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Open file (30.21 KB 480x300 Bla.gif)
Open file (19.93 MB 548x420 V11.webm)
Music Videos Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 15:00:59 No.356
[JW04 ~ 05/22/2020] A special place for a small-format video field dedicated, once upon a time, to video technique experiments, unorthodox art directions and/or kinetic performances. As previously discussed this is a genre who has gotten a bit harsher to collect and research, there's some ways to start amassing a personal stash in a reliable way and check information regarding content creators, but in recent times these have gotten limited. The IMVDb site is a good place to start although it seems its staff activity has halted, at least considering that community entries have been on hold for a year now, so it should probably be taken as an introductory resource rather than a golden rule. Archive.org also features "small" batches of standard quality files, so it's also a most-see for new adventurers. Featured here is one of the early products made by the famous Ninja Tune label, as the founders of said company Coldcut made a collaboration with Hexstatic to create a small Audiovisual single that shows the very early and pioneering technology of their own real-time video manipulation software, something also called video scratching as it remixes and manipulates video as it were a vinyl on a disc jockey table, with audio included. Something that just very recently has been considered a normal mark in video sites, and mostly as an evolution of golden age Youtube Poop which is at its earliest around 2007; Coldcut made Timber in 1997. It also comes a decade after the same guys were already written in history with gold for popularizing and somewhat creating the standard of pausing cassettes, cutting the tape at that point, taping it over cheap copies of the same recording, doing it several times with several things and ending up with a frankenstein tape that basically invented the UK Garage scene along with the Big Beat scene, and by default the Remix style of musicianship, something that in a very short time would be refined and raised as an art by artists such as Todd Edwards. Highly criticized these days due to being seen as careless for the decline of the cult electronica label that was Ninja Tune, the Coldcut duo is somehow still underrated even when their influence has been omnipresent.
>>356 Ninja Tune was my favorite label for a while. There are still a few tracks with (what sounded like) movie dialogue that I never sourced. Maybe the dialogue came from old time radio dramas instead. I haven't seen many Ninja Tune videos but I remember this ZEN TV DVD, looks like Timber was on it.
Open file (17.32 MB 614x420 V30.webm)
>>357 >ZEN TV DVD That's where i took, very nice DVD Yes, back in the high school when i downloaded their albums released in the early years it also became my favorite label, after years i still hear some of them regularly. They were heavily into visual aesthetics too, usually cover art from Amon Tobin or Mr. Scuff would feature art styles that would be identified solely with them. In terms of music videos things would be more experimental, ironically enough for my good/bad luck i discovered Neotropic just a long time later due to her video for Sunflower Girl, i already knew the 15 Levels of Magnification album which was a favorite but never bothered checking the rest because i didn't really like Mr. Brubakers' Strawberry Alarm Clock, which is considered her very best, honestly is the one i least like, the rest are in my opinion superior in 15 levels Her story is quite interesting, at one point she experimented with film camera with old stock and/or a compromised body with slight light leaks and made some stuff that resembles the nostalgic polaroid/70's home movie aesthetic that would come later in popularity around the late 00's, again as with many Ninja Tune artists she was slightly ahead and i think did a short movie about that around 1999 to 2000, this video is an excerpt of it i believe. Not much going but it has its charm, especially when photography circles these last years have been trying to mimic the same style. From my part i think i have a plan to gather some stuff, but it would be a one-time hit so i need to gather as much information as i can to download extensively for a couple of weeks. My plan was continuing researching by director, make a list, and wait for the moment; for it to be worthwhile i will like to cover the vast majority of big-timer creators and at least a dozen obscure ones. This will take months and i hope to just start posting about them when i have the catalogue so i hope we can live with a few readily available examples of one-shots or short-lived ventures. In this case with Coldcut and Neotropic they made their own videos so double merit for them, usually the musician will at most suggest an idea or art style, the rest of the technical matter is stricly the director's unless you are Fred Durst
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:30:06.
Good news for vintage "music videos", one of the rarest broadcasts in Italy will continue this summer so we get the chance to grab a bunch of never seen footage although it's almost always from between 1960 to 2010ish
>>359 Nevermind, it's shite. I guess they realized that people could rip their stuff so now they cut to a different song every 30 seconds, I can't believe it lol
>>360 They went for the "Megamix" format? i guess it's fine for half an hour but for longer it might get mental. Honestly that's a format special for people these days, they get distracted easily and there's intervals when they pick up their phone and then take a peek at the TV if they like it again, if they do they watch it again and pretend they were always in. For my part i did some moves on one of the tracker/forums and upload some stuff (basically the webms here plus others) and they give absolutely no feedback, which means no brownie points and no rank scaling so i guess if i want to do something i have to donate. I'll probably do that and download some stuff but it seems they ask for full doxx to donate so i will try to make a plan, i can do just that but download for months or a year to get enough things out of there, or maybe i can manage to do something else. Still, for now it's grabbing names and putting videos on lists so if i get a break just go and download everything. Very obtuse ways these days.
>>360 Which videos were you hoping to get?
>>362 They were mostly very rare broadcasts, as in never seen other than their original live airdates till now, the show (at least in 2019) consisted in FULL live performances by Italian artists, sometimes they where cut off near the end but very rarely but now like >>361 said they went megamix jumping to a new song every 20 seconds, its insufferable and they even made the hashtag watermark bigger, they must've definitely figured out that people were ripping their stuff (you cannot buy the episodes anywhere and they only air once live, then they upload them here https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/techetechete for a few days but obviously they have some of the most strict copyright strikes ive seen lol) Fortunately I managed to download a high res episode that featured alot of content from several decades, each episode has its own theme. Check this video I restored for example, it even features several different performances and they are all nowhere to be found, the 2020 version of the show is nothing like this anymore... Ill post comparative screen caps https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WJdbyvqVM1mNa0nbVbnUzHWvYLQK8Zsv/view This drive link is not the best example because you might find the performances online albeit in lower res but I cant remember where I saved the original file of this next one right now, this one is actually pretty hard to find since its like 3 or 4 different performances mashed up, full song tho https://youtu.be/GNOMBCcGfPc
>>363 I hope someday the fuckers at RAI will release the archives at least for sale or something. Ive actually gone mad trying to find a music video by Nada Malanima but now its been so long I cant even remember the name of the song...
[End of Dump JW04 ~ 07/23/2020]
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:30:27.
Open file (115.12 KB 720x480 Aquascope.jpg)
>>356 Update: I have yet to receive a single (Thank You) credit point in one of the sites who uploads videos, this means the next step of the master plan is to gain access via DOXX DONATION and get all my stuff in a long-winded director hitlist. The real feat is manufacturing said hitlist as the number of downloads is limited per day which means we have to be constantly leeching because the access time is also limited; practically a membership with limited access that tracks your every download. It is viable and it will be done, but will take me quite the time i mean quite so meanwhile i will post isolated and obscure examples, probably a couple of one-offs. The real content will be in huge chunks coming around a mid-term future so if anyone is interested, start saving for a super deep duper big USB and my coffin costs if they ever send someone after me.
Open file (9.04 MB 640x480 RX - Bumble.webm)
beep beep beep beep!
>>678 So that's where it all comes from, legit thought it was a program. Reminds me of that one PES/FIFA parody video where all the players become homosexuals. Yes, that one goes into a list now that i think of it.
Open file (41.13 KB 500x335 Soñar Parado.jpg)
Open file (18.82 MB 590x300 Deja.webm)
>>677 >meanwhile i will post isolated and obscure examples So here's one of them, taking advantage of La Gran Colombia month in KG (actually just a coincidence) i searched for some work from the colombian Jorge Navas, the typical indie experimental-turned-commercial director who boosts the usual yet still impressive feat (in my eyes) of having helm more than 250 commercials and spots in his native country, many ideas being invented by him too so that's a plus. His work appears around 1999 and goes into the 2010+ so probably some colombians might be familiar with a couple of his shoots, he also directed some shorts, mini documentaries and i think a full-length movie called La Sangre y La Lluvia. Honestly i didn't know a single one of his works other than the video i saw and searched for in the first place: Sidesteppers' Deja. This is a particularly obscure one from the golden era in the fanatic latin american scene that comprises around 1993 to 2007 that actually appeared outside the usual channels, being broadcasted by Sony Entertainment Television around 2004, as one of the videos thrown around from time to time to fill the slot until another program came around; the vid was produced by one of Sony's music subsidiaries of course. Nothing spectacular but it was a very moody video and usually shown at late hours, many still remember it and the song itself is somewhat of a cult one. It's basic stuff dealing with a highly depressed party boy who might or might not smoke strange cigarettes, but the thing that always catches my eye are the camera techniques which i believed were more advanced: I always thought the sequence starting from 1:15 was an absurdly stable and post-processed Steadycam shot with a telephoto, highly technical, until re-watching recently i realizing it's just a generic green screen with graffiti painted over digitally. I mean half the video is just garish digital effects but i just thought that one was real, like the zooming + moving camera sequences. I searched for a good quality version, at least to bookmark it for "the event", but it seems none of this guy's videos are in .vob, nor did i find a mention in one of those party DVDs, also i highly doubt it's in one of the trackers so i started downloading his stuff in the only qualities available to mark his name out already. Not all his videos are remotely narrative as in showing something other than the band/singer dancing around for the entire video so i only threw 3 videos which are worth noting due to the brevity: >Deja by Sidestepper >Soñar Despierto by La Pestilencia >Contenme by Estados Alterados I don't think any non-latino will know any of that but for the sake of it there's that. >https://anonfiles.com/rdg1g8U6ob/_-film-_MsVd_JrgNvsGC_rar Also obligatory MTV/Geosites extremely stereotypical profile picture attached. For little more than a decade those kind of pictures were our only source of bibliography or source for music video directors in the lands of spanish. Good old days that probably won't return.

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