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Open file (218.08 KB 960x1362 lolitajp.jpg)
Open file (84.04 KB 480x711 taxi driver.jpg)
Open file (24.53 KB 500x334 exorcist.jpg)
/lolita/core Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 07:05:31 No.881
Does any visitors of /film/ know of good lolita /film/s? Discuss films that generated controversy, art and cultural taboos, censorship and legality, the search for youth and beauty, and any other thoughts you have on this topic
Edited last time by 11811 on 12/22/2020 (Tue) 01:22:23.
Pretty Baby (1978)
Le Sauveur (1971)
Open file (236.14 KB 1200x759 blue lagoon.jpg)
Blue Lagoon I hear is peak /hebe/ kino.
Open file (41.13 KB 309x449 linda.jpg)
>>888 >>889 >>890 Amazing
Beau-père (1981)
>>1012 I still haven't been able to locate a copy of The Trouble with Being Born (2020). Any help /film/ ? I'm more interested in the robotics/AI aspect honestly, but the muh_pedo hysteria has apparently made the thing hard to locate.
>>1015 decode with base 64 aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvSE53V3lhNUIjLUllVy1rcFhJamlMbXROQmI5Uk92Z0RweENzREppb1hpX0RoWlhTSnF5VQ==
>>1017 Thanks fam. But any chance you might put it on anonfiles or somewhere open? I don't have an account on mega and the size forces me to have one to access it.
>>1018 Just create an account lol
>>1019 No thanks. Just in case you weren't aware of if Mega got glowniggered a while back.
>>1020 Oh, I'm unaware
>>1021 Sorry I don't remember the details. It was 4 maybe 5 years back when they got raided/borg'd.
>>1018 use Megabasterd to get around the download limit and the need for an account
>>1017 Haven't seen a file so restricted by Mega, no IP allows download of it and even with an account the process of importing and backing it in your own folder requests billing. Whoever put the real name of the movie as the file name needs to be given warm flat soda as a reward. Thanks for code tho, appreciate it.
>>1024 really? I renamed it now. try this one aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvWFE0aURLNkojLUllVy1rcFhJamlMbXROQmI5Uk92Z0RweENzREppb1hpX0RoWlhTSnF5VQ== if this doesn't work I'll reup to anonfiles tomorrow
>>1025 >if this doesn't work I'll reup to anonfiles tomorrow Yes thanks, pls do. Mega has killed my DL 2/3rds though 4 times now.
>>1025 Thank you so much. Much-awaited and appreciated mate.
>>1027 >>1030 I tried uploading the raw video file and a zipped version to anonfiles, but I keep getting a "Server responded with 0 code." any other ideas?
>>1033 Perhaps it means it got coded the hell out of most sites, same with famous cheese pizza files, most hosting servers have code or the file itself as reference to catch anyone uploading them. No kidding most surveillance agencies are the biggest archivists of that kind of thing. I would probably add some filler files, zip it with the "create solid archive" and split it in volumes although i think that's quite some activity for the goodwill, maybe your IP was blocked temporarily so have you tried uploading anything else no matter how tiny? maybe it's that too. I can try figuring something but i would need the file itself, did you get it in a particular place or did you download it when you still could? we can also try a one-time man-to-man peer-2-peer torrent so you won't get in more potential trouble, i would be sweating if i realized i couldn't upload anything in any site.
>>1034 I downloaded it yesterday from the mega link I shared. It was just sitting in my mega folder before that. I was just able to upload a picture to anonfiles, so I don't think it's my IP. I'll try to split it up or something when I get the time
Why is this blatant pedoshit allowed here BO? This image >>1012 is straight from cuckchan for example.
It's rather creepy when someone actively seeks films with underage girls to watch. Though, young girl old man relationship seems to be a recurrent theme in many films so a thread about it could be fine imo.
>>1041 >>1042 >creepy >blatant pedoshit Did you guys just blow in from pleb town? it's just an everyday taboo topic portrayed in an interesting way like most other movies try to do, no one is getting railed in any of the previews and i doubt any of these contain an explicit scene. Might as well cast a doubt on gory action movies and their watchers.
>>1044 Go back to cuckchan
Meta horseshit intermezzo >>1057 Keep in mind this is /film/ and not /hebe/
Edited last time by 11811 on 12/22/2020 (Tue) 01:15:07.
thread unlocked?
Noice, we’re back
>>1084 Great, more of this shitty thread.
Open file (778.52 KB 2000x1270 peter-weir-on-set-.jpg)
>>1084 We are indeed, having seen that oddly-named chart (i suppose it's a halfchan thing) i'm surprised to realize i have not seen many of Peter Weir's work, ashamed to admit i have only seen Dead Poets Society and it's only because one of my stinking commie female friends recommended it to me and i don't recall much of it. Is Picnic a good start? his first one is a low-budget horror movie which is either hated or loved so the other one seems like a decent choice. >>1085 Eat our shorts, pal
For a secondary reference to this topic, The Trial of Mike Diana is an intriguing but deeply flawed documentary that covers topics such as the difference between art and pornography. I think the documentary failed partially because Diana was absolutely a pervert. In interviews, exclusively conducted within the loose '90s scene that he was involved with, he basically talked about how he knew his drawing would work for his audience if it made him hard while he was sketching. I think that the only reason he was taken note of was because the majority of his drawings involved kids.
>>1092 >Is Picnic a good start? I love it. I can't think of a better film to convey elusive, ethereal beauty. I watched a few other Peter Weir films hoping they'd have the same magic as Picnic at Hanging Rock. The films are decent but simply not on the same level. The Last Wave and The Plumber both have themes of "civilized" bougies clashing with brutes, the former with mystical Abbos and the latter with a malevolent tradesman.
What a disgusting thread. Consider suicide, pedophiles.
Open file (19.13 KB 261x215 soy cry.png)
>>1118 >What a disgusting thread. Consider suicide, pedophiles.
>>1118 What's your point
>>1120 >being this new >>>/lebbit/
>>1121 Are you okay there? are you a bot?
I’m gonna have to watch some /lolicore/ over Christmas just to know that some Redditors are seething over the kino I will be absorbing
>>1035 Have you had a chance to watch it? This is a rare movie where I at first did not care for it but as I thought more about it, I appreciated it a lot. I'm sure many will compare it to AI, and while there are striking similarities (lonely, affluent people living in ugly, mundane smart-houses who choose to buy children androids) this movie goes into territory that resonates with me a lot more. While AI was very focused on David and his selfish wish fulfillment, this movie has an ultimately far more hopeful conclusion. In an ironic image, the android girl wears an oversized sweater that says "Nature is the Future" I think that this movie ultimately is concluding that the android relationship cannot and will never be an adequate surrogate for human interaction. I think this is also why the father ends up having sexual relations with the android, because of his extreme dissatisfaction with the relationship, he ends up exploring more perverted and unnatural outlets with it in order to find fulfillment. But of course, he will never find replacement for his real daughter who died ten years prior to the film's events. Basically, this movie is very critical of synthetic proxies unlike AI, which could be construed either way. I think it's worth a viewing, even with its rocky faults.
Open file (644.25 KB 1024x552 thelover.png)
Open file (85.28 KB 720x559 maid in sweden.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 1208x720 bilitis.png)
Open file (15.21 KB 710x384 twinky.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1024x576 faro.png)
A few more that fit OP request. L'amant AKA The Lover (1992) directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, novel by Marguerite Duras. Probably the best film of the bunch because of the quality production and period location of French Indochina. I watched half of it years ago before I knew anything about Duras. I'm interested to revisit because I think her films can be too wordy. Maid in Sweden (1971) with Christina Lindberg. Amazing tits, mediocre film. Bilitis (1977 ) David Hamilton's most well-known film. I'm surprised it's not on the infamous chart? You could add A Summer in St. Tropez too. That one is essentially a dreamy music video with no plot (only available in shitty VHS quality). Twinky (1970) directed by Richard Donner, with Charles Bronson and Susan George. I only know this one from the extremely catchy theme tune - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7jRgV9lP-o Reminds me when you date a younger girl you have to put up with her juvenile bullshit. Le farò da padre (1974) with Theresa Ann Savoy. No english subtitles. I haven't seen it but noticed it while browsing Italian exploitation films and remembered this thread.
Open file (268.94 KB 1748x1268 b&w.jpg)
Open file (29.97 KB 700x428 pantsu.jpeg)
Open file (83.54 KB 1280x720 bobas.jpeg)
Open file (473.54 KB 1748x1268 charlie4.jpg)
Open file (430.35 KB 1256x938 marie4.jpg)
As no one mentioned Jean Séria's movies. I think it was some hype at this time (around 70's) in France treating subject like this. Don't deliver us from evil seems quite an enjoyable movie tho. Daniel Cohn-Bendit will approve.
>>2714 >Open >>2714 >Open
>>2714 >Jean Séria She married the director? Kek She was actually pretty old when filming those movies.

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