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cafe/icup/: The GCUP is coming! Tentative Start Date - February 13th, 2021.

Want your event posted here? Requests accepted in this /meta/ thread.

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Open file (48.29 KB 771x450 1591137356375.png)
/art/ the creative man's sport Supporter 06/02/2020 (Tue) 22:38:01 No.422 [Reply] [Last]
So what am I supposed to do? I'm new, plz dont bullie
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>>1320 What got removed?
Open file (49.15 KB 432x645 ClipboardImage.png)
Player list updates. I just wanted to change the names around to make the memes more basic to the board. Hope that's an easy fix.4 This time no need for jpgs
Open file (11.24 KB 432x161 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2115 Pt 2
>>2115 >>2117 I didnt change the numbers or anything else, just the names so I hope thats not too much of an issue. I'll get around to editing the wiki but I dunno if I should change the names on the wiki stats or just keep them as they are
>>2115 >>2117 >>2118 Not a problem at all. Change the names on the wiki as you please.

Other Sports Supporter 05/05/2020 (Tue) 21:14:06 No.16 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for suggesting and discussing alternate sports to use for the cup. So far, ideas include: >Wrestling (WWE 2K1X) - we could even ask 8chanmania to be an integral part of /icup/ >Basketball (NBA 2K1X games, we could edit sprites for NBA JAM >Golf (has been widely suggested in the past but I do not know how it would make for an interesting game unless the game had course editors) >Tennis (virtua tennis and wii sports have both been suggested) >Racing (similar situation with Golf, it would be kind of awkward to spectate but if the game allowed for track customization it'd be pretty cool, otherwise it's always possible to get a sprite edit in games like Mk64) Thoughts, opinions, complaints?
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>>1868 I know that I wouldn't have any problems with 8-bit, but I imagine that most people would much rather have a more recent game than that.
Is there a cricket game compatible
If anyone wants to try their luck at NBA 2K games there's an entire forum dedicated to modding the game https://forums.nba-live.com/viewforum.php?f=107
>>97 I like this idea a lot tbhj=
Open file (209.01 KB 1600x900 hedgewars.png)
>>2069 Hedgewars seems like a fun and easy one to set up. It's free and open source so modding is far simpler. Pic related: normally CPU teams can't have flags, but we can delete the code that enforces it and recompile! Cosmetic customization examples >Hats As you can see in the picture, a hat is overlayed over the character. It can cover the whole player. I can make the base player invisible if people wanted to do full body mods (I would choose to keep arms and legs) but it's easier to just not do that. >Flags Flag at the bottom. >Grave A marker placed when a player on your team dies on land. >Colors Alliance colors chosen at start of match. >Voice In-game reactions and banter from your team. >Theme If we use a randomly-generated map, this controls stuff like background music and textures.

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Open file (508.79 KB 1072x1343 islamlogo.png)
/islam/ Supporter 08/30/2020 (Sun) 10:52:01 No.1536 [Reply]
Yes, we are doing it. Formation 4-2-2-2 Starters: GK Emir Abdelkader LB Imam Malik CB Imam Hanbal CB Imam Shafi'i RB Imam Abu Hanifa DMF Nur ad-Din Zengi DMF Saif ad-Din Qutuz AMF Mehmed the Conqueror (b) AMF Suleiman the Magnificent (b) CF Tariq Ibn Ziyad (s) CF Saladin (g)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (34.36 KB 512x64 islam4all.png)
Open file (50.89 KB 512x64 islamad4.png)
>>1987 forgot to resize the first one
>>1539 this would be better i think
also important: >Goal celebration 1: 106 >Goal celebration 2: 42

Open file (40.48 KB 460x453 potteryteam.png)
/pol/ - Poetry and Lyrics Supporter 09/02/2020 (Wed) 17:40:01 No.1662 [Reply]
We might be joining this thing, we still need players, kits, and basically everything.
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Requesting Adolf, the poet, be replaced with Ron Hitler-Barassi an English teacher
>poi lmfao 10/10 typosquat
What formation should we use? I propose a poetically structured, poetically unconventional 3-2-3-2.
>>2058 I like it!
>>2052 That Shahnameh recitation is really beautiful. How do the Persians always nail it like that?

Open file (41.29 KB 520x390 gary.jpg)
Rivalry General Supporter 07/06/2020 (Mon) 14:59:56 No.868 [Reply]
Discuss rivalry match-ups that would be especially exciting to watch, if they occur.
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>>1181 look at this prophet
>>1180 If /2hu/ manages to fuck up their own second place I propose /ita/ vs. /2hu/ as Spaghetticon 2020
everyone vs /islam/ is a rivalry I'm down with
I foresee an epic /lang/ vs /pol/ rap battle.
>>2054 >The War of Words /pol/ vs /lang/ >The Mahabharata Match /pol/ vs /inch/ >The Haiku Heat /pol/ vs /japan/ >The Hero Slays The Dragon /pol/ vs /monster/ >The Divine Competition /pol/ vs /ita/

Open file (207.79 KB 497x422 majapahit.png)
Open file (596.48 KB 1176x1280 fscchan9.png)
/fscchan/ - AKA feseschan Supporter 11/25/2020 (Wed) 14:09:22 No.1949 [Reply]
Thank you for the invitation, /fscchan/ would love to join the /icup/. The team is still in progress, but i hope it will be done soon enough. Also i'm not the BO, just a random anon, i made this thread because no one made it yet. General team discussion here.
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>>1997 Okay then. From left to right: Home kit, GK kit, Away Kit
>>1961 i like this
>>1949 >>1991 Took the liberty of making you a thread on the wiki http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Fscchan Please, when you're done discussing the team and shirts, add information over there. You can change the positions to any one of the available positions from PES17. Add information regarding substitution and heights if you're okay with them.
http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//fscchan/ Sorry I made a mistake, use this one
edit wikinya udah?

Open file (43.70 KB 300x300 gts logo icup.png)
/gts/ Supporter 11/27/2020 (Fri) 18:03:09 No.2019 [Reply]
Yeah we'll join in on this again. Just use our assets from last time we were in, thanks I'll look and see if its possible to get some custom three dee models (I have little idea how this would work for example, i.e. would it be possible to import MMD model shit for example?) but otherwise things can be assumed as prior defaults. I checked the wiki and everything seems to be correct. For whatever reason I can't upload a txt file with the team's strategy but here's ours I guess: /gts/ Strategy Guide Formation: [link to image] Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Counter Attack Build Up: Short Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Flexible Support Range: ???? Nothing on the goddamn wiki about it, probably moderate range though

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>2019 >would it be possible to import MMD model shit for example? That's an option for 3D models. They need to be rigged to fit the player skeletons in PES but they work. >>2020 >Also if you need pictures for the players/roster... Go for it.
>>2020 What are the icon dimensions? I can help cobble some together.
>>2027 http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//gts//Roster Here's the link to the wiki I have no idea if that's where to upload, or to just upload here or something
>>2027 I think you can make them any size. Here's /lego/, for example: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//lego//Roster >I have no idea if that's where to upload There's an Upload page on the left sidebar to upload an image to the wiki, then you edit the Roster page to ads those uploaded files in (see the /lego/ roster page source for easy reference). Let me know if you need a hand.
>>2019 glad to see you guys

Open file (114.07 KB 362x362 based.png)
Supporter 11/27/2020 (Fri) 01:19:21 No.2012 [Reply]
yeah bro go ahead and put /tv/ in the cup tbh

Open file (96.76 KB 902x900 ClipboardImage.png)
/otter/ Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:19:13 No.5 [Reply] [Last]
As far as I know the only new team that wants to participate in the 2020 Cup. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//otter/
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>>1064 >other boards do that too I wasn't trying to single out /otter/. It's just the first one I noticed. And I got all worked up because ottershop looks like a regular shop at a glance. >>1065 >>1066 My bad, I didn't know this stance was doomed from the start. Carry on.
>>1071 This is why: no interest. https://8chan.moe/liberty/res/1075.html#3053 >>1073 I mean it's a fair concern if it feels like people are shilling and that's ruining the experience.
Open file (60.76 KB 1340x547 otterstyles.PNG)
For the record, this is what our players should be.
>>41 Btw this is what Zarathustra was meant to look like
If we're joining again, got some changes to be made to the team. We don't want to bite the watermelon again >>>/otter/1386

Open file (120.30 KB 1024x1024 Ck_logo.png)
Open file (251.01 KB 1024x874 ramsay_football.jpg)
/ck/ Turns Up The Heat! Supporter 11/18/2020 (Wed) 08:55:29 No.1912 [Reply]
/ck/ would like to formally accept your invitation to participate in the next Infinity Cup. For now, we will keep our old assets. We'd also like to add Jon Townsend and Bread Riamu to the roster, roles still undetermined. Further updates will be added soon.
>>1912 Sure lad, let's play together!
>>1912 For wiki purposes, this is the 8ch board, right?
>>1930 That's right. Board thread is https://8chan.moe/ck/res/588.html. I'll link back here for reciprocity.
Open file (512.58 KB 600x697 Conehead.png)
>>1912 Glad the cooking guys are back in action.

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