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Open file (3.07 MB 920x1836 2021_.png)
Top flicks of the year 2021 Anonymous 12/21/2021 (Tue) 08:50:52 No.2219
Hello anons, what were your top flicks of the year 2021?
>>2219 I have yet to see a good film from 2021, but a lot of these look interesting. Although I don't know all of them. What are B2, B3, C1, C2, E1, E2, E3, and F3?
Titane was one of the best? I didn't watch it after seeing reviews confirming my misgivings. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still better than the rest of the garbage released this year.
>>2221 I'd say that it's the best palme d'or winner since Uncle Boonme.
>>2219 Nice grid, can you give us the names of the films the images come from?
Open file (338.01 KB 1920x1080 Liang ye bu neng liu.jpg)
I'm trying to get back in the habit of watching films. I watched very few new releases this year, but my favorite was the Ming-liang Tsai short Liang ye bu neng liu AKA The Beautiful Night is Slipping Away. It's a series of Hong Kong night scenes near an overpass, consisting of simple static shots that last a minute or two. There's a comfy ambience of urban white noise, engines rumbling along the pavement, indistinct Cantonese conversations. The film is intended to be a response to the violent Hong Kong protests, showing a return to relative peace, and yet it shows a time that may be gone for good -- the "old normal" immediately before the worldwide covid panic changed everything for the worse. Hong Kong isn't the only thing slipping away.
>>2225 Check out Wood and Water, it's also set in Hong Kong, coincidentally during the time of the protests but centers around an older German woman who visits to see her son who lives there. Except her son can't get into the city at the time so she spends most of her time wandering around and having encounters with random strangers. Stylistically it's not quite Tsai Ming-liang in terms of stillness and minimalism, but is also quite tranquil and meditative, with a bit more of a human element to it.
Open file (76.90 KB 1280x720 Wood and Water.jpg)
>>2226 I'll give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation, just in time for me to snatch it from Arte before it expires. It's watermarked but perhaps that's less obtrusive than hardcoded subtitles on the gooz version.
A quick glance at my letterboxd, pics related are the only things I gave a positive rating. It was a pretty shit year for film.
>>2232 >It was a pretty shit year for film Based on those two films I am pretty confident to say that you both have trash taste and watch trash.
>>2235 I just didn't watch many new releases this year, and most of what I did wasn't impressive.
>>2219 I literally only recognise one of these stills (Titane). can you give me the names of the others?

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