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Open file (4.17 KB 200x200 images.jpg)
Cinematik Anon 04/17/2022 (Sun) 06:27:41 No.2461
Does the community on Cinematik or Cinemageddon actively discuss cinema ? I am on secret-cinema but I do not see them discussing , maybe their discussion forum thread is locked for higher class user, Moreover is Cinematik or Cinemageddon recruiting ?
In terms of the Tik, they do discuss it sometimes, i mostly remember the obituary or general recs but not that much activity at least a year ago. Don't use it that much because it's tough as nails to maintain a good ratio without using outside tools like seedboxes or the such. Also it's mostly DVD9/BD integral rips so not much use unless you like the bonuses, which are a pain to encode anyways after downloading the entire thing. >Recruiting Can't say i recommend waiting for that unless you personally know a mod/high-rank there.
Cinemageddon has more film discussion than Cinematik. There's not a huge amount of discussion on these sites because the userbase has been there a long time and the novelty has worn off. Invites are limited to avoid potential trouble from interlopers, but that also reduces the vibrancy of the forums.
KG seems like the perfect place then
Open file (1.82 MB 653x533 Bv1yDDR.gif)
>>2470 ...although they're overmoderating the comments more and more
how hard is ptp to get into? do you have to go through red? what about tik? also, cg just distributed 5 invites to all superfans and up. also, rip thc
>>2787 I suppose you can get into both eventually. Perhaps redacted is the way to go, but I'm not Elite so I can't speak to the current status of their invites section. Cinematik needs more people tbh. Lately I've noticed a lot of longtime members banned for unknown reasons.
>>2789 i never see tik invites on sc, kg, or cg. might try red for ptp (I'm just not a huge music fan so I've been putting it off). thanks for the input
>>2790 it looks like interviews no longer exist for tik.
I wouldn't discuss in a tracker forum, you can make someone mad at get banned for nothing. The irc servers are safer but not risk free either.
>>2787 >do you have to go through red? Got banned for inactivity there, pretty tough to maintain myself there because it's hard to seed, uploading is easy enough if you know the basics of encoding but you upload once and every sucker with a sneedbox will dust your chances at building a good ratio so it's practically a one-time upload only. Will try to appeal my ban (which was in an account already with a re-activation and this last ban was 3 months ago) but makes me wonder if it is worth it, the list of albums i wanted which were rare was a bit long to keep buying discs to upload, might as well buy the albums i want because practically costs the same. If PtP is as hard to maintain as RED then it's not worth it, but as far as i know the former is much easier, once a time i thought it wasn't needed because Zooqle or Monova had everything (mainstream) but things are getting harder to find despite the mainstream nature of it, guess KG needs to relax a bit or some maniac to start doing the old P2P trickery of the old days or the russians to stop hardcoding their dubs over the audio. I still maintain 'Tik is for DVD aficionados only, i don't see anything there that isn't on KG other than the BTS bonuses inside the discs, if someone is looking for something inside i can search can't guarantee my account works lol thank you again master inviter for the tickets Also this >>2811 so much, commenting on private trackers is just risking getting the boot from a mentally ill/overly paranoid mod, every time. As long as one participates in the polls and other similar things the mods will know you are not a bot or some fed.
>>2813 >red It's easy enough to build ratio if you fill requests or upload high res albums.
I hadn't used soulseek in a while, but it has many FLAC albums that aren't on RED
>>2818 >if you fill requests That takes money to do which i didn't have some months ago, nowadays i have 3 albums ripped and ready to upload but i lost my account due to lack of use. It's my fault for not knowing where i got into but it's not like other sites where the freebie of the day gets you some megs to upload like KG or TV-Vault. Now that i think of it i might request my re-activation but i doubt they will take it, a shame because RuTracker is great but there's just some niche stuff in RED i cannot find everywhere aside from ironically YouTube, some top ruskie uploaders simply stopped after 2015.
>>2828 >That takes money to do There are also requests for albums you can find on deezer or qobuz.
Open file (265.03 KB 720x540 0oowfpt23ym1.jpg)
Tik-bros, I heard they're shifting the tracker base to Unit3d. what are you doing about it? you are at least voicing your dissent, right? surely, the admin of tik would listen to valid complaints.
>>3011 >"This account has been disabled" Welp, now i know
>>3011 I saw the thread but didn't have time to read much of it. What other sites use Unit3D?
>>3013 many of the shit-tier ones go for it because it's incredibly easy to set up. But it's a bloated mess with close to zero improvement to UX over the gazelle ones - only offering a shiny netflix-esque interface. It's impossible to compare rips since every torrent has its own page and the search is genuinely shit. Any site that uses it also becomes dead in terms of forums. Among the popular ones - BHD, BLU, Aither, Concertos, Asiancinema, TVCuk and a ton of shitrackers use it.
>>3016 it seems to be getting more and more popular. the age of comfy trackers is over
Open file (990.42 KB 1280x534 kwaidan.png)
I like they are allowing Asian uploads. I was disabled for inactivity from http://asiancinema.me/

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