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Open file (413.16 KB 1081x1920 grace.jpg)
Beautiful Actresses Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 16:07:44 No.2479
Film ist a Girl & a Gun Let's focus a bit on the first part
Open file (224.17 KB 1438x1080 keats.jpg)
Previous thread https://8kun.top/film/res/11827.html That thread was more active than I recall. Unfortunately all the images are missing. I assume Jim Watkins completely dumped 8ch media files to save money. It's also possible he incompetently lost everything. Presumably one could repopulate that thread by uploading identical images.
Open file (470.80 KB 1200x1758 bb_15.jpg)
Open file (653.83 KB 1200x803 827543_original.jpg)
Open file (96.37 KB 1177x1160 bardo77_1.jpg)
I like pretty ladies myself but i always find intriguing how the french (and many who study/use the french standard) like to use them, most times i think it's too obvious the lady in the film is an actress because she's way above the average of girls near them in terms of beauty and "charm". In some cases it makes sense as the women are trophy wives or powertripping bombshells who know what they are, other times they are successful soft beings who have used their looks even if unknowingly, but many times we are to pretend they are "normal" people who do normal things which isn't quite true for starters they are women But like many good things the french women pack a lot of goods but feature fatal flaws, Sophie Marceau got used early, likes old men and married a notorious cuckold jew (great director have to say) which comes to mind often when you know the director himself might be watching everytime she kisses or hugs someone. Marlene Jobert is herself a jew so what the hell.
Open file (70.82 KB 594x591 sophia3.jpg)
Open file (23.43 KB 375x500 sophia.jpg)
Open file (146.80 KB 1024x1536 sophia2.jpg)
Open file (120.98 KB 768x999 sophiaLoomisDean.jpg)
What if Eva Gardner was a fizgig country-girl from Naples?
This Richard Avedon photoshoot from 1958 honoring cinematic icons is absolutely insane
Open file (253.70 KB 1920x818 U022913.jpg)
Open file (266.24 KB 1920x818 U000514.jpg)
Open file (202.47 KB 1920x818 a333.jpg)
Open file (275.91 KB 1920x818 a555.jpg)
Open file (210.32 KB 1920x818 U002078.jpg)
Joanna Shimkus in The Last Adventure (1967) I know her from a few French films. She was born in Nova Scotia to an Irish Catholic mother and Lithuanian Jew father. >>2490 Wow, I'd never seen that
>>2492 Yes, Shimkus (or Shikmus i thought) was pretty good decent looking in that movie/era. IRL she was a massive coal burner french jew lol so she got much fewer cameras on her by gentlemen magazines and soft-handed auteurs.
>>2518 She dated more black guys than Sidney Poitier? He seems like a nice enough sort but it's a shame her kids don't look like her.
Open file (10.16 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>2519 She was based on Marseille and the french always rumor that scene (in which she had a good part as one of the token pixie hippie girl, also supposedly Belmondo) being degeneration town with the swinging and the migrants, some movies explore this kinda scene about banging dirty people on the street, Emmanuelle i think shows this in either the first or second movie, there's also the Black Emmanuelle and Emmanuelle goes to Africa stuff so yeah. Kinda how the Paris scene was degenerated with politicians and ambassadors/royalty, for example Alain Delon was supposedly a playmaker there and rumor says stuff was filmed at times to blackmail or have dirt on people. He had some controversy regarding that, it didn't fully leave him because one of his bodyguards/security dudes got butchered and thrown in a garbage bin so stuff got serious in the media. There's also the whole can of worms regarding the Trudeau's stuff in their town and when they travelled to Paris. It's >the french, what could we expect? shame because their girls always have that exquisite innocent touch yet are complete maniacs, kinda how the slav girls always look punkish and aggressive but were supposedly prudes and passives.
Open file (101.84 KB 1055x700 ED.jpeg)
Open file (32.21 KB 350x472 ED1.jpeg)
Open file (85.06 KB 1000x1247 ED2.jpeg)
I don't know if she can be considered a beautiful woman but younger, I had a serious crush on Emmanuelle Devos in the 2004 Desplechin's movie Kings and Queen. I think more because of the psychological traits of the character (2nd pic is a movie shot). Even older, I still find her very beautiful. Look at that grace in her look...
Open file (981.99 KB 690x800 aurora.png)
Vivien Leigh as Aurora, Goddess of Dawn (1938)
>>2490 These are really aesthetically pleasing. They look more like paintings than photography to me. >>2904 I really wanted to hatefuck her characters in Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire.
>>2518 Jews love black cock!!!
Some pics I saved from the film stills thread archived from julay world. Unfortunately don't have the versions in the original size.
Open file (1.29 MB 576x576 petitsold.mp4)
Open file (2.05 MB 1480x1080 nb1.png)
Open file (1.98 MB 1480x1080 nb3.png)
Open file (2.14 MB 1480x1080 nb4.png)
Open file (2.52 MB 1480x1080 nb2.png)
Open file (2.31 MB 1480x1080 nb5.png)
>>3034 Here is Johnny Depp's wife in Noce blanche I don't know the other one offhand

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