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Hentai Games Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 02:47:38 No.8
Post hentai games and related stuff. It doesn't have to be entirely hentai, it can be ecchi, or just have nudes. Remember, always pirate if able and post links. You can also request stuff. Western porn games, as shit as they can be, are also welcome here. Useful links: GOD: https://gog-games.com/
There's this little game called Poke Abby. Highlight because it reminds me of old flash games, since it's pretty simple, also, the low poly models are really quite nice. Just make sure to get rid of stupid stuff like bloom in the options. There is a very fun story about the development of this small game. The game was intended to be part of something bigger, a game using the same models and general story that was going to take place in the academy of magic. Game was very promising, it had a lot of views and stuff. But seems like the developer got married, and when he came clean about what he does, seems like the wife told him to stop, which, well, he outright did. Kinda pathetic, but good game nonetheless. Download https://oxopotion.itch.io/poke-abby
I played a cool mod for Darkest Dungeon, it's a couple of class mods, with nudity. The classes on itself are quite good for the game, particularly the Hood. Here are the mods: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1208494327 And since you probably, and I hope, don't have the steam version, here's a page to download: http://steamworkshop.download/
Edited last time by airwolfensf on 05/09/2020 (Sat) 02:55:09.
What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime? This is painful to post, but it's kind of a long story. Long story short, the dev, Mike Inel, flt for SJW pressure and started backing out of the lewd content of the game, which was mainly Finn, for the bullshit reason of him being 13, and young marceline, for being a loli, despite him doing work like that before. The game itself is nice, really really fucking nice, and you are better off playing old builds than new ones that are far more censored. I leave a link to ver 7.5, the last good version. I guess you can find newer versions elsewhere. https://mega.nz/#!4M5kAKhK!3LWROBziBMZbC-L19J1nD-rjzySKq2uklflbecRsTkA Right now he is working in a similar game with similar mechanics but IS TOTALLY NOT ADVENTURE TIME. This kind of attitude really make you not want to even try the game, and on top of that, the game has the appeal of a fucking shoe, and I wouldn't trust this guy a fucking inch. >Female protagonist shit
>Eroico Is the only proper H game I've ever played, there's that other game made by the same dev, Kurovadis or something, but that one is shit compared to Eroico atmosphere, but it suffers from the same fucking problem of most games: You need to get hit in order to get the fucking scenes. The game is really tight despite that, nice platforming, and my god, that last boss. The platforming is on point, and even though you need to lose to get the sex scene, defeating the enemy and the level gives you the enemy for the gallery. https://mega.nz/#!kZwkmQCR!Z49QkFk2wL-Duvnstm_pyoZbDadT8iCrKf8qon4GTDk
>>11 Played a version of this a while ago. It's sad to hear the direction this went.
>>11 >the game has the appeal of a fucking shoe, and I wouldn't trust this guy a fucking inch. I'm always torn when these projects go off the rails. On one hand it's a shame to see their potential squandered. On the other hand, we get to see anons warning each other about it like this. >>12 I played the demo of this. Felt like trying to platform with a lead brick with a keyboard because of the action keys, much smoother with a controller. I usually agree with you about disliking being hit to see animations but in Eroico it felt more natural and like a risk-reward tradeoff. Plus the animations were fucking cute. CUTE!
>>23 >On one hand it's a shame to see their potential squandered. On the other hand, we get to see anons warning each other about it like this Biggest problem is that the game was genuinely good, but you can't go around recommending it without a big disclaimer, sadly, specially since it was never finished. >I usually agree with you about disliking being hit to see animations but in Eroico it felt more natural and like a risk-reward tradeoff True that it was very well implemented, which is why it doesn't bother me that much either, but I guess it's just a bad staple since plenty of games do it wrong. Usually female MC ones.
>>23 >need monster mommy lolibaba that emerged from my subconcious
>>25 Fucking centrist.
Open file (278.27 KB 500x333 ClipboardImage.png)
A game I really do enjoy is Four Elements Trainer. The game has it's short comings, but it's solid overall. Slave routes are usually shit compared to the love routes, they are almost a test ride with less content than the love route and just a "lul so randum" story, so stick to love routes if possible unless you have shit taste or something. That being said, I have yet to play the 4th book. Playing as Tenzin sounds horrible, and I hope they change that for the love route, but as of Book 3, the game can honestly be considered completed. https://mega.nz/file/EZEiRIbJ#6hngvuUq4wl_ArlkInjHetpVrIO80_D-7ECN-CxSvE8
Most Zell999 games are absolutely great. Particularly FOBS: http://forest.x.fc2.com/index.html It's like Eroico, but more of a metroidvania, I love how you collect abilities by capturing the monsters, and capturing the monsters unlock their sex scene, it also involves some thinking when it comes to capturing them, which makes the game generally fun with fun mechanics. He also has 2 other games. One that is a collab, Succubus Affection, and one that seems to be his alone called White mansion orsomething like that. I will try them later: https://mega.nz/file/IZ9EWS5Y#7Vqx6gHrcfNGN4QXl8UenBuq92hy2uiu7vdlH_lirqc
Open file (1.61 MB 1296x758 1.png)
Open file (2.07 MB 1296x758 2.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1296x758 3.png)
Open file (914.17 KB 1296x758 4.png)
Let's talk about Erolon: Dungeon Bound. It's from the same dev that made Incestral Awakening, a game I surely need to talk about later since I consider it one of the best western games in that regard, specially one of the few with a shota protagonists that didn't suck. As for Erolon, it's a simple game about dungeon exploration and very RPG elements. It has the relationship level mechanic the previous game had, but in this one you get relationship level as you explore the dungeons, and you get scenes by talking with your party members at the town if your level is high enough. Gameplay wise, man, I think the game has A LOT of problems, one of the biggest problems being the grinding the game requires. IA allowed you to bypass grinding when you had a lot of money. In this game you can't do that, and it's even a bigger problem because exploration can get tedious, and I don't know if it's only because my PC is a potato, but the dungeon sections drops the fps to the floor. Fights can get very repetitive, the first dungeon is way too long, to the point you will probably max your relationships up tot his build only in the first dungeon and, the biggest problem with the dungeon itself: All levels are randomly generated, meaning that most balance and design is not there. However, not everything is bad. Characters are top notch. The magician, Elia, is supposed to be the MCs sister, but due to patreon you can't state that, which is a shame, Leru, the wolf, is amazing, furry or not, but I think the dark elf is a bit rushed due to her involvement not being a direct party member, and I'm still have to level up the "light elf". Art wise, the base game looks AMAZING, I really like the art. My problem with the sprites, however, is that it's a bit hard to read their expressions when they are constantly moving their mouths, and even if they are not it's still hard to notice what they want to convey, this is particularly a problem with Leru, but I guess it's just part of her stoic personality. When it comes to CG, I'm not sure what happened. The first batch of CGs, ie first Elia and Leru scenes, have the same quality as the character sprites. But as the game goes on, I think there was a change of artist, so it looks different. By any means I think the later CGs are bad, even compared to the first ones, but the difference is a bit jarring. Other than that, I recommend the game. It has a lot of flaws, but it is enjoyable for what it is if you have time and patience. I've been crawling at it very slowly, but it's quite nice: https://mega.nz/#F!pFg1xQiI!AZ7L5O28MroLYYyftyfTqw
Let's talk about Dandy Boy Adventures. I can describe this game in a single sentence: You can jump. And I do that because jumping is like one of the basic things that have defined video games ever since Donkey Kong. And this is what this game is, this game has so many nice little details and nods to other games, and the strange 50s/70s setting, it's just amazing. Pros: - Game looks gorgeous: It's basically Mother with sex and without RPG elements. It looks so good that you can even swap some of the assets and it would pass as an Scott Pilgrim Game. - Characters are great: All characters are likable, except Tess. - Great controls and gameplay: I know a lot of people don't like free roaming games for some reason, but this one is very smooth with movement and the quest marker helps a lot. - Music is pretty damn good: Self explanatory. - Dev listens: I refused to play this game for so long because of the scene involving the cop that was removed because players didn't like it. I would support any dev who listens to their players like this. - Good amount of content: Since I hold from playing this game this whole time, I can say that the amount of content is very decent for most girls. Cons: - NPC placement: Some NPCs appear only once per day around town and no more. For example, your sister is only in her room during mornings, and she is not around at all after that, not even at school. Same with plenty of other NPCs that completely disappear off the map suring the rest of the days for no particular reason. Doesn't make them feel too real. Can be simply fixed by, using the sister as an example, have her at school in the morning and in her room in the evening. - Events advance daytime: This is kinda personal, but events advancing daytime all the way to next morning without a warning is a bit annoying. I usually try to make the most of a single game day. - Some relationships feel extremely rushed: The swimmer girl has a very nice pacing when it comes to getting to a blowjob and it's nicely justified. However, things like having sex with your sister or your sister friends feels like they happen literally one after the other, because they do. Tess is specially aggravating, I understand her storyline will continue later on, but out of nowhere she decided to have sex at school after a handjob and that's it. - The UI could use some work. It looks fantastic, but it isn't too smooth to navigate. It lacks more in depth information, specially in the relationship tab. - You are locked out of revisiting content when you finish. Something that can easily be fixed in the future, along the previous point. I thought maybe adding different characters to the character review, not just the MC, so you can see them naked in the PC, for example. - Totally not incest: And this is the reason the game don't have 5 stars. It's jarring that despite being assigned as mom, the MC still refers to her as Melissa. It seems like it has more pros than cons, but the pros easily outweighs the cons and it's a game worth playing, because it is properly a game, and a good one in most aspects. https://dandyboyoni.itch.io/dandyboyadventures
>>23 im a tankie and this is the most accurate thing I've seen
>>71 > I refused to play this game for so long because of the scene involving the cop that was removed Which scene was this? I played the game once when it was first posted on F95, but it was extremely barebones at the time and I never got around to checking it out again.
>>98 Pic related. There was a huge backlash, so the dev removed it.
>>99 Why was there backlash? Was it rape or something?
>>100 It was NTR. That's the protagonist's mom sucking some cop's dick. People didn't like it regardless.
>>101 I never have, still don't, and probably never will understand mom NTR. What Freudian basic trash is going on with you that makes you feel NTR'd by your own mom? Probably some greasebrained eastern europoors and turks making up most of the mom NTR audience
Open file (67.48 KB 768x780 1529363219508.jpg)
>>101 >It was NTR. That's the protagonist's mom
Open file (73.83 KB 1016x369 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102 >What Freudian basic trash is going on with you that makes you feel NTR'd by your own mom? The game features de mother as a romantic interest. >>103 Seethe harder. It was removed regardless.
>>104 >Seethe harder t. guy who wants to fuck his mother so badly he screeches at devs until they remove scenes from their games
>>105 It wasn't even me. There was clearly enough people who was against it for it to be removed, rightfully so.
>>105 Incest is pretty common in these games anon. Why do you sound so assblasted?
>>105 What's wrong about that? It isn't even your real mom, but why would you want used goods?
Here's a list with games I would personally recommend: >Finished Incestral Awakening Hentasia Rod of Power Snow Daze Poke Abby Huniepop Tactics Elemental Zombie's Retreat >Finished but questionable Anything from Nergal's Nest Space Paws Overwhored Unteralterbach Princess Trainer Project X (The beat em' Up sonic game) >In development Dandy Boy Adventures Town of Passion (Close to completion) 4 Elements Trainer (Close to completion) Erolon Dungeon Bond (very grindy) Crimson Keep Elf Conquest Aurelia (I have not played it yet, but it looks nice) NeverSaint (Not played it yet, on my list) Monster Girl Geimu (Obnoxious writing, but worth reading) Beach City Nights Sex Note The Manor Milky Touch What a Legend >Very early but worth checking Daily Lives of my Countryside Life in Woodchester (Clone of STS #5161 but actually nice looking, but landlady syndrome bullshit) Spooky Milk Life Saga >Meme things that may be worth checking (Because you may have shit taste) Behind the Dune Summertime Saga MLP games (Pony Tale Adventure, Friendship with Benefits, Pony Waifu Sim, Cloptopia, Banned from Equestria (Daily)) >Nip stuff Forest of the Blue Skin and Succubus Affection Teaching a Feeling Eroico Libra Heart games Kamidori Alchemy Meister The Imperial Gatekeeper Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ One Room: Runaway Girl Summer Memories Summer Countryside Sex Life Fuugetsuin (Kids in the play center) Rance Series Toushin Toshi 1 and 2 >Visual Novels Katawa Shoujo The Grisaia Original Trilogy Yosuga no Sora Imouto Paradise Series Boob Wars Series Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games Wanko to Kurosau Yume Miru Kusuri Hoshizora no Memoria BISHOP Visual Novels
>>110 I wouldn't recommend almost any of those. Eroico is good, haven't tried the other nip stuff listed, or most of the in-dev. I suspect you may have shit taste.
>>115 Well, reccommend something better.
Open file (127.68 KB 1024x576 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (5.21 MB 2880x1800 life saving hero.png)
>>110 >Kamidori Alchemy Meister This was fun. Had way, way better gameplay than I expected. Recommend. >Rance Series Ditto. For me, the music is the most surprisingly good part of Alicesoft games. Can also recommend Daiteikoku, though its translation patch will never be completed. >The Grisaia Original Trilogy I only played the first game and loved it. But then, I only played through Amane's route and it wrecked me. >>102 >I never have, still don't, and probably never will understand mom NTR. What Freudian basic trash is going on with you that makes you feel NTR'd by your own mom? NTR in general is pretty incomprehensible, but I've scrolled past enough of it that I can say that female parents, siblings, and children being given the NTR moral degradation/losing to the penis treatment is prevalent, even when there's no expectation of incest. Perhaps it has to do with defiling loci of purity? Women who you expect to behave a certain way instead being corrupted sluts? Or, more likely, it hits the same abandonment, abuse, betrayal, and disgust nerves as conventional NTR. You'd have to ask someone who's into it and I sure ain't going to go and seek one of them out.
Open file (236.76 KB 800x1575 10286816.jpg)
Open file (2.84 MB 1920x1080 best.png)
Open file (6.62 MB 3330x1950 grisaia.png)
>>118 >I only played through Amane's route and it wrecked me You didn't finish it, anon? I'd recommend you to do it. Amane is... Jesus. She was the first route I went for as well, and it's a very very heavy read and I still have nightmares about the situation. I have the scene of the teacher fucking that bitch student imprinted on me, as well as the fact that they had to eat the dog. The second game is an after stories. It follows each individual path ending and expands on their stories a little bit. It's not a long VN compared to the first one by any means. The third game is The continuation of the actual true route, the one where Yuuji choose no girl over the other. And he ends up in the amazing harem and the actual well deserved ending for his story. >Perhaps it has to do with defiling loci of purity? In the case of Dandy Boy, I'd say that no sane person would like to see or even allow his mother to give a blowjob to some corrupted cop for something you did. It was a very out of place scene in the first place.
>>110 >Incestral Awakening >Snow Daze >Poke Abby >Huniepop >Tactics Elemental >Zombie's Retreat delete this post then delete yourself
>>120 What's wrong about them, anon?

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