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How to like films again? Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 20:07:50 No.649
[JW21 ~ 01/12/2020] Growing up I always enjoyed watching films, but when I got older I started studying film and it tainted my movie-going experience permanently. It used to be that movies had a magical, escapist quality to them for me. But now when I watch a movie I can't help but criticize and analyse it in my mind. I can't stop myself from being taken out of immersion. It's no longer a fun past time, but a chore. It's very frustrating for me, because I just want to get absorbed into a story and forget about everything for 90 minutes, but I can't. Has anyone else here faced this problem?
I can tell you that you are (probably) not alone. I don't study film but I do use up my free time editing and restoring films, sometimes trying to "fix" their botched editing or directing, and I've been in your position, specially this past year. It started out that I never managed to finish a movie, which then evolved into not watching movies at all (0nly working on them, which is kind of ironic) I can only say this, if a movie is bad, then it's just bad and you shouldn't blame your criticism for not being able to enjoy it. You need to find interesting movies, for example, I didn't watch any major Hollywood movies from 2019 because I had that same critical mentality which I felt would undermine a good film, same thing with Dunkirk. I've heard very good reviews but I haven't found the right place and the right time to watch the movies I want. I would advice that you either take a week-off digital/physical media, distract your critical mind and do something with your body to focus that energy somewhere else. Say, take a week to do things you haven't done before, then at the end of the week, sit back and watch a movie. You'll realize that your hard work from that busy week will act like a carrot and stick situation you know? Either that or take alcohol and or drugs in your next viewing, but that's a different subject when it comes to the movie experience. Oh also, have you tried watching other types of media? Say, a stage-play? I was surprised last night while watching a rerun of Alegría by Cirque du Soleil and I can say that production (talking about directing and acting) is very unique and it revived my inner child curiosity, specially the opening act
I agree you can overdo it. If you watch too many films it may become a joyless routine. My personal interest in films waxes and wanes; sometimes I watch five films a week, sometimes one film in five weeks. I don't know how professional reviewers avoid hating films (probably some of them do). They're obligated to watch every new mainstream release and give a fresh take on the (often) mediocre content therein. Even if the content is good I think someone could lose focus on other fulfilling things in life if they spend too much of their time gazing at a screen. I also want to point out that watching with a group of people is a different experience than watching alone. I say this because I used to watch films with a group all the time, but not so much anymore. Films were originally intended to be experienced with an audience, many still are. The crowd reactions will affect the feelings of each individual. If everyone in a crowd laughs, you can't help but feel some of that joy. Watching a subpar film with a group of friends can also be enjoyable because the shared social experience is a conversation starter. If you watch alone you'll probably be more analytical, focusing on your personal assessment of the film but lacking alternate viewpoints to start a dialogue.
>>649 I wish I knew, same thing happened to me but with music. I used to listen to new albums all the time but around 2014 I completely lost interest in music and I only listen to a song maybe every once in a while.
Open file (236.42 KB 725x525 suspicioustechnician.jpg)
I used to watch a lot of the stuff in Top 10 and Essential Viewings back in my teenage years, and after a year it burned me out completely. It will sound pretentious but watching too much of the good stuff will bust you up, and timing is important too. Eating caviar, hickory bacon and choice beef every day is not healthy and will screw your standards, you need to drink your water, rice with gravy and cheap fast food once in a while. After a while (months later) and after criticizing anything and everything, i saw a crude action flick so absurd it got me good, i had genuine fun and eventually i started seeing cheap trash movies until i slowly delved again into "real" stuff, another bunch of months later. Sadly i became addicted of bad/dumb movies for longer You just need to vary your dose quality and do it when you are ready for it, hence why people always download stuff they will not see until years later, if someday one wants to see some obscure south asian movie out of nowhere you just need to go for it in its respective folder and 5 minutes later you are set, i know many will not do that but we can have our luxuries, some feelings last very little and when satiated you feel way better than hyping yourself for hours or days. Also never watch trailers and extended synopsis, that only ruins the experience unless you saw them by chance and gets you pumped. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, use that to cleanse yourself from the good stuff, still eventually you will just feel the whim for a very specific thing and will rarely burn yourself. Although in your present condition, especially with theoretical studies, i would quit for a while and rest in the side hobby, manual labor is good in those instances as it makes you yore for old comforts.
>>651 >If you watch alone you'll probably be more analytical, focusing on your personal assessment of the film but lacking alternate viewpoints to start a dialogue. Depending on your friends, I'd still recommend watching films with others. Good friends know when to stay quiet with a film and when to talk (they'll usually stay quiet during /film/-tier stuff) and you'll all walk out of it noticing stuff you wouldn't have otherwise.
[End of Dump JW21 ~ 01/22/2020]
I support the notion that you ought to just watch things that are good instead of bad. Bad things are bad, after all, and you're going to see right through any dumb tricks the creators are using to entertain peasants. Good things should still be good to you but if you're truly at a point where absolutely nothing is watchable then I suppose you're just burned out and you should probably find something else to do for awhile.
>try getting into /film/ years ago >watch some entry level stuff >realize I'm more interested in composition and such than moving images >drift away from it >start watching movies with friends >realize I get way more out of movies if I can talk with people about it during the film or afterwards >now I have even less incentive to watch films by myself >which sucks when they're busy Is it weird to talk over movies while you watch them? I get the impression many people watch them in silence, which makes sense in a theatre, and even with my friends there's certain kinds of movies we barely talk over, but now watching many films by myself just doesn't cut it. I guess I could post about the movies I watch on here afterwards, but it just isn't the same.
>>1267 >Is it weird to talk over movies while you watch them? No of course not. And yes, please don't do so in a theater filled with strangers. Being able to drink some wine and enjoy a movie together with a friend or two each babbling on about it is a fun pleasure, and can actually help you get to know each other better. (This can turn out to be bad or good either way ofc). Some of my fondest memories are watching ridiculous b-tier cult flicks with my best friend, laughing together at the absurdities.
>>1269 go back to cuckchan
>>1270 I was on cuckchan before you were born.
>>1267 Happened to me, that's why i started posting on /film/ because i had very few friends in contact whom i could talk about it. Had the luck to have one that recommended me decent stuff at an early age but it wasn't until college that i could find likeminded people, they are still top-tier friends but even before this pandemic i rarely could talk about movies because they got sucked into work life, paying taxes and such. And to make things worse i don't watch films anymore, i download them but never sit down to watch them due to my eternal college struggles and sidetracking with other hobbies. I did watch some low-brow stuff and somewhat got fond of it hence why i will start a thread about it in the near future to dump in some observations about certain aspects, peasant action cinema does have some redeemable qualities in its technical aspects along with unorthodox procedures to cut costs.
>>1267 It really depends, if its a movie i want to take seriously and i will watch it alone, there are other movies though that aren't very good and the only enjoyment you'll get out of them is by sharing the experience. >>1269 Wine sounds pretty gay, in any case i do the same but with the devil's lettuce, fun times too.

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