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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
Open file (15.16 KB 184x256 t_6aa7c5dc52f9482.jpg)
I posted this link on endchan a few weeks ago. The post was lost during their downtime so here it is again. <It was the only movie made by Forough Farrokhzad. <A documentary of 20 minutes length; actually it is a documentary only at the first level of meaning: the disturbing images from a leper colony are meditated in verses that partner what's flowing on the screen. Fragments from Psalms, from Koran, from her own poetry. And her stanzas, sometimes in sync with the images, some times in counterpoint, always challenging the versets from the sacred books. One of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, that's what I believe Forough Farrokhzad is. <This movie is a cinematic poem: empathy for the extreme suffering, desolation that we cannot escape from our condition, and, in the same time, awe in face of the beauty of creation. https://mega.nz/#!m8QTyCSY!r2mifCKEnmUL0xB3cmhWLqgJKAaQrt7ktM-Z89J1o0I
Did anyone happen to import this DVD of City of Pirates to their mega account? I downloaded part and then forgot about it. Now the link is dead. Archive of old thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20190722053732/https://8ch.net/film/res/4115.html
>>278 Thank you very much for that. A vhs copy of Ombre from 1980 by Cavedon just arrived, I will try to digitize it and share it, maybe also restore it
Deseos AKA Desire (1977) Fragmented Mexi-Western with elements of Catholicism and surrealism. Directed by Jodorowsky's cinematographer Rafael Corkidi. Only available as this VHS source, possibly open-matte. mega.nz/#!2whhjYYA!SZbRuZe9OWGTNxf057EpaDMRVp5L9YI55jXrctTKdK0
>>281 Thank you for this, I tried to upload an edit to YT but its been nuked about 15 times, even with my shitty copyright evasion watermark, ironic since I got the footage from YT itself Somehow I find myself being more and more drawn into the year 1977, one of those "not-coincidences" you know?
>>282 >I tried to upload an edit to YT but its been nuked about 15 times Wow, that's surprising. I'm surprised they would delete it, or recognize any part of a movie that's so unknown. If someone has made a copyright claim, when are they going to release a proper commercial version?
>>283 Hmm interesting, looks like the one video I took (and every other upload) was deleted, probably because of the same copyright reason. But there's this other one Pafnucio Santo https://youtu.be/cSLf14aUHpA and this INSANE comparison of resolutions for another film https://youtu.be/k7nZOZ1RDyw
>>284 So a telecom company owns the rights. They probably have a big list of films for takedown on youtube. América Móvil is a huge corporation but I wonder where, if anywhere, they would potentially broadcast Deseos? I remember someone posted Corkidi's Angeles y Querubines on 8ch*n. Might as well repost here since the link still works: https://mega.nz/#!jwgB0RYC!tjNSOe9uH7u7CjzklG8q6Xuz9afGv-N20cPHS6ddxhE
Sergey Bondarchuk's WATERLOO (1970) came out on bluray recently but here's a FAN CUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F5zEHVl3tE This full HD version has been sped corrected to 24fps. Using stills and exerts from the script to indicate four short scenes that never made the final cut of the film. Some notes: Scene 1. The battle of Ligny. Looking at the script, the french army marching past the windmill used later in the film, looks like it was meant to be used as the battle of Ligny. Blucher is on the march! The Prussian cavalry charge used later in the film was almost certainly meant to be used earlier. In the film the images are ‘flopped’ so the charge goes from left to right, to maintain screen direction. In the battle scenes the french generally attack right to left and the allies left to right. This is good film direction. The scenes were almost certainly moved later to beef up the Prussians arriving at the end of the battle. In the Fan cut the ‘corrected’ charge then goes to a still of Blucher unhorsed. This explains why he is wounded a few scenes later. Scene. 2. Wellington and Mercer discuss why his guns are aimed at a hollow in the ground. This explains why the french horses appear to fall over a crevasse in the next scene. Scene. 3. In the script a messenger rides to tell Napoleon that the farm house has fallen, then promptly dies. These pictures appear to be that scene. Certainly Napoleon looks very similar in the next scene. Scene 4. Wellington and Blucher meet. Cutting this scene into the film it was very obvious why it was cut. The triumphalism seems at odds with the sombre mood created in the finished scene. That said it does payoff the narrative of Napoleon nemesis.
Damn I just noticed that worldscinema has been posting free links instead of premium.
I just posted this on 8kun, but figured I should post it here as well. Does anyone have a link for Queen Kelly (1929)? The only one I can find has italian title cards
>>289 I was going to take a copy from a certain locked site but i found another in the open web that seems to have english cards, in the intro as technicals and in the movie itself as intertitles. Haven't downloaded it entirely yet but i suppose the rest is in english too, cannot hear any audio so i don't know about that orchestral score. Is that what you searched for or are they just in the beginning? I can give you the hash but if you want i can upload it in a direct site like MF, ZS or even MGnz (the latter has a daily limit)
>>289 >>290 I uploaded it last night anyway. I think a PTP mod made this rip and he was not very meticulous about his work. Silent films are tricky to rip because you should restore the original framerate, which varies from film to film. The ripper didn't do that so there's interlacing in this mkv. Also it's oversized. But so far no one has made a better rip. https://mega.nz/#!GwBF3aIa!U08dwML4njVNVcZOgNcj6VQSegRZSw7PknRPi08qUtU pass: /film/ I watched the first 20 minutes and Queen Kelly has a definite pre-code subversiveness
>>290 >>291 Thanks bro, I really appreciate it
>>291 You beat me, my version just finished downloading. I read in another site the same comments regarding fps, so i grabbed one in the open and looks decent, it had audio after all but much lower resolution than yours and i think the same fps issues. That 540p accentuates the tasty pictorial glow/out of focus vibe much better.
I couldn't find these anywhere. >The Night Bus - Kiumars Pourahmad >Eagles - Samuel Kachikian >Big Drum Under Left Foot - Kazem Masoumi
>>294 >Big Drum Under Left Foot - Kazem Masoumi This looks interesting and I'm surprised it not available in more places. I just heard how the Iran/Iraq War was a brutal fight like WWI because it involved trenches and gas. You probably saw this? The video works but you need an account for subtitles, maybe they want you to pay for them. https://www.imvbox.com/watch-persian-movie-iranian-movies/big-drum-under-left-foot-table-bozorg-zire-paye-chap
>>294 Here is Otobuse Shab AKA The Night Bus (Kiumars Poorahmad, 2007) mega.nz/#!l1gj0SSS!66hZQPX9xjeEhbZSTucxiYHWHvHduohKpcgVkmSyHdU subscene.com/subtitles/the-night-bus-aka-otobus-shab/english/1922724
>>295 >>296 Chose a good day to come back.
>>278 Upgrade with Italian hardsubs dasan.co/Pbvg/La_casa_%C3%A8_nera.mp4 Thanks to t.me/CinemaLucida
Anyone have Thérèse (1986)? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092090/
does anyone have "Illuminated Texts" (1982) by Bruce Elder?
>>299 should have english subs on there http://nitroflare.com/watch/F78D0EE67A525D8/Th%C3%A9r%C3%A8se.mkv if that other link doesn't work this one should mega.nz/#!uZZFDC4Z!VS4CkyTDanU2emXlg8tCPGxXfMIMpy7rhXvUIaGa_TM
>>300 If there's no existing link I can upload it. I have to say Illuminated Texts an excellent film. Since you mention it I want to nominate it for the top 250. On the old board I mentioned how I'm always disappointed by Mekas. He doesn't do anything interesting with his footage, he has no interesting observations about life, and his original music is grating. By contrast, Illuminated Texts arranges personal footage in a manner that's exponentially more engaging. The editing does not linger on any subject longer than it should, so you truly get "moments of beauty" instead of the experience of being stuck watching interminable vacation slides. The "illuminated texts" are short passages from classical literature and poetry that briefly appear onscreen. I suppose Elder inserts some of his own writings as well; I haven't actually read background information about the film.
>>301 Got it, thanks very much!
>>302 if you could upload it I would be super grateful! do you also have his other films from region one of his The Book of All the Dead film cycle? in particular "Lamentations: A Monument for the Dead World" ?
>>294 >Eagles - Samuel Kachikian is this it here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QGy_sb8nnA don't know what you can do about subtitles though
>>304 OK here is Illuminated Texts mega.nz/#F!swpxWajA!7N1bO59UZEQvtqs_dO-1eQ Lamentations 1+2 is 12GB and my connection is pretty slow, maybe someone else can post it?
>>306 Thank you for Illuminated Texts. Also I don't mind waiting for however long for Lamentations.
>>279 this should work mega.nz/#F!mBo1ARLI!M3pUeSDMqHQfvqaanS6ibA
>>308 Cool, thanks a lot
does anyone have Harvest (1967) directed by Carroll Ballard? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061750/
>>310 I remember someone posted it before but unfortunately the link is dead. I will try to dig it up. https://8kun.top/film/res/13094.html#13882
>>312 got it. thanks a lot
Open file (1.02 MB 1280x1797 MV5BND.jpg)
Looking for the 275 min miniseries version of Talvisota (1989)
>>315 Full miniseries is ripped as Talvisota.Osa.1.1989.DVBrip.Pekka.Parikka.avi + the other 4 parts I can't find any live torrents though. So maybe Dailymotion is the only place for it
>>314 here is childs garden- haven't got elementary phrases- maybe someone else could upload it if they had it mega.nz/#!GcYQyKRB!fkG9AXhLQL7ykU8B01YUwc_x-9wrFL7_Dxt9jF7jf8s
>>316 >>317 Damn, I will just watch the movie then, I don't want to bother with an old pan and scan TV recording when the series is available on DVD.
>>306 do you think you would still be able to upload lamentations? i've been looking for it everywhere and still can't find it
>>314 Elementary Phrases mega.nz/#!3EFCySZZ!Ycbf6VsKySdFUb5GLO9ssZU2AUx7PZUyIdOe4TKnzZw
does anybody have "Inland Empire Stories" the 40 minute interview with David Lynch on the DVD special features of Inland Empire where he talks about watching movies on your "fucking telephone"?
What was the name of the Canadian moose hunting documentary of dudes shooting the shit and was taglined with "The best of men, and worse (lol) of men".
>>324 do you think you could upload it again? i try extracting it and get an error message at 20% saying the file is corrupted.
>>326 I will take a look at it. Did anyone else get this error?
>>327 I was able to extract it just fine
>>326 Ok try this one. Completely different upload. https://mega.nz/file/nNtljAzC#ZkJPoOLQ7QNsmcRsTTFibVY84XJbi09TQcY5qbjQni4 While checking these links I noticed a change in the URL formatting. You'll get an error if you're using MegaDownloader. https://www.reddit.com/r/MEGA/comments/fxdziz/mega_downloader_says_no_valid_links_have_been/ >>328 Oh well I uploaded a new one anyway
>>329 yes this one worked thank you
does anyone have Remains to be Seen (1989) https://letterboxd.com/film/remains-to-be-seen-1989/
>>324 At which point does the TV become too small? I only have a 24 inch monitor
>>332 that clip came out in 2007 so im pretty sure he meant don't watch videos like pic related. a monitor is better than a laptop which is better than a phone. so i'd say you would be fine
>>332 >Not watching films on your 77 inch OLED
>>331 Essential ventilatorkino https://mega.nz/file/mUtDhCrJ#gG_2WSLFrSDX8RuHoNTvcUeV2Oh83XUZZiVxPR8DKA0 BONUS https://mega.nz/file/3RNwWKgS#DiMr3imUuES9se75XI3C6VqND3xFpdxmPu5cbBydcvo >>333 I watched Shiver of the Vampires and The Penthouse (1967) on a 2.5" iPod screen
does anybody have "Imaginary Light"? https://letterboxd.com/film/imaginary-light/
Anyone got a Joao Cesar Monteiro filmography torrent/MEGA?
I’m looking for a Sergei Eisenstein collection or at least Alexander Nevsky. Something high definition.
>>339 Here's Ivan I and II + Strike I'm surprised Nevsky isn't on this site https://rarbg.to/torrent/ihyl75j https://rarbg.to/torrent/bvc8pkq https://rarbg.to/torrent/gq3kyfh
I was curious if anyone had the blu ray rip off this movie, split directed by Chris Shaw?
>>341 Torrent sites only have the VHS version
Looking for Ah Ying (1983) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085144/ If anyone can find it I appreciate it.
>>343 mega.nz/file/icUTjCRI#h3W3kVU9OOuoKOSts7h2eM5pwUbIx7SaxoqlybTabiw VCD quality (very poor)
>>344 >VCD quality (very poor) But still very watchable. I just finished the whole movie, thanks. Something like Ah Ying is a product of its time, a nice snapshot of the earlier days of the Hong Kong New Wave. I've been watching some Hong Kong movies over the past couple of days because Boat People was featured on tvch's weekly film club last week. When I was watching Ah Ying I was reminded of Stephen Chow's The New King of Comedy which has a similar plot of a young woman who aspires to be a big actress, though I think Chow's The New King of Comedy is a little more refined and updated. In The New King of Comedy there's an audition sequence near the end of the movie, where main character acts out a scene from earlier in the movie where she broke up with her boyfriend, so the movie cuts between her audition and the scene from earlier where she broke up with her boyfriend but the character is playing both herself and her boyfriend in a dual role. So I thought something like that was really cool, showing how people draw from real world experiences in order to act and bring out feeling. But people gave The New King of Comedy a lot of flak for being a commercialized movie with a lot of product placement, Tencent stuff etc, cheaply made. I think Ah Ying and The New King of Comedy are both good movies but I prefer something like The New King of Comedy a little more because of that dual role scene which sticks out in my mind much more.
>>345 I wondered about the flac audio but here's the explanation from the source. The original version had a dub on the right channel. So the uploader fixed that problem while preserving the original audio quality. When skipping through the file I thought noticed some audio artifacts, not sure if that can happen during mp3>flac conversion. He also explains why the why this film is so rare and how it's unlike most other HK cinema (like you mentioned).
Does anyone have Makino's 2017 film "At the Horizon" ?
>>347 I don't see it anywhere, too bad https://www.25fps.hr/en/film/at-the-horizon https://makinotakashi.net/work_at_the_horizon.html The distribution site http://www.sixpackfilm.com/ is not loading for me right now. They are involved with the Index DVD series.
>>348 Site loads just fine for me
>>347 What do you like from Makino? I haven't explored very much of his work. I'd love to see his films screened in a proper theatre instead of my computer/TV.
Looking for La beauté du monde (1999) and Amour d'enfance (2001), dir. Yves Caumon
Does anyone have Han Ye (aka Cold Nights)? It's a 1955 film directed by Lee Sun-Fung. It makes multiple best of lists, but it doesn't seem to exist online anywhere.
>>352 It must have screened in US theatres at some point to get on those lists? I can't find it online either. There are open requests for Han-ye on KG and PTP It might have been on youtube, but deleted within the last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWp1H1PJ6s
Anyone have this restored version? Rare Thai classic film. There are VHS Rips available but with worse quality. Really thankful if anyone could dig this up. PS- Another name for this movie - The Scar, 1977
[End of Dump JW03 ~ 07/25/2020]
>>341 https://mega.nz/file/8QwWHA5D#zYc_F-u_ceLXspCpf1dNO1oNuq1EDIWZLPoK-DFjfXY I hope you're still here. >>351 Those were never released it seems, just shown in festivals and theaters. I'll keep my eyes peeled >>352 I saw the archived thread on the other place. Don't know how the youtube video came to be. I also emailed HK archives just to see what possibilities there are of obtaining it.
If there are any screenwriters who visit /film/, this may be of interest. https://mega.nz/file/dJBjEAYb#sP7XmPAnorDz1e8yQ-7CFDPOgJkAll-Vg0VL8UDKZ8A They are a bunch of unreleased S. Craig Zahler screenplays (and a couple that have been made). His movies are trash but you might get something out of it.
>>680 Highly useful, thanks a lot. This will come handy as an example in practice for some screenplay PDFs i have around.
>>680 >His movies are trash How dare you
I'm excited that my favorite film with Jeanne Moreau hit the trackers with a new 1080p Amazon upgrade Directed by Tony Richardson, written by Marguerite Duras and Jean Genet https://rarbg.to/torrent/d6aobfn Wonderful black and white cinemascope throughout (I see comments that partial subs are still needed for non-English parts of this file)
Looking for Ima Boku Wa (2008)
>>722 First time I've seen NEET in a plot synopsis https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1294679/
Open file (36.30 KB 300x412 7o91sh.jpg)
Open file (65.62 KB 431x640 4k48t5.jpg)
Open file (56.50 KB 420x639 15uc5c.jpg)
Open file (94.48 KB 531x756 x6bdh1.jpg)
Open file (82.58 KB 690x1024 z02b50.jpg)
>>716 This film is part of an interesting list Booed at Cannes El AKA This Strange Passion [1953] L'avventura AKA The Adventure [1960] L'Eclisse AKA The Eclipse [1962] Gertrud [1964] La peau douce AKA The Soft Skin [1964] Seconds [1966] Mademoiselle [1966] La Maman et la putain AKA The Mother and the Whore [1973] Taxi Driver [1976] L'Argent AKA Money [1983] Sous le soleil de Satan AKA Under the Sun of Satan [1987] Wild at Heart [1990] La Voce della luna AKA The Voice of the Moon [1990] Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me [1992] Pulp Fiction [1994] Crash [1996] The Brave [1997] Idioterne AKA The Idiots AKA Dogme #2 [1998] L'humanité AKA Humanity [1999] Limbo [1999] Dancer in the Dark [2000] The Brown Bunny [2003] Sud pralad AKA Tropical Malady [2004] The Fountain [2006] The Da Vinci Code [2006] Southland Tales [2006] Marie Antoinette [2006] We Own the Night [2007] Synecdoche, New York [2008] Palermo Shooting [2008] La mujer sin cabeza AKA The Headless Woman [2008] La frontière de l'aube AKA Frontier of the Dawn [2008] Inglourious Basterds [2009] Antichrist [2009] Taking Woodstock [2009] Kinatay AKA The Execution of P [2009] The Tree of Life [2011] The Paperboy [2012] Post Tenebras Lux [2012] Only God Forgives [2013] Grace of Monaco [2014] The Captive [2014] Lost River [2014] The Sea of Trees [2015] Personal Shopper [2016] The Last Face [2016]
>>724 >Inglourious Basterds [2009] Really? I wonder which part/s.
>>724 >Under the Sun of Satan That's somewhat surprising. From 1990 and on it's clear that the audience was not easily amused with transgressive random actions or overly garish ones, but that seemed to stop from the mid 10's, perhaps due to the americans getting the rights to the festival.
Open file (916.95 KB 1200x720 n3304h.png)
>>726 >>725 I can't find anything for Inglourious Basterds but here's >Under the Sun of Satan' (1987), starring Gerard Depardieu and Sandrine Bonnaire, won the Palme D'Or, but director Maurice Pialat received boos at his acceptance speech and closed by telling the audience: 'I'm happy about the boos and the whistling. If you don't like me, I can tell you I don't like you either.'' Source from a few places. This WSJ slideshow is paywalled unfortunately https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324766604578459254056340168 https://www.bam.org/film/2013/booed-at-cannes https://www.artforum.com/film/melissa-anderson-on-booed-at-cannes-at-bamcinematek-40769 > One boos a film at Cannes because one is at Cannes and booing is what happens there. Wanting to participate in this tetchy convention often reveals behavior more masochistic than sadistic: Two years ago, a colleague, rather than leave a film he despised very early on, stayed through all 127 minutes of it just so he could join the chorus of boos at the end. Sometimes, though, the vicious responses are genuine manifestations of near-pathological rage at the filmmaker, as I witnessed in 2009, when Lars von Trier, whose Antichrist had screened the night before to a din of jeers, was booed—at his own press conference.
>>727 >stayed through all 127 minutes of it just so he could join the chorus of boos at the end It's not like they can join another room and the point of the festival is to judge, most of the people there are not even enthusiasts but the toughest critics, merchants scooping talent, craftsmen and the film staff themselves. Hence the air of elitism but also high standards (at least back then) strange that some experienced directors don't realize that. I keep reading bad stuff from the festival in recent years so i don't know what to say, i am seeing politics and ego appeasement have taken a hold on the most popular festivals. Berlin is a far-left stronghold with its liberal critics and standards, Venice is a Hollywood distribution hub enclave with its explicit award handouts between friends (Shape of Water and Roma, Al Pacino and James Franco winning honorary prizes for their "masterful contribution to the world of cinema in directing") and Cannes became a red carpet/fashion runway that made most of their nominees pay their own expenses to travel to the festival and the judges have no credentials to do such a duty. >>722 >>723 It's a nip movie, so probably a translation for hikikomori that aged ironically. Let's see if i can pull it out from somewhere, it doesn't have seeders so it might take a while.
Open file (99.11 KB 252x356 Now, I.jpg)
>>722 >>728 There we go, get it while it's hot >https://mega.nz/file/qZpFxSJA#iiDb3fowFAvjQTYP5eyoCQLgu5msLL6WaTLfm73XErw whoever requested this, post review comment plox
>>730 not the guy that requested it but this could've been a great mockumentary asking the void here.. maybe someone has Sleep has her house (2019)..
>>746 Funny, i found most of Barley's obscure works but not that movie until i checked a relatively popular source and there it was. But it's a 2017 film, not 2019, the synopsis are practically the same and features the same director so i guess it's the same? still i think it's too interesting, a 24 year old pulling that kind of job all on his own with subsequent, and supposed, critical acclaim should be studied by some of us here. Will upload it shortly not Barley speaking here by the way
>>750 it's on kg (his upload), sc, and probably ptp among others. > a 24 year old pulling that kind of job all on his own with subsequent, and supposed, critical acclaim should be studied by some of us here With that criteria we should be studying clerks as well
>>751 >it's on kg (his upload) It's not listed in director's name hence why i didn't see it, i still don't I searched in Monova and there it was, so not really hard to see. >With that criteria we should be studying clerks as well Passive aggressive aren't we, i suppose many of us want to do something out with a camera hence why i said that, the movie focuses on visuals and basic almost abstract storytelling so i thought it was a point of interest, you might've already seen it before so i guess you also might've a point where that isn't the case. Clerks is an exercise in minimal and improvised location use that can achieve a full-length product if the script/acting is right, you might not like its humor (i did get tired of it at some point) but it is a subject of study too if you want to make Rope but for horny stoners and you only have 50 bucks on your pocket. Is it good? barely but it's a complete piece that holds its own which isn't much, but ironically much better than anything that director did and will do in his life.
>>752 I was joking. sorry if that came across as rude He also had a crew to help him Ah, I was incorrect. For some reason he didn't want that one to be shared. it's on sc but only in 4k
Open file (1.11 MB 1800x2370 Poster.jpg)
Open file (158.70 KB 760x576 snapshot_00.41.32.857.jpg)
>>753 I ate some shit there bro, sorry if i read lines in-between that weren't there. Clerks is not that bad tho hence why i don't dislike it, it's just that the director has been living off from it for the last 3 decades thus giving it bad enough shade to be seen with utter disdain, which it very almost deserves because that guy is a prick yet also a pushover and the movie reflects that same spirit in its core, the events and characters are mean-spirited yet under a relentless passiveness. >He also had a crew to help him I suppose Barley Boy went camping with some friends and they divided work, one was recording video while the other recorded audio, and maybe someone else made the digital work while one of these made the rest a camp fire and dinner. It sounds very fun producing something out of camping and making money on top, or at least getting his name in the fame game. The SC version seems to be the go-to version but 15GB is quite the download/upload, especially when i still don't know how their BLM ratio system works. >>746 So here it is, i watched some parts out of order because the movie is mainly visual but now i somewhat regret saying we should watch it. It's not bad but it's not kidding when the synopsis mentions it's a slow movement cinema piece, it totally applies to the camera work done on the iPhone and i would also add abstract/meditative tags in there. To be brief the movie is basically a set of "moving" landscape and astro photography, as in static framing with only slow zooming and panning as the dynamic element, that showcase an idyllic forest under a threat of darkness. The format is 4:3 which further enhances the traditional photo/film cinema presentation. Said darkness is represented by the heavily post-processed mood from the image quality out of the phone's camera because of its lack of low-light capabilities, using under-exposed shots and denoising, halation + vignette tools as resources for creating this gloomy effect; the pros are that all of these are used in a properly tasteful way, the cons are none other than this being more of a visual art installation rather than a "proper" (as in narrative-driven) film, a fact the director very directly references and even mentions how the original purpose for this was to relax or "nap", hence the tongue-in-cheek title that completely stole my joke The only thing that bothers me is reading this took "months" to render in a machine, honestly i don't see how it would've taken that long unless they did add unholy amounts of post-process algorithms into those small digital sensor videos. This is more of a movie for photographers or perhaps people who enjoy getting into a relaxed trance while watching moving pictures that is until the forest and horses burn in a thunderstorm fire at the end https://mega.nz/file/qBoE3JiJ#wj5r0BhsVoyoyAakeyfPbW2lvITL-C3Sqd5jkS6e89E Would def watch again if insomniac and minus the last 15 minutes.
>>754 Thank you very much! I was meaning to watch this mostly as a study into low-budget filmmaking.. so the movie being visually-driven is kind of a plus here in a way, I'm not going to expect anything other than pretty images for this, but with its reputation I'm at least hoping for a somewhat interesting experience. About the rendering part, they probably did use a bunch of post-process tricks, but I don't see how it would take literal months to render either. Unless they rendered it on some 10-year old netbook, which seems unlikely, but who knows.. Bless you for sharing it
>>754 No worries >The SC version seems to be the go-to version but 15GB is quite the download/upload, especially when i still don't know how their BLM ratio system works. Yeah, it's too large. Thanks for the upload. Basically it's ratio-less, so you can download as much as you want. There was a silly discussion on their forums about it a few weeks ago. Stupid drama. I just ignore their political bullshit, strange how they're the only tracker I'm on wherein they're so overtly loud about it. Otherwise, the closest I saw was on SG regarding the New Zealand shooter manifesto.
Open file (368.65 KB 1177x1600 Vampiyaz.jpg)
Anybody happen to have Vampiyaz? Need it for a bad movie night.
Open file (1.01 MB 480x360 Atlanta Blade.mp4)
>>782 Why not watch a good movie instead? It's on JewTube at the moment so check that out. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25jYsCEZyFo I take it back, just checked what it was and it's hilarious. Even the light softboxes and mics are visible in some scenes Drug-dealing nigger muggers who are also bug-eating vampires who also hunt other vampires who get high It's like Blade combined with Park's Thirst but gone really wrong
Can I request a film book here? I'd like to find an ebook of "Directory of World Cinema: Russia 2". Only the first book is pirated on the internet (it is attached here in case someone wants to have a look). The books are very interesting with in-dept knowledge of history of russian cinema and prominent directors from the past and present.
I'm trying to get every single Tura Satana appearance on film, there's a weird entry on Wikipedia called 'Man Hands and Swollen Glans', is this a joke? I can't find anything lol
>>900 It's fake and it should probably be removed to avoid confusion. The person who added that title to wikipedia is a troll who made other false edits which were corrected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Wha580 Filmography edit https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tura_Satana&diff=295542821&oldid=292458857 Tura early life https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tura_Satana&diff=295543198&oldid=295542821 >Unfortunately, 6 months after recieving her black belt in karate, she was again gang raped by a roving band of ninja warriors. He also said Orlando Bloom's father was a "magician and chimney sweep"
anyone have a link to Tuna: A Fish with a Special Place in my Heart? https://boxd.it/8T8Y it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet
>>1013 Was it online at one time? It is the only film from Palau on imdb. https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?country_of_origin=pw&ref_=tt_dt_dt
>>1014 it was on youtube. a friend of mine watched it, and a week or so later it was gone
Open file (834.44 KB 709x1002 cover_full.jpg)
looking for The Woman in the Septic Tank (2011) https://boxd.it/2ViO
I really REALLY need episode 17 from the Girl from UNCLE, the episode starring Tura Satana. But it seems like the season is only being streamed on major providers. Does anyone know if a rip exists?
>>1089 The Moulin Ruse Affair? i can get it for you, give me a couple days at most.
>>1089 >the Girl from UNCLE Hello. If you are on tvv, it's there. Were you making your own giallo movie?
>>1089 >>1091 There we go, yeah i got it from TVV, freeleech even but it seems it was in an Amazon rip that i think is also on the open web (hence the FL status). Get it while it's hot: >https://anonfiles.com/TdU33717p2/TheWanderingDoctorAD33_rar >Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi spent her childhood in Manzanar Camp Funny, i was going to post some photos about that place soon enough and one of the subjects is a Yamaguchi (Hamaguchi?) Tura might've been in one of the kid groups in some of the photos, what's funnier is how americans claim it wasn't a concentration camp even when it was a bit more ill-prepared than Auschwitz or Buchenwald, no wonder she was tough. American hypocrisy is only surpassed by Jewish shamelessness, although it might be the same thing after all.
>>1091 Amazing! I just wanted to archive every Tura appearence on film and TV, I actually wanted upload a compilation yesterday but I couldnt find this episode for the life of me! Now it is complete. >>1093 Thank you for the tip. Yes, we are currently finishing the script but production was severely held back because of the covid restrictions in Italy, it got very complicated because we actually had some scenes in other countries such as England and the Netherlands, hopefully we can start shooting in a few months, I guess you can follow the project with the production name "Flying octopus" ( I just made that up but since I'm leading the project with my partner I will fly for now ) >>1095 Thank you again! That's very interesting, finding her in those pictures would be quite a find... I love this woman ever since I saw Faster Pussycat! What a mouth!
>>1095 Hey, this is amazing! I didn't you could get such a high res... I hope one day I can provide something good to TVV as a thank you. Does anyone know if this "Man Hands and Swollen Hands" is a joke? It certainly reads like one and there's no mention of it in IMDb...
>>754 I finally watched this film, and I really liked it. It is super relaxing, and the images are abstract and suggestive enough that I never was bored, plus the brisk run time doesn't overstay its welcome. I don't understand why this is referred to as a horror film. It's abstract, mysterious, and moody, but never terrifying. >now i somewhat regret saying we should watch it I get what you're saying, but I think it's worth a viewing if you don't require a story and are ok with an incredibly slow pace. It seems that this film works very well if you're already sleepy. It's nice that the director shares his work on KG for free
>>1095 TVV friend, could you check if the episode 13 titled "Lady in Limbo" from season one of Greatest Show on Earth with Lucille Ball is there too?
Open file (58.37 KB 500x722 1OUQBXy.jpg)
>>1098 Hey italodisco, do you need a TVV invite? I think I have your email from inviting you before. I don't use the site very much but maybe you would. They have a good selection of old/rare TV shows, though not much from Italy.
Shit maybe invites are closed. I have 4 but can't send any.
>>1100 It's not there. If you are on CG there's an invite thread for that tracker. There's a black and white version of that episode on kiketube >>1101 Lynch is a kike
Where the heck can i download La Piovra WITH SUBS? I can't find a damn thing other than ultra hard 1atatime download bullshit. plz help
Open file (25.32 KB 441x203 turafilm.png)
>>1098 (sorry in advance for clogging up the thread but fuck it, it's not like there's much traffic anyways...) Wow, I forgot pic related. I am almost sure it's a joke until someone tell me other wise
Did >>1104 delete his own post or did BO delete it because it showed private tracker comments?
Open file (105.91 KB 867x320 gsoe.png)
Open file (39.32 KB 597x444 gsoe-.png)
>>1107 I deleted it myself because the information isn't very useful and the video is on youtube
>>1108 Thank you anyways, I was hoping they might've had the color version even tho it was probably never released? I don't really know much about it other than it was filmed in color (and you can see a clip of it on youtube) but released in B&W
Open file (391.28 KB 874x581 limbo.png)
>>1109 >>1108 Nevermind, I shoulda read your pics first since they mentioned it. (I'm retarded) Also, I don't know what dawtrina is smoking but Tura is most definitely in the episode! You can see her two times (maybe more?) Once in the intro right when the title shows up, pic related. And also even more prominently at 29:34 in the youtube video...
>>1110 TVV only has Eps 5 and 7, that's what he's talking about. The youtube video comes from some other source.
>>1100 Sure, but like anon said it seems you are in for a bad spell, only 3 episodes there. >I hope one day I can provide something good to TVV They are pretty picky and the mods are known for being a bit bloodthirsty so better get us something good around here :^) although your company is enough A shame really, Jack Palance is guaranteed fun and Coburn is a good support character actor, old TV has some gold lost in the drain or unfortunate garage fire/arson incidents, there's TONS of stuff lost or unchecked that will someday fade if those magnetic tapes are not used. >>1037 I found odd how this movie, or flip/thai movies in general, have suspicious links with elaborate pages, even mimicking famous ones fairly closely. Still i found it, gonna have some sleep while it's uploading and then it's yours when i wake up. >>1016 Sounds silly but you can try asking some Palau authority or the World Tuna Organization if they know where to get it or see it.
Open file (663.50 KB 1509x2159 img20201003_22110028.jpg)
Open file (694.04 KB 1515x2159 img20201003_22092733.jpg)
Open file (599.25 KB 1489x2155 img20201003_22124450.jpg)
Open file (597.52 KB 1489x2155 img20201003_22141296.jpg)
Open file (650.66 KB 1495x2155 img20201003_22153509.jpg)
>>1105 It's released with subs by Aztec International in Australia, If your download doesn't have subs maybe these will work. http://www.opensubtitles.org/en/ssearch/sublanguageid-all/idmovie-38074
Open file (122.92 KB 762x576 Paranoid bank guard.jpg)
>>1037 >>1114 Git it while it's fresh >https://anonfiles.com/T6S2Sf12p8/FreeloadingFlippersGoToCannes_rar Looks interesting, might check it later It has a loli being given a bath in a slum, naughty request here
>>1114 >old TV has some gold lost in the drain or unfortunate garage fire/arson incidents Yes, but it was lost in a much larger sea of plodding and forgettable shit. I wonder what percentage of just ABC Movie(s) of the Week are actually worth a watch. Still sad though, and it goes way beyond tv
>>1125 > lost in a much larger sea of plodding and forgettable shit Yeah, even extant TV programming is barely watchable until the 1980s. Pick a random show from the 60s or 70s and you'll bail out before the first commercial break. The very early stuff is kind of interesting to see how it all got started, but exploring old TV is a big time investment so I don't bother. Maybe UK TV holds up better. There are plenty of quality episodes of Wednesday Play / Play for Today. I'm not sure there are many good TV movies from the US.
>>1126 >Maybe UK TV holds up better It's better written. Although I've read some great things about some ABC series such as Dark Shadows, but I've been intimidated to make the dive because there are so many episodes (over a 1000) >Play for Today I'm a big fan of Robin Redbreast. Also Ghost Stories for Christmas, while hit or miss, are generally good. BFI actually did those shows a solid. An image from an episode of Supernatural was posted the other day, and while that show is comparatively weaker, it's still good.
>>1116 Any none pinoy/thai reviews? I was interested in this because of the poster but the download keeps getting blocked for some reason, I give up.
Open file (111.97 KB 640x480 Rene.jpg)
>>1125 >sea of plodding and forgettable shit Sure, but for archivist reasons it's a tragedy, although i would say non-american/anglo TV being lost is a bigger sin because very few care. Those old but "expensive" Yugo productions, the latin american strange but creative late-night dramas (not the soap stuff) or even the supposedly good Hong Kong annual series which featured tons of the old Shaw Brothers/Golden Harvest figures in more mature roles (after probably more acting growth) and big investments in the pre-Handover era. I think most of it falls into the actual soap opera stuff but there must be some mini-series or regional documentaries that stand out, i mean there should be. But generally TV has tons of filler, hard to do it daily otherwise, i remember once wanting to check The Fugitive because both my parents praise it highly but was daunted to find it's a 90-hour drama, i highly doubted it was all plot so i ditched the idea preferring to download some similar anime but never getting to see that one either As a sidenote i recall some X-Files fans dividing their series' episodes via character centric, characterization/reference centric and filler centric, basically jumbling in groups why the FBI agents are seeking their motives, quirks that might be mentioned in said episodes and the rest are monster-of-the-week stuff. And sometimes they add their schedule, placing all the plot stuff with a couple of the best in filler, still reducing the amount of view time and reaching 80 or something episodes rather than 291. I wanted to do that venture semi-seriously with Renegade but dropped it after 5 or 6 episodes, it was not bad but there was nothing really special, i think that's TV in a general nutshell, you can watch it and pass the time but writing, categorizing or commenting about it turns difficult because it's not noteworthy enough or it plays every aspect at bare minimum and makes it hard to compartmentalize or simply divide by quality as everything is either so median or a jumbled mess of quirky features/characters/saucy boob fan service that the fan listing will always be controversial. I think someone did that thing with Seinfeld and it ended up being 20-something episodes while Friends was 100+, a philanthropic activity to say the least hence why i think it's even less popular than fan-edits even when this one saves dozens of hours. One thing's for sure, the women back then in TV weren't good actresses but they sure as hell were flamin' hot, unlike nowadays were they suck and you wouldn't want to be sucked by one. >>1129 >the download keeps getting blocked for some reason Same thing happened some days ago with the you-know-what robot movie, strange, but i can give you a quick review of the first 15 minutes: Nothing to do with the poster either stylistically and conceptually, the poster seems like a 00's movie trying to tackle 70's b or c-grade action/horror movies with the style but in reality it's a 10's movie trying to parody the indie/"sophisticated" film scene in South Asia with some preppy dudes trying to make a movie about a topic so miserable the western film circuit will pick it up due to liberal porn tastes about slum life, and then they will scum their way into traveling to Europe or America for a festival. The first 15 minutes is the "preview" or concept-proof of said idea then jumping into them laughing and coldly planning how to do it, hypocrite but that's the idea and honestly that's the reality, film festivals are misery lovers like i mention all the time, it's a cheaper and easier tactic to make the protagonist suffer and suffer via his background rather than writing a complex script. The slum part works and growing to hate the film students in a couple of minutes also works if that was the intention. If you keep having trouble i can fix you another joint, probably Mega but those put 1GB+ limits on downloaders, i'll think of something.
>>1130 Don't worry!
>>1130 >Those old but "expensive" Yugo productions, the latin american strange but creative late-night dramas (not the soap stuff) Very intriguing, do you know of any that are worth the time? I'm really only aware that Raul Ruiz made some miniseries for Chilean tv good taste with Rene, who is?
Open file (58.84 KB 550x350 Hora-marcada02.jpg)
>>1136 Yes, by expensive i meant they either blew all their allotted money in the cast due to most of them being ensemble works that "rented" the in-house theater residents for long periods of time rather than being a single one-time film job or went all-out with the sets which usually were WWII nazi soldier massacre porn that was/is still popular by some. If my old notepad is not wrong i listed some recommendations and stuff i found to have high potential: 1980's Vruc Vetar, 1995's Slozna Braca, 1984's Sivi Dom, 1991's Zaboravljeni, 1990's Aleksa Santic, 1976's Vise Od Igre, 1995's Kraj Dinastije Obrenovic and 1972's Kamiondzije, there's also the old war stuff with 1974's Otpisani. I put 1970's Diplomci there too, it looks cheap as hell but i suppose i placed it there because the main cast are most of my preferred actors from the Belgrade circle. With these yugo series i think only the writing quality is of concern because i have yet to this day see a balkan production pre-breakup with bad or even average acting, they always nail a good balance between scenery-chewing and reflective stoicism along with some dark humor, it comes down to personal tastes regarding actors and their specific character polishing or sometimes the humor paint job a writer wants to do (juvenile and cringe comedy is usually a writer's fault rather than actor's delivery). The ones made in the war i don't know, yugos are not known for their set design but values seem to plummet hard around that time, fake mustaches (!) included. It's worth nothing i haven't seen any of these because i have never found subtitles or download links for some, so after a while i stopped searching but nowadays there might be some advances. The latin american thing is a personal experience as i saw some stuff late at night that i have never seen or read again and they were quite mind-bending for me back then, i recall an argentine series or mini-series in which the characters were in a house, and while going from room to room the whole set lifted and another came by instead of just walking or the camera cutting to another shot, it was bizarre but somehow it worked because the acting was as quirky due to the narrative being some sort of family drama about inane things, kinda like a sitcom acted in deadpan. I also recall one, while not a fiction work, to be very interesting that i think was called Sicilia Desechable which was about the well-read host (a journalist surnamed Sicilia) talking how he will try to make the most interesting night show with varied content on a shoestring budget, i think he only had 20 bucks every episode, and just went onto trying to teach the audience something while also trying to get into free music shows/musicians playing on the street or anything he could think of to save money and about anything you could think of to entertain or fill minutes into the show. Most often he didn't even spend money so he saved it to other episodes, mind you this was in Venezuela just when the revolts and some small military skirmishes happened against parts of the population including the police thus criminals started to roam, around 2002-2004, so it came to a point he never went out of his house and just tried to explain/do stuff, like trying to imitate the tests of cleaning products from commercials or boil down Coca-Cola, until one day he just gave up and said that not even with money you could do things because shit was hitting the fan. He was criticized for trying to stir shit even when one of his rules was never meddle with politics but in the end he kinda was right, i saw the program years later of its original broadcast and it was always funny in a tragic way to see how the guy slowly realizes society was crumbling because everyone was paranoid and public trust was at some point non-existent; dude was quite revolutionary too, he was technically vlogging for a living in 2003 and did make a controversial joke about some trannies in a corner he filmed from far in a hotel room "you might laugh at those things now, but if we let our guards down they will rise to the top and crush us, society, in resentment". He was basically shitposting once a week on national (international) TV with no content limits. 1986's La Hora Marcada was also something interesting, a Twilight/Outer Limits latinamerican rip-off that was used as a medium to push or give experience to young directors and technicians, supposedly had some good episodes and i did see a couple but didn't find it to be that captivating although some people swear by it, for horror junkies it might be a goldmine. There might be more but you got me in a curve, actually never tried to list those so i guess i will from now on.
Open file (104.20 KB 800x1064 61026H5N4mL._AC_SL1087_.jpg)
Open file (55.49 KB 440x587 16797.jpg)
>>1136 Hell sorry about that lack of spacing. >good taste with Rene, who is? I named it Rene.jpg for Renegade, tons of stuff to talk about that fast food show, the chick is the aforementioned protag's girlfriend and the main plot of the show is him searching who wanted to kill him but got her a steel point to the head instead. Everytime he's about to score with a lady (which is very often) he will have a nasty flashback about either banging her on the beach or getting shot thus limiting his libido dramatically. Funny how almost all that footage of the beach bumming never repeats, implying they rolled lots of film to use, now that's a sweet job. Her name seems to be Deprise Brescia and looks like she was a premium piece of eye candy for commercials and Aerobics videos back then, and yeah i remember seeing a commercial made by the gay jew Ritts that had her around. They simply don't make 'em they used to.
>>1130 >If you keep having trouble i can fix you another joint, probably Mega but those put 1GB+ limits on downloaders, i'll think of something. I recommend MegaDownloader if anyone is having trouble grabbing Mega links. I don't remember hitting a GB limit for downloading just one film, but this program should wait and resume if you do. I use MegaDownloader to limit download speed so Mega doesn't monopolize my internet connection. http://megadownloaderapp.blogspot.com/2013/02/download-links-english.html
Open file (54.11 KB 607x143 benigni.png)
This is a strange request but it's been haunting me because I had the video in my hands and I didn't download it in time before they took it down for uuuhhh... political reasons? I guess Benigni angered alot of religious people by giving a speech about sex in the bible (most of the Italian populus is religious) The entire thing was displayed in HD on the RaiPlay website, 30+ minutes, and I think they took it down after a day or two. This was back in February so I was hoping someone had archived the thing or downloaded the upload. The only evidence there is of the upload is the dead link and this MSN website (pic related) that linked directly to the RaiPlay upload, it even shows the original length. www.raiplay.it/iframe/video/2020/02/sanremo-2020-roberto-benigni-il-cantico-dei-cantici-99002db8-7f1c-4266-88d6-489da47261a0.html
Open file (427.92 KB 400x222 film2 (1).gif)
Requesting the source of this fucking gif lol HOW does no one know where it came from?
On the subject of film ID, does anyone know the source of these files (from the old board)? webm is slightly lewd.
Created a discord server for sharing mega links. currently just under 3,000 working links. I'm looking for people who will upload stuff occasionally, but you can just stop by to check it out. Currently its just me in there so I promise I'll try not to make it too awkward. https://discord (dot) gg/ kj2NfxgVSv
Where is this footage from?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGUYCur6hwo
>>1496 I believe it is Anti -Clock
>>1253 I don't know much about italians but i studied the first two levels of the language and i remember my sweet blonde teacher mentioning how Benigni almost seemed to love being hated by Italy despite them trying to like him for his earlier roles. Talking crazy, portraying jews as humble/innocents, making a post-modernist Pinocchio, saying the northerners were sometimes ruthless but saying the sicilians were people of peace. Loved the stories of her (not an italian national) seeing the banter between the northerners against the south folks everywhere from banks to airports, i think she lived in Parma or somewhere around. Ben talking about sex from the Bible is just confirming that old story.
I remember on Julay someone posted video footage of two people in a room talking about professors indoctrinating their students, think it related to students protesting. Anyone know where exactly that footage came from? It was shot well so it had to be from some documentary.
Open file (11.22 MB 768x576 Chiefs.mp4)
>>1499 Oh I remember that. It was from Chiefs (1968).
>>1500 Something like this surely wouldn't get distributed today. Can someone make this available for download somewhere like anonfiles or catbox? I'd like to see the entire thing now.
>>1502 Thanks Anon.
Does anyone have a link to Selva. Un portrait de Parvaneh Navaï (1982) by Maria Klonaris?
Does anyone have The Dreamed Films (2010) by Eric Pauwels with English subtitles?
>>1520 Sure, hope you like it. mega.nz/folder/7Q8gSSCD#HeTLvK08pvbSZa90NpJJZg
>>1525 Thanks
Figured it's worth a shot but do you have Les Chants (I, II, III, IV, V) by Jean-Paul Dupuis?
Open file (206.02 KB 1920x1080 Zbehovia a pútnici HD.jpg)
Finally an HD upgrade for The Deserter and the Nomads, although it's a TV source as before https://ulozto.net/file/rMxYnNiPcffs/zbehovia-a-putnici-hd-mkv
>>1553 Are there English subs that sync to this version?
>>1562 Here are the old subs to sync to the new file. The filename should be changed to .srt. Scattered lines of dialogue are missing but I'll post an update if they get translated.
Remade the Begotten trailer using the amazing KG restoration https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XGYXpPjdbNU
>>1564 Looks great. It's a shame this still doesn't have a blu-ray release.
does anyone hava a good (or decent) rip of The Sun (original title: Сóлнце) (2005) by Sokurov? one of Moloch with eng or ger subs would be appreciated too
>>1585 I mean simply a magnet link for a torrent
Open file (365.66 KB 1054x1804 bgttmc81sdt9.jpg)
Open file (143.97 KB 730x1384 mczv27mz17ap.jpg)
>>1585 You can get both of them if you join this torrent site, although it will count against your ratio https://cinemaz.to/torrent/4312-the-sun-2005-solntse https://cinemaz.to/torrent/2595-moloch-1999-molokh
Need a mega for for In Vanda's Room (costa), Ossessione (visconti), and The Crucified Lovers (mizoguchi).
>>1591 Not asking for much aren't we
>>1591 >The Crucified Lovers (mizoguchi). not mega but https://rarbg.to/torrent/8dlyn47
Open file (1.24 MB 2048x1178 ClipboardImage.png)
>reading Krzysztof Kieslowski's wikipedia page >misread a line as "Both Personnel and his next feature, The Scar (Blizna), were works of social realism with large cats" >immense disappointment when I realize my mistake Are there any particularly good movies about cats you'd recommend? Bonus points if they feature particularly large housecats.
>>1600 I keep wanting to watch that Mexican movie Night of 1000 Cats because it involves a guy flying around in a helicopter to peep at women in bikinis As for good cat movies there's Kuroneko
>>1589 Moloch is the same version I already have, I'm missing the right subtitles though and this torrent doesn't have them either. The Sun is in russian, which isn't the original language of the movie, although the director is russian. Isn't this uncommon for a private tracker? Thank you anyway!
>>1622 wait I'm a retard, according to the description they are both subtitled in english and with original audio, I was looking to the audio and the subtitle sections and the informations there were different.
Does anyone have this docu?
>>1352 Are you still here? The webm maker was kind enough to leave the audio on, so I made a search for the character names in the dialogue. This turns up, indeed the movie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106953/ >>1784 https://anonfiles.com/X5P8K69bu1/murder.on.the.victorian.railway.720p.hdtv.x264-ftp_mkv
Open file (655.06 KB 921x1410 b30a5.jpg)
>>1786 Hey, thanks a lot anon, you're a true gentleman and a scholar. Have a lewd picture.
>>1787 Bro anime is not my thing at all, lol. But you're welcome.
Open file (1.29 MB 500x281 thumb up.gif)
>>1788 Well, it's the thought that counts.
Open file (57.49 KB 656x480 Bell Diamond.jpg)
>>1786 Thanks, nice detective work. I kind of forgot about Jon Jost... only seen one of his films
Yet another left-field request, if anyone uses normie social media then you have (hopefully) come across a Mubi Italy Instagram advert featuring a Geisha behind a ciak (I don't know what they're called in English) I write in desperation as this is the second time I see the advert but for unfortunate circumstances, I immediately lose it, only retaining the very few initial frames I see. Here's hoping I can trace back the footage myself.
>>1861 The film is FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES by Toshio Matsumoto. Now I just have to find the ciak footage.
The Secret Forumla please
>>1879 This is the secret forum
Open file (2.68 MB 788x576 La.Formula.Secreta.mp4)
>>1879 https://mega.nz/file/PR1AhYyT#e8POJ_4Ad9H4s5dqM5yJwHvwKQgQjr-Z7JSK8mWprAk I was pleasantly surprised that Mega bumped up my storage to 20 GB
>>1885 Thank you very much
Does anyone have Le Crime d'amour (1982) by Guy Gilles.
>>1960 https://mega.nz/folder/pdw3AYrL#Sss9zeD0zQXdiOg0oylz5g I wasn't sure how to combine the video and subtitles so you'll have to download both.
Do you have anything by Arthur & Corinne Cantrill?
>>1969 I didn't know these directors but they seem very interesting. Their homepage talks about lectures on the proto-cinema, decades of experimental screenings, even some work in sound composition.
>>1971 >https://mega.nz/folder/Np5TSABC#jtsOTotHKLkTHRuotJo9yA >>1969 >>>1971 Thanks a lot! Yes, I recently saw their The Second journey (To Uluru), and I was fascinated by their approach to landscape film. They seem one of the holy grail of experimental cinema.
Please, the available films of 'Persian series' and 'Arabic Numeral Series' by Stan Brakhage.
Do you have mega links for the available reels of Five Year Diary by Anne Charlotte Robertson?
Open file (586.13 KB 344x280 uluru.gif)
>>1972 >The Second journey (To Uluru) I watch the first half last night. Captivating. I remember when they banned climbers a couple years ago. I'm not sure I agree with that policy... I'd be very tempted to climb if I went there. But it sounds like the rock was getting heavy traffic and some abuse. In the Cantrill film there's no one else around. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-13/uluru-chains-removed-after-climb-closed/11700178
>>1973 Persian Series in three parts, and Part 12 of the Arabic Numeral Series. https://mega.nz/folder/hwpmUS6C#aU2OjFOW19RHfYfU0UsTcg >>1974 Nope >>1975 I think it was the right call. Tourists were trashing the area and damaging the rock, not to mention getting themselves killed and injured. It was only a matter of time. Do you have a link to the film, by the way?
>>1964 >I wasn't sure how to combine the video and subtitles so you'll have to download both. MKVToolNix is your friend
Open file (251.51 KB 1500x1004 images.jpg)
Do you guys have any links for apocalypse now workprint version?
Absences répétées (1972) by Guy Gilles, please.
Open file (361.50 KB 1024x4654 tpezEIu.jpg)
>>1984 Here is the workprint in its classic horrendous letterboxed VHS quality https://mega.nz/folder/nZohRCjD#JRm7fB01Dmk27JkmZl6Gnw pass: soitgoes Most of the extra material is included in The Complete Dossier and Redux. With that in mind I don't know why there's been no fanedit using the proper footage. One attempted fanedit got stuck on a framerate issue (?!). https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Info-Cleaning-up-the-Apocalypse-Now-workprint/id/64395/page/1#1413532
>>1991 That sucks. I was hoping there would a dvd quality somewhere (I dont really wanna see 5 hours of that vhs) Thanks anyway
>>1992 >Requesting the soup >Not drinking the soup Are you really going to leave him hanging like that
>>1992 Pretty sure the VHS is the only available source out there
Open file (86.30 KB 900x300 dvd_flowers.jpg)
Someone here can link to a download of "Francis, God's Jester"? I've tried a bunch of torrent websites but yet I couldn't find anything with seeds or even at all. Which is weird since it is about a otherwise very popular saint, was directed by Roberto Rosselini and was praised by a very popular director (Martin Scorcese, in My Voyage to Italy).
Any mega links for films by Teo Hernández?
Open file (178.25 KB 1000x1409 117514289e84d8240c_0.jpg)
Does anyone here have Oleg Sentsov's Rhino? with english subs too if possible
Open file (87.62 KB 1280x711 tt.jpg)
Lepa Sela Lepo Gore please. Do you need an account to upload these files to Mega because last time I tried to do so nothing was apparently uploaded and wondered if I did something wrong.
>>2070 You probably need an account. I've made about ten by now since the storage was limited to 15GB, but I noticed they bumped it up to 20GB.
>>2070 Is it that rare? i have two versions of it but they are the standard DVDrip 700/800mb, don't know if you want a cool BRrip.
>>2076 There isn't a Blu-Ray to my knowledge.
Open file (61.19 KB 634x352 UNinvolved.jpg)
>>2078 I want to cut my balls, for some reason i thought the movie you mentioned was that mobster Kusturica's stuff from the late 90's (Black Cat, White Cat), you meant the pretty good Pretty Village, Pretty Flame. Now that one deserves a BluRay but it touches upon stuff some might find dissonant in the west, damn film house homos, here it is: >https://anonfiles.com/h1caMcMcu7/LSLG96domaci-film_rar The standard deal DVDrip from that old federal yugo site.
>>2079 Thanks. Serbia is still viewed negatively in the west and the film was labeled as fascist cinema when it came out so I don't think it's getting a touch-up from Criterion-Janus monopoly any time soon.
>>2081 How coincidentally that I'm also getting interested in Serbian people and culture, would like some Serbian film recommendations. Films that shit on the country with the intent to appeal to western audience need not apply. (I notice this is also a problem with modern Russian cinema where the films that gets some western accolades always criticise the country in an incredibly repetitive and generic ways)
>>2081 >Serbia is still viewed negatively in the west The west/(((powers that be))) are still pissed Yugoslavia fought back not once but thrice their attempts to claw it, first by yugos selling half the country to pay back entirely the catastrophic IMF loan from the early 80's that butchered their economy so they could start again (aka pay the denbts), second one by going all-out war when the spheres grabbed Croatia and Slovenia and third time when they objected to the Albanian jihadist gambit in Kosovo which propelled the second part of the conflict. Americans try to forget they exist and brush them under the rug because in retrospective the american intervention was retarded and downright criminal while Europeans like to avoid them due to the fascistic connotations made by the media which even Zen Buddhists suffer so go figure lol. >>2083 I delved into their cinema, not as much as i would like due to laziness, but their writing and acting are good stuff even in their silly products for cattle like mainstream comedies, their theater-to-cinema transition was very blunt and it shows with their easily-identifiable characters and stories but somewhat plain camera work and the understandable lack of products hence the grainy and very contrasty film stock often used (which in turn helped them create the aesthetic part of their "Black Wave", webm related) I think i once posted a list with what i found to be "interesting" but might as well post it again, if you want me i can resume it much further because i compiled stuff that sounded remotely entertaining so we are talking more than a hundred names (and i didn't finish either). In reality you can do away with 20 or 30 names and from there pick directors or in their case writers, it's one of those industries where the writers were quite involved to the point of them acting as directors using their rehearsal experience and just picked experienced camera men to film the scenes and then paid some chump to edit it quickly. That's why i often say Kusturica is overrated, his first Palm d'Or was with an okay movie in a very dry year and the second one was practically the work of the writer which also acted as second camera unit, acting coach, conceptual artist, casting director and if the concept part means the basic things then it also means he did the attire design. >Films that shit on the country with the intent to appeal to western audience need not apply It's hard to gauge that, the country after all was communist-lite at times and the non-sense that came with it made everyone pissed and angry so it's usual for the movies to shit on the situation of everything, and taking into account Yugoslavia was a non-aligned leader nation (aka the original meaning of third world that jews perverted) means their products often pandered to either side, or sometimes none or even both in rare instances. >incredibly repetitive and generic ways I dislike this too, it's freedomz bait like some anon coined, but constantly shitting on the economy by mentioning you can't buy anything was a bold faced move back then and the viewership felt they got their money back just by the gall of it although into the 80's this became very normal and accepted so the edge was somewhat lost there. Soviets are a more extreme case but Yugos did enjoy seeing gypsies being portrayed as the rats they were/are back in the late Tito "pls don't fight" years, while in turn Kusturica made his career pandering to gypsies and muslims.
>>2084 >Albanian jihadist gambit in Kosovo Lmao delusional
>>2085 Care to prove me wrong? you can't
>>2086 It was a purely ethnic conflict. Kosovo was (and is) over 90% ethnically Albanian, and didn't want to live under Serbian rule, let alone be massacred by them. Sure, they got help from the globalists, but that's irrelevant to their cause. As for religion, Islam in Albania and Kosovo is almost entirely identitarian. It served as a way to differentiate themselves from Orthodox slavs, and is for the most part a cultural thing. Very, very far from being a religious conflict, let alone a "jihadist" conflict. You seem to be a bit too steep into /pol/ rhetoric. Not everything is black and white mate.
>>2087 >It was a purely ethnic conflict Then why did the albanians burn most of the churches in Pristina and chant verses after executing POWs? why use jihad to summon turkic and even algerian/moroccan combatants? couple thousands of them, didn't know Kosovo was near Morocco then. >90% ethnically Albanian Then why it wasn't in the 60's? Tito's regime still counted by the ethnics and the city was still half serb, certainly not majority albanian if you count macedonians and the odd bulgarian. >and didn't want to live under Serbian rule Then why did they when the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes decided to form? why it was considered a stronghold for serb royalty for centuries? we can argue because of the ottoman position of southern power but then again churches were still made and often rulers appeared with christian paraphernalia. >Islam is almost entirely identitarian Yet strongly used for visuals and justifying having foreigners as not mercenaries but actual credentialed units running amok rural areas. >Very, very far from being a religious conflict Obviously not the only factor but certainly one that played part, ignoring the whole orthodox three-finger salute, Mary jokes, Croatian catholicism making the Pope talk about war biased and the aforementioned jihadists appearing from the coast have been well documented, come on even Alija was seen talking to them multiple times yet he tried to deny such thing at the Hague, which was a formality for Bosnia anyways. >let alone a "jihadist" conflict. It is because the Kosovar War was an irredentism movement from a population that used religion, even if "symbolically" as you said, to advocate identity and occupation of a well-known place that identified said people as a part more of the population. >You seem to be a bit too steep into /pol/ rhetoric You seem like a dirty siptar trying to revizion the story, lucky for you most anons here aren't retards and can see not everything is black and white and that bad shit happened in the other side, perhaps just as bad if photographic evidence is presented (which cannot due to the site's current file limit reached). Let them decide by their own investigation so as not to derail the thread that much. Just for the kicks: >https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ--O0fT-KBoCsP5MW9_njzk85XkOlRjDvcEwGVFPbjgen6JfQMDi7GTfhpk-udllt8zlY&usqp=CAU Your man Alija with wholesome everyday bosniaks of heritage and tradition within the land >https://leejaywalker.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/mujahideen.jpg A balkan-looking bunch with certainly not arab/muslim items holding what seems to be a good movie prop >https://dengalnaserben.weebly.com/uploads/2/4/4/6/24463486/3883729_orig.jpg More high quality movie props in a beer cab attributed to a totally bosniak unit
>>2088 >was still half serb, certainly not majority albanian Yeah right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Kosovo#Communist_Yugoslavia >Alija, etc. All of those pictures can be traced back to Bosnia, not Kosovo. And in any case, jihadists coming to help a supposedly Muslim country is as irrelevant to the cause as the globalists are. External interests. >burn most of the churches, ignoring the whole orthodox three-finger salute, Mary jokes, etc. Orthodox churches were a symbol of Serbian oppression. Not that hard to grasp. Orthodox Albanians gave support to the KLA too. It was an ethnic-nationalist conflict. Religion was just another cultural layer of distinction of us vs. them. It certainly wasn't to spread Islam kek. Albanians don't even follow basic muslim practices. In any case, I couldn't care less about changing your mind, and much less on a /film/ board, so that's the last of this discussion from me.
>>2089 >much less on a /film/ board, so that's the last of this discussion from me. And now we are all left wondering: Where did the spaceman come from? what did he want?
>>2084 >a list with what i found to be "interesting" Please repost
Looking for Behind the Sun by Monira Al Qadiri 2014 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3527880/?ref_=nm_ov_bio_lk1 ...
>>2091 Damn, couldn't find it on this PC, will update to you later this day or early tomorrow.
>>2093 Thank you bro, you could create a separate thread for it too. Balkan art is interesting in itself. >>2092 It's nowhere to be found afaik
Open file (319.63 KB 1000x1500 woodlandsdark.jpg)
Open file (12.68 MB 1024x576 woodlandsdark.mp4)
Happy Halloween, /film/! Beware of spoilers if you watch this without seeing the major films discussed 🎃 https://mega.nz/folder/Kdk02S4A#TmC1qsDt4vQpohutaHqyYA 🎃
Open file (97.18 KB 780x1061 Potop.jpg)
Open file (327.60 KB 1167x1600 Adams Æbler.jpg)
I got scared because a website told me this /film/ was down for a week (which doesnt make sense) so I asked about it on 8k and I was surprised how bad that site looks like. Is it just a mirror? I didn't care to look for posting dates but damn, absolutely zero discussions about film it looks like https://8kun.top/film/res/15833.html
>>2146 I legitimately forgot 8kunt was a thing. Judging by the posts on v so did everyone else
>>2146 Anons, 8coom is dead, we all moved here from that shithole.
>>2146 If anything happens just go back to the old julay board, it's still there
Does anyone have Chain Letters by Mark Rappaport
Open file (1.48 MB 271x201 carcrash.gif)
>>2091 FUCK i forgot about your request, to top it i actually did put more names into the list but not all of them. It's long winded stuff, will paste it into a website later, right now i've seen very few compared and can only avail for the next names either for having seen their stuff or their names having a strong ubiquity, no particular order: Directors: 60's (The Black Wave): Dušan Makavejev, Aleksandar Petrović, Živojin Pavlović 70's (TV bigger than Cinema era): Goran Paskaljević (so i heard) 80's (Comedy era, economic crisis post-Tito): Slobodan Šijan, Goran Marković 90's (Yugo Wars era): Srđan Dragojević 00's (Post-War/U.N. pillage era): Srdan Golubović, Dejan Zečević (so i heard) 10's: Can't say Despite this the most famous one in the west is Emir Kusturica, honestly he's decent but personally i don't know if i would recommend it with a clear conscience, 1995's Underground is practically the next guy's movie... Writers: Dušan Kovačević, their quality kingpin from the 80's to the early 00's although not many filmed works, probably more focused on novels and theater stuff but his works do have him taking many creative decisions to the point of either being the de-facto director or the nominal one with the cinematographer acting as the technical side of everything. Cinematographers: I found their camera work is basic and pragmatic, nothing stands out that much but if i had to say one i would name Aleksandar Petković, maybe Božidar Nikolić, both are conservative and often are "camera as a tool" rather than "as a protagonist". I've enjoyed some Tomislav Pinter works too, all of these worked in tons of stuff so you will stumble upon them as often as the stock Belgrade Theater actors. Mind you i've only seen what was considered the mainstream and a couple of obscure ones but the main works of all of these is a good gauge for your own Yugo credentials, the really obscure stuff like for example... that one movie i forgot its name but had a great poster image was very tough to find i remember well and that's not including the subtitles which are the real trick, that's the main problem with these movies and you might sometimes find the usual yubraca.net DVDrip but not the actual words to check it. With some of these directors i've seen only one movie or they are universally backed but with others (Šijan, Marković) i've seen 3+ movies to make a decent opinion, they are good entertainment but can't say life changing although they did open my eyes fully about top-tier actors carrying entire movies in budget locations and budget camera work if the writing is decent enough, basically filmed theater. I just think they merely aren't bad in any regard and aren't on the nose with politics unless the title/premise says so, certainly works that won't make you feel dirty or having wasted time. Now i will finish that list from my bookmarks and return to you hopefully shortly, with this list you probably have at least a couple of works to check out.
17 GB of paintings mega.nz/folder/rVcExIbB#VN9alzay0OrctggvEn1DUg
>>2173 Thank you so much!
Open file (5.01 MB 640x360 ldapaint.mp4)
Open file (107.68 KB 600x800 95867482_611843.jpg)
Does anyone have a link to Maesta, la passion du Christ (Andy Guérif, 2015)?
>>2222 mega.nz/folder/mDhAxSLZ#myVhI4_YivnakJZSEgnKPw
>>2231 thanks
Looking for Grand Slam (1978). Said to be a Welsh classic produced by BBC. It's up on YouTube but the resolution is very poor. Requested on a British TV links subreddit yesterday and the sub got banned just hours back. https://imdb.com/title/tt0363653/reference
Open file (34.86 KB 384x538 darrigo-stefano.jpg)
Can anyone provide a link to Messina by Benjamin Geissler?
>>2251 Grazie mille anon!
Requesting this: https://boxd.it/81DI
>>2265 With Hardcoded English subs https://ok.ru/video/2169501190766
>>2265 Here's a link with soft subs from the same/only source https://mega.nz/file/6kwxXYLR#iab7RZCMIXaGlK0j5EOkviu0veXlFEXlJPpECZmkGRU
Open file (99.86 KB 630x1200 sandkang.jpg)
Long shot on a controversial flick that Saudis want to wipe from existence. Seems it hasn't had many releases besides a few private screenings but judging by this upload on youtube, there's gotta be atleast a SATRip floating around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvVb04Obj8g . A few links for reference http://caroolkersten.blogspot.com/2012/04/controversial-film-on-foundation-of.html https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3223362/reference
>>2268 Looks interesting. Why exactly is it controversial? Are the Saudis just butt-hurt that Ibn Saud isn't shown as some kind of morally perfect God?
>>2270 Pretty much. I'm just surprised how hard it is to get considering it was made in English.
Open file (94.88 KB 1200x798 5ff63390188ec.jpg)
Would anyone happen to know if Jerome Hiler's films exist online? Or are they exclusively on film?
>>2274 They seem to be film-only. This site says he never even screened publicly until 2010, despite working since 1964. https://lightcone.org/en/cineaste-12574-jerome-hiler Here's a book discussing Hiler wrt his friend Nathaniel Dorsky, whose work came online only recently. http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=786CFE3022D7C5C4FE44894E6B73FFBE
>>2275 >They seem to be film-only. Oh, that's unfortunate. They're doing a Dorsky and Hiler retrospective in my city and I missed my chance to watch Hiler's films today. But I did get to see some Dorsky yesterday and am expecting to see some more tomorrow.
>>2266 >>2267 Thanks
>>2289 Also requesting this, old mega is empty: https://letterboxd.com/film/conscience/
>>2290 https://ulozto.net/file/i6N9fsMPLgJl/ i attached the English subs if you need them. Change the file back to .srt
Looking for this
>>2291 Thanks anon
Open file (21.31 KB 240x333 3635739.jpg)
Looking for Buddha Bless America (Tai Ping, Tian Guo) from 1996. if the version you have is the VideoCD, all I need are English subtitles. if it's available in any higher quality, I'd really appreciate it. The only subtitle link I can find is dead
If I like the films of Eric Pauwles, what else would I like? Essay films that aren't too dense and full of pretty imagery is essentially what I'm looking for
Anyone's got the documentary Jane (1962)? It's streaming on the Sundance channel and according to a few people on the internet, was even on YouTube for a while. The shot compositions from the trailer are pretty great. https://vimeo.com/110175863 https://imdb.com/title/tt1591483/reference
Does anyone have Bärbel and Charly by Ute Aurand? https://letterboxd.com/film/barbel-and-charly/
>>2307 I'm surprised that's not easier to find. And it's jarring to see the decline of the Sundance Channel. I don't see many arthouse films but they prominently feature Law and Order reruns.
>>2310 It's not. Searching for it, all I could get were 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)' or a bunch of Jane Goodall documentaries.
Looking for "It has to be lived once and dreamed twice"
I suspect there are more good films at this address but the root directory is hidden. Speak up if you figure out how to browse for them. - Song of the Forest (1980) -- Yuri Ilyenko/
Open file (54.61 KB 700x166 russki-junge.jpg)
>>2313 looks like it was open about a year back before redditards tarded it up. https://teddit.net/r/opendirectories/comments/n00szz/mostly_movies_from_1930s_and_1940s_nsfw/ the owner must have hidden the root to save his server. But open directories like these usually get indexed. https://filepursuit.nocensor.biz/discover?link= Not ideal; can only browse a limited amount of listings per page, but better than nothing. Now, please help me find >>2307
>>1543 https://mega.nz/file/wxAGkBLL#LOgiODg7lKdpYnGIxJcbbcwd_YlUoq-Smwy_sf6Kk0I >>2296 subs https://mega.nz/file/08BAXBbL#rqoNCZF8R4mCfnwvJuYhvcyjwG4_u8NpLwsE2WKWdow >>2314 Nice work. I'll throw out a recommendation for Koralinik's Salomé which I watched a few months ago. Fantastic production design in a quality transfer. I still need to compare with Carmelo Bene's version.
Here's a helpful imdb script that searches many sites at once https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/407284-imdb-scout-mod
>>2318 Biette (2011) was requested but it's too large for me to upload at over 6GB. Perhaps if a smaller version pops up.
Open file (10.45 KB 480x360 zarah.jpg)
>>2325 Yeah, it was me. But I managed to get it from a different source, that ~6Gb rip.
Open file (59.32 KB 720x576 bc1.jpg)
Open file (62.13 KB 720x576 bc2.jpg)
Open file (70.79 KB 720x576 bc3.jpg)
Open file (54.31 KB 720x576 bc4.jpg)
Open file (56.96 KB 720x576 bc5.jpg)
>>2238 >>2251 Anyone have English subs for this? I don't understand a word these Welsh fucks are saying.
Open file (509.24 KB 777x769 cacacacaca.png)
Hi Looking for this Thank you in advance https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079407
>>2330 Thank you anon
>>2332 Half the fun is deciphering the accent, lad. English is not even my native tongue and I had no trouble understanding about 90% of what was said.
>>2329 Based, thank you. >tfwnoKG Yeah, it do be like that :(
Open file (54.08 KB 810x539 bri'ish.jpg)
Another British TV movie request. Seems to be on YouTube but poor res and audio that doesn't sync throughout. A life for a life (1998) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0182290/reference >A Life For A Life is based on events surrounding the trial and conviction of Stefan Kiszko, one of the most tragic miscarriages of justice in recent years. In 1976, Kiszko was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 11-year-old Lesley Molseed, who had been knifed to death and left on the bleak Pennine moors. >Kiszko's mother, Charlotte, campaigned tirelessly for his release. But her son was to serve 16 years before evidence that had been suppressed at his trial had been brought to light. It was conclusive proof that he could not have committed the crime.
I'm looking for the english subtitles for Рідні/Ridni/Родные/Rodnye/Close Relations (2016). Would also be great if anyone had a copy of Горбачёв. После империи/Gorbachev: After Empire (2001) and Горбачов. Рай/Gorbachev. Heaven (2020), with or without subs. All three films are directed by based Vitaly Mansky.
This link still works from the original board. It's a large download. /folder/yORxBBrS#4mXWE0r_qkUsimRqAeKxIA https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095979/
>>2366 Close Relations subtitles
>>2369 Thanks a lot, anon. The subtitles seems to be for a shorter version than the one I have, trying to change the framerate was useless. But they are still very useful, at worst I will have to fix them myself.
I'd appreciate anything that can be shared of Dorsky. I've managed to find Variations and Alaya, but I'd be grateful for anything else.
Open file (229.23 KB 1280x720 mubi-3221.jpg)
>>2372 You could have just asked for the rip that syncs with the sub to be posted, anon.
>>2366 >Горбачов. Рай (2020) - base64decode aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIUY1MGttYmFLIWxSMkhxdmFNbDlwekxKNGlJbVZfOGc= no subs though.
Open file (199.80 KB 1280x800 Is.jpg)
elgondolkodtassuk az olvasót. Van amelyik kicsit könnyedebb hangvétel, van amelyik komolyabb gondolkodásra késztet. https://hamtamovie.asia https://hamtamovie.li https://delta3da.co
i'm looking for Andrew Horn's second narrative feature "The Big Blue 1988" https://letterboxd.com/film/the-big-blue-1988/ https://vimeo.com/390245568 anyone?
>>2395 I'd watch that. But I can't find it.
>>2376 Thanks. Is there a way to rip subs from mubi? >>2375 I found it by myself, although the quality could be better. If anon had a good HD version of that cut I'd be interested.
>>2397 It doesn't seem to be streaming on MUBI. If it were, it'd be pretty easy.
>>2162 >>2179 Is this worth watching? After about 20 minutes I'm having doubts. So far the only highlight was a reference to Five Graves to Cairo.
>>2402 >Is this worth watching? Not really. It suffers from a common problem in low budget dramas -- unprofessional actors delivering overwrought dialogue. There are many characters, but most of them sound like the same person speaking with the same cadence. I doubt my screenwriting would be much better. Mark Rappaport probably has better films than Chain Letters. His video essays are usually interesting. I liked this part though.
Hi, a request for this movie. Nowhere be found.
>>2447 Looks like a decently-made comedy skit on Jacob's Ladder >>2458 Deceptively hard to find, seems it was straight to the DVD bin/streaming services so i suspect you might find it in free streaming apps that can be accessed in contemporary "smart" TVs, home centers or Roku sticks.
Very hard to find a quality file of De Leerling (2015) Dutch (50min). I already got a 360p version (maximum quality) from dutch streaming site.
Open file (545.70 KB 1075x772 PatrikS.png)
Is there a decent rip of Fall of Eagles anywhere? The choices I find are each flawed in some way -- 26GB of dvds, shitty xvids, variable framerate mkvs https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0207885/
Helllo my friends, not really a request for a movie but rather a website. I have inherited a bunch of really old and common-to-rare VHS tapes from my recently deceased grandpa. He had already converted the majority of them to DVD and I would love to keep the spirit of his collection alive by uploading them somewhere for movie watchers to appreciate. Thing is: 1) They're mostly dubbed movies (in a language he could speak at least) 2) I don't really know where to upload them. Originally I had a test run with archive.org (given that they're borderline public domain items) and it worked quite successfully, but I would also like to know if there's any other place that you would suggest that does not delete omvies for being ever so slightly under some copyright law, or due to inactivity (I've had a bad time with MEGA).
>>2488 What are some of the titles? Do you think youtube would delete them? You could try odysee.com but it's a smaller site than archive.org.
>>2488 What about a private tracker? Send me an email.
I ended up taking the archivepill cause they were causing me allergic reactions due to all the dust and wanted to get done with them quicker. I'm currently at about 20 movies uploaded. >>2493 >What are some of the titles? Mostly Eduardo comedies and dubs of extremely old American movies (last one I did was Pride of the Yankees, or L'Idolo delle Folle in Italian) but I doubt there's any hidden gem. >Do you think youtube would delete them? Hard to say, I know the theater dramas won't get hit but anything else is a coin toss. It really just depends on how much the tube wants to fuck me over. >You could try odysee.com I heard you need an invite to join it, wouldn't upload them there anyhow cause some of them may or may not fall into public domain and those who don't are just about to, plus as you just said it's a much newer and smaller site and by the looks of it people are mostly interested in using it to reupload youtube videos that had been deleted or privacy oriented content, not really a platform for old fogeys or movie aficionados. >>2494 >What about a private tracker? The complete collection is way too big to keep on my active rig in constant seeding, had it been something more popular I probably would've done it. Thanks for the offer though, I'll send you a mail all the same.
Open file (178.12 KB 852x725 ff3t.png)
There was a western Slavic or Hungarian movie about a guy in the mountains who was exiled from his village for some accident he caused, and wore an eyepatch on account of this accident that came out in the former half of the 60s. I'm not asking for a file but the name of it.
Open file (477.96 KB 799x1124 38x14b.jpg)
>>2499 I really like this film
>>2495 it'd be really cool if you'd share some Eduardo stuff here
anyone have any idea where i can watch this? (Clubbed to Death 1997)
anybody have 'When Women Kill' 1983 ?
>>2513 by Lee Grant
>>2500 What do you like about it?
Is there a place on the internet where commentary tracks are collected?
>>2552 I'd like to know too. There are some on this old tumblr but it's very mainstream. https://thedirectorscommentary.tumblr.com/archive
looking for a good quality file of "Doomed Love (1983)" by Andrew Horn
>>2552 Are there any specific tracks you want?
Does anyone have The Crazy-Quilt by John Korty https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060260/
Open file (23.21 KB 720x544 hhfjgw.jpg)
>>2561 Yes here it is. This version has been around for a while. https://ulozto.net/file/wYziq5VAq/
Does anyone have The Big Blue by Andrew Horn? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094738/
Autumn Days by Gavaldon? Can't find with English subs Thank you in advance
Open file (161.51 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (167.88 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Open file (192.12 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>>2513 When Women Kill (1983) https://1fichier.com/?mj8zvyikt6xr2e916ahx Poorly upscaled 1080p WEB-DL that was streaming on Criterion.
>>2570 A Roberto Gavaldon movie? if you don't find it i might make those subtitles
>>2570 >>2572 Someone at KG started working on subs May 30
Open file (52.47 KB 430x642 Pina Pellicer.jpg)
>>2572 >>2573 Yeah by Roberto Gavaldon. Made after Macario but the wife in that movie, Pina Pellicer, is the lead in Autumn Days. I was impressed with her and I wanted to see more of her limited filmography. Either way, if you do end up making subs, I'd greatly appreciate it.
>>2574 I would've at some point but you seem to be in luck according to >>2573 I still need to finish one but procrastination is severe
Any french movie like Le Samourai, i mean, same quality. I liked a Lot
Open file (3.73 MB 1850x2226 Folder.jpg)
>>2577 Jean-Pierre Melville is still your man although it depends on why you liked Le Samourai, by that i mean if you liked it for its methodical approach, its minimal use of dialogue at times or its overall criminal theme. In terms of criminal themes and methodical approach i can easily recommend other Melville stuff, Les Doulos, Le Deuxieme Souffle and Le Cercle Rouge, even Un Flic is decent enough (maybe not on the same level) if you can ignore the obvious train set scenes which were honestly not as bad as people make it out to be, that movie gets tons of critique i think because people expected the biggest production yet. In terms of minimal use of dialogue then sometimes they get that rhythm but not as quite or continuous as Samourai, Melville usually picked or made dialogue rich material (aside from the "assault/heist" sequences) and did use some of his actors to full use, particularly Paul Meurisse, but when the soon-to-die Alain Delon was around he bended things to make it more deadpan and cold than argumentative or enthusiastic like Belmondo or Ventura were; Delon's cold demeanor was pretty fit for such things. I'd say go for Cercle Rouge although personally (and without having seen Bob Le Flambeur) i think his most compelling crime genre work was Deuxieme Souffle and that's one he didn't even write, maybe that's why :^)
>>2368 Thank you, I watched 10 hours of it and it was a great experience, now I'm starting to get distracted way more easily but I'll get to the end of it. Are his other works as good as this one? I'd like to watch La Commune.
Open file (259.69 KB 1600x958 Screenshot (890).png)
>>2578 Le deuxième souffle is my favorite Melville as well. I remember several of his films are ~2.5 hours long but they never lose momentum.
Does anyone have any Nathaniel Dorsky films -- namely Variations, Threnody, Hours for Jerome, Alaya, or Compline? Thanks!
>>2578 That's exactly what i was looking for. When I was trying to explain me, it was that, the way that the movie can explain a lot without using dialogue, just using scenary and photography. I would love to find another genre but using the same technique, obviously i'm not a big fan of silent movies because, god dammit we are in the XXI century, but is great to show how much you can say without saying anything. Again, thank you bro
Open file (25.54 KB 367x500 51ToqZb+r9L._AC_.jpg)
Open file (22.79 KB 400x225 The Mechanic.jpg)
>>2582 >the way that the movie can explain a lot without using dialogue, just using scenery and photography Back in the day that thing you described was called "good filmmaking", or in a less pretentious and ambiguous way it was "the storytelling via moving images" or simply motion picture. It is the original spirit of movies, or the 3/4 parts images 1/4 words, but with time the producers realized it is easier to express ideas and intentions via the actor saying it than by designing camera and character movements in specific set scenes with specific atmosphere conditions. Nowadays movies vary in its ratio, some are 1/2 images and words ("talkies" or merely the modern normal everyone knows), others are 3/4 words (teletheater) and the only words ones are i don't know, they do exist (07/27/1978) but i wouldn't know how to call them, i guess the name it has for it in single-scene theater productions which i am ignorant about. Only images also happen but they are even tougher to make, if badly done they are defended as video art but if well pulled out they are often called in likewise umbrella terms like art cinema or experimental. For all their silly shenanigans in film theory the french were often found doing this out of purism sometimes, maybe one of the most accomplished examples is Mon Oncle although it's a far cry from the cold crime dramas Melville is known for. If you can catch it i would recommend checking the first 15 minutes of the original version of The Mechanic, has to be one of the best made intros and chapters in action cinema; rest of the movie is quite okay but for different reasons and does a bit away with the purist style it opened with (which is honestly very hard for a full length production). Maybe after seeing Le Samourai you might consider the entire thing as they deal with similar themes.
Fellas, help a brother out. Das Jahr nach Dayton (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 1997) >A portrait of the first year of peace in Bosnia. This is a human story played out before a background of a war which still makes itself felt, a story of a possible life together, which has on the other hand become impossible in many cases. Rajko, the Serbian mechanic and his family must leave their home for the second time. Nermin, the actor, lost both legs in the war and might have the chance to learn a new role. Halid, a shepherd from the Muslim-controlled region, risks his life to visit friends on the western (Croatian) side of Mostar.
>>2573 Sorry but were these ever finished? If so, how would I find them?
Open file (48.51 KB 918x253 autumndayssubs.jpg)
>>2594 Progress update
>>2595 Thanks for the update. No rush or anything, I was just wondering about it. Cheers
anyone have Frederick Wiseman documentaries for me or know where to watch or download them for free? I'm looking for Ballet (1995) & Model (1981). it's on Kanopy, AmazonUS and MoMa but I don't live in the US so I can't watch them :(
does anyone have The Company of Strangers (1990) dir. by Cynthia Scott? alternative titles are "Le fabuleux gang des sept" and "Strangers in Good Company". i've been looking for it for 3 months now and i can't find it anywhere because it's too obscure
>>347 sorry this is so late but here is a link if you see this https://mega.nz/file/WQ4jCbjZ#AAs925aAF8aMoxbOAiX7jRcpJ7lZkTa_9rFWLjQFYm0 I was wondering if anyone would have links to michael robinson's filmography? in particular: All Through the Night 2008 And We All Shine On 2008 These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us 2010 Onward Lossless Follows 2017
Does anyone know where I can find White Mountains (1964) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2144017/ Thanks
Open file (157.38 KB 640x480 belye_17.png)
Does anyone know where I can find Sherman Acres (1992) by George Kuchar?
any one got a link for this?
Open file (63.41 KB 550x792 33872.jpg)
anyone have a link to The Blindflyers (Die Blindgänger) (2004) dir. Bernd Sahling?
Anyone got a link to the new Criterion Blu-Ray of Walker (1987) dir. Alex Cox?
>>2595 Any news?
>>2741 here are the subtitles
Open file (100.81 KB 1024x426 vlcsnap-00037.jpg)
>>2133 Link still working
Open file (604.36 KB 1400x2000 poster.jpg)
Does anyone have a link to a copy of Heimkehr (1941) with English subs? it's endlessly frustrating that a good HD master with subs exists but the kikes keep it locked away
Hi, do you have Lacrima Christi by Téo Hernández?
Looking for earthearthearth, or at least any other works by Daïchi Saïto.
Open file (69.28 KB 297x297 ikarus.png)
Looking for a decent version of Hans Breder - Ikarus https://www.vdb.org/titles/ikarus
Does anyone have any of Rong Guang Rong's films, namely Nameless Soldiers – In Search of Dreams (2017) and Children Are Not Afraid of Death, Children Are Afraid of Ghosts (2017)?
>>2851 Good enough i guess, thanks. I'll try to upload it to mega if i manage to download it.
Open file (4.11 MB 640x360 89567456.mp4)
Anyone know where I can find Earthling (2010)? The movie looks bad and obviously didn't get any attention upon release, but I'm wondering if it's a case of "so bad it's art"
Anyone got a link to the Belgian exploitation flick The Devil's Nightmare (1971) dir. Jean Brismée? It's also known as La plus longue nuit du diable. I've tried a handful of torrents on Russian public trackers but they all seem dead. I would suck hog for a remux...
Open file (523.21 KB 1198x884 7cvINIU.jpg)
Open file (959.17 KB 2455x1766 orda-2012-.jpg)
Does anyone know where I can find a Russian language film from 2012 called Orda or The Horde in English? It was about two Russian Orthdox monks held captive by the Mongols. They had to perform a miracle by restoring the sight of the blind Mongol queen, or else the Mongols would burn down Moscow. Prefer 1080p mkv with English subs but I am willing to settle for other formats and resolutions as long as I can basically understand what people are saying and the cinematography still looks good. I've checked in a few torrent sights, but none of them were seeded. There was also a 720 version on YT but I think it got removed.
>>2876 You're a legend mate. Thanks a lot.
Does anyone know where I could find the original cut of The Passion of Joan of Arc? Wikipedia claims the original cut was 110 minutes long and contained a scene where St. Joan gained stigmata, while the rip I have is 82 minutes long and contains no such scene.
>>2986 I don' t know if that information is correct. Gaumont restored the Norwegian version in 2015, which was used for the Criterion release that runs 81 or 97 min depending on framerate
TorrentLeech up for registers due to RARBG's demise Also RARBG is dun' which is a shame due to the high-quality rips from BluRays, the scene will carry on i suppose
Open file (58.91 KB 536x768 229t07.jpg)
>>2989 An old rarbg torrent I recommend is Na.Srebrnym.Globie.1988.POLISH.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-WELP.mkv but you should be able to find it elsewhere. The japanese bluray is optically censored for nudity. There's also a documentary about the making of the film called Escape.to.the.Silver.Globe.2022.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb.mkv
I signed up to TL but I don't know how much I'll use it. The site forces a cloudflare browser check every time I come back to it.
>>2991 TL is pretty shit /film/-wise. I got in on an open signup a year back and haven't found what I wanted in any of the searches made. That said, it's probably paradise for a capeshitter - with all those 35gig Marvel Remuxes on permanent freeleech.
Looking for 'Nárcisz és Psyché' by Gábor Bódy. Any link?
Open file (1.90 MB 1527x2154 Redl.jpg)
This is a long shot, but can anyone seed Colonel.Redl.1985.1080p.BluRay.x264-USURY or direct me to a live torrent of the blu-ray? My private tracker used to have this but my reseed request failed...
does anyone know where i can watch Blood Countess 1992 by Fred H. Berger? i can only find some small clips on youtube but not the full thing itself. https://letterboxd.com/film/blood-countess-1992/
>>3101 It's on CG. You're not there obviously... Are you?
>>3101 lmk if you want invite. Post ten favorite cg related films.
>>3103 i would like an invite very much. my ten favs are: "Fade to Black", "Sweet Home", "Let's Scare Jessica To Death", "Martin", "Blood & Donuts", "Evil Dead Trap", "Murder Obsession" "Muscle" and, "Dark City"
>>3110 what's your email? you'll find blood countess there
>>3113 it's daturakiss@mail.com thank you so much
Open file (189.41 KB 753x500 2qs4gumfan171.jpg)
Open file (31.99 KB 640x360 sfc0l4nfan171.jpg)
does anyone have a download link for "Goth" (2008) dir. by Gen Takahashi
>>3118 sent
Does anyone perchance know where I can peep Amazon Garden: Uniform Lesbians (1992) dir. Takahisa Zeze. https://mubi.com/en/us/films/amazon-garden-uniform-lesbians

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