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Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:33:59.
You need to advertise this board more if you want anons to know it's here.
Missed you guys.
Hey guys. I started typing a reply and then changed threads with the side catalog. The text stayed in the reply box for the new thread. I guess that's better than losing the reply, but it's kind of weird.
A few weeks ago I found this virtual art gallery for Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors: the book and the film. The site has a lot of good information and pictures. http://yakutovych.academy/shadows/en/ "Yakutovych Academy" is named for the artist who made the book's woodcut illustrations.
I remember a recent discussion on the old board about painters who became directors. Well here's one I didn't know about. https://www.rogerebert.com/far-flung-correspondents/piotr-szulkins-homespun-apocalypse >Given his background in painting, it is not surprising his movies are amongst the most visually striking ever to have emerged from Poland: together with Andrzej Żuławski and (lesser known) Wojciech Wiszniewski, Szulkin developed a highly experimental mode, in which grotesque cruelty, wry humor and Darwinian view of society’s pecking order go hand in hand with deep insight into what totalitarianism does to human soul. And what's this all about (from wikipedia) >In 2013, Piotr Szulkin demanded the removal of information about the Jewish ancestry of [his father] Paweł Szulkin in his biography in the Polski Słownik Biograficzny (Polish National Dictionary).
Can you rec me something from africa or about africa /k/? So far I watched Africa Addio, Empire of Dust, and, if you can count it, Who Killed Captain Alex. I dig africa things related due to them being fucking niggers, which lead to or may lead to interesting behaviour with the clash they make with modern civilization.
>>40 >africa /k/ Yeah I'll post a link for this one when I have time. It might be hard to find otherwise. Kommando 52 (1965) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0887919/ <The film deals with the infamous "Kommando 52", which was active in the 1960s civil war in the Congo and was recruited mainly from West German men. Among them is the former Wehrmacht officer Siegfried Müller. Based on personal accounts and original material - backed by tape recordings of interviewed mercenaries and photos of murdered Africans - it creates a hard hitting historical document.
Open file (10.75 KB 256x155 Kommando 52 (1965).jpg)
>>40 >>41 Here it is https://mega.nz/#!elpDTKSC!dJn4fI-va3BAFp4H2lcyM4sg_qXNvYWTO5iVkPZb0_o I just watched it for the first time. It's a pretty interesting snapshot of a time when the leader of Congo hired German soldiers to help stop a rebellion. The documentary focuses more on the mercs than the Africans. The Germans are upbeat and carefree, yet they're merciless and downright sadistic to anyone they capture. I wondered where this sadism came from. It's not clear if they were ordered to be brutal, if they wanted to terrorize the population into submission, or if they were simply amusing themselves. In some cases the situation was so confusing (are these random villagers an enemy?) the mercs just killed everyone.
What do you guys think of Ben Rivers? I see his name often and he's always making new films, but I never bothered to watch any of them. https://cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/376340/#cm
Is there any where that sells prints of movie matt paintings?
What are some good animated shorts/movies that aren't Nip or Disney shit?
I recommend The Tragedy of Man (2011) if you haven't seen it yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eSdOPcHum8[Embed] <Cannes Palm D'Or winner and Oscar-nominated Hungarian legend of animation, Marcell Jankovics adapted the script of The Tragedy of Man in 1983 from Imre Madách's play. The production of the film started in 1988 but only concluded at the end of 2011 after two and a half decades of struggle. The most acclaimed Hungarian play was written 150 years ago, it was translated to 90 languages, being constantly compared to Goethe's Faust or Dante's Divina Comedia not only because of its theme but also due to its qualities. The play still lives its life in the European cultural sphere: it has been recently translated to Russian and Italian for the umpteenth time.
Is there still a discord?
>>48 I don't think there was a discord for the board, only random people who spammed their rooms
>>45 >good animated shorts I like these Сочинушки AKA Russian Dreams (2000) - mix of live action and animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtUfD2Y0kw4[Embed] Elukka (205)- Finnish stop-motion https://vimeo.com/3266114 Peur(s) du noir (208) - spooky French monochrome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyWKEZ8CKYw[Embed] Labirynt (1962) - surreal Polish cut-out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0ORbg9Gywg[Embed]
>>50 screwed up the dates but you get the idea
>>48 >(((Discord))) No thank you.
>>39 I remembered Sheeler, but he made only Manhatta. >>45 Се́ча при Ке́рженце >1971 Soviet animated film directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Yuri Norstein. The film is set to music by Rimsky-Korsakov and uses Russian frescoes and paintings from the 14th–16th centuries. These are animated using 2-dimensional stop motion animation.
Some new TVs will have "Filmmaker Mode" that's intended to preserve "the filmmakers' creative intent on consumer displays." http://archive.is/n0Owp https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/martin-scorsese-christopher-nolan-launching-filmmaker-mode-tv-setting-1234968? This seems like a big deal over very little. People are too stupid to turn off auto-motion so they need Christopher Nolan to endorse a new television setting?
Here's a good video introduction to Richard Williams, visionary animator who died a couple weeks ago https://invidio.us/watch?v=iWAwfXsYMrA[Embed] <In a world where live-action and animation are growing closer and closer to one another, Richard Williams was and still is one of the last remaining members of the old guard who wanted to push animation in the exact opposite direction, to do what no other medium can, and that's perhaps most evident in the masterful way in which his films move.
>>55 While looking for another clip I found someone talking about Williams in 2014 on the old board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGw5DKX6U6w[Embed]
I never knew Tippy Hedren accused Alfred Hitchcock of sexually assaulting her. Who knows if it's true or not. The story isn't too lurid, but it doesn't take much to incite a sanctimonious mob anymore. So I wonder if we'll ever see Hitchcock facing harsher scrutiny from the outrage brigade.
>>57 Oops, I posted an account that strangely omitted the crucial part of Hedren's account: "It was sexual, it was perverse, and it was ugly". The previous version downplays her claims, this version make Hitchcock sound like a monster.
To people who've seen both, do you prefer the shorter or extended versions of Dekalog 5 and 6? Why?
Fresh video essay on Almodovar from Adrian Martin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFAYKD598ho[Embed] <It’s an enabling paradox of Pedro Almodóvar’s films that he became a principal export standing for Spanish cinema by importing so much into it from other countries and traditions. And this is especially so in relation to his starring female characters. <Our audiovisual essay (the first in a series of three for the Notebook on Almodóvar) looks at some of the many allusions in two of his early features, Dark Habits (1983) and What Have I Done to Deserve This? (1984), to diverse forms, genres, and directors—from Italian neo-realism to R.W. Fassbinder. In every case, Almodóvar does not merely borrow or pastiche, but reinvents these idioms as his own.
Robert Frank obit. I don't know his films very well but I like his photography. https://archive.is/9Aofq https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/sep/10/robert-frank-obituary
>>54 Doesn't Dolby Vision already do this?
>>62 Damn I don't think my TV has that.
>>64 Thanks That trailer got a niggas eyes damp. None of them have died yet?
Do you know any films where Asians pretend to be Europeans? You could call it whiteface. It looks kind of creepy. I saw a clip from The Burning of Yuan Ming Yuan where it appears that French and English soldiers are portrayed by Chinamen. I'm not certain of the exact history here -- perhaps some Chinese fought under the Union Jack. But this actor with a bleached beard looks like an Asian trying to pass as white. https://youtu.be/V26PRvdz-jg?t=1h1m53s
>>66 Was that a thinly-veiled Finpost?
Open file (23.54 KB 173x256 fuckchinks.jpg)
Does anyone else remember talking about vaquita poachers on 8/film/? Well here's a new National Geographic documentary about it. https://invidio.us/watch?v=QiFjJCUd9ro[Embed] <The vaquita, the world's smallest whale, is near extinction as its habitat is destroyed by Mexican cartels and Chinese mafia, who harvest the swim bladder of the totoaba fish, the "cocaine of the sea." Environmental activists, Mexican navy and undercover investigators are fighting back against this illegal multi-million-dollar business.
>>66 It's a good thing
I've read that North Koreans often played American villains because there were few white people at all in the country. I found one example where the US commander appears to be a North Korean with a fake nose. https://youtu.be/jmR5kSzYOnE?t=11m47s
>>71 They had James Dresnok
>>72 i still need to watch that documentary about him
>>69 I just asked a guy from Mexico about the vaquita and he said they're already extinct
Any idea how to get an invitation code for https://forum.snahp.it?
>>69 >>74 There was a mexican back in /vg/ who said something about it, the same thing that synopsis says. Crazy rich asians pay thousands of dollars to poor fishermen via cartel proxies to catch them and make chinese medicine, then the army go to the villages and either get bribed or butcher the men. Then the chinese go to another village and start again. Back then he said there was a massive gang war in that area of the country due to newer, paramilitary cartels trying to eliminate the older, more conservative ones that only used to smuggle drugs. One of them supported by chinese funds and maritime networks, while the other backed by U.S. interests. Just a matter of seeing one of the sides using brand new NATO armament and the others brandishing old dusty Norinco weapons and slavic surplus tools. The resident mexican here might know more.
Netflix has killed torrents in South Africa <South Africans once relied heavily on piracy and torrents to get access to the latest international shows and movies, but this changed drastically following the growth of Netflix and other streaming services in South Africa. <MyBroadband spoke to numerous local ISPs, all of whom said that Netflix and other streaming services had seen massive growth in terms of data traffic volumes. <This was matched by a relative decline in torrent traffic as South Africans no longer need to pirate their favourite shows and series. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/internet/321668-netflix-has-killed-torrents-in-south-africa.html
>>71 Don't you need to defect to North Korea to get those roles? >>76 That's pretty depressing to hear. Why are the Chinese hellbent on exterminating Nature's creatures? They can't even cook the meat right, most of the time their meat turns low quality and stressed due to their barbaric ways of killing the animals.
>>73 He's ded sadly
I heard the end of an NPR story about the Nobel Prize for literature awarded to a Polish female author whose work was attacked by internet trolls. She didn't let those nasty trolls stop her, said the NPR reporter smugly. Of course I root for the trolls by default without knowing the situation. Another author won the same award this year, Peter Handke, but I didn't hear him mentioned in the NPR story. Handke is also a screenwriter (Wings of Desire) and director (The Left-Handed Woman). What makes him an interesting chap are his heretical views on Slobodan Milosovic. Apparently Handke believes the genocide in Bosnia was a hoax. So as you might expect there's been a pronounced backlash to his selection. Anyway I didn't know about him before, but now I want to check out the films he wrote.
I like this trailer for State Funeral with footage from the USSR following the death of Stalin https://invidio.us/watch?v=JSvGX6syd_8 <In State Funeral, Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa has uncovered a wealth of astonishing, mostly unseen archival footage of the “Great Farewell” in the days following the death of Joseph Stalin in March 1953: the teeming mass of mourners clogging Moscow’s Red Square, the speech announcing the hasty appointment of Malenkov, and finally Stalin’s burial in Lenin’s Tomb. While speeches about the Soviet Union’s unyielding fortitude and unity in the face of tragedy blare endlessly on speakers, and the pomp and ostentation grows increasingly surreal, the brilliantly edited and sound-designed State Funeral becomes an ever-relevant meditation on not just the horrors but also the absurdity of totalitarianism and the cult of personality.
Criterion 24 hr flash sale https://www.criterion.com/sale The bastards deleted one of my comments on their website so I have mixed feelings about shilling for them
>>82 then don't
>>82 What'd you say?
>>84 One of their articles mentioned Peter Handke in a negative light, so I asked why a small-timer like Milošević is so reviled when US political elites slaughter substantially more people with zero consequences. I thought it was a fair question but it was gone the next day.
>>80 >>82 >>85 I'm confident to project that you actually knew those comments were against the established status quo but you wanted to question the matter, in a completely fair way too. It's just that i am surprised that you are surprised. Handke is the son of Axis soldiers and seems to be used to question what's on the other side of the argument, he also witnessed first hand, for a short period, actual yugo war countryside and civilian displacement. He's an anomaly that doesn't fit inside a politically correct landscape, hence ignored and when brought up into a matter the discussion is deemed "a bubble" and treated like a subject in isolation: Context is very localized and matters like reason to be brought up and usual discussion consequences like moral ambiguities and historical accuracy is thrown straight into the void. All fitting around the character assassination modus operandi, or merely a cheap hit piece along with progressive school graduates moderating things they probably shouldn't.
>>86 Most of their articles have zero comments so I was expecting to be welcomed with open arms. This is an outrage! Okay, I was expecting to be welcomed with an annoyed comment or two. But I planned to have fun with the responses. Contemporary film writing sometimes takes a detour to endorse Approved Opinions. It's annoying. But my first attempt to challenge was a bust.
I found a podcast that's examining Song of the South to coincide with the launch of Disney+. Gonna try to listen tomorrow. http://www.youmustrememberthispodcast.com/episodes/2019/10/21/six-degrees-of-song-of-the-south-episode-1-disneys-most-controversial-film https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/aaea4e69-af51-495e-afc9-a9760146922b/8f57a588-9582-4b05-89c9-aaa001627e6f/5e92c398-71a9-4767-8181-aaa001627e86/podcast.rss I don't know why I never heard of this podcast before. The other episodes look fairly interesting -- fact checking Hollywood Babylon (which has plenty of bullshit). <You Must Remember This is a storytelling podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. It’s the brainchild and passion project of Karina Longworth (founder of Cinematical.com, former film critic for LA Weekly), who writes, narrates, records and edits each episode. It is a heavily-researched work of creative nonfiction: navigating through conflicting reports, mythology, and institutionalized spin, Karina tries to sort out what really happened behind the films, stars and scandals of the 20th century.
The new 4K restoration of Satantango is playing in select cities http://arbelosfilms.com/distribution/films/satantango/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuyznqAILAM Arbelos is a fairly new company but I'm liking their output so far. Their first restoration was Belladonna of Sadness and they're currently working on Marcell Jankovics' Son of the White Mare. Months ago someone said György Fehér films were going to be restored in 2019 but I haven't seen news on that front. I'm not even sure who was restoring them. Anyone know more?
>>89 Szürkület was restored by the Hungarian National Film Fund, dont know about the rest. I think it was on national tv a few months ago but no one recorded it because I couldnt find it on torrent sites.
Just found out the board was relocated here, happy to see most of us somewhat made it. Kinda intimidated that i have to re-learn and discover most of the boards and history of what constitutes "The Webring" but really glad there's still another chance after the old place went kaput. Shame about those user counts regarding the "main" boards, seems community fragmentation will really take its toll regarding them.
>>90 MNFA also put Szenvedély on Vimeo last year as a Christmas present. But the transfer seems upscaled from SD so I was hoping they'd improve on it. >>91 Part of the reason that user counts are lower on the webring is they are counted during one day instead of three
>>88 The podcast gets low marks from me. The host talks very slowly and enunciates every word like she's teaching kindergarten. She's probably stretching out the content to make a multi-hour "series" out of it. I'd heard that podcasts have moved away from this kind of tightly-produced and scripted style toward free-ranging and conversational format (hence the rising popularity of Joe Rogaine). I don't know if that's true or not; regardless YMRT seems like it's aimed at normies who'd never heard of podcasts 5 years ago. After about 20 minutes of meandering introduction and two ads, she finally starts to discuss Song of the South. I'm sad to say her first point put me off of listening to much more. She claims that black plantation workers singing "Gonna stay right here in the home I know" is very troubling because it suggests that free blacks were choosing to work on the white man's plantation, when in fact laws and cultural attitudes made it difficult for them to do anything else. While her claim carries a degree pf historical accuracy, she is misleading her audience (who probably haven't seen the film) by omitting a lot of relevant context. First of all, the song is about remaining steadfast in the face of hardship. The full chorus is "Let the rain pour down / let the cold wind blow / Gonna stay right here in the home I know / Trouble trouble trouble fly away". The lyrics imply nothing about subservience and it takes effort to find problems here. Secondly, the black workers are emphasizing one of the film's central themes. Earlier in the film young Johnny started to run away from the plantation, but Uncle Remus changed his mind by recounting a story of Bre'r Rabbit's ill-fated attempt to leave his home. Both Johnny and Bre'r Rabbit learn that they cannot escape troubles by running away. The main purpose of the song is to reiterate that moral lesson, not to instruct blacks in particular to "stay in their place" as docile laborers.
>>92 Good news: I've reached out to them and they are gonna launch a VOD site soon with all the restored films.
>>94 Wow, thanks for the update. Now we know what to watch for. I read a little about the recent history of film funding in Hungary in this book Space in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema. I sounds like there wasn't much money for filmmaking in the 1990s, but things have gotten better. Apparently the Hungarian National Film Fund (MNF) has been a big improvement over the old Hungarian Film Foundation (MMKA). One thing I've been curious about was whether there's been a shift toward ideas of Viktor Orbán in Hungary's publicly-funded films? State institutions tend to follow the leader. But I looked at Hungary's recent film productions and couldn't detect anything conclusive.
Jonathan Rosenbaum - Ten Best List for Sight and Sound, 2019 01. Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa) 02. Transit (Christian Petzold) 03. It Must be Heaven (Elia Suleiman) 04. Flannery (Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco) 05. Foxtrot (Samuel Maoz) 06. Conrad Veidt - My Life (Mark Rappaport) 07. Where's My Roy Cohn? (Matt Tyrnauer) 08. If Beale Street Could Talk (Barry Jenkins) 09. Ad Astra (James Gray) 10. Souvenir (Joanna Hogg) http://www.jonathanrosenbaum.net/2019/10/ten-best-list-for-sight-and-sound-2019/
Here's the Satantango tote bag you asked for
>>95 Yeah because his voting base (old and rural people) isn't really the movie going type lol. And the state is more concerned with national pride and international recognition. They pretty much fund anything that could give them that (including pro immigration films).
>>98 OK, that makes sense. But is there more national pride than before? I remember seeing an older discussion, maybe in the DVD extras for Werckmeister Harmonies, where Béla Tarr sounded disenchanted about Hungary. Anyway I found the book I mentioned earlier. I'll post it here in case anyone cares. Originally I could only read preview pages, but now I have the full text. The book is mostly about Romania but the last two chapters examine Hungary too. Anna Batori - Space in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema <The wish to categorise Eastern European art films under a defined and united aesthetic umbrella came to my mind as a university student when, after visiting so many Eastern European film festivals, film clubs and conferences, I felt a striking connection among the moving images from the post-socialist region. The more films that I, a true cinephile, watched, the more clearly I could understand the difference between global film- making practices and Eastern European cinema. My everydays in Hungary and Romania—together with my first-hand experience of the capitalist transformation of the region and the very strong socialist heritage that rules its everydays—only helped me to see the enormous imprint that socialism has left in people’s minds and the cinematic thinking of the region. These art films have a depressing, gloomy atmosphere that originates not only from the disheartening topics they deal with but from the very physical spaces they chose for the setting. This very recognition, together with my memories regarding these spaces, encouraged me to base my doctoral research on this topic.
>>35 >You need to advertise this board more where, 4chan? twitter?
Nobuhiko Obayashi has terminal cancer so his newest film may be his last... https://variety.com/2019/film/asia/tokyo-festival-nobuhiko-obayashi-labyrinth-cinema-1203381807/
>>100 No and No
The cyberpunk future is now upon us!
>>103 Thanks anon, that would have gone right past me most likely.
>>103 All the cons, none the pros
End-of-decade article about the (comparative) lack of strong film movements in 2010s. I'm out of the loop on festival films so it's interesting to hear this. <None of it has really cohered into the kind of movements or waves that have marked the cinema in previous decades, nor have any of these represented the point of departure for a sweeping aesthetic renewal of the medium. Instead, the dominant tendency has been one of continuity with and consolidation of the past, of variations on a theme rather than a revolution of the core. The author tries to offer an explanation for this phenomenon, but I'm unsatisfied. It sounds more like he's grafting onto his pre-existing economic and political gripes. <The collapse of communism and the total ideological hegemony of neoliberalism, which is only now beginning to fracture, saw the collapse of any belief in the possibility of a world other than the one we live in, with all its inequalities, injustices and ecological disasters. As such, it also heralded the atomisation and stagnation of art, culture and fashion. The wheels propelling cultural change forward are, before our very eyes, grinding to a halt. I was going to say technology has changed viewing habits, fracturing the audience and reducing attention toward arthouse films that are currently being made. With less focused attention there's less momentum for new film movements. I'm not sure that's an accurate explanation either, but I like it more than blaming neoliberalism in general. http://sensesofcinema.com/2019/cinema-in-the-2010s/slow-history-cinema-and-culture-in-the-2010s/
>>106 It's very hard to approach an explanation on why the slow progress, quite honestly it can also range into other mediums such as music and video games. TV productions not so much due to recent low costs in digital equipment (A complete Arri pickup can grabbed with 150k and a heavy duty drone can replace complex setups and vehicle rentals) I wouldn't dare to explain why without sounding simplistic it all went to pieces in terms of discipline and management, in both creator and consumer sides but it is interesting to think how few things are done in ideological groups (other than niche social movements) there has been good films but i feel it's been isolated cases of level-headed, sometimes overachieving workers than true mavericks experimenting with their craft while also making something in terms of storytelling. I can definitely buy "consumer's drastic change of habits" as a factor if we think about most people using digital services that are very quick but quite limited in selection of works, but i don't know, there must be something else, i can't buy economic crisis and politic mishaps as many countries produced good stuff in times of dire conditions (Post-WWII and early 90's Japan, 80's and early 90's Yugoslavia) At least in the West i feel a lack of big time investments into specialty/"give this man a chance" projects, it seems suits go for safe bets only and the eccentric millionaires ala Aurelio De Laurentiis seem to be working on other things unrelated, or also cinema but with mixed results and/or highly overlooked.
James Dean is gong to be CGI'd into a new movie as the secondary lead. Very weird stuff.
>>108 >So creatively bankrupt you got to shoehorn the dead into your films to make a quick buck Disgusting idea. An actor should be able to choose what movies they are in, alive or dead. I can only see it being used to place actors into positions of propaganda, like John Wayne helping communists or other situations where the actor would never have agreed to be in.
>>108 It's a fuckin movie about dogs. Just kill me now.
The Best Posters of the 2010s Some good posters, but overall it's little underwhelming tbh. Too bad there's no article about fanmade posters for the sake of comparison because there are a lot of talented artists working that niche. https://mubi.com/notebook/posts/the-best-posters-of-the-2010s
I'm always suprised when I see Eastern European posters. They are very creative and somehow often better
>>109 Good points, but basically it's inevitable. In fact there are already several short-take examples out there. 10 years ago I worked as a TD in a company and we were already creating effective digital doubles then. And The Curious Case of Benjamin Button took it to a whole new level. For the first 52 minutes of the film, there ''was no live image of Brad Pitt. 52 minutes of footage.
>>112 Agreed. A good site for that is https://www.terry-posters.com/posters There is a trick to remove the watermark by editing the URL (from "watermarked" to "original")
Is there something wrong with Secret Cinema or just me? Suddenly i cannot login and get a disabled screen. Lurking a little i found out it might mean BANNED. I didn't even download anything as i found everything desirable outside plus i always logged once a week to avoid any inactivity shenanigans. Their Riz IRC also seems to be desolated.
>>115 Did you try #sc on irc.brokensphere.net? otherwise the offsite forum is http://cosurvivors.proboards.com/
AvistaZ Network Open Registration! avistaz.to cinemaz.to exoticaz.to animez.to It seems like these sites are getting a little bit harder to join. There used to be open signups all the time, and this is the first I've noticed in months. Also avistaz.to has become a more important site with the demise of Asian DVD Club.
>>117 Thank you so much!
Is there a way to see a film's imdb rating change over time, aside from using internet archive? A graph would be best.
I'm looking for good end-of-decade lists. Most popular critics and websites are shit, heaping praise on mediocre movies I don't care about, but I found a couple more interesting lists: The 25 Best Latin American Films of the 2010s https://remezcla.com/lists/film/best-latin-american-films-2010s/ Top 10 Romanian Films of the 2010s written in Romanian unfortunately http://www.acoperisuldesticla.ro/film/cele-mai-bune-filme-de-fictiune-romanesti-ale-deceniului-top-10-3592/
>>121 >Roma being 4th place >La Region Salvaje in 20th The continent is not in a good shape if those two are considered top 20 in 10 years.
>>122 Probably right. I didn't watch Roma because it was getting hyped by all the wrong people.
[11/28/2019] What's the status on moving to 8kun? While the site was functional for a day and a half almost no one went there, reading most of the webring it seems even the ones most in touch with the situation and eager to go, Vch's /v/, seem to be highly cautious with it. The rest are in a limbo between what to do and when to start searching for past users lost in the situation.
>>124 I posted a brief announcement there hours ago. Maybe you can't even see it unless you use the catalog. Otherwise there's been one post and one person reported an old thread. 8kun is in sad shape so I'm not going to rush everyone back. You can post there if you want of course. But we may have lost everyone who didn't find this place.
>>125 Other people have also noted that the index is lagging far behind the catalog.
>>124 Wait did 8kun go up and then immediately get ddos'd down again?
>>127 It's been up and down a lot. I assume the DDoS is constant, from the bitter gnome who hates Jim.
>>125 >But we may have lost everyone who didn't find this place. If thats the case might as well just stay here. No way I'm gonna use that site without tor and apparently you can't post without js.
>>129 Yes, you basically have to use bare IP because of the Vanwa script. The main reasons to return would be 1) more traffic and 2) the old threads. At this point there must be less traffic at the old board. No one is posting there unless we decide to do it. Overall 8kun is much slower than before. I was hoping for a better recovery of the old threads (possibly to move some here). When the site was hacked long ago, 95% of the content was restored. This time there was no hacking. There was a migration by choice which somehow lost half of the images. I'm not expecting this to be fixed anytime soon, if at all, because there are many other problems with 8kun.
>>127 It'd be worth claiming the board back so at least a link to here can be posted for anyone who didn't find it already.
>>54 Sounds like a fancy excuse to add more DRM to me. >>66 Apparently it's quite easy to get poorly paid work as a white extra in nipland. Mostly for historical pieces and the Yakuza are involved with the agencies that dominate it but there you go.
>>133 Does anyone like The Last Movie? Maybe I need to rewatch it. I saw it when it was only on bootleg DVD and I didn't really like it. Hopper didn't know what to do with his subpar film, so he jumbled up the parts (I think Jodorowsky told him to do that). The American Dreamer was much better IMO.
Well, it's that time of the week again, 8kun isn't loading...
>>135 Yeah I see vch bunker is back
Just wasted 20 minutes at this site, a huge archive of home movies from East Germany. You can download the videos but unfortunately they are all watermarked. https://open-memory-box.de/ <Biggest digitized collection of home movies from the GDR <2283 rolls of 8mm celluloid film <415 hours total length <1947-1990 historical period <149 families from 102 locations
>>136 I'm starting to see Julay as more of a permanent option than the old place. Might as well start posting actual content if 8kun drops one more time.
>>138 True. Right now it's hard enough for them to keep their site online. I don't see how the problems end unless Fred kicks the bucket. Julay almost has the same amount of activity if you exclude /qresearch/.
The sooner the BOs in their bunkers realize there might be another life here, the sooner this puppy will hit full PPH like in the last months before the August hit. And it's not like Jim is losing any significant money with or without us, truth be told as long as his Q friends generate traffic and rev up a couple of bucks he can make the same or more money than all of us posting full time. Guess it's time to spam this local "Last film watched" thread and upload some books. Also i don't want to look like a butt kisser but i never stopped to commend the BO for his diligent work in this whole mess, other than a few unique posters that didn't find their way and missing banners i see /film/, in a technical perspective, being unscathed in this adventure
Maurice Pialat: three steps to magic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viOW63_aD1s New video essay from Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López. This time they've over at Sight and Sound. <A deep look at how Maurice Pialat forged his searing emotional dramas across three stages of artistic alchemy – from discomposing his actors to distilling the resulting footage.
Reflecting on the past decade of experimental films, what's the first thing any normal person would focus on? <This list tends to be dominated by white men, which speaks to who still, in 2019 and in the advent of digital, has the resources necessary to work at feature length. Hopefully Japan, Korea, and China will eventually have the "resources necessary" to make experimental films. Meanwhile villagers across Burundi are dreaming of the day when they can make experimental films so that Michael Sicinski can rank their work on letterboxd. It's so vapid and paternalistic. These people ruin everything. https://letterboxd.com/msicism/list/25-best-experimental-avant-garde-features/
>>142 Also what kind of sicko puts Wavelength as their favorite film
Asian Cinema open signup https://asiancinema.me/register/ Warning: This site only has full DVDs and blurays
>>144 Tried to sign up, says registration closed
>>142 >>143 I'm pretty sure Sicinski baited me into watching Wavelength a few years ago. >This is my Star Wars. I will be watching Wavelength over and over until the day I die. This is the art of cinema at its absolute apex.
>>146 Maybe he's being genuine. People claim it's far better to watch Wavelength on film than the crappy online versions. Probably true but I remain skeptical.
Here's a website with Siskel and Ebert programs dating all the way back to 1976. The films reviewed are Hollywood releases with a few odd international titles that played in US cinemas. It's interesting to see how limited the entertainment choices were back then. But every episode or two they review a film that's been forgotten by now. https://siskelebert.org/ Roger Ebert was an excellent writer of reviews. I don't think I've ever read a review from Siskel. Despite attending Yale, Siskel hasn't left behind much of a legacy. (It doesn't help that he died first.)
>>148 >Roger Ebert was an excellent writer of reviews. I guess it depends on tastes and what are we looking for in a writing. Personally i think he was the devil himself in terms of reviews, a golden tongue (pen in this case) but with inconsistent standards, heavy bias towards many topics, disliked movies who played with the viewer's point (feeling cheated like some say, he would deny it every time) and valued the product depending on the ticketholder's intelligence and ability to interpret it, instead of the work itself. Not to say his style was copied and badly reproduced in other mediums, particularly Florida-based newscasters transmitting to other countries (latin america). And let's not go for the opinions outside cinema as he is a figure of considerable disdain due to his surprisingly ignorant arguments, or merely on-point ones trying to tackle something with purely mainstream cinema standards, like his football opinions (or jokes) video games and teletheater. But i'm glad he existed, if not then probably Jay Sherman would've not been created.
>>149 Okay that review is terrible. I confess I'm haven't gone especially deep into his writing, but I thought he was skilled at writing a crisp, compelling summary of the essence of a film (easier said than done) and then giving his take on it. I don't think his taste in film is anything special; his favorite film list is entry-level basics. His screenplays aren't so great either, of course. Those Russ Meyer titty movies indulge in plenty of bad behavior that he later poo-pooed as a reviewer. I watched this Worst of 1980 episode where Ebert was a little too indignant about the cheap titillation of The Blue Lagoon. https://siskelebert.org/?p=6694
>>149 I liked him better the less I knew about him. The older I got, the dumber he seemed. The Usual Suspects is overrated and not that great, though not as bad as he thinks.
>>142 50 Best Experimental Short Films of the Decade 2010-2019 https://letterboxd.com/msicism/list/50-best-experimental-short-films-of-the-decade/detail/ I don't think Hacked Circuit is as interesting as Deborah Stratman's other films, but for some reason people like that one the most
Merry Christmas lads, happy to still be here with all 3 of you I don't want to sour the mood because i am genuinely glad we are still around but browsing the rest of the boards, seeing the discussions of several different media enthusiasts, i was wondering, did something good happen in this decade? By good i mean a certain wave, stylistic school or "scene" that was known for its high quality and/or consistency under "old" standards like direct enjoyment and clear message in any of its layers? Everything i saw seems to me like the existing things from the past decade got sabotaged, outright stopped or subverted to transform itself into a husk, or worse, with the new things created being conceived as colorful vessels that only transport shallow and almost meaningless critique on its former shape or just to scream at the sky and spasm into itself for meta enjoyment; products that satisfy only the creator and all the inside jokes with his inner voices which leave nothing, not even academical precedents, in its path but money laundering schemes and perversion of mainstream culture (and maybe in some cases entire scenes) Even the production of niche stuff, at least in music, seems to have taken a halt. But i found all these applies to music, film, books, academia, architecture and maybe even culinary techniques. I cannot say about TV because i don't watch it and maybe something really big went through my sensors, i know many glittering things were created by individuals, but really nothing big happened other than spasms.
>>146 >>147 >posting on a /film/ board while not knowing sicinski
>>155 So tell me all about him
>>155 Elaborate
>>154 >did something good happen in this decade? I wonder the same thing. Most of my focus has been on previous decades. I don't get very excited for new mainstream releases and I lose track of the festival arthouse films because they take longer to make it online. Speaking of Wavelength I think slow cinema became rather fashionable during the 2010s, although it's probably in decline by this point.
Open file (16.60 KB 200x133 Sweetgrass.a.jpg)
>>154 I'm a big fan of the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard, responsible for an innovative new approach to documentary filmmaking. I think they've been overlooked in the articles summarizing the past ten years. I haven't seen anyone mention them yet. https://sel.fas.harvard.edu/
[01/01/20] so here we are
Is Criterion Channel worth it?
>>162 Worth a free trial at least. If I had a subscription I'd be hitting the World Cinema Project. I'm pretty sure CC is still unrippable, so none of their exclusive content can be seen anywhere else. I've wanted to watch this for a while: https://thefilmstage.com/connor-jessup-on-his-portrait-of-apichatpong-weerasethakul-and-the-profound-impact-of-his-films/
Open file (156.01 KB 600x469 outrage.jpg)
Where is HawkmenBlues
What are some movies similar to Gemide.
>>166 You got one that ain't Turkish mate?
>>164 Oh shit wtf
>>164 Horrible. I thought about emailing him but then I found his twitter account. https://twitter.com/HawkmenBlues/status/1214515796229197825 >For those of you who wonder what happened with the Hawkmenblues film library, today, after 7 years, blogger deleted the blog. https://twitter.com/HawkmenBlues/status/1215605245713227777 >Overcome the shock, thank you all. After a couple of days of relaxation we already have a new vessel that we are supplying to go out to sea and raise our flag again. There will be news soon.
Open file (231.82 KB 1200x611 1366_2000.jpg)
VISUAL FUTURIST: The Art & Life of Syd Mead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XTYMctdpHg& <Syd Mead was a designer for Ford Motor Company, U.S. Steel, and Philips Electronics. After establishing himself as a "Futurist" consultant, he visualized technology and products for companies like Sony, Chrysler, Mechanix Illustrated, and Playboy. Syd's movie designs appeared in 'Star Trek - The Motion Picture" (V'ger), "2010" (the spaceship 'Leonov' and all of its interiors and attendant craft), "Short Circuit" (the robot 'Johnny 5'), "Blade Runner" (the 'Spinner' police car, the dingy cityscapes, and Decker's apartment), and "Timecop" (the headquarters of the Temporal Police, and Van Damme's car).
Joe Shishido Number 3 got away some days ago. A seemingly normal guy who completed his basic studies and went to study theater, he landed a spot in a new talent contest and went to work for TV and movies by Nikkatsu. Little after that he was requested to change his name due to historical connotations and focus on romantic, chivalrous roles due to his manly figure. Man refused and somehow very soon spiraled into facial surgery that increased his cheekbones and also underwent a somewhat radical demeanor change that subsequently landed him villain and/or weirdo roles. After an unfortunate set of circumstances for the company, he became the prime lead role for action films and with a partnership with Seijun Suzuki (that the company would hate with all their spirit) he made a couple of movies that would become his main trademark in the international scene: Frantic and eccentric characters who live by the gun. Although this would happen much later, the 80's to be specific, around the time when small-time distributors were searching for quirky stuff to export, but it was enough locally to make him a sought figure for drastic individuals in yakuza films, mainly the great Battles Without Honor and Humanity.
>>172 I only know a few of his films but he certainly stood out. The cheeks are 3x as big as they should be.
Since this seems to be the place to ask on /film/, does anyone else try to limit the amount of American films that watched on a regular basis, or english language films in general? Not in the sense of avoiding them all of the time, but maybe seeing one maybe once every five, or 10 nonburger films.
>>174 At least for me it's about being free of any or most marketing or mainstream influence in your decision to consume media. Sure, sometimes you are taking the poison for the adventure of it but it's the freedom of choosing what you want to see, at your pace and because you might like it. Say you want to watch some acting-focused movie around a rural area or in specific some forgotten tundra, you read that the swedes were decent at some point, you check the usual suspects or someone you read or was recommended and bang there you have it, the movie suited for your desires. Most people these days consume the product in vogue from that moment, they don't care about quality they care about talking about it and feeling "normal", some i suppose develop a liking for it and go on their own (although very rarely alone, the imageboard joke about the singles policy in cinemas is not far-fetched). Some others might pretend to have free will and go to Netflix or some other streaming service, this is better but you are still consuming the menu someone else made and will change it at their liking any day they want. For me it's about seeing movies for what they are, moving pictures made by someone or something usually with a clear idea of what he wants to do with the minimal interference against his will as possible (quite rare but happens) an integral product. You can enjoy it, hell even enjoy very regulated stuff due to its particularities in its respective era, this without owning explanations or time to anybody, just your own enjoyment with further knowledge on where to find what you want to see later. But i will not lie to myself, it also has to with standing outside of it all on your own, while trying to help others with the names and experiences regarding some of these works (which reminds me that i need to recommend better movies). If you are fancied about seeing something very particular from the americans then in my opinion there's nothing wrong with it, but one should know there's stuff made without any kind of quality consideration or concise idea, just a brutal soulless product marketed specifically to take the money out of the bag of silly consumers who didn't know better. Some of these products are so "quirky" (let's call it unlikely juxtapositions) that they sometimes deserve a watch, like the american anti-hero macho action from the 70's (Bronson, Joe Doe Baker, Burt Reynolds), some folks enjoy film gialli in all its splendor, some others like the extreme copy-paste nature of Shaw Brothers martial arts/wuxia movies. They all have their charms and sometimes even high quality trademarks, but one should not focus or stick in there too long. If anything i would recommend not seeing a lot of current chinese/hong kong cinema over not seeing a lot of contemporary american cinema, their usual products are just as bad in terms of lack of consistency, cinematographic merits and acting. And it's not like their products back in their golden new wave were any better, it just had more space for unique experiments and more risky investments, which fortunately gave place to very interesting styles but it was not always like that, in one bad turn you can see one of their low-budget mainstream comedy-dramas and it will be like hearing and seeing someone molest a chalkboard for 2 hours. tl;dr I did extend a ton, what i tried to say is watch anything that will suit your current desires, part of checking world cinema is having a catalogue of possibilities to satiate specific tastes, quality standards and curiosities. If by some odds they make you see 5 american movies in a row, i guess there's nothing wrong with that if they are good
Open file (43.92 KB 461x701 jamesbenning_large.jpg)
James Benning 1979 / 2019
Karagarga freeleech ongoing. Don't hold back if you've got some hot tips...
>>177 >Hot Tips I would download every book i see, and some films that can only be get in HD on private places like there.
>>177 Sadly it's not the easiest site for discovery because the software is antiquated. One method for finding interesting unknown films is to choose an MoM and sort by number of downloads. Usually there's something good in the first few pages of results.
New site for Hawkmenblues https://hawkmenblues.net/
>>180 Such good news, I hope I'll be able to donate soon
>>180 Crisis averted, God bless that man. Also not trying to steal any spotlight but for any lurker that didn't know, there's also another site with rare films upload, although not that extensive and much more related to exploitation and R-rated stuff. >https://rarelust.com/ While not so crucial these days some years ago it was the main source for those Category III HK movies some fable about, along with tough to get TV movies like The Informant and a couple of gialli and polizia fluff. >>177 So what did you get? I was surprised at the book catalogue now that i went into it but i'm realizing some interesting cinematographer stuff is not being found anywhere on the web, reserving spaces like Bibliotik. I might start to delve into cool rare book scanning but i will have to research ways to do it without busting the spine permanently. Photoseries books are not that popular or hard to scan i see.
>>182 >So what did you get? I got 104 films. It took a day to burn through my priority bookmarks. Then I started looking for hidden gems. More and more I am gravitating toward the Enlightened Centrism of 576p mkvs in order to conserve storage space. That resolution usually looks good enough for basic dramas and documentaries. When a film has exceptional aesthetics I'll still go for 720-1080. I'm also getting this version of War and Peace, same version as KG. The full quality 73GB remux is way too big, but I might just buy it eventually. https://monova.to/816AA4343F8964E42FF43EDE7878659F20ED45ED
>>183 Which one of these is the best? The one guy said that the criterion release is spotless but there are so many? Lol >109 That's insane, I only downloaded C. Jung's collection, Field Guide to Table of the Elements, a guidebook of vinyl rarity thqt costs a ridiculous 200$ on Amazon and Switched on Bach. I really didn't know what to get
>>184 >Which one of these is the best? The Criterion remux is best but it's huuuge. Since it's an 8 hour film you need all 4 parts. I'm having second thoughts about going for 720p because the screenshot I posted is still too small. But I still haven't found the right 1080p version to get. During my dive into the archive I noticed this interesting uploader on KG (and SC). https://karagarga.in/history.php?id=96290 https://secret-cinema.pw/torrents.php?type=uploaded&userid=3542 I think he said he's getting rare stuff from his university film dept. Anyway his content is quite interesting.
>>183 >104 films Man, i got some film lists to download but never got to check if they can only be found in KG. Still i downloaded 30-something tough to get movies and more than 500 books, which i won't read even 50 but it's always nice to have them. I always feel something will happen and a ton of stuff like info will become precious commodities, especially basics like how to make soap. >the Enlightened Centrism of 576p mkvs in order to conserve storage space I go for 720p for B&W movies and 1080p for color stuff. If the film is not very good/flashy but worth preserving for a reason i go for 480p or the usual 700mb DVDrip. Same like before, i keep stuff at max. quality (not 4k) for preservation and sharing reasons... something will happen. Not very related but i always feel bad about downloading at KG, i told the anon that invited me that i would finish those subtitles there quick but i still haven't finished the file sitting on my desktop for 2 years now. I talked trash about some dude who took 3 years to finish a far more difficult movie than me yet here i am, will surely finish them by March i promise mate. Time does flash, especially when being flagellated by badly-taught studies. >>185 That's very interesting, i actually stumbled into one of his uploads when lurking around for something, "Dustin Hoffman Masterclass". Not fan of the little guy but was impressed about that format (20 something videos) in his age. The uploader himself is very particular, goes on upload sprees at times. Drifter caught my eye now that i see into it.
>>186 Feel the same way about impending doom, I've gone so far as to consider investing in those Superman crystal storage things but it looks like it's only an optical storage so far. >At an elevated temperature of 189 °C the extrapolated decay time is comparable to the age of the Universe (13.8×109 years). By recording data with a numerical aperture objective of 1.4 NA and a wavelength of 250–350 nm, a capacity of 360 Terabytes can be achieved. But hey, if shit hits the fan, the first thing that will go is electricity so, I wouldn't worry about torrents. >Two years trying to sub Holy shit mane, I've done quite a few subs if you need any help, I'll be glad. Actually we're in almost the same position because a few months ago I started to sub a documentary called "il Potere" from KG about Italian politics but the audio is so fucked up that my ears start hurting after a while, so I'm just waiting for a better rip to pop up.
>>187 The electrical grid will eventually come back. So just build a good NAS and start hording films
>>185 I am a colleauge of him, I got 1.1k Torrents active right now, And my harddrive is nearly full from that many films, Any other people got some good rare stuff for us?
>>187 >360 Terabytes can be achieved in a 13.8×109 year format Holy molly, but i guess the optical reader is as complex as the disk. Maybe someday, but so far 8 terabyte HDD is somewhat cheap, 200 bucks and we can fill it with non-HD rips that can achieve a region's entire valuable filmography. >I'll be glad Thanks, it's easy to make them but i got an extreme case of procrastination and actual college mentally bugging me every free hour i have, if not then half of the board would be spammed with my long-winded ramblings and i would've done at least 10 subs more. Most of that file's progress was achieved in a weekend but i always stalled it thinking in another one i would finish it, had i struggled more to sync and write the dialogue i wouldn't trust myself so much. It's just some commie movie with 3 unlikable characters so nobody is missing anything other than a female prison guard diddling a female visitor Somewhat in the same league, but in my case i can't stand the characters and trite dialogue, but i like the main actor's career so there's that. Hope the guy who invited me didn't get angry at my eternal promises. >Italian politics Weren't some of the most titanic sub pots at KG italian ones? 4tb for 10 subbed hours sounds mindnumbling, wish i had finished my standard italian studies. But if the pot is that big i guess it's some obscure dialect. >>69 For some reason or another i never saw this post. What >>207 said is spot on probably because i usually posted on /vg/ I have a bunch of videos regarding their shenanigans, usually against the military and/or the police. Honestly here we have lived and joked with more violent stuff that we would like to admit, there's always those videos if you want to know what we are talking about. >>78 The chinese are a strange folk, the more you learn about them the more you get confused. Certainly their own continent with their own rules and sub-races with sub-cultures, somehow untranslated and unexplored.
Another download site on the open web, maybe helpful if you need Spanish language options https://www.misclasicosdecine.com/ It seems to use jdownloader, a program I really dislike, but perhaps you can get around it. There used to be sites that decrypt DLC files.
Open file (164.60 KB 700x485 stra.jpg)
Ken Russell's "banned" Richard Strauss film is going to be screened for the first time in decades http://archive.is/d2LbF During the late 60s / early 70s, there was a trend of making subversive films about Europe's greatest composers, specifically to knock down their pedestals. In this case, Dance of the Seven Veils portrays Strauss as a Nazi. Here's an interesting dissertation on another such film, Mauricio Kagel's Ludwig van: https://research.gold.ac.uk/7151/1/MUS_thesis_Stavlas_2012.pdf <Several composers of the time were affected by the antiauthoritarian climate in several respects: by rejecting the ideal of beauty as a product of bourgeois culture, and adopting Adorno’s aesthetics of negativity; by questioning traditional hierarchies of the classical music world, such as the opposition between composer and performer, or between conductor and musicians; or by adopting a critical stance towards the canon and the classical music tradition.
>>192 it's been on youtube for quite a while, but the film turned red, the quality is nothing like the picture you posted. Ken Russell was a huge fan of classical music, so the analysis doesn't quite match his many feature films for Omnibus or full movies about classical music composers in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7r2JHq7LMs
My Darling Quarantine brings the film festival experience online <Film festivals have been self-canceling around the globe like falling dominoes as the full scope and severity of the Coronavirus threat comes into focus. Though Cannes still has yet to pull that particular trigger, many film fans have been laid low by the prospect of going the rest of the year without any festival excitement. <It’s a big, gloomy cloud, but not without its silver lining – this morning came the announcement of My Darling Quarantine, an innovative alternative scratching the festival itch for the time being. Programmer Enrico Vannucci has corralled a coalition of colleagues to assemble a selection of short films with nowhere to go, and now they’re bringing them to the general public. <My Darling Quarantine, a project hosted on the platform Talking Shorts, offers an array of shorts scheduled to play at festivals already shuttered, including SXSW, Tribeca, Glasgow Short Film Festival, and Poland’s Short Waves Fest. It even adheres to the competitive spirit of a festival environment, pitting seven shorts against one another each week with voting on the favorite deciding a winner. https://lwlies.com/articles/my-darling-quarantine-online-film-festival-coronavirus/
Another online film festival starting yesterday https://ultradogme.com/2020/03/21/udvff-1-from-a-distance/ <This first program to kick off the Ultra Dogme Virtual Film Festival is titled From a Distance and will offer a selection of predominantly meditative experimental shorts of worlds without people; films I find fitting for the current situation not because they are dystopian or tunnel into post-apocalyptic disaster scenarios, but because they remind us of the beauty of empty spaces and the self-reflection enabled by isolation.
>>95 >>98 >a shift toward ideas of Viktor Orbán in Hungary's publicly-funded films Here's an article that outlines some proposed changes to theater funding in Hungary. I don't know if this bill actually passed, but it sounds like the government was attempting to put more of its ideology into arts funding. At the same time Orban-bashing is very popular in Western media, so it's tricky to gauge the accuracy of the reporting here. https://www.dw.com/en/hungary-governments-theater-control-plan-triggers-actor-protests/a-51602470
From Void to Memory by Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAqUSFm783k <This audiovisual essay proposes an understanding of cinema as a transformative device able to affect a series of re-signifying operations, involving political and historical re-examination as well as shifts in the subjective experience of time-space. <The essay is focused on the transformation that takes place in the viewer’s perception of a specific kind of cinematic entity: filmed void spaces, and how they may turn out to be read as places of memory. <Cinema has the possibility of qualifying spaces, materializing information and connotations that, at first sight, seem invisible. This potentiality of cinema unveils the paradoxical complexity of filmed void spaces: something simultaneously is and is no longer there. Late Spring (Yasujiro Ozu, 1949) The Quiet Man (John Ford, 1952) Tokyo Story (Yasujiro Ozu, 1953) An Autumn Afternoon (Yasujiro Ozu, 1962) Fortini/Cani (Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub, 1976) One Way Boogie Woogi (James Benning, 1977) Too Early, Too Late (Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub, 1982) Innisfree (José Luis Guerin, 1990) Sud (Chantal Akerman, 1999) One Way Boogie Woogie / 27 Years Later (James Benning, 2005) https://mubi.com/notebook/posts/video-essay-from-void-to-memory
>>196 The more I learn about this man, the more I respect him. Who would have thought the world would have such a based leader--in Yurope, no less--during (((currentyear)))? Bravo, Viktor. Godspeed.
Open file (209.28 KB 595x425 ob_miki_hausu.jpg)
Farewell to the brilliant film/advertisement director Obayashi Nobuhiko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-9k60vWG-s
I'm guessing at least a couple of you were on 8ch a few years ago. Do any of you remember a board that covered propaganda/psychology/sociology? The whole board was dedicated to discussing propaganda on a very deep level. It was not /deep/ btw. Anyways, I know this is unrelated, but maybe it can spiral into propaganda in film or something.
>>199 >Nobuhiko Obayashi passed away What the hell, man He was certainly a maverick with an enviable field of work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEqA84R0lYU
The first installments of Ilya Khrzhanovskiy's DAU are now streaming here https://www.dau.movie/en
>>200 I don't know, best I can think is /bmw/ or /fringe/ You could check the archived boards.html but you probably can only load the top 50 https://web.archive.org/web/20140930201025/https://8chan.co/boards.html An early snapshot that shows all boards. After two weeks /film/ had 224 active users and 1697 posts!
Does anyone know how much content is on this site? Is there anything exclusive? How does it compare to myspleen? I could apply for a membership but first I'd like to know if it's worth joining. https://vhstapes.org/
>>205 Could also be /scanners/
Anyone able to download these? Password protected vimeo streams. It's a little tricky to get it to work. https://fractofilm.com/Baillie-Strand-Stream
A few days late but https://filmarchiv.hu/en/news/hungarian-classics-free-to-watch <The National Film Institute offers free online access to 39 Hungarian Classics with subtitles – literary adaptations, historical films and animations contributing to digital education introduced in Hungary due to the coronavirus outbreak. Precious entertainment for all members of the family staying at home.
>>208 >fifth seal and psyche in 1080p Someone needs to rip that shit
Some of these were not on the other page. I recommend The Witness / A tanú (1969), dir. Péter Bacsó - https://filmarchiv.hu/en/news/unforgettable-comedies-free-online >>209 The Fifth Seal and The Round Up are both essential. There are better versions of Narcissus and Psyche - https://rarbg.to/torrent/19apqix
Open file (29.19 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
This pic was taken by Alexandra Avakian in Iran in 1999, in every interview she mentions it was a movie shoot, but she never mentions anything else like the name of the film for example, does anyone recognize the actress/movie?
>>211 According to her site. >The director was the dissident Bahram Beyzaii. This is his wife, actress Mozhdeh Shamsai. I think the movie is a short called Dialogue with the Wind (1998) but I can't find it online. Maybe someone else will find it.
>>212 Thank you for the quick reply, I'm asking around in the Arabian corners of the world for the short, seems lost
Same director as Marg Yazdgerd? I need to see more of his films. Stunning photo, I love the traditional Persian garb.
Where could I find high quality music videos? I really need some kind of advice because I'm hitting dead ends
>>215 Same here buddy, tried the same you are doing and it seems that kind of content was missed by archivists on the free net. I found 2 places with "possibly" the most content in terms of music videos (the golden era at least, 90's to mid-00's .vob files) one is MusicVids tracker which is supposedly hard as nails to enter and doesn't have a lot of freeleech anyways, and the other is The Central Box, a good old forum with a quite abusive charging system, you have to pay for premium sections and it's limited by number of downloads/days and/or both IIRC, something like 1000 downloads over the course of a month or some sort of deal like that; it still has a bunch of videos for free if you make an account there. There's also a russian site which i always forget the name and Archive.Org, they also have some of those but it has its limitations in terms of selection and quality. That kind of content doesn't get re-releases due to its inherent nature: It's a side product of a heavily copyrighted item, directors have no power over it and the artists don't really care about that unless they have tons of videos (Madonna, for example) One of my thread ideas here in /film/ some years ago was making a thread about that while also uploading those .vob files but so far i haven't really amassed a big collection to make it worthwhile for y'all along with college/mental blocks making me stop downloading more of those.
>>216 That's awesome to know that there are more people interested in this as well, and I agree, music videos are often overlooked and just like that they become rare. I have a very small advantage because RAI releases literally never-before broadcasted music videos in a program called Techetechete, but even that show itself is very rare, only broadcasted a few times a year, they then upload the episode for a only a couple of days into their digital platform, I've managed to get some gems out of that but apart from ripping TV broadcasts I really want sure where to go. This is one of the few complete episodes I managed to rip. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cxQWxunkOJLfgOT4izBOk3b9-gp5_tns/view?usp=drivesdk This is from another episode but it's quite literally some of the rarest footage I've seen when it comes to Italian artists on tour. RAI is so far up its own ass that they cut the Rock Your Baby scream for the sake of publicity breaks, fuck that https://youtu.be/5J0Cz1xoWxM Thank you again for your advice on those trackers, I'll leave you some of the footage I'm searching for just in case(?) https://youtu.be/xup73IJVeZY https://youtu.be/VAr8F1Cynm4 https://youtu.be/sen_orj_dWU https://youtu.be/pT2Ku4dfpBQ We should make a music video thread, let me know, I'll gather some stuff up in the mean time
I used to see invite offers for MusicVids but not anymore. I think they required new users to have high quality content to share. I'm surprised people would be so possessive about music videos. https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/105390-musicvids-mv-music-videos-2019-review/ There's a newer site Concertos that claims to offer music videos. They have invite threads on some sites. It seems fairly small though https://concertos.live/
>>216 Forgot to mention, I used to own this dvd and it featured alot of early 2000's techno/house video clips, I'll try to buy the series (they are 6 or 7 "years" of compilations) the resolution won't be the best obviously but at least it won't be compressed by online hosting https://www.discogs.com/Various-Mas-Nescaf%C3%A9-A%C3%B1o-Uno/release/1684413
>>217 >We should make a music video thread I'm getting kicked in the knees until the 17th, from them on i'm free half of the day for a month so i think we can rap, although my content would be mostly "mainstream" stuff but bundled by director instead of by artist. Yes, it is also very motivating to know people like the music video genre, it was like video art but with higher budget. >Techetechete Like the reggaeton song :^)? still that's very interesting, anthology programs are a vast rarity in my sector so i don't have that advantage, in terms of rarity for the sake of it i do have a local channel that shows only local music videos with high budget sponsored by cartel money featuring dudes in jacuzzis with tons of ladies and weapons so i guess not really... >>218 >I'm surprised people would be so possessive about music videos. My guess would be because in the mid to late 00's the digital jukebox rental scene was still a thing, you know those consoles that looked like an arcade cabinet that played music from an immense playlist and many featured music videos attached, that's where i think the music video scene became possessive, the more videos the more attractive the service was (especially because some cabinets had projectors included) so a good video catalogue meant money, and the less pixelation/audio channel muddling the better. What i find odd is how they still horde those files like gold, i mean i still see those cabinets from time to time in old town beer parties but it's not like it's worth bitcoin. It seems that Hawk fellow has a point system and one of the rewards is a MV account. Unlike what many said i have never heard or seen bad stuff about those shady invite sellers so i guess there's some water behind that reward thingy. Even if we had access i think the well known aspect that it is tough to keep ratio/no freeleech makes it an eternal venture, same reason Bibliotik/Cinematik gets a lot of flack although much more the former. >>219 >Mas Nescafé Año Uno >Born Too Slow by The Crystal Method I swear i had that video but i cannot find it, pretty cool, love me some John Garcia. Now i'm realizing i lost some stuff in an old HDD shortly before i bought this new machine, so there's that. >the resolution won't be the best Good or "Premium" .vob files, which are usually claimed to be source files, are around 480p but quite heavy, 150mb or higher for 4 minutes or so. DVD files are very normally the top of what you can get for that era as i don't recall seeing HD releases of music videos from the 90's. Quite the genre you lurk, electronica is tough to get due to the quantity released but europeans, notably the germans, are obsessed over it so maybe some things can be found for free. P.D. Fucking hell, i checked some old accounts and i saw that the Central Box changed their rulings, so nothing is free there anymore, asks for donations for download tokens, which in the long run aren't any cheap. And checking some others sites (found the russian one) it seems they also uploaded everything again but behind Premium accounts now or culled old stuff due to inactivity. Tough pill to swallow, some months ago you could still find stuff. Jesus, it's odd to think uploading old music videos for sharing seems to be a revolutionary/maverick thing to do now. If anything that's more motivation for me now.
>>220 It's the greedy tentacles of the entertainment industry that revolutionized "copyright" we should revert back to popular jongleury
>>217 Look what i found, here's an upload for you I changed the formatting a bit tho, at least from what i wanted to upload for the board back in the day at the old place. >https://anonfiles.com/f9Vck4y1o2/_-film-_MsVd_Large_Sommers_rar
>>222 Oh man that's great, I was really hoping to find this one clip, thank you! What do you mean by format? What did you want to upload before?
>>223 >What do you mean by format? Sorry i thought i typed that part there, i meant to say back in the day i would've uploaded just a single video by artist-name-director, but nowadays/next weeks i would rather make bundles by director and divide each video by year and then artist, so director-year-name-artist. And inside a jacket folder with an obscure enough name zipped as a solid file to avoid bots and the host from knowing it's copyrighted content. One can never be too sure. It's going to take a while (years or money) to get a complete director's field of work on .vob so i guess i will have to think of something decent for us to track what we have.
>>224 Geez oh man, seems like the ENTIRE collection was being shared just a couple of years ago, definitely missed that boat because every torrent I find is dead and buried without seeders https://www.taringa.net/posts/musica/1946984/_mas-Nescafe-Collection-_1_2_3_4_5_-6-y-7_-_empo.html This is an example of the menu I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb_jy-B2Osk
Open file (15.29 KB 200x300 Nescafe Kool.jpg)
>>225 >taringa.net That community got the copyright hammer really hard many years ago, i find interesting you even stumbled upon that post. Some dudes from it in that drama mayhem made another site, Identi, nowadays it seems some of their URLs redirect to other sites so there must've been drama i didn't know about, i stopped uploading because i didn't have the "rank" but they still have content, As trivia it's probably the biggest place for spanish dubs which are a highly-sought commodity in latin america, so now you know where they gather their own. Still i searched for the Nescafe DVDs there and there's 2 posts, one for the 2nd Nescafe but links are dead, so that party also finished time ago. You are making me scared about these recent purges buddy, so here's a "secret" archive.org/details/musicvideobin few are in good quality but it's a good start, there's some italian stuff but i didn't see any you are looking for, it was just Righeira and Laura Pausini.
>>54 you wouldn't fucking believe it's like people are literally blind
[05/13/2020] Annd we're back
The heck happened? Is Julay gone forever nao?
>>229 I'm not sure, I haven't followed all the drama
>>230 One of the globals indicated that he wasn't going to delete CP because he was upset with the BO of /v/, so everyone is jumping ship.
>>231 That's an oversimplified way of explaining it. Long story to avoid confusion the old BO of /v/ was talked into being lenient to the point of only enforcing global rules, then some days later Fatchan /v/ was taken down and all the refugees came into his place after hearing about it in the webring (even when they were antagonistic to it a month ago) the strategy backfired and had to go hands in again but was too late, weeks later things got even more awry after a hyped media game leaked and it devolved into all kinds of random and banter discussion that would've been usually out of line a month ago, so he used his old stance and it tremendously backfired because the board was already infested. So he quitted and the board was handed to the guy who talked him into being lenient in the first place, so when he realized he got it (he was surprised) he went onto say no more rules other than global rules in a pinned thread and everyone started going even more at it because they disliked the previous owner's stance on meaningful discussion aka no duplicates or off-topic threads, so someone posted manga and hentai of the loli variety and some global started deleting it without realizing that rule about deleting it was no more after Robi, the admin, changed hosting due to a previous controversy over it. So the new BO completely turned against the administration and started publicly condemning and antagonizing these guys by creating a narrative via IRC cropped screencaps and because, in clean terms, the administration couldn't do anything other than feel bad about it they decided to get a new janitor to handle that place instead of them putting their hands at it again to avoid direct trouble, but the new janitor was booted by the new BO (he still had site-wide powers) because that new janitor deleted borderline CP images (child modeling images from the start of a set when the girl was still dressed) without them being explicitly illegal (although the poster ended up actually posting the illegal ones sooner or later) so the administration went angry again and took his powers away because the janitor was global support and he quitted on the spot too, leaving the site without one again. Here it seems the order to "not delete the CP" came from after the Gvol told the old BO, who was still trying to help cleaning the place, to not act unless said so to make the new one clean anything he wanted unless the real nasty ones appeared and they could legally act upon it. After this action shit went straight into the fan and everyone got angry, Robi halted his dev time and yelled a little, closed the site after shit splattered, either due to maintenance or hosting issues, and when it returned the new /v/ owner deleted the board. So he was expelled and the majority of the refugees jumped ship, while the old userbase did a week ago in dissatisfaction when old threads got bumped out due to internal spam to pressure the old BO. In a personal note this is a prime example you need to do ban sprees mercilessly to give a message in situations when a board is being overcome by newcomers. W.T. Snacks said so and he effectively gave his old board one more year of life due to it, at the cost of being fired.
>>232 Great analysis Anon, thanks. >at the cost of being fired. m00t was very likely already turning coat by that stage, however.
The best Japanese film of every year – from 1925 to now https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/lists/best-japanese-film-every-year
>>234 I love numbered female prisoners, I've only seen a handful of Japanese movies tho (rashomon, page of madness, ichi, skycrawlers) so thanks for the list
Open file (157.51 KB 980x725 07-Rita-Repulsa.jpg)
>>217 >>220 So, let's rap
>>236 Completely honest to God i wanted to use the Rita image as a way to say i was free at last after a long time, and now after a while i realized it fits with the Female Convict Scorpion's pics which i only very briefly saw some hours before. Talk about urgent subconscious imagery.
>>236 I asked for the record label if they were still selling the DVDs but they're temporarily corona'd
>>204 >>239 Signups open for a short time https://vhstapes.org/users/register
>>240 Damn, missed it
So VHStapes is over. It sounds like the sysop has a history of being a moron. https://old.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/i7v5r7/stanky_aka_bmo_laserdisc_is_to_retire_for_the/ <He handed the site over to one of his alt accounts, because he couldn't attract any more dopes to donate money. <Stop seeding stuff, and stop giving this dude money. <This cycle repeats itself at least once a year. He will come back with a new web design, some new rules and then he's gonna hit the users up for some more donations
>>242 God forums are cancer, just look at that shit.
>>89 The 4k restoration of Son of the White Mare is now playing in virtual cinemas (what a weird thing). I'm not sure how good the translation is, but based on the trailer it seems somewhat basic. But I don't even think it's possible to translate some expressions to English, the language is just way too complex for that. They probably just called the 'Hétszűnyű Kapanyányi Monyók' Dwarf cause good luck translating that shit. http://arbelosfilms.com/distribution/films/son-of-the-white-mare/
>>244 >virtual cinemas Pay per stream? Also streaming a 4k movie needs tons of buffering time or the fastest internet in the world. Silly as clown hell.
>>244 That's great news since I still haven't seen it. I just found out that a subtitling class at the University of Debrecen worked on this film a few years ago. I wonder how their translation compares to the retail releases.
>>245 It's not streaming in 4k. It's a 4k restoration streaming at 1080p.
Open file (9.08 KB 225x225 riton.jpg)
[End of Dump JW01 ~ 08/25/2020] So here goes the first step, this was the most extensive one i think so this should be done quicker now. All me tbh fam
>>54 It sounds like a marketing ploy more than anything. >>132 >Sounds like a fancy excuse to add more DRM to me. I don't understand, did I miss something?
Why is fauxteur so based?
>>248 Impressive autism tbh smh.
>>691 Which one, there are so many today?
There were two movies that I saw maybe around 2004 to 2005. I don't remember the titles, perhaps someone also has seen them? One was a black and white samurai film that maybe was from the '50s or '60s. I just remember that there was a samurai running around a small village and getting shot to death, it had a real sad feeling to it. Maybe it's just a Kurosawa film? The second was a snowboarding video that was possibly made for no money by a bunch of friends. I remember that it was a mockumentary and the title may have been a play on of This is Spinal Tap. Thank you.
>>694 Yojimbo is a Kurosawa film where a samurai runs around a small village, but I don't remember him getting shot

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