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horror Anonymous 10/31/2023 (Tue) 06:16:15 No.3084
Hello /film/. Are you/have you watched any good horror films for the Halloween season? Any good recs? Thoughts on the genre of horror? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QcBfL3Dnps
I don't really like horror, but I enjoyed Candyman recently
Open file (87.41 KB 1194x720 city of the dead.jpg)
I started watching Tokyo Gore Police but it was more disgusting than I expected. So instead I watched The City of the Dead, a tale of a remote New England village called Whitewood with a history of burning witches. Professor Christopher Lee advises his female student to go to Whitewood in order to research the practice of witchcraft and its societal fallout. The young girl agrees, traveling alone to the village on a foggy night to stay at the local inn. From there the story is mostly predictable -- there are better options for horror. I need to find something better for tonight. I started watching a questionable giallo about a man who witnesses a murderer dumping a body off a pier, so he confronts and blackmails the murderer into killing his wife. Meh.
>>3086 I'm gonna watch When Evil Lurks, it's a new film.
Open file (877.83 KB 753x568 territory.png)
My horror recommendation is The Territory by Raoul Ruiz
>>3087 It was awful. People have incredibly shit taste for liking this dumpster fire of a movie.

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