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Open file (363.09 KB 800x800 kindFC.png)
/kind/ /kind/ friend 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:33:14 No.1093 [Reply] [Last]
Hello! Let's be friends and play some football / soccer!
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Updated Strategy and Players: https://files.catbox.moe/ad836p.md
hey SKF, could you play this right before the first match please? https://a.pomf.cat/fqipma.mp4
>>1210 will do
>>1210 for this /rude/ post you lost lmao
>>1304 more like /japan/ tried to win because some r*gger did not play the video :(

Open file (44.71 KB 240x240 splogo.png)
Open file (46.70 KB 2048x2048 spaway.png)
/sp/ Supporter 06/11/2020 (Thu) 20:49:08 No.565 [Reply] [Last]
GK - Hope Solo LB - Wadina CB - Chinky Racoon CB - ??? RB - Dave Roberts CMF - Mahomes CMF - Ghost LMF - Wade Davis (Cubs Wade) RMF- Spartman CF - Mayor of Memetown aka mil kaki CF - Goatbro Subs can be whatever was on the wiki
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>>1127 The baoab tree...
>>1136 sure
Open file (424.57 KB 501x583 Echelon.png)
I tried to make an 8-0-2 for giggles but the game blocked me from having more than 5 forwards and less than 2 defenders. Can someone verify? If that's the case, you can try to keep picking cards so that the fullbacks and mids are aggressive and try to move forwards.
>the game blocked me this is tyranny
>>1150 I made a basic version of this team and played eight games with them against two opponents. Naturally, this team is highly capable of scoring and highly capable of being scored against; the average game had 6 goals total and all had 3 or greater, no team was ever goalless. Total for-and-against was 23-25 (relatively even). Very entertaining, we need teams like this.

Open file (38.92 KB 512x512 1592210741750.png)
/librejp/ /librejp/ 06/22/2020 (Mon) 20:36:58 No.666 [Reply] [Last]
Hello!! We know it's so late, but we will join. Any help would be appreciated.
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I went and said hello in their thread. Looks like these guys have everything they need, just have to post their uniforms here. >>666 What a cute shield. And what sleek Satan trips!
Open file (184.80 KB 2048x2048 librejp_home.png)
Open file (187.16 KB 2048x2048 librejp_away.png)
Open file (189.68 KB 2048x2048 librejp_gk.png)
Subs: GK - tochaki01 LB - tochaki02 CB - tochaki03 CB - tochaki04 RB - tochaki05 CMF - tochaki06 CMF - tochaki07 LMF - tochaki08 RMF- tochaki09 CF - tochaki10 CF - tochaki11
thank you
>Attack False No. 9 >Defense Deep Defensive Line Thank you!

Supporter 05/18/2020 (Mon) 16:03:17 No.277 [Reply] [Last]
spell icup
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>>286 Gotta make an edit of this one
Open file (523.08 KB 960x720 icupcardblank.jpg)
>>286 >>287 wasn't clever enoughto come up with anything that wasn't insanely simple, so here's the blank.
Open file (988.31 KB 960x720 depression.png)
>>1003 10/10

Open file (138.61 KB 1000x1089 Mecha Team Emblem.png)
/mecha/ Supporter 05/12/2020 (Tue) 21:37:21 No.196 [Reply] [Last]
Team Roster >GK - Deus Ex Machina >LB - God Gundam >CB - Mechagodzilla (Silver) >RB - God Mazinger >DMF - Kamen Rider Quiz >CMF - Space Battleship Yamato (Bronze) >RMF - Eva01 >AMF - Kireek >LWF - Pepsi Convoy (Bronze) >RWF - Big O >CF - Tetsujin-28 (Gold) (Captain) Bench >GK - A.I.S. >LB - Shukuyuu Gundam >CB - Garo

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Open file (52.80 KB 1601x901 bigo.jpg)
Open file (57.99 KB 1601x901 mechag.jpg)
Open file (57.75 KB 1601x901 yamato.jpg)
After a bit of digging, I've found some models for some of your players, have a look!
>>658 This is awesome. Also the ship got me chuckling. .
>>658 >yamato.jpg ˢᵉᵉ ʸ'ᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵐᵉ
Open file (32.67 KB 512x64 Mecha Ad.png)
Board ad.
>>994 >robot more like >roBUTT amirite

Open file (61.80 KB 290x292 moe_z.png)
/v/ Supporter 07/02/2020 (Thu) 17:45:35 No.791 [Reply] [Last]
New thread since the old one was about whether to include /v/ at all. This is the /v/alkan combo of 8moe/v/ and z/v/. The current roster that is uncontested/agreed upon in both threads so far: >Expand Dong (GK) Timeless, also has a really good model in-game. >Teagan (LB) Uncommon Time is something truly unique to 8/v/, we can't let it go. Sanic (RB) Tifa's Dicks (LMF) Gay Ass Border Rock Punished /v/ (CMF) Mamachan (CF) Friday Night (CMF) Erin (CF)

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>>946 an icup staff is looking into it (>>936) , I doubt the random anon you replied to would somehow have the answer.
>>936 >>946 >>948 Here's the explanation I've received so far: >I don't think this was answered publicly already so here it goes, from what I understand the thread fell off the catalog, it wasn't manually deleted. No manual deletion means the thread was unpinned for some reason. That leads a different question but really, it's the same one: Why?
>>954 Why does it need to be pinned at all times? Threads fall off boards. A new one can be created.
>>954 I do recall seeing the thread low down in the catalog a couple of days ago (page 8 or 9) so I believe that. Still, why tho. I don't feel they are obliged to pin it but they should.
>>958 >>957 It doesn't need to be pinned, it's that they did it in the first place then just randomly unpinned it. I guess what's a little more irritating is the timing of it as well. It's a joint project and the other hub just died, leave the thread up as your touchpoint.

PES and Modding Tools Thread Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:51:49 No.15 [Reply] [Last]
USE THIS THREAD IF YOU NEED HELP SETTING SHIT UP Should also note, if you want to download PES and dick around with team strategies and whatnot, the game, the "DLC", and the save file can be found here http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017 Download DP File List Generator at the bottom of here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Other_Major_Tools Then follow the instructions in the last paragraph of this page: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Creating_DLC . That should get PES to load in the files.
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>>772 >We had players completely replaced by MMD models last Cup. We’re they still able to wear the kits? If so, this is a very encouraging piece of news.
>>773 It is possible, we just didn't do it. The main two that immediately came to mind were Miku, who was on the pitch in her usual outfit, and Aniki, who had a face clearly only meant to be seen from certain angles. Oh and he was wearing a loincloth.
Open file (15.32 KB 319x164 pes-editor.PNG)
So... how do I edit this?
>>918 Honestly, I wouldn't touch it. This is why I'm asking for tactics listed as a text file, that way I can put in advanced instructions like that manually.
>>918 If you want to know for testing, you can mod it easily in-game by selecting edit->team->game plan->advanced instructions It can also be temporarily changed during a game.

Open file (52.10 KB 250x247 250px-Co_logo.png)
/co/ team Supporter 06/30/2020 (Tue) 22:45:26 No.760 [Reply] [Last]
We're okay with using the old export, if you still have them. Roster and stuff can be found in here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//co/ We're currently on 8chan.moe though.
Open file (398.53 KB 550x588 2019summerfinal.png)
Happy to have you guys on board again! I still do have everything from last time, so that'll be fine.

Open file (1.13 MB 1200x1200 banelogo.png)
/bane/ Supporter 05/07/2020 (Thu) 20:40:57 No.57 [Reply] [Last]
Board is kind of dead but we'd still like to get in on the fun. Can we join all the same?
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>>242 It can just use the old export anyhow, I think we had a buff Bane too.
>>244 >>242 I know where we can get a buff bane if we don't end up making one.
>>244 >>259 sick, I'll whip up the rest of the team
Open file (116.36 KB 2048x2048 banehomekit.png)
Open file (119.95 KB 2048x2048 baneawaykit.png)
Open file (140.50 KB 2048x2048 BaneGK Kit.png)
Starting 11 GK: ZS-NVB Def: Richard Russell (RB) Flight Plan (CB) Masketta Man (CB) Hired Gun (LB) Mid: BRAVO NOLAN (DMF) Wreckage Brother (DMF) Dr Paveleer (CMF) (Bronze) Masketta Man (AMF) (Bronze) CIA (AMF) (Silver) Atk: Bane (CF) (Gold) (Captain) Bench: 4U9525 (GK) N121TG (GK) Smee (CB) Maiman (CB) Lotta Loyalty (CB) Juan Ohou (DMF) The Fire (CMF) Bart Ahn Lee (AMF) Agent C (AMF) Hothead (CF)
>>403 Just realized, you have Masketta Man listed a second time as an AMF, so someone else has to take his place.

Open file (225.58 KB 788x746 monster1.png)
Open file (510.61 KB 800x1131 Ammit-chanwavinghello.jpg)
Supporter 05/08/2020 (Fri) 19:40:26 No.91 [Reply] [Last]
GK Ridley LB Tionishia CB Beedina CB Arachne RB Seaport Hime DMF Reitia CMF Lala CMF Liru LWF Poli'ahu RWF Ebola-chan CF Ammit (Captain) >bench GK /texas/-chan LB Ay Papi CB Blemmy CB Slade Stardust

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

The medals should be fine as is.

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