/30/2020 (Sun) 19:52:09 No.1545 [Reply]
Coming soon, the great powers of Todd Howard and Phil Collins combine to be the great power of the next cup
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>>1811 no, because the admin of this site is unfortuantally unbased and not philpilled I hope SKF is based enough to take us in even though there hasn't been /vcollins/ since 8kunt
>>1844 Make a wiki entry that unites both pages then go to 8ch or to zzzchan and make a board there, bada bing bada boom
>>1849 You can also create it over at Endchan, just like /jojo/ did
>>1851 Did they do it and why didn't they make a new team then?

Open file (8.45 KB 191x264 images.jpg)
The Webring Supporter 09/14/2020 (Mon) 02:00:49 No.1741 [Reply]
Tell me more about it, Anons. Considering implementing it on my imageboard.
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>>1746 no one banned you?
>>1747 Nope, the site uses an external blocklist (rbl.efnet.org) that includes many things like VPNs/proxies/TOR nodes that some anons use for extra privacy. I understand some people abuse proxies for shitposting but it's pretty rare and requires a motive.
>>1742 Will disable for the time being.
>>1741 I suggest you check out smuglo.li to get a better explanation of how the plugin works, basically it just lists friendly imageboards all together.
>>1746 Update: admin has disabled the feature that cause this. Snide remark retracted.

Open file (4.16 KB 225x225 download.jpg)
Supporter 09/12/2020 (Sat) 17:48:11 No.1731 [Reply]
Greetings from https://chanroast.me ! Don't worry Anons, for we are not here to shill too hard. We are just a small, comfy imageboard looking for some exposure. The cafe's always open, Anons, and we wouldn't mind you dropping by to say hello! Freshly roasted, just for you. :)
>>1731 Hey there friendo I hope your board joins our competition at some point!

Open file (32.96 KB 496x601 Yuri_logo.png)
Supporter 07/05/2020 (Sun) 23:19:13 No.859 [Reply]
/yuri/ slowly and dramatically reporting in!
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>>1128 >>1166 An interesting fact: our board may be still somewhat small, but it has yet to fail in fulfilling any request. Feel free to come by any time...
>>1168 Thanks :D
Open file (36.88 KB 304x104 adb-ban.png)
>we made it to the knockouts with 2 points. >worst stats ever to get past the groups stage. Shameful display aborted, the temp-manager's head is still joined to her neck! Historical achievement, in the comical category. Whelp, that's all we can say. Next up is figuring out who will rape who in the match against the 2whos. We're definitely not the favs here, but we've saved face already. Anyways, what I came here to say is that I've seen the models the local blenderfag finished for us. And they look truly awesome!! I can't put in words how thankful I am, really. Thanks a bunch! It was said that it was a little hard to figure out what player each model belonged to, and this has been duly noted, our roster is in fact more based on ancient community memes than actual anime lesbians. We are gonna correct that before next cup, as it was the original plan, only difference being that it will probably be done by the manager that takes over after me. So for that end, I humbly request that you keep working on getting those models to work for us, no matter the pace. The ones mentioned, attached, and assigned in the e-mail referred here >>1013 are kinda a priority (that Nokia is lovely, thanks again), but I don't mean to rush anyone. We will still try to find more appropriate models around, the most important one being Hitomi by far, and deliver them to the rigger by e-mail in our way to the next competition. Sorry for waiting a little long to thank you for this, but that's just kinda how we roll. As a small token of appreciation I thought about leaving you some fav doujin work to enjoy, but then realized that I don't know the first thing about your tastes. So instead I'm leaving you here a small selection of varied thingies, and hoping that you'll like at least some. Please feel free to ask for stuff or make any request if you feel like it. Once again: thanks a lot! https://files.catbox.moe/4jvo16.zip https://files.catbox.moe/zowshh.7z https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/ane_no_himitsu/download https://files.catbox.moe/1i0d29.7z https://files.catbox.moe/hoqdew.7z
>cucked Whelp, pasaron cosas. We kinda deserved it, but I'm not forgetting that we made it the farthest from all teams in our F (death) group and in the last Cup's top 4. Riggin' attempts aside, you cannot call luck to our thing when the stand-in goalkeeper played 3 of our last 6 games. Imagine if Doom or Ridley played half their matches. Our shape was abysmal, and we were still close, crashing the posts 3 fricking times in the last game. But I ain't complaining, making it there with only 2 points in the group stage is a worthy achievement! Now a shout-out to our fair champion /fascist/, may this be a sign of the times to come! Also, let it never be said that we don't know how to lose, this is for /cuckquean/ who were a better team and deserved the win: https://files.catbox.moe/h94ku2.zip

Open file (46.19 KB 668x702 latecomfy.png)
/late/+/comfy/ Supporter 05/15/2020 (Fri) 17:59:13 No.249 [Reply] [Last]
These greatest allies of imageboards will be assembling a team together. We still need ideas for our roster though.
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>>1466 >I lost a job application because of it Which address did you use? I have @airmail.cc that I use for job applications too so I'm worried
Open file (250.21 KB 1865x906 legobatmanweightwork.png)
>>1466 Thank you very much. I have made some progress on weight transferring and I can export via Arms export, but I have not gotten my .dds textures to work yet. Maybe DXT5 with mipmaps will do it. Pic is a test Lego player
>>1470 Yeah, it needs the right compression (I know its easy to do that format in GIMP when choosing as dds file). The other gotcha is that I think it has to have 2^x dimensions (like 1024x1024 or 2048x2048, which are 2^10 and 2^11) The lego players can be a bit weird for the weight painting, since they are different shape to a person and so I made Yoda float a bit so his body parts like arms were close enough to the PES skeleton. I also made his whole leg the same type so they walk more like a lego player, kind of. https://anonfiles.com/d7q2i8L8o5/LEGO_Publish_zip (I forget where but there was a list of what each weight represented, like left arm, right shoulder, although some are quite obvious.) >>1469 fire and air, although they all go through cock.li's mail server which I think is on ovo.sc Maybe try using another service for critical stuff and try calling up to ask if they're received? It depends on the receiver's email service whether or not they go through, so a gmail might but an outlook might not, for example. You can also go into settings (if using the web, otherwise find the equivalent on your email program) and enable delivery status notifcation or whatever, which quickly replies to your with a confirmation that the email was accepted. I've not turned this on by default.
>>1471 >The lego players can be a bit weird for the weight painting I just noticed the picture and manually painting them to be more static is a good idea that saves you hours of trouble for what ends up a glitchy mess no matter what. Ignore me, do that.
>>1471 >I've not I've now

Open file (58.30 KB 245x290 unna logo.png)
/ausneets/ United Team Supporter 05/14/2020 (Thu) 23:10:03 No.231 [Reply]
Sup matey's We're still deciding on the final details (Medals and Positions) as well as uniform but this is what we've done so far The main team is Possum, Weber (GK), Cruisey, Costa, Tony Abbott,10k, Shire, NEETKing, Monaro, Shitey and Whore And the Bench is Wandjina, Nuro, NoFun, The Pasito Can, SoyFreeNEET, Gook Night, ethanolstate NOW, Anus Spied NEET (GK), and Anthony Mundine
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>>394 I'll keep both in the game and re-name them, it's not like we're going to have enough teams come in to completely overwrite every unused stadium
>>399 cool
Open file (694.44 KB 2048x2048 ausneetshome.png)
Open file (271.50 KB 2048x2048 ausneetsaway.png)
Open file (323.25 KB 2048x2048 ausneetsgk.png)
In Solidarity with Nuro coming out as a bisexual bicycle we have decided to add Black Blends Matter to our kit
Based and SA pilled

Open file (363.09 KB 800x800 kindFC.png)
/kind/ /kind/ friend 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:33:14 No.1093 [Reply]
Hello! Let's be friends and play some football / soccer!
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Updated Strategy and Players: https://files.catbox.moe/ad836p.md
hey SKF, could you play this right before the first match please? https://a.pomf.cat/fqipma.mp4
>>1210 will do
>>1210 for this /rude/ post you lost lmao
>>1304 more like /japan/ tried to win because some r*gger did not play the video :(

Open file (44.71 KB 240x240 splogo.png)
Open file (46.70 KB 2048x2048 spaway.png)
/sp/ Supporter 06/11/2020 (Thu) 20:49:08 No.565 [Reply]
GK - Hope Solo LB - Wadina CB - Chinky Racoon CB - ??? RB - Dave Roberts CMF - Mahomes CMF - Ghost LMF - Wade Davis (Cubs Wade) RMF- Spartman CF - Mayor of Memetown aka mil kaki CF - Goatbro Subs can be whatever was on the wiki
13 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>1127 The baoab tree...
>>1136 sure
Open file (424.57 KB 501x583 Echelon.png)
I tried to make an 8-0-2 for giggles but the game blocked me from having more than 5 forwards and less than 2 defenders. Can someone verify? If that's the case, you can try to keep picking cards so that the fullbacks and mids are aggressive and try to move forwards.
>the game blocked me this is tyranny
>>1150 I made a basic version of this team and played eight games with them against two opponents. Naturally, this team is highly capable of scoring and highly capable of being scored against; the average game had 6 goals total and all had 3 or greater, no team was ever goalless. Total for-and-against was 23-25 (relatively even). Very entertaining, we need teams like this.

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