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Agata Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 22:22:09 No.13
The goddess/queen of shota x MILF. This is one of the best hentai artists I've ever read. Her attention to detail is flawless, from the way she draws thick women to the way she draws shotas, including a properly sized penis, almost 99% of the times at least. Her superiority over others is that she actually draws a lot of hentai AND non-related stuff, plus most of her characters aren't really sluts and the actual sluts are really likable, she also love reverse gang-rapes and her ahegaos are pretty nice and not really exaggerated at all. Tags: MILF, BBW, Shotacon, Harems, Group, Incest LOTS AND LOTS OF INCEST
There are so many good doujins from her to choose from that it is impossible. I guet you can start OR finish with the one she actually SELF-INSERT in one of her doujins She is also a woman like most artist that are into straight shota or shota in general. You can start, however, with the one I saw first, the onsen one, called Dai Rankou! One Shota Onsen ~Ofuro de Yaritai Houdai~. Synopsis: Wataru is a isolated and perverted kid living in an onsen with her mother. Years of isolation and exposure to her mother and other beautiful women made him the pervert he is. One day 3 university girls go to the onsen, it seemed as usual for Wataru until the tables turn on him. There isn't a lot of bad things to say about Agata, most of them are minor things like a couple swap there, and a yaoi doujin she made, but most of those complains are played comically in her mangas since they don't take themselves that serious and even then it's really scattered.
The only complaints I have about Agata go towards some of her doujins, both images related. While Agata's never done NTR, I'm still not a fan of cheating or an emphasis on it. In my opinion, /ss/ is generally best when you assume that all the mothers are either single or "swinging" with their friends' sons, whose mothers in turn are banging the other moms, such as with Jitsuma's Son Swapping doujin. I'm okay with characters having a previous sex life or having been divorced or broken up, but I'd rather all female characters be single prior to the story. As for the second image, there's a general trend, especially among westerners and non-Japanese Asians to give shotas big penises, even hyperpenises. Even worse, it looks like if this doujin got a third chapter, the dick growth will be permanent. I'm not surprised that it also happens to focus on a loli as well. Agata's appeal is in the shotas looking like, acting like, being sized like, and fucking like shotas, in addition to them having sex with large-chested women. Considering how strong the demand is for huge dicks, male dominance and NTR, I hope Agata doesn't get on the bandwagon and turn into Hana Hook. A shame too, since the doujin the second image is from is the closest we'll get to a straight shota equivalent of Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori. Lastly, I feel that compared to other artists, Agata's women tend to resemble what you get when you take an old H-game focused on cute slender girls and try to maximize the size sliders. While they're drawn big, they don't really have standout rears or legs.

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