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Western Artists General Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 02:26:01 No.4
Since there are very prominent western artists, even among the tons of trash that western artists usually have to or want to do, I thought about making a general thread about Western artists. Any artist you find interesting for X or Y are welcomed in this thread, even if a single image or a common theme the artist share in his drawings, be things like Mind Control or lolicon. Linking them directly is allowed if they have a webpage, but shilling will not be tolerated, so no linking to their patreons/SS directly, if possible. Finding the artist should be easy enough with a web search anyway.
So I'll start with Incognitymous. This guy is pretty great at drawing lolis and shotas and overall making stories that revolves around women being stupidly lusty but without making them gross, at least not the majority of times. I'll talk about his comics mostly rather than his art, but on that subject, his style is pretty great for what he does, parodies of cartoons, and the models fit the source rather well. That being said, some of his works are shit like that powerpack comic, that he seems to be retaking soon, and the Sokka/Katara one, who the fuck pairs them? plus some of his works are sadly incomplete due to lacking time or just being uninterested to him. He does have a couple of OCs that he barely works with, but they are nice. I personally have talked with the guy, he is pretty great to talk to. However, like most patreon artists, he is mostly a greedy jew milking his work, and I wouldn't mind if he just had a patreon for support, but he have a pay wall for art that it's months old, plus the usual following of mindless minions. I discovered Incog by reading Sultry summers, which have to be one of the best comics I've ever read in my life. Synopsis: Ben 10 parody. Gwen is having troubles with privacy in the camper but she can't stop her hormones, even around Ben. I don't want to spoil it a lot, because this comic is a ride. Seriously, the passing is fantastic. Sadly, it just finished it's "first part", so it's on hold right now. Even then, it's well worth reading the 100 pages or so. The situations involving the characters are really hot and he is a master of making completely lustful expressions. Not only Sultry Summer is worth reading but a couple of his other works, like Bawdy Falls that is simply fantastic.
So, Area is great, BUT she is slow as fuck, or at the very least, she has not been active lately, as far as I'm aware. Her romance comics and passing is absolutely fantastic, you can feel the tension and if you don't go "awww" a couple of times you probably have no heart at this point. I'll talk about 2 of her comics: Between Friends I really really liked this one, the build up and all the dialogue makes it feel like the real deal, they feel like friends who have been holding back for a while, which may have been true at this point in the show, but my god, everything explodes simply so right, it isn't rushed, although I feel a lot of panels are kind of reused, it helps with the build up and the tension, and then it all lets go and they just laugh, it's just so fucking cute, holy shit. I like the fact that, yes, it looks a lot like the original show's art style and the expressions they make plus the situation they are in. Synopsis: An star vs the forces of evil parody. Marco and Star try to watch a movie so Marco can prepare for the next day's school trip, but things escalate quickly thanks to teenage hormones, as expected. Next Summer This one was also a really fucking unexpected gem. To begin with, Pacifica is underrated as it is. This one build up lasted way more, but it is pretty nice when things just explode. The setting and the threesome it's pretty nice, and the comic does get Pacifica's personality really well. I admit it could have been better if they didn't go with time travel shenanigans, but I guess the author didn't have the balls seemingly literally to go with lolis and shotas. Synopsis: A Gravity Falls parody. Pacifica is tired of listening to her parents. Dipper tries to cheer her up and Mabel, seeing them getting along, makes a plan to match make them.
Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, Xierra099. Jesus, I have NEVER had more fun reading a porn comic before as I have reading Lovin' Sis. This comic is just way too good, and it's interesting something so simple can develop characters in such a way that at one point the whole thing is actually story driven. Right now part 3 just begun and it's the final part of it, where hopefully a lot of things will come together and everyone will have a lot of sex and stuff. Other works are pretty nice as well, actually, they range from short, fun stuff, to some longer stuff. Although, I must admit, I don't really like the Powerpuff Girls ones... The ones where they are grown up, but that's mostly because of the characters than the writing or style. In any case, can recommend.
How is his new comic? The power pack one?
Open file (18.66 MB 3200x16561 82159544_p1.png)
Open file (9.83 MB 1500x6950 80376745_p7.png)
Open file (8.89 MB 1500x6140 80175159_p1.png)
>>37 You mean Incognitymous? If so, I've lost interest in his new releases. Ever since he stopped the first part of the Ben 10 comic, I just stopped checking, and I do every so often to see if he started again. The Power Pack new comic on top of being a >group_sex comic, it just doesn't interest me, and what pisses me off is that he could have gone with the Fire Nation Lolis comic that looks way more promising. Same with his other main page. The Teen Titans comic is fucking boring in comparison to his previous works. I hope he retakes Bawdy Falls soon. Right now my guilty pleasure are The Loud House comics. I've been reading shit mainly from JaviSuzumiya, ADullPerson and Redkaze. If you know more good TLH comics, I'd love to read some more.
Open file (2.12 MB 3032x4231 04 - Lana (Hard).png)
Open file (4.93 MB 3032x4231 08 - Lucy (Hard).png)
Open file (6.38 MB 3032x4231 12 - Luan (Hard).png)
>>39 Well, I wasn't able to find a lot more of The Loud House porn comics, most of them were ones I already read, and there aren't a lot. However, I found a comic from this dude Called The Newd House, but since he is a nigger that felt for the blacked meme, his comics were something about Clyde having a bigger dick than Lincoln for some reason. Since that's a huge no no, I decided to make some edits on them so it's actually Lincoln and not Clyde anymore.. Hope you guys enjoy them: https://imgur.com/a/qmFNTGz

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