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Spiritus Tarou Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 18:27:26 No.19
Plain looking girls who are nymphos inside, this is the best description for Spiritus Tarou. The guy is pretty good at not only drawing "girl next door" kind of women and making them go all lovey-dovey, heart pupils included, but the personality of these girls have a nice range and the situations are usually very funny and enjoyable. Not only that, he makes them sex crazed nymphos without going for complete slut or yanderes, which is really nice. If you like some cute stories about turning a regular girl into sex crazed nympho with no strange or unlikable turns, this is it. Tag: Heart Pupils, Glasses, Tomboys, Childhood friends, Vanilla, Defloration
For example, the Kanchigai | Sexcret, it's about a girl who is secretly a real pervert, or Uwasa | Rumor, a girl who makes rumor about herself so the guy she likes can come closer to her. Most of his works look and feel the same but, of course, in different scenarios. It can be summed in "Cute girl likes guy really much" or viceversa. Then there are real gems like Hypno Play or Global Panic where the dynamic is changed a bit for an added element, like "Hypnotism" or "childhood promises". Of course, as with all artists, not everything is fine and dandy. There are some mangas with minor shit on it like the (Pretend) Sleeping Princess which isn't really bad but then there's that train rape manga that I couldn't even bothered to read completely, even though it had a "funny" twist in the end I would have make it so the rapist was actually the guy she liked instead of some random fag, thus proving the good luck charm's luck. All in all, he is pretty solid, I'd give him a 9/10 since so far only 2 mangas have been shit and one of them was short and cague enough to not be bothersome.

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