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Open file (2.19 MB 1920x1080 banner 1.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 1920x1080 banner 2.png)
Open file (886.57 KB 1920x1080 ass select.png)
Ich Will Project Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 14:54:05 No.41
Ich Will Project is a relatively basic visual novel, that puts you in a situations of trust and internalized psychological problems in order to ultimately solve the mystery of the disappearance of your friend, while at the same time making a difference in the life of the people involved, hopefully for good. Your childhood friend Eileen entrusted you a secret: How to enter people's psyche. The next moment she disappeared in front of your eyes. Now no-one around you is able to remember she ever existed… or do they? With very little knowledge about what's happening, and in the hope of rescuing her you try to follow her instructions and gather pieces inside the mind of key people close to her. Will you be able to bring back Eileen? Or you will end just like her? >3 Main routes with 3 unlockable routes. >Each route is made by 8 parts, not counting the intro with 1 part for each girl. >Each route will have choices and 3 different endings, not counting the "general" bad ending. >Each part will have at least 1 CG with multiple variants The main idea behind the game is variations and subconscious. Each psyche you will travel to will reveal you a vastly different reality, from a military castle, to a futuristic city and a deserted island. Lastly, I'm open to criticism, suggestions and the such. To give you an idea of the elements of the game, the game mainly draws inspiration from Hoshizora no Memoria, Yume Miru Kusuri and Imouto Paradise, for the story, themes and the structure of choices in that order, among other things. It will not be completely smut, it will be mostly story heavy, but it will have a lot of sexual content. Here's a link to the latest version 0.3. https://mega.nz/#F!0dt01SKR!r5TuTMcYfA1woIdH6JGYcA
0.3 Changelog: >Added: 2 new parts for Charlotte with 2 scenes and a total of 90 cgs 2 new paths for Laura with 2 scenes and a total of 57 cgs Added a couple of new backgrounds for Laura. Added Laura gallery along her sprite gallery in the extras. Added a couple of extras in the extra gallery, specifically character cards and chibis display. They are unlocked at the end of each route. A total of 143 images added and around 30 or so were remade.. >Changed: I added some pages to the about tab in the main menu. The chibi thumb for extras was slightly changed. >Fixed: Some Typos
Today's devlog: I've been working ever so slowly on the next update. There are so much things I do want to add to the next version, and I hope I got to. From background music to maybe sound effects, better effects like little markers at the end of the dialogue, personalized for each character's psyche, but that's more of a side thing I want to do and I'll try to research it again on my free time. Back to the game itself, I've written around 600 lines of dialogue already for Charlotte. If my calculations are correct, this one will end with 3000+ lines of dialogue just like the previous update, so I'm just getting started. I already have the layout for the next extra scene for Charlotte, and I have a surprise for you guys in this very route that I hope you like. Just like before, my self-imposed deadline is the first week of the next month, but that seems to be too little right now since I released the last update just last week. Still, I'm aiming for that. I figured I will go back to my constant updates now that things with COVID went back to normal, kind of. I will update constantly every Friday if possible, just to keep you guys informed. Stay tuned and see you later. Final musical note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E9ydw_aDMg
>>41 This looks like it might be worth having a look at. What does it run on?
>>45 PC, MAC and android, anon. Hope you enjoy it.
Unrelated to Ich Will: Yesterday at night I reached the first goal I had to myself: Start investing in art by reaching 50$ total of profit. However, it have been quite difficult to do so because art is insanely expensive, and most artist, regardless of the quality wants a big cut, which is understandable. The idea behind finding a new artist was to make an small short game using different art other than Koikatsu. Ultimately, I may produce this side game quickly by just using koikatsu as I've been doing, even though I would love some help to GREATLY speed the progress of this new game. If no artist is found, then this game will be done AFTER I finish Ich Will, instead of alongside it, for time constrains. That being said, here is a little bit of concept art I quickly put together for the potential new game, pic related. It would be of great help if you guys know someone willing to work in such a simple short progress. I hope you enjoy what is shown, though.
>>49 Hey I’m not a good worker but I would like to help in any way possible.
>>50 Sure thing, mate. No commitment needed so far, since it's a side project, and I'll work on it as art gets delivered, so you can take your time. However, if you are not willing to commit, I'll pay you per art piece as if it was a commission, so name the price. You can hit me up in the official discord server: https://discord.com/invite/UYbmC5n Or if you don't feel comfortable about the idea, we can discuss it here. Just work with a design for the main girl based on the models I posted. Consider she is supposed to be a hikkikomori and unkept, so hairy if you are into that. I appreciate any help, mate!
I've not posted here in a while. Will do so probably tomorrow.
So, I honestly don't have a lot of interesting things to post, so let me go by parts: PROGRESS BAR This is how the progress bar is going: Charlotte's Route part two > Sex Scenes 1/2 <Sex Scene One 32/32 < Sex Scene Two 0/? >Extra Scenes 1/2 <Extra Scene One 8/8 <Extra Scene Two 0/? >Ending Scenes 0/3 <Ending One 0/? <Ending Two 0/? <Ending Three 0/? Side Progress: >Music 7/13 >CTC 4/4 >Cum Countdown 1/1 So I am going with the technical stuff first, so I'm going for the side progress first: For starters, side progress is something I may not implement in this very specific build, simply because it's not very relevant for it, nor something I will dedicate an entire update to, I may implement it partially or not at all, since the main progress should take priority. In terms of music, it's pretty hard to find something useful in free royalty sites, I actually have to go to japanese sites to find good music fitting for a game instead of some weird motivational video. Now, the CTC, for those who are not aware aware, is "click to continue" icon, that thing that blinks at the end of the texts, didn't take me long, but I wanted to make some customized ones for each psyche, which went pretty nicely. And finally, the Cum Countdown! The cum countdown is basically a well, countdown that goes down as the "climax" scene approaches, starting from 10. This is a feature I took from Imouto Paradise, and I think it's just a nice touch for anticipation, if nothing else. Here are 3 pics of these countdowns, which are personalize, but I want to show how it will look complete and somewhat depleted.
>>53 >no red arrows Disappointing. Anyway moving to the main progress: As you can see, as of now, both the first sex scene and the extra scene are complete. I also finished writing the sex scene already and I'm about to move to the second part of this update, which I will push to finish quickly if possible. Here are two examples of the sex scene.
>>54 I also have this fun thing I want to do about making a pinup of characters each week using clothing that aren't theirs. Starting this week, I'm making Charlotte pinup using Asma's, the devil, clothes.
Open file (275.68 KB 1920x1080 bath_scene3.jpg)
Open file (212.02 KB 1920x1080 Amelia.jpg)
Open file (148.25 KB 656x719 Amelia3.jpg)
>>55 Lastly, some progress for my other game. I won't be making a thread for it since it isn't playable yet, and I mostly have sketches, nothing solid yet, but I love how is turning out! I will try to post here most often if possible, and I hope the board picks up, because I'm seriously getting tired of cuckchan.
Open file (2.35 MB 1733x978 a.png)
The art in this game is really hit or miss for me. I like Eileen's model, but the one pictured really bugs me.
>>57 True enough, I try to be consistent, but I also want each character to be identifiable on it's own. I think what probably bothers you is that her nose is smaller than the rest.
>>58 Since I like the game I decided to write up my thoughts about each model. Take it with a grain of salt though I'm no professional. Eileen: This one is good, I don't have any complaints. Mom: Now that you've mentioned it the nose does bother me, but the way her eyes appear above her hair are worse, especially when Valerie has her hair in front. Her breasts should not be nearly as defined with her wearing what looks like a sweater. Something is very wrong in her hip area, but it's hard to pinpoint what. It might be that her butt is too high up. Valerie: This is my favorite model. Looks very good nude. Julia: Her face feels very badly proportioned, with it being way too low. The hips on her look better than the mom character. The robot Julia's breasts are fine being well defined because of the science fiction outfit, and look nicely supple, however the breasts look saggy when she is nude but I suppose you could have intended that. Charlotte: No complaints, except for the breasts in her military uniform feeling off. Chloe: In the fighting scene her breasts look very saggy. They look very much like tubes instead of being thinner at the top/thicker at the bottom. I notice generally that the character's eyes seem too low, making them have mouths on their chins and huge foreheads. This is worse for characters like Julia and Charlotte where their faces are close together, it doesn't seem like as much of a problem with Valerie because her face is spread out.
Open file (568.26 KB 1200x1000 24059329.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1920x1080 1.png)
Open file (1.24 MB 1920x1080 2.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1920x1080 3.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1920x1080 4.png)
>>59 Thanks for the input, mate! >but the way her eyes appear above her hair are worse >Her breasts should not be nearly as defined with her wearing what looks like a sweater. Something is very wrong in her hip area, but it's hard to pinpoint what For the life of me I tried to make her eye be in the back of her hair. There aren't a lot of scenes with her, so replacing it should be easy, but I may do it in a later patch, more specifically and most probably when I continue her story. As for her breasts and hips, that sweater don't really allow me to fix the breasts, and I get you, I with she would look more "plain" with the sweater instead of so defined with it, since that was my original envision of it, and the skirt makes her hips looks way bigger than they should. I wanted her to look prude. Pic related, I ended with a boob bag when I wanted a boob tent. >however the breasts look saggy when she is nude but I suppose you could have intended that Indeed. Skintight clothes makes the breasts contract. One of the features I really like about Koikatsu is the physics when it comes to clothing. The base game clothing is flawless in this, but moded clothes are iffy in that regard. >They look very much like tubes instead of being thinner at the top/thicker at the bottom. That's because of gravity, once again. In the boob scale, Chloe's tits are actually the biggest out of all "real" characters. When her bra is on, you can notice it does keep her breasts "up" and they look bigger and rounder than the rest, but with the bra on, since they are massive, they sag down. The same occur with all characters, specially the orc and ogre in Valerie's mind, since theirs are actually the biggest on top of them being the biggest characters. Design-wise, Julia's breast have inverted nipples, and aren't as big as Laura's or Chloe, so they look rounder even without a bra. Laura's breasts are "motherly", the areola is big and since she breast feed the MC, her nipples are slightly "worn out". And finally, Chloe, she has very big nipples, combine that with the size and weight of her breasts, they look like "torpedo tits". Believe it or not, their breast designs have weight in the story. >I notice generally that the character's eyes seem too low, making them have mouths on their chins and huge foreheads >it doesn't seem like as much of a problem with Valerie because her face is spread out It's mostly a problem with Koikatu, but it CAN be fixed, problem is, it would take me re-do ALL scenes, since when I did the character models they were supposed to be placeholders, but since I couldn't find an artist, I just went on with them. I rather concentrate on finishing the story to fix those details later on, and I believe the game would look much better then, if I don't find an artist that do actual 2D art for the game at that point. Also, one of the biggest problems with remaking all the scenes is that my PC is pretty shitty, so rendering complex scenes takes ages, for the lighting and specially the amount of characters, but it can be done. That being said, their faces are usual moeblob faces, it personally doesn't bother me much, but I can see why it bothers other people.
>>60 Ah, also, notice how Chloe's bra is supposed to be an sports bra, but due to koikatsu limitations, it gets defined and rounded when it should be a full straight line like with Valerie's. Valerie doesn't have this problem because her boobs are smaller.
>>60 Thank you for responding so graciously. The limitations imposed on you seem pretty brutal, but good luck with development in the future. I'm a fan of this game so far.
>>62 It complicates a lot of things and I have to look for alternatives a lot, even when doing the scenes, and specially because of my own PC. Thanks, anon, I will hopefully have it done in a month if I keep the pace.
>>56 Looking forward to it, I like tomboyish girls. Hope there will be vanilla stuff.
>>65 Quite honestly, I have tons of game ideas and I don't believe all of them are extremely hardcore, as in having divisive content. Even with games that involves rape it will be justified one way or the other. So basically expect most if not all my games to be very vanilla. I'm a romantic, I can't help it.
So! In today's devlog: The progress bar remains the same, so no need to post it. I really don't have a lot to say today, at least regarding Ich Will. Most of my week I expended both at work which got a bit worse because we are returning to semi-lockdown and trying to find an artist for my other game, which consumes a lot of my time, but with some luck THIS time I will get somewhere. Progress remains the same, because I just reached the last extra scene in Charlotte's route. I just need to make the extra scene itself and Charlotte's final sex scene, which is mostly assembled already. That should take me around 1 or 2 weeks, and the endings around 1 more week at best, and I'll be done with her route, and thus the next update. Still, I'll try to work more on the game so I can hopefully have it even before that if possible. And now, for the pin-up of this week, Valerie using Julia's clothes, and I'm surprised how much I like the office look on her, and the glasses, man. Pic related. So yeah, a rather short devlog. Hopefully, next devlog will have more meat to it.
Open file (1.44 MB 3500x2485 amelia_sket_naked.jpg)
Open file (2.29 MB 3500x2606 amelia_sket_details.jpg)
Open file (201.96 KB 1080x1920 Illustration.jpg)
Open file (226.40 KB 1080x1920 Illustration2.jpg)
Open file (90.45 KB 729x568 Amelia_hair3.jpg)
I'm still looking for an artist. It's complicated because some bail, some are hard to work with, I don't dislike any of them, of course, but I need to put this show on the road already. Right now I found an artist named DangoKyrie. I may work with his for a set price. Now please pray I will get the money, but so far I LOVE how professional he seems. And of course, my friend Pinsel still making sketches.
In today's devlog: As promised last week, I started working on the extra scene for the next scene, but I'm very behind schedule, since it should be done by now. To talk a bit about it, did you ever wonder what's behind the mask of the soldiers? Well, you will find out soon, and that took me a bit of time to figure, and I still have to set the scene a bit further. Here's a preview, spoiler, everything is fucked That being said, one of the reasons I took so much time is because I tried to implement a bit of the music and the extra content like the cum countdown, but it's taking me a bit to figure it out, so I may scrap it for this version and add it in the next if it means I can finish Charlotte's story sooner.
And now, for the pin-up of this week, Laura wearing the robo suit from Laura! I liked it because of the glasses, and being an skintight suit it outlines Laura's nipple shape:
Open file (998.33 KB 2551x1212 amelia_sketch_face-hair.jpg)
For this weeks progress on the Jumpscare, here's a bit of a concept for Amelia's face: Of course, it's a rough sketch and just an early concept, there's still room for improvement. Hope you guys like it, and any suggestion is welcomed.
>>75 >face of not being "fully there"
Hey, mates, I'll keep it short since I'm writing this from my job (but worry not, I'll not get in trouble or anything). Today's devlog is a day late for very good reasons: I have a new project. And I know, it sucks that I'm starting to pick up so many projects, since I have more things to divide my attention, now, but, worry not, this is a side project, just like Jumpscare is. That means it will be simple and not as story-heavy as Ich Will is, and since I'm working with an artist, it should be done faster. I put upon myself to have the demo ready in a week, so I'm working on that already. What the new project is about is a complete secret, but I'm working with this guy: ElFatGato. Scripting is quite easy, the problem is that I want to implement a minigame and it's what's taking me the most. If anyone has experience with pygame and wants to give me a few tips on how to make it work, it should be a relatively simple Breakout clone game. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/37129742 Only the extra scene counter went forward. I finished the first half of the extra scene since I'm experimenting to not make them too static. I'm not sure if I should go back and add more since a lot of things are happening right now in this specific portion. This is the whole climax, after all, so things are not only exploding in the real world but inside Charlotte's mind, literally and figuratively. However, the scene is written and I'm close to the second sex scene. Also, someone made a video mentioning the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGPM4v8Tzn8
And this week's pin-up! I'm having a lot of fun with these, actually! Is always fun to pick a sexy woman and made her pose, don't you think? Poses that fits them, with clothing that makes their qualities stand out. This week's pin-up is for Julia! You know, I absolutely love her inverted nipples, it fits so well to her skin-tone and the modest size of her breasts (even if she insists they are massive, we all know that's not true). And her alternative outfit, she is wearing Laura's lingerie from her psyche clothes, I think she looks quite cute showing herself like this.
Here's some more concept art for Jumpscare, just so you guys don't have an empty hand this week. I could post some of the extra scenes, but I don't want to spoil anyone. All things in consideration, these are still early sketches, so there are a few changes I want to be done, like the breasts being a bit larger than I wanted in comparison to previous sketches, and I want a better-defined stomach, so the changes will be coming, worry not, I will want your opinion, though!
>>76 That's what the game is aiming to fix, anon! Don't you want to see her smile again?

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