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Open file (6.52 KB 250x187 1607051672719s.jpg)
Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 06:29:41 No.905
This board is so dead. Does anyone else hate film students?
>>905 I haven't come across a film student so can't really comment. But I find most film critics pompous and annoying, especially the hipster or artsy fartsy kind.
There's always the argument that, if you're a shitty film student, you're not really a film student you know what I mean? Anyway I would think that film discussion is mostly done in the private trackers since all the meat is there. I don't know man I'm nervous I had to finish shooting by now and I haven't even started because of the pandemic...
Whoa it's been a long time since anyone complained about a dead board. You just have to accept it.
it has not been anymore dead since version 4.0 people keep bitching about lacking posters but they don't do anything about it
>>905 Yeah they're pretty annoying, I wouldn't necessarily say I hate them though. They're just chasing their bag lol. But I do get quite annoyed with the film students who are just like super into A24 and are like "omg, Gerwig is the goat and you can't change my mind" and so on
>>911 A24 is seriously underwhelming to me, as most american indies. The narratives are simply not interesting
>>914 I haven't seen too many of them but I was really impressed by The Lighthouse. Some seriously crazy Freudian concepts in that one, and the cinematography is insane. Uncut Gems is also pretty good, but I probably like it mostly bc I'm a big OPN fan. Other than that I'd agree with you though, they often leave me disappointed
There's no film school in my area so haven't met any, but film buffs always have an air of superiority and smugness about them that makes anybody be somewhat defensive or on guard when discussing anything. I would know i am of them but graphic designers who watch movies are the worst for me, they only watch Hollywood or obscure J/K-pop-driven projects and hold as Gods people like Tarantino or Wes Anderson who are either compilationists/rip-off artists or interesting but deeply flawed directors. There's also Criterion fans who do have high standards but disregard anything not on the catalogue as drivel or "too obscure to be worthwhile", not knowing Criterion is not a foundation or charity distributor but a business, they don't have every decent movie out there on contract.
>>917 >film buffs always have an air of superiority and smugness about them that makes anybody be somewhat defensive or on guard when discussing anything This is often what I feel. I'm afraid that I'm not "qualified" enough to call myself a "film buff" or join a film discussion in real life. I don't enjoy many of the great films. But I can't blame them though; maybe they are more sensitive to the art of cinema or have better perception of it through proper study and I'm one of the normie audience. I think the key is we should find the communities that are more catered to our tastes in film.
Open file (1.69 MB 480x240 lobster.gif)
I see A24 titles mentioned over and over but I never bother to watch them. I liked The Lobster though.
>>905 "Lol this board is ded posts" are worse than no posts.
>Does anyone else hate film students Depends on the school. >this board is dead BOOO HOOO NIGGA I'M NOT GETTING 5 PPH THEREFORE IT'S DEAD I NEED TO CONSUME CONTINOUS STIMULATION WHILE USING IMAGE BOARDS I NEED TO FEEL LIKE I'M AT CUCKCHAN WAAAAAAA Shut the fuck up, /film/ is more alive than it's been on even the original 8chan, we were always a board that had maybe 1 post a day if lucky, fucking newfags I swear.
>>933 >Depends on the school. What school has the annoying students?
>>939 What is the point of this nagging? It's not gonna make the board more active. Write something if you have something to say.
>>927 >more catered to our tastes in film For me, or for what i saw in the old place, is not so much taste but technique or perception. The board i feel focuses on the visual concept, acting consistency and script/storyboard rigidity-integrity above pretty much else, not so much a particular style of films or genres. For example i can bet good money nobody here would be disgruntled on a low-budget exploitation flick panned by the mainstream if the camera work and sets were flashy, the actors were all consistently below-average or even campy/overblown and if the story had a beginning, development and proper ending like it was supposed to be without any producer/distributor interference. It would be up for them to say if they liked it or not but it wouldn't produce any bad taste unlike the big machinery behind modern cinema bait for the proletariat which is inconsistent as hell, filming can take up a year or more with reshoots and actors have their routine all over the place, the music doesn't fit the themes, the camera work doesn't fulfill at all the detailed sets that can be perceived quickly (or the other way, detailed camera work in otherwise flat and sterile environments) and a storyline that feels choppy or had too many things going that feel like somebody pasted it for pandering purposes. The Integrity-Dignity behind a project i think is the universal aspect most of us here respect mostly, not so much the fact a movie is not well discussed or comes from an obscure place, but it certainly adds a bit of flavor to the discussion because we are basically promoting something that would otherwise be ignored from existence.
>>941 I see what you're talking about. I really adore the "honesty" in filmmaking, when the crew are passionate about bringing their creation on screen despite the possible limit in budget or publicity. The raw passion of filmmakers shows better in lesser budgeted films, or in countries where the industry don't involve much with the creative process.
>>940 No, you write something while I'm still here. I'm only going back here in a month, if at all. You chose this, right?
Aw pls don't fight, guys >>945 Stay pls
Open file (112.96 KB 393x500 1450309300428.jpg)
>This board is so dead. GROWTH FOR THE SAKE OF GROWTH IS THE IDEOLOGY OF A CANCER CELL, FUCK OFF ADHD NIGGER. >Does anyone else hate film students? I thought film schools and film students' favorite movies would be pretentious obscure wankery they don't understand but it's even worse in that their favorite movies and what the professors look up to are Pulp Fiction, Her, LotR like they're remotely high art. And at the "high" end it's Godard, Scorsese, A24, Salo 120 Days, Lynch, and Noe not that all of those are bad. Just entry-level films and directors everyone has fucking seen or have been affiliated with that they feel superior for watching or are in awe by it because it's not shitty Hollywood fluff for die massen they've been watching all their lives.
>>956 >GROWTH FOR THE SAKE OF GROWTH IS THE IDEOLOGY OF A CANCER CELL, FUCK OFF ADHD NIGGER. We are extremely far from that problem and don't forget this is an imageboard not an encyclopedia.
>>905 I did a term of film studies. Hated it, hated the people, hated the lack of technical information. Shoulda read the pamphlet. Now I'm an honourary faggot.
Open file (617.19 KB 942x535 18.png)
They seem pretty alright, I don't really expect to meet anyone in my lifetime with the same interests as me anyways. so, although they are barely above normalfag tier taste wise, they are usually open minded to new stuff. which is cool i guess
>>988 >imageboard not an encyclopedia. fucking wrong newfag
>>1334 Then let's stop posting and just archive the board.

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